I love my new shiny

Renovating an older home has more than its fair share of surprises, most of them nasty. (Like the new wet spot on my ceiling last night after the torrential rains yesterday afternoon.)  But if you are doing a deep renovation, such as moving walls and excavating shrubs and overgrown trees that have been in the ground forever, you might find

something cool, like an old car jack, a paper printed the day after D-day, or even a tombstone in the garden.  (All true, and then some.)  But my favorite gift, besides the marbles that keep showing up, is the faux diamond ring that I found while repairing a long-fallow garden bed.

The gold plating has worn away, and you can see the darker base metal underneath, but the stamp on the inside says 18K GEL.  I like it.  It’s shiny, and my mind is whirling with the ideas for about three different stories, one nasty, one sweet, and one kind of creepy.  Now if only I had time to write them . . .  -laugh-


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  1. mudepoz

    I love it when people convey the sheer joy they find with their hands in the earth. Unless they’re conveying the sheer panic of having an earthworm attack them the earth. The foxfarm left me things I don’t want to figure out, but some are obvious: traps, and barbed wirey thingies, and cage parts. Wood decays quickly, but bones, not so much.
    Isn’t it cool you see beyond a shiny bauble and others see ‘junk’?

  2. Oh! It’s pretty! I guess it’s the curse of the writer to find lots of inspiration in random events and to miss the time to write all the stories. I hope you can find the time to write them! Not only because I would like to read them but if because I find it hard to concentrate when I have stories floating around my head. Is it the same for you?

    Just to come back on my comment yesterday, I re read it and realized my comment regarding Kisten might have come across ruder than it was meant to be. I wasn’t sure about his looks at first but the shot of him with Ivy convinced me he was just perfect. 😉

    • Hey girl! Thanks for the glomp! Here’s one back at you. I’m headed over to the DS page to catch up with you guys. 🙂

    • Thank you, Aheila. The picture doesn’t do it justice.
      Yes, floating stories get in the way. I’m much rather write them down. And no worries on your comments yesterday. There is no possible way that the characters are going to look how EVERYONE imagines them. It’s not like they are being drawn on psychic paper. -laugh-

  3. I love to hear that your mind is whirling with ideas!
    My 5 year old nephew has a huge crush on a slightly older girl who lives a few houses down from my mom. I was sitting in the yard this weekend and the two of them came running back there together so he could push her on a swing hanging from a tree in my mom’s yard. It was so cute. He’s never had his heart broken, and I don’t think he’s ever been teased or embarassed about a crush, it was so perfectly innocent and absolutely the sweetest thing. What you mentioned about the cute story reminded me of that moment. Cool ring, by the way!

  4. roxy

    Thanks for sharing your remodelling stories! The step-gravestone was cool and sad. Your ring reminds me of an angel with her wings up. Good luck finding other cool stuff!

  5. Everett Davenport

    Finds like the ring are very cool. The first house I bought was the ‘ancestral homestead’, the house my mother was born in. Renovating something a century old caused some ulcers but finding things like the foundation of the kitchen chimney and my great-grandparents initials carved into the wood under all the overlays really made up for it. Made me feel like an urban archaologist.

  6. Hello Ms. Harrison!
    *laughs with delight* It feels like old times, coming back from working and finding a post where I can comment, lol. 🙂 And I bought my regular post-shift fruit juice as well. Quiet night at the resturant, good night for my soul.
    The ring is beautiful. I received such a “gift” too once. I went to a priory in England, where I picked up a souvenir medallion amidst the ruins. Obviously, someone had dropped it, lol, but I loved finding it in that place, amidst those broken walls.
    Good luck with renovating the house! And with your writing!
    It’s, as always, a pleasure.

  7. Elizabeth Soule

    Finding treasure in a old house is so welcoming, kinds of lets you sink into the ground of its history which is now your history. Grounding yourself where you are living lets you live in the day/night and not in the tommorrow.

  8. Judi in NJ

    Hiya Kim! Beautiful images yesterday & love that ring! What a special find! I love thinking about who that once belonged to….so so cool!

  9. Tina ~ WI

    Love the ring! Soooo…when do we get to see Rachel? Or are you keeping her under wraps until the world book comes out?

  10. CoryT

    Awesome! I love finding garden treasure. When I was a little kid, my brother, sister and our dad would be gardening and we’d find toys from previous kids who lived there. Sometimes we’d find pretty rocks. Once my dad found a really old beer can. I recall it had an odd shape–the top was shaped like an upside down funnel and the body of the can was like a cylinder. I have many wonderful memories of gardening and playing in the dirt with my family. *big *smile*

    I’m glad you have happy memories in your garden too!

  11. Kim,

    One Book- three parts; Nasty, Sweet & Creepy.

    Would like that. Might fit in an anthology.

  12. RichardE

    Hello Kim, it has been awhile since I wrote. Alot of things have kept me away. The BMS was a sweet read….Pierce….dear Pierce. Oh by the way…are the files in Glenn’s office important? I think you know the ones I mean 😉 Ivy keeping Rachel safe is a 24/7 job ..luckily Pixies help.

  13. Marsha

    I think the ring is pretty, real diamonds or not. In fact these days I think I’d buy a very good fake and put my money in my home. Does the ring have any kind of maker’s mark that might help date it?

    • Thanks, Marsha. It would be scary, almost if the diamonds had been real. That’s a lot to lose. There are no marks on it except 18K GEL which mean it was gold electroplated.

  14. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    You sound very happy and I am very happy for you.

    Why do I think of ‘fish’ when I hear the name ‘Piscary’?


    • Frederique

      Hahaha I think of fish when I hear the name Piscary too! I thought I was the only one.

    • CoryT

      Interesting! In the French language Poisson means fish. I think it might be Italian or Spanish that spells fish with a “Pisc” in it…does anyone who reads this know for sure?

    • Judi in NJ

      Il pesce is fish in Italian….Piscary’s was a pizzeria….just a guess.

    • Frederique

      It’s pescado in Spanish.

    • As a French gal, I think Pistachio. That’s probably just me… *laughs*
      However, if I trust The Free Dictionnary by Farlex, piscary exists as an English word that means “The right to fish in waters owned by another.” and, alternatively, “a fishery”.
      Mystery solved! 😉

    • Hi Vampy. Ah, you should think of fish. Don’t you love Latin? Piscary is actually an Italian word meaning fishing rights. I though it fitting for a vampire.

  15. suzannelazear

    OOoh, pretty. A story or three would be quite fun. So was the graphic novel project out of your comfort zone? Was it a good chalenge? Did you adjust to it?

    I’m working on a project far outside my comfort zone right now, it’s fun, and continues to surprise me, but at the same time it’s also bloody difficult, lol. Not to mention the research (fun, but easily distracting, lol).

    Gotta broaden those horizons, lol.

    Have a super fabulous day!


    PS what are you doing with the marbles….all those marbles might make another good tale…

    • Hi Suzanne. Out of my comfort zone? Yes and no. I had to learn new skills, but it wasn’t the deep, soul searching that I usually relate to being out of my comfort zone. Have fun with your work!

  16. Linda (germany)

    Haha good one. I would like to read the storys some day, if you write them. 😉