And it’s Wednesday, right?

I think it’s Wednesday . . .  The days are starting to blur already.  I didn’t get any dirt time yesterday, being occupied with shopping after I cut out of the office.  Power shopping.  Got a few needful things and had store-bought pizza for dinner.

The weather is fabulous, and the blue jays are yelling, which drew me out onto the front porch for my morning work.  Guy just brought me a cup of tea, and dude, it don’t get much better than this.  -laugh-

So yesterday, I wrote up Kisten’s obituary, Trent’s arrest warrant, and his record at the FIB.  Today I’m going to hopefully get the rest of the chapter wrapped up, which would be FANTASTIC as that means I really am working faster on this monster.  I want to get the second graphic novel done by August, and I can’t start it until I finish the world book.  That, and my front corner garden, which I don’t have a picture yet . . .  I can’t find my camera.

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