She did it!

I’ve been watching Jocelynn Drake this past couple of years as she set herself a goal of getting two books delivered and out in quick succession.  And she did it!  PRAY FOR DAWN just came out, and it’s sequel, WAIT FOR DUSK is coming out next month.  (Yay Jocelynn!  I knew you could do it!)

There are good reasons for half-killing yourself to get that many words on paper so quickly, the most obvious being that it really helps in building your reading audience.  The readers love it, because they get the next instalment quickly, and if I know Jocelynn, she has ended PRAY FOR DAWN in such a way that readers will be panting for WAIT FOR DUSK.

If you’ve not yet heard of Jocelynn Drake’s Dark Day’s series, you have a golden opportunity to check out her work by jumping over to Harper Collins where they have the first couple of chapters available for you.

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