Things are getting scary

Ever have one of those days, no weeks, no, months, that you know things are going to be kind of wonky, but you push on regardless, trying to open your thought patterns up so you can take on new challenges while simultaneously trying to follow old patterns that you HAVE to keep to.  I’ve had one of those months.  It’s a weird, frustrating, and expansive experience.  And when I say things are getting scary, it’s because things are starting to make sense, the new stuff is starting to feel familiar, even if it’s off kilter.  I don’t want to bring balance into it, because balance never left.  (Thank God)  But now, with things making sense, other stuff is impinging, stuff I didn’t think I’d have to think about.  Crap on toast and puppy presents on the rug . . .  Just when you think you got it down.

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