And it rains . . .

It’s soggy outside, too wet to play, so I hung curtains last night, yanked cheap mollies out of the wall, and spackled the holes.  (Actually, Thing Two helped me with the mollies and spackle, which was nice.  Every kid needs to know how to spackle the holes in their walls.) I think I’m going to pick up a can of kills for the baseboards (someone painted pine, and the knots are showing) and a can of paint for the walls for next time it rains.  Yep.  I’m redecorating.  Again.  😉

The second graphic novel (which is what I’m working on now) is going great.  I like what I’m seeing, and it’s laying down much faster than the first.  I have seen almost all the inks for the first one, so I will have colored pages for you soon.  I. Can. Not. Wait.  This method of telling a story is a lot of fun.  We’re still looking at a summer 2011 release for the first one.

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