Wash, Rinse, Repeat

I love summer.  I’m a creature most happy with equal dose of bordom-avoidance and habit, which means I like variety within a structured environment.  Hence, being a writer suits me just fine.  Summer is perfect for me as the days turn into lazy m’s, the cycle of life slowed down as the days stretch long, allowing for the extended gardening time for me to unwind.

So yesterday was nice, with a good bit of work in the morning, (I wrote up Trent’s wedding invitation for the world book) and then some plant shopping with my mom followed by some honest to goodness dirt time–in which another one of my patterns showed itself, mainly the one where I buy a three-dollar plant for an area that needs thirty work hours to fix before I can put the plant into the ground.  -laugh-  I keep telling myself I have all summer, but I was outside in the dirt until the mosquitoes came up and drove me inside.  Ahhh, bliss.  I might have a picture tomorrow.  It’s ugly right now.

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