I’ll be at HarperTeen’s Inkpop tonight

I’ll be guesting at Inkpop tonight, 5:00 pm EST, taking questions by on-line Q&A.  I know I talk to you here, but I’m just saying . . .  (grin)

Inkpop is HarperTeen’s outreach for up-and-coming young authors, so I’m hoping for some writing questions.  If you’re an-up-and coming, come on up-and-over.  😉  I’ll be there.  There are already some questions waiting for me from people who can’t make it for the live portion.

Guy has asked me to let you know that if you want anything from www.vampiriccharms.com this summer, to order it in the next couple of days.  He is coming with me on the YA tour, and after that, he is closing everything but the bunny pins down for the summer.  We are going to be far too busy to ship stuff until school starts back up in late August.

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