It’s Thursday, right?

Dude, I lost a day somewhere.  I thought it was Tuesday most of yesterday.  I think it’s because I spent all friggen day on one element of the world book.  I’ve got to go like a mad dog today and try to catch up.

And I’m not going to work in the yard until Saturday.  Ow.  We’ve got a bunch of rocks, and now that I’ve finally finished with weeding out and restructuring the corner garden, I’ve been using them to line the garden beds.  (And getting rid of that nasty plastic edging that never stays put in the process.)  It keeps me in the yard with the puppies, and they are enjoying the outside as much as me.  The rocks look great, but yesterday I moved some that were really too big, and I’m paying for it.

So no yard work for me.  (pout)  Until the weekend. . .

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