Supernatural Summer Tour stops in TX

Supernatural Summer Tour is headed for Texas tonight, where Kim Harrison, Ellen Schrieber, Aprilynne Pike, and Kimberly Derting will be signing at Borders Dallas.

Last night was a fabulous event at B&N in Atlanta GA. Pictures and lots of YouTubes up at the website.

And EARLY TO DEATH, EARLY TO RISE came in at a very respectable 10 on the Children’s chapter book list.  Whoo-hoo!  Happy dance!

And don’t forget!  If you have a caption for the caption contest, hop on over to the Supernatural Summer tour and enter t he contest. Don’t enter here, do it there!


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24 responses to “Supernatural Summer Tour stops in TX

  1. Hi Kim! It’s no wonder you keep these little guys around as office assistants/lap warmers. 🙂 So cute. The facial expressions in this picture crack me up! Is Xander usually the first one to realize you’re packing? Aleix looks like either he’s confidant you’re bringing him along – or he’s unaware of the implications, simply getting ready to claim the cozy spot as his new bed. 😉 Cheers to Madison’s placement on the list!!

    • Hi, Tiffany.
      Actually, Aleix is the one that knows what’s going on, but the suitcase wasn’t on the bed, so she wasn’t upset. It’s when clothes start piling up on the bed that she curls up on my pillow and stares mournfully at me.

  2. Lurker

    whoa thats a lot of pictures! that had to be a lot of fun 🙂

  3. Uh, that’s gracious. I think I’m tired.

  4. I just wanted to say thank you to both you and your husband for being so gratious last night. It was a thrill to meet you both. Man did you pull a crowd!

  5. Phil

    Woot! I finally caught up with you. Not on tour. Drats! Just here. It’s been like ages. You sound busy but happy. 🙂 Have a safe trip! Say hi to Guy and the pups!

  6. Chelikins

    I am glad to see your new Madison landed in the top!! Very nice indeed. Your “babies” are adorable. I didn’t realize they were traveling with you. 😉 I bet that makes for some interesting times.. plus gives you a little home feeling too!

  7. Heather

    Oh and I just read you were coming to Texas. Thats awsome but I live in Pasadena (right out side of Houston). Texas is a really big state and I think my husband would shit a brick if I drove all the way to Dallas just to meet you. LOL

  8. Heather

    Hi Kim, it’s been a long time since I’ve stopped by your blog. But I want to thank you. Because, I read twilight when it first got popular and it was good but was to kidish for me. Well I happend to come across DWW and after reading that I developed a love for reading and paranarmal romance. Just in the last two years I’ve read about a hundred and twenty five books. I have retained a special place for Racheal and Ivy and Jenks they will always be my favorite. So enough with my babble I just wanted to say that you are an awsome writer and keep doing what you love. Oh and because I haven’t stopped by in a while I don’t know when your next Rachel book is coming out. Could you tell me?

    • Wow, thank you Heather. I really appreciate that. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books so much. Next one due out the last Tuesday in Feb. Almost an entire year.

  9. I cant wait until Saturday when you are all in the Chicago! oh and BWT your dogs are so cute!

  10. Tessa

    Enjoy Texas!!

  11. tattoolady

    oh your pups are sooooooo cute! my hubby and are considering getting a chihuahua after our old lady passes (she has cancer in her lymph nodes but is doing really well! we are not doing chemo due to her age ,and she would suffer more than it would help. she is 15 years old) which we are hoping won’t be for a while. i was hopeful that my local bookstore would be able to get you this year as there has been a TON of requests for you but no dice. oh well . maybe next year. i am gald to see that your tour is going well and that you are having a wonderful time! -tattoolady

  12. Hey there Ms. Harrison,

    As always, I can’t enter. 🙂 But, I’ll just put my caption here.

    Xander: Now, what do you think she’ll do if she finds out I just ate all her best shirt?
    Alexi: Dude, is that all you ate? Your breath reeks!

    Have a fun last leg. I hope that this tour turned out to be everything you hoped it would be and more. 🙂
    Keep well, and come back safely.