Back to work

Not that I really ever stopped working this last week.  -ha-  But now I’m keeping track of it here.  Chapter four of the world book is roughed out and ready to sit and wait until I’m done with the entire thing.  I was right in that it’s going faster now that I’ve got a few things in place and have learned how to make forms in Word.  I can’t wait for you guys to see it.

Today I’m organizing my thoughts for chapter five, which should be interesting as I’m delving into actually writing down some of Rachel’s magic recipes.  Wish me luck!  I’m working out of the office, and have to trust that I took excellent notes last year.  (shudder)

I’m trying to take it a little easier this summer (since I lost my three months) and will be trying to break out of the office earlier than usual to work outside.  I’ve got a pile of rock that needs to be played with, and I’ve got ideas already.  Mmm.  So I’m closing down today’s post so I can get to it.  -grin-

P.S.  The comments are again closed on the daily posts since I’m not on tour anymore, but you can still drop your questions on the three pages that will remain open.

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