Kansas City was great! Now to Atlanta GA

Kansas City was wonderful!  It was a great crowd, and the questions were both about our worlds and our writing processes. Pictures are up at the website already, but very few YouTubes!  It’s okay, guys.  It’s a new bunny cam, but he doesn’t bite!  -grin-

Guy did take a YouTube of me answering the question “how much research”  The audio is a little weak, but it’s there.

Tonight is B&N at Atlanta GA.
7660 Northpoint Parkway
(770) 993-8340
Can’t wait!

PS  I’ve got a picture caption contest going at the Supernatural summer right now, so hop on over and put words to Aleix and Xander as they sit in my suitcase!  Supernatural Summer Caption Contest.


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18 responses to “Kansas City was great! Now to Atlanta GA

  1. Hallo there Ms. Harrison (and everybody else),

    Once again, thank you for posting this! I’m enjoying the second hand tour, lol. 😛 great video, it’s always a treat to hear you talk. Luckily, there’s always such a thing as volume control and earphones for bad sound.
    Figures that your publisher would ask you to join twitter as that’s the latest thing. I don’t do it myself but it’s a good way to get in touch with the fans I suspect (especially young adults).
    For interest, what’s the age of a young adult? 16-21? 12-18?
    It’s getting colder here, the sun’s late in coming, early to leave us. The mornings are very cold and my horse looks like a fluffy toy from all the winter hair.
    I love this season. 🙂

    Travel safely! Hope all continues to go well. Can’t wait for the next post,


    • Hi, Alyssa.
      I’m finding the YouTubes to be really effective, and I like them. The readers are taking more, too, which is cool

      I’m thinking the YA is for 14 on up, I guess? But I get bored easy, so it will keep an adult interested, too.

      Oooh, I love winter coats!

  2. Jen

    Here I am, in a burb right outside of Atlanta, and I JUST found out about your trip here!! I am such a HUGE fan of yours and I don’t think I can make it to B&N in time. Please know I am there in spirit, Kim!

  3. Looks like you had a nice crowd there. I browsed through the pictures and thought: “Lots of women of all ages, few boys.” Then comes the last photo with the man eagerly reading while he waits; you’re books really reach a wide audience. It’s nice to see. So are the official t-shirts and goodies (I spotted one BMS key).
    I suspect it mustn’t get old since there are always new fans and new ways they can impress you.

  4. manekochan

    Amber from Joplin, Mo, here. (The 5th book rule. ^^) It was interesting to hear you guys speak and to finally get to meet you! Thanks so much for signing my books. ^_^
    You got the pics up on the website really fast!
    I can’t wait for the next Hollow’s book. I couldn’t really think of anything to ask you when I was there. Plus, I tend to get incredibly embarrassed when speaking to anyone I admire. It’s a weird feeling being on this side of the table. I do a few comic conventions and it’s a heck of a lot easier on the nerves to be the guest than the convention-goer. At least it is for me. ^^; I hope you had a fun time in Kansas City and nobody (myself included) made you feel uncomfortable!

    • Hi, Manekochan. Yep, I was up to about one in the morning wrestling with YouTubes, but the last one finally went up.

      You shouldn’t be so hesitant! That’s what we are there for! Kansas City was wonderful, and I hope I get to go back.

  5. Vampyre


    There was a movie or two called Le’ Fem Nikkita about a female assasine. This how reminds me of that and Alias. It looks good.


    • Vampyre

      oops, I meant to reply in Antonio’s comment.

      I just realized that if I had stayed in KY until today, I could Have been in the Atlanta area tonight.

      I hope you have a great time tonight. Just a few miles, on the south side of Atlanta, there is the Forrest Park Farmer’s Market, Kots of good stuff there if you have the time to go. I got 50lbs of Vidakia Onions for only $35,00.


    • Hi, Vampy. Oh, if only I had the time! Between the schedule and keeping up the internet stuff, I’m lucky if I get a chance to look at the weather channel!

    • Vampyre, about La Femme Nikita + Alias = Antonio’s video, I thought exactly the same thing! 😉

  6. Judi in NJ

    Rock this tour, Kimmmmmm! woot! Welcome to Twitter!!! 🙂 xoxox

  7. We enjoyed having you in KC! It was fun to hear you and Aprilynne talk. 🙂

  8. Antonio

    I hope you’ll have fun in Hotlanta! I just say a video promoting CW’s new fall show Nikita. It stars action star Maggie Q. What do you think? Maybe Ivy in the someday movie?

    • Wow! Another version of Nikita! It amazes me how many times the original movie by Luc Besson has been remade or turned into a series (we had one running in Canada about ten years ago with Peta Wilson as Nikita). This one sounds like Nikita meets ABC’s Alias (by the famous J.J. Abrams). Should be interesting.
      Back to your point. I think I agree with you; Maggie Q could be Ivy.