I had a blast at HarperTeen Inkpop

Thanks guys, who came over and asked questions.  I was brain-dead by the end of it, and couldn’t type anymore, but it was wonderful getting a chance to talk to so many intelligent young women with a few smart guys thrown in there, too.  They keep it for a while, so if you want to see what people asked . . .

I’m still mentally tired, which I expected.  Marathon sessions like that drain me.  So I’m going to keep it short today.  Still working on the world book.  I got Rachel’s tattoo all cleaned up.  It’s not the one on the website but one I designed myself after someone made a suggestion about wolf-teeth.  Actually, there is no reason why I can’t show you now.  So here it is.  Rachel’s pack tattoo.  Just click it for a larger picture.  I really like it.  It’s got the full moon, the wolf image on the leaves, and of course, the black fluff.

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