Final Supernatural Summer Tour Wrap-up

I’ve got a few things just to wrap everything up now that the Supernatural Summer tour is over.  I don’t want you to miss anything!

1. After the last event in Canada, Aprilynne Pike, Lesley Livinston, and I did a podcast of our experiences over the previous three days.  It’s now up at this link.  I’ve not gone to listen to it myself–I was there -laugh- HcN podcast 85

2. If you’ve not seen it, the book trailer for EARLY TO DEATH, EARLY TO RISE, is kind of cool.  Book Trailer.

3. I have a post on the Supernatural Summer Blog talking about my traditions and rituals for getting through a week of airplanes, hotel food, and lack of sleep.  Routine, Tradition, Ritual and another blog about writer interuptus and finally, also on the Supernatural Summer website, is a contest to put words into the mouths of Aleix and Xander, my office assistants.  We want to go, too

4. And then there are the pictures!  Here are the links to the nine cities I visited for the Madison Release, and while I’m at it, here’s the links to the Hollows release as well.  I had a great touring season, and I loved getting out and seeing some of my old friends/readers, and meeting some new ones as well, but after looking at my schedule, I now realize why I am so tired.  -grin-  Dudes, I’m taking a week off from the drama box.  I really need it.  You guys are F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S!!!

Chapters/Burlington Ontario
Chapters/Oshawa Ontario
Indigo/Yorkdale Ontario
Rainy Day Books, Kansas City
B&N Atlanta GA
Borders Dallas TX
B and N Houston TX
Anderson’s Chicago
Mysterious Galaxy

Jo-Beth in Charlotte
Jo-Beth in Cincy
Books and Co in Dayton
Borders in Ann Arbor
Schulers in Lansing
B&N Grand Rapids
B&N Minneapolis
Virginia Festival of the Book
B&N Charlottesville
Third Place Books
Fort Lewis
PLA Conference


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23 responses to “Final Supernatural Summer Tour Wrap-up

  1. Tiffaney

    Hi Kim your one of my favorite authors and I adore your Hollows Series! Thank you very much for sharing your creations with us. Vicki Pettersson is another one of my favorites, could you reccomend some other authors in the paranormal field that you enjoy. I have read everything by Richelle Mead and im currently working on getting through Laurel Hamiltons work. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Kim!
    I wasn’t around for a few days because life got a little bit crazy. Actually, I think I’ll just share with you what I wrote to the NaSties Friday night.

    “I walked in, 18 hours after I left. Searching for my key for a good 5 minutes with my eyes half-closed – 16 hours of work straight will do that to a person – , I almost didn’t notice my mailbox was full. Full of one thing: my signed copy of Early to Death, Early to Rise.
    Thanks Jenn for getting this for me. It picked an especially appropriate day to arrive.”

    And thank you for signing it for me. I don’t know if you remember what you wrote (you must sign so many of these) but I’ll answer your question: according to Emilie Autumn, dead is the new alive.

    Enjoy your time off! You deserve it!

  3. Trinity

    You made someone’s day, Kim! And it made my day to read this. Don’t know if the link will work, but if not, you’re on the second page of itmademyday .com

  4. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! It was great to see you in Chicago. You’ll have to thank HarperCollins for setting up Chicago on a Saturday. I hope the same thing happens next year. Its hard to track from Indiana on a school night. 🙂 Enjoy some rest after plane hopping.~Indy

  5. Kris

    Hey Kim!

    Loved the newest Rachel Morgan book! But I had a question that has been bugging me for quite some time. We all know that Jonathon and Quen refer to Trenton as “Sa’han”. However, I was wondering if there was a female version of this title? Or would a female still be called “Sa’han”

    Also, Welcome home!

    • Hi Kris,
      Thanks! I’m so glad you do. You asked about Sa’han. It is a universal term of respect, but there is Mal Sa’han which is given when there is respect and possibly love. It is used rarely, and denotes that the giver of it wants to be important to that person.

  6. Judi in NJ

    Good for you, Kim! Take good care of yourself & “Guy”….get some well-deserved rest and we’ll “see” you when you open up Drama Box again. xoxo

  7. Lurker

    Hi Kim,
    Wanted to say hi and thanks. It was great meeting you in San Diego. Totally cool 🙂

    That was one busy little bookstore. Funny enough, looks like I’ll be back there on friday to see Vicki lol

  8. Amber

    Kim you should come to a chapters in Edmonton Alberta Canada i really want to get my books signed. Just out of curiosity when is the next book coming out? Loved BMS it was full of surprises.

  9. Hey there Ms. Harrison, 🙂
    And, here’s a toast to the end of another successful tour. *holds up coffee cup*. I hope that your batteries can now recharge, thank you for the great posts in between and again, for keeping the comments section open, it’s been a real treat. I hope you and Guy can rest before you leap of into your next adventure. Take care till we read of you again.
    Have a great day,

  10. JanisHarrison

    Welcome home, Kim. I know your puppies and peoples are glad to see you. Have a good rest break, and we’ll be looking forward to new posts next week.

  11. Phil

    I’m totally checking out those links. Putting words into the mouths of the pups? I love that! Your tour was obviously a huge success! That’s so cool! Tiffany got to meet you. She told us all about it. Enjoy your break! Say hi to Guy!