Because life is not black and white

Ta-da!  Short post today, but if a picture is a thousand words . . .  (Click to get a better image.)  This is one of the first colored panels from the upcoming Hollows graphic novel, and I’m really pleased.  I like this shot the best of the six or so that I’ve seen because it shows Ivy’s beauty against the stark ugliness of Piscary’s.  (the back room) She’s free and independent–and chained, unable to free herself from the very things she loves and hates.  This panel might encapsulate her life, almost.

It doesn’t hurt that Kisten is in there, too.  And since I’m talking about Kisten, I want to mention that he is a very hard character to nail down in terms of looks.  He still isn’t exactly the way I pictured him, but his image is growing on me, and I’m starting to identify with him more and more.

Oh!  And the ring?  It is costume jewelry.  I’ll have a picture tomorrow, but I plan on making it part of my standard signing outfit, so if you come to a signing, you can see it in person.


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  1. This looks fantastic! I love the frame with Ivy unfurling her hair. And what a killer job the artist did with the leather! The room has a really specific feeling to it, too – sparse and unsettled – and Ivy’s shiny red bike and helmet look like beacons in all that gray. Can you say what it is that Kisten is throwing away? Also just wondering if the rag he’s wiping his hands with is meant to sort of mirror the leather’s appearance? Like you said, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words – so thanks – these little bits help tide me over until it’s released! I can’t wait for that – it’s clear what I can expect to see, and I love it! Totally worth the wait!

  2. Lurker

    Why must you tease me so with Ivy? 🙂

  3. Oh! I love it!
    Everyone talked about Ivy’s hair. I agree. It’s gorgeous. However, what caught my eyes in the second frame is her nails. The leather and the bike are very masculine in nature. The hair and the nails are feminine to the extreme. It’s a nice way to represent Ivy’s innate strenght against the softeness of her feelings.
    As for Kisten, the frame with the trash can made me think “Who the hell is that guy? He isn’t blond. He isn’t quite as large as I pictured him.” So I really wasn’t sure. But that last frame saved it all. Now that’s Kisten. Crooked smile, mischievous eyes, strong and appealing even though he is doing something mundane. Panache!

    To respond to yesterday’s comment about you not being able to mentor each of us, it’s perfectly understandable. What you do, even if it might be less than you wish you could do, helps a lot. The NaSties wouldn’t exist at all without you and now we’re almost family. A writing family! 😉

    • I have to agree with Aheila Ms. Harrison. You’ve already responded above and beyond the call of duty to us. 🙂 And we are very very grateful. *laughs*
      And loyal to you to death, lol.

    • Hi Aheila. Kisten’s hair is actually much lighter in the rest of the pages. It’s just that it’s dark in the back room. And don’t forget that this takes place very early in the story line. Kisten might not be dying his hair yet, trying to look like Spike. -laugh-

      You can’t imagine how pleased I am with you guys starting up a group. That’s what it takes to become published. A group. Which is weird, because writing is so solitary.

  4. Chelikins

    I really like the inked in drawings! No wonder you are excited 😉

  5. *happy dance!*

    I agree with everyone on else on most points, especially how awesome Ivy’s hair looks. lol So I have nothing more to say than Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 🙂

  6. Jo Miller

    I am soooo looking forward to your graphic novel! It looks wonderful. But why have I always seen Kristen as a blonde?

    • That’s because he is a blond, Jo. It’s just dark in there, and don’t forget that this takes place before he hits his full, “I want to be Spike” phase.

  7. JanisHarrison

    Oh yeah, that’s a great track to accompany Ivy biking in and meeting up with Kisten. I did a little chair-dance to it, and had one terrific spine-stretch — cracked all up my spine — felt wonderful.

    I agree that Kist looks fine but a bit too asian — I see him as very Euro/Anglo — but Ivy and that hair (!) are just wonderful. Incidentally if anybody else with long hair rides or has ridden with hair not braided, that’s what it looks like at the end of the ride (lol).

    • Thanks, Janis. I’m glad you like it. Kisten doesn’t look quite so Asian in the other shots. Much of it is due to the angle of perspective. And now I’m laughing. Yep, perfect hair.

  8. Amber K

    OH MY GOD KIM ITS AWESOME I LOVE IT!!! Now other than the descriptions from the books i can actually see what they would look like. Yay I am going to re read the books now and I will have a movie of them all in my head. Hey you made a personal movie that only the readers will see. Cant wait till it comes out keep up the good work.

  9. After all these comments, what’s more to say? 🙂

    Still too long before we can read this.

    • Thanks, Ezgi. 😉 Graphic novels take a lot longer at the publishers than regular novels, which makes sense in the long run, seeing as there are two to three artists working, not just one.

  10. Russ

    One of the things I find so fascinating about graphic novels is the diversity of impressions each of us has of the characters and how they compare to the artists depictions. Ivy’s drawing isn’t too far off what I would imagined, but Kisten’s looks a little, I don’t know, scooby-doo-ish?

    • Hi Russ.
      I hear what you’re saying, but there’s only so much tweaking one can do, and I try to back off as much as I can when another artist has a vision.

  11. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    The page looks great. Do you mind if I post it in your section of Showgirl’s forum?

    The ring you found conjures up all kinds of story ideas in me and I’m no writer. I can only immagine what’s going on in your head. I like the baby ghost idea. A straight horror story about an old house falling in love could be cool too.

    Now take a day and hit the water. It wont be Summer forever.


  12. Frankie Chapman

    I love how Ivy turned out. Very true to her, But Kisten I had pictures with more of a white blonde hair and crazy intense blue eyes. But the pic looks great and I can’t wait till it comes out!!

    • Thanks, Frankie. I spent a lot of time with Pedro on Ivy. Not quite so much with Kisten, but I like him. His hair is lighter in most of the other pictures. (It’s dark in the back room) And he’s not into “I want to be Spike” yet, so his hair won’t be that intense blond. Maybe by the end of the GN series, he will be . . .

  13. Antonio

    I have to be honest, after I saw the B&Ws I held my tongue. I know enough artists to acknowledge that an unfinshed piece is just that, unfinished. Still, I’m really happy with the “nearly” end result (we don’t have those words yet! 😉 ) The shadows on the loading dock/back room alone, or the shiny texture of Ivy’s riding leathers, oil on the floor…just great. I’m actually cool with Kisten’s look – the attitude is more important here than hair color, I think. And, the movement of Ivy taking her helmet off(I’m imagining slow motion shot ) That’s one thing that i thought was going to be critical with Ivy – movement. When I think of the characters in your books, I almost imagine some scenes as music videos.

    I immediately thought of the beginning of this song for this scene. The fast, driving guitars when Ivy rides in, shifts to a sexy bass-line dominated beat as she takes her helmet off and Kisten slinks down the stairs…The Scorpions–The Zoo:

  14. Christina

    Not gonna lie, not a fan of the way Kisten is depicted in this.

    • That’s okay, Christina. This isn’t a typical Kisten shot, and even if it was, there is no way that he’s going to look like how everyone pictured him.

  15. Sue

    Ivy looks awesome, but I agree with the other commentors that Kisten looks more like how I pictured Nick would look. Can’t wait for the graphic novel to come out!

  16. TheLilBrownGirl

    Ok, I’m going to need to pick up my jaw off the floor. Ivy, looks EXACTLY how I pictured her. Elegant, Sexy, and Exotic!! He definitely hit her right on!

    Kisten, uhm…hmmm…Asian? Was he not dyed Blonde and Blue eyed…this guy is actually how I kind of pictured Nick in a way…but I’ll suck it up and deal because I heart the way he drew Ivy.

    • Hi LilBrown.
      Cool! I’m glad you like Ivy. I worked with Pedro on her quite a bit. Kisten, not so much, but I will say that the Asian look he has is due to the perspective. As for his hair . . . it is blond, but not that stark blond he has in GBU simply because he’s not in to the “I want to be Spike” mode yet. Maybe by the end of the GN series . . .

  17. Oh wow Oh wow oh wow!!! LOL!!!
    This is great Mrs. Harrison!! I have to say now that Ivy’s coloured she looks amazing!! He really does her hair well.
    Geez, lol. 😀 Thank you for sharing!

  18. Marsha

    Wow. The artist was even able to capture the texture of leather in his drawings. Ivy is absolutely gorgeous in that frame. Kisten looks somewhat Asian as well, and not how I pictured him, but damned good looking anyway. Oh, and I’m so glad he didn’t make the women all boobs with tiny little waists. The way they look they can kick butt without breaking in half 😀

    • Thanks, Marsha. One of the reasons I wanted to work with Pedro was because of the way he depicted women. I don’t like the big boobs and thunder thighs, either. Who can run like that, anyway? It’s fantasy, but come on!! -laugh-

  19. Indy

    It looks awesome!!! I love it. Can’t wait for the release!!!!~Indy

  20. suzannelazear

    Ivy is beautiful. I see what you mean about Kistin, but he’s growing on me, too. I can’t wait for it to come out. Wow, this must me so exciting. How different is this graphic novel project for you in terms of creative process than a novel project?

    ~Suzi and the tot

    • Thanks, Suzanne. I’m glad you’re giving it a chance. Pedro is so talented.
      You asked how different is it? In a way, it’s a lot different, because I’m breaking things down by action, not thought processes. Putting stuff in boxes and thinking about perspective and size of pictures, and balancing that against the amount of words I can give out at a time. In another way, it’s the same, because I’m telling a story, and that has definite goals and responsibilities.
      I’m enjoying myself. It’s been fun.

  21. I agree with you Kim, not how I pictured Kisten. They nailed Ivy though. Exactly how I pictured her from your descriptions in your books. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Jenn

    Amazing Kim, with the colour added, Ivy beauty & facial expressions shine through. I have to agree with you on Kist. He’s not exactly how I pictured him either, but I can see him in there. I can’t wait for this to come out!
    Did you find out about your ring?
    Hi to you & Guy!

  23. Linda (germany)

    Her hair…I love her hair!!!

  24. KISTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNN OH MY GOODD!! YAY! Fantastic picture, she’s really beautiful. Have fun with your ring 😉 aimée

  25. Linda (germany)

    OH MY GOD!!!!!

    I love it. Kim, I just love it. Ivy is so….damn hot 🙂
    Now in color, she looks exactly like I pictured her. You must be so proud of it. Can’t wait till the comic is coming out. I’m going to be the first german, whos gonna buy it 😀