Supernatural Summer moves to Houston

We have a slow start to the morning today, with a few hours to relax and have breakfast before jumping a plane to Houston, and it feels good.  Last night’s event at Borders went extremely well, and I’ve got the pictures up already.  It was Aprilynne Pike’s last night with us, and I will miss her!  But Ellen and Kimberly are wonderful, and tonight we will be joined by Kelley Armstrong when we sign at:

Barnes and Nobel
The Woodlands

If you’re in the area, come on out!  We’ve got lots of freebies, and the Q&A has been fantastic!  How often do you get to hear four answers to your writing questions?


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18 responses to “Supernatural Summer moves to Houston

  1. I have found a song and it’s such beautiful.

    Trogh the trees – Low shoulder

    Okay. Question. Any spoilers about book nine?

    Best wishes from Germany, Miss

  2. Greg Smith

    hello kim, it’s I, greg from seattle I just got some very bad new’s a very good friend’s wife ( I interduced them to the hollows) just had brain surgery. she really loves your books, I would like to see if I buy a burnning bunny is there anyway of having you sign a slip of paper so I can give her the pin and your autograph thank you so much. p.s. we miss you up here in the great northwest. by the way her name is also kim ( you may not remember but I had you autograph your new book ( BMS) to her and her husband. thanks again—–Greg

    • HI, Greg. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s wife. It is no problem for me to include a personalized note to her in the purchase of a pin. Just be sure to remind in the actual order, so we don’t miss it.

  3. mudepoz

    Squeeeee! Tomorrow Tomorrow Tomorrow, I get to ask my writing question tomorrow AND get my Madison book!

    Now for my question: How large have the groups been? Wondering if the 2:00 signing is actually be there at 12 to get a seat.

    • See you there, Mud!
      The crowds have been really big! And MG has only a few chairs. I would suggest that you get there early to get your free ticket (place in line) But I have no idea what time you need to be there to get a chair.

  4. Gwen

    Hi Kim,

    Congrats on all your success. I too, love your books.

    I appreciate how open you are with the entire writing process. It’s great to have our questions answered so candidly. I’m curious, now that we’re in the age of “e”-everything, how the publishing and royalties work with ebooks. Are you involved in the decision to release in electronic format or does this reside with your publisher? Are there any differences that affect you? How much of the cost of a book is in the physical (printing, shipping, etc)? Are all ebooks formats / sellers equal or do they work differently? (e.g. is Amazon’s Kindle the same to you as Sony’s Reader?)

    I confess, my Reader has completely changed the way I buy books. I love that I can download my books at anytime. My whole library is with me wherever I go, so I’m never without. And, this may sound trivial, but it’s been huge for me – I am so spoiled in that my reading is one-handed. Odd, right? When you’re holding a sleeping infant though, one-handed reading is the way to go! No movement for turning the pages either. 🙂 The only downside I see is that there’s nothing for you to sign!

    Enjoy the rest of your tour. Can’t wait for your next book.


    • Hi, Gwen.
      Thank you. I’m really glad you’re enjoying the books! E-books are quickly becoming a big part of my sales, yes, and though I have a bit of leverage if I chose to use it in forcing my publisher to release the books when I want, it would politically be a stupid thing to do. The recent delay in release was not typical, and only to figure out new contracts with the big sellers. They are all different.
      As for nothing to sign? I’ve signed Kindles before!

  5. Chelikins

    I am glad you are still moving right along. I know you will be just exhausted when you get home 😉 Are you getting any ideas during your international tour? 😉

    Also before I forget.. again! My coworker, who I happily got them attached to your books, named her newest little puppy Jinx.. she would have spelled it Jenks if it had been a boy but since it was a girl.. she made it a bit more feminine. 😉

    • Hi, Chelikins. As a matter of fact, I get lots of ideas while on tour, but they are not usually concrete thoughts, just observations. I take in a lot, and use it here and there.
      Oh, how sweet on Jinx!

  6. TheLilBrownGirl


    Thanks for signing my stack of books last night! Yeah remember me, the girl that was nervous and couldn’t stop shaking…But I’d like to shoot myself in the foot for not having the courage to speak to you. Oh well, maybe next time you come to Dallas?


  7. Kim, you were a joy to meet and obvioulsy, I love your writing. Thanks for sharing your gift!
    We,, personally think we should of had our picture taken with Tim also. 😉 Thanks for sharing him. He was a blast to talk with in line.
    Safe travels and thanks for coming to Dallas/Fort Worth! XOXO

  8. Hey there Ms. Harrison,

    O_O we have a Woodlands Mall close to us… 😛
    Yep, the international address is a bit of a problem, lol. But, that’s how it is. There will be MILLIONS of people entering if it was open to all continents. And, postage is VERY expensive to say the least. 🙂 So, I’m not bothered. We’re used to it. You guys have competitions and we have the Soccer World Cup…

    I’d have preferred the former.
    Once again, have a super night. The Nasty people who have met you cannot stop saying how amazing you are and how amazing you look. 🙂 Enjoy and travel safely. You must be getting pretty tired.


    • Vampyre

      Howdy Alyss,

      Kim is amazing and looked very good when I saw her last March in Charlotte, NC. Guy and Kim are 2 of the nicest people you will ever meet.

      If you were able to save up and come see her in Charlotte next year, you could see for yourself and maybe get a free T shirt fot traveling the farthest. 🙂

    • *laughs* On my budget it might take a little bit longer than that… Maybe 2012… 😛 Let’s see where the wind takes me first. Great to hear from you!

    • Hi, Alyssa. I think I’d prefer the former as well. It’s been great for me to have a chance to meet some of the “Nasty” people as well! You guys need to find a new name. -laugh-