I work very hard at having somewhat nice nails for the month of March and June, even going to a miniaturist a day or two before tour starts to get a hard, professional red polish that will last about a week.  One of the first things I do to “de-tour” myself is to take the polish off.  Most times it comes off in the car on the way from the airport to home.  The last tour, I was so ready to be home that it came off before the last event, and I did the signing with a very light pink polish.  Still not my prefered state, but closer.

The length of my nails I will keep long for as long as I can, but slowly, one by one, they chip and break, and it’s usually three weeks before I am back to a very short nail with dirt under them.  I can now say that I’m officially short-nailed again.  I lost the last one just yesterday.

And that’s just fine with me.  😉  Until Feb, when I start to grow them out again.

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