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I’ve been working steadily on the Hollows world book for about two weeks, and FINALLY I am working more on content than structure.  I got a handle on forms and such, and can muddle through now with minimal difficulty.  (as in why can’t I move that text box?  Crap, I just lost my picture.  Wait, it’s just behind that other box.)

What took me two days is now taking me about a half a day, so I’m hoping to get a lot across my desk this week before I leave on the YA tour.  I’ve also begun working with an as-yet-unknown-for-his-work artist to give you some visuals.  Mark contacted me ages ago, giving me a look into his idea of Rachel and crew, and finally I’m in a place where I can tap into his talents.  -grin-  So as long as Harper is amendable, we’ll have pictures, too.  This is one he created several years ago, which gives you an idea of what you can expect.

Oh, and the title of this post.  -laugh-  I’ve got a new cover to show you.  Dead Witch Walking is now in Norwegian, and translates to  Almost Alive.  If you are interested in the other foreign edition covers, I have all that I have found up at their respective pages at the website.   This LINK will get you started for DWW

PS  I’ll be over at InkPop tomorrow to take your questions on Madison, my writing process, or just about anything, so if you have something you’ve been dying to ask me, but have been too shy, now’s your chance!  InkPop


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  1. Jessi

    “You’re doing the lord’s work!” -Adrian Monk

    I looove the pencil of Rache and Trent! It’s just how I picture them in my mind! Love the new cover and can’t wait to get it in my hands! Another side note Dawn Cook books are selling in our modest store! With the Madison Avery series, The Rachael Morgan series you have given my modest store profit! Starting a new buisness is scary and your books are making a steady profit for us. Thanks so much for being such an awesome author and sharing your world with the rest of us lol sorry I’m just soo excited about getting my store off the ground! I have your talent and passion to thank!

    • Hi, Jessi.
      Ooooh, that’s great news for both of us! Yay! Here’s hoping that your store continues to move forward. 😉 It’s good when you can do what you love to make a living. As I always say, It’s harder to learn to love what you do to make money than learn how to make money doing what you love.

  2. Lurker

    (whoa! comments open at the same time I’m here!)
    Cool, that’ cover is the way I actually pictured Rachels hair. Long, bright and out of control (just like, um..the owner! lol) Im not sure about that translation tho…doesn’t really seem the same hehe

    However, that really isn’t what I expected to see when I picture Trent. Maybe it is the black/white, I could never see him in nothing but black and white. There would have to be some color somewhere. (although it does look like Rachel is making him a bit…uncomfortable. I wonder why this time?! lol

    See you in SD :)-

    • Lurker

      I just noticed you will be hitting 9 cities and 2 countries in 13 days.
      Just want to make sure if you know that just because teleporting happens in your books, it doesn’t really exist in real life! 🙂 hehe

    • Hi, Lurker. Yep, I open up the daily comments occasionally, though it adds about an hour to my morning. Somedays, it’s worth it. I like hearing what you guys think. I went back and checked, and Mark send me his first pictures in 06. Timing is everything. 😉

      And yes! 9 cities, two countries. 13 days. After that, I will want to be ALONE!! -laugh-

  3. JanisHarrison

    Now Mark is somebody to watch, especially for his interpretations of the denizens of the Hollows. I like, I like…

  4. Tine

    I will FB my cousins in Norway and let them know about your books.

  5. Marsha

    I remember this artist’s drawings from your Facebook page and thought how wonderful they are. His drawing of Rachel and Ivy is my favorite because his vision of Ivy is so close to the way I see her in my mind. I hope you will be able to use his work.

  6. Seriously, you don’t need your books translated into Norwegian to have Norwegian fans. I’ve been reading your books for years, as have several of my Norwegian friends.

    I’m actually very puzzled by the choice of title for the Norwegian book, as well as the tagline, which makes it seem as if they’ve translated something completely different from Dead Witch Walking – but who am I to judge, I’m just an English teacher, not a translator or a publisher.

    • Thanks, Malin! I’m glad to know you’ve been reading them all along! As for the title? (shakes head) I don’t even try to figure it out, but most publishers are careful to re-title books to hit the market they think they are aiming for. That might be what’s hot, not what the book is actually about. Is that the case here? I’ve no idea. -grin-

  7. Ha!! That Trent and Rachel picture is great! He did an awesome job at capturing how uncomfortable Rachel makes Trent – you can see him squirming and trying to look collected all at once. Perfectly, Rachel looks the opposite – absolutely calm and in control, teasing him with those Keebler cookies! 😉 You know, I think this drawing beats anything I’ve seen for matching the Trent in my mind’s eye.

    Congrats on all the Norweigian fans you’re about to make! 😉 And cool cover – it’s so interesting how it changes for the different markets.

  8. mudepoz

    I love the picture too. It looks like Trent is BLUSHING!!! (Nyah, can’t be, can it? It’s a pencil drawing.)

  9. Rachel has the wavy red her thing going on for her on the Norwegian cover. I used to have hair just like that before I settled on blue. *grins*

    I’m curious to know what software you’re working with for the World Book. It sounds like it took some time to master it. It’s great that you pushed through and can now focus on the good stuff you’ll put in there for us. 😉
    I hope you get every thing you want done!

    Oh! And I love the drawing too! I’m especially fond of Rachel’s face on it. Kudos to the artist!

    • Hi, Aheila. I’m using Word. It’s what I got, and after I played around with the templates and stuff for forms that came with the software, I have something that works. I’m at the point now where I know the system enough that I can take a blank and make what I want. Still learning bits and pieces, though. It’s been fun working with color. I hope that translates to the final publisher version of it, but if not, I might have the colorized versions at the website in a few years.

      I’m liking what Mark has come up with, too.

  10. Oh wow! It’s out in Norwegian? I am so surprised these days, the current vamp/were/supernatural fab going around the world is making tons of books from my favorite authors appear in the bookstores here. I am just as surprised each and every time to see the books in Norwegian. ^^ While I am happy with my original language editions myself, I wish you luck with the sales here in Norway! I’m gonna buy a couple and gift my friends with for their upcoming birthdays once I see it in the bookstore. 😉

    • Hi, Kristina. Yup! I think it’s an excellent cover. I hope your friends like the Hollows. Thank you for helping spread the word! I really appreciate that!

  11. Chelikins

    Very nice! Thanks for posting the pics.. both the drawing and the cover.

    Seems to be a good day for you! Hope you get all you wanetd accomplished before you head out on the YA tour.

    • Thank you, Chelikins. It was a fairly productive day, yesterday. I’m trying to wrap up chapter three so I can start four today. A chapter a week is too slow.

  12. Antonio

    (LOL!) Is Rachel holding a bag of cookies over the little “cookie maker’s” shoulder? She’s also poking (pointing) at him with her other hand as in “look here, people, the cookie maker brought snacks.” (Grin)

    Oh, I hope Harper is cool with all the illustrations, I would love to see Mark’s interpretation of all the characters. Please tell him I loved the picture. Be Good! 😉

    • Hi, Antonio. Yes! It’s hard to see in this picture, but it’s a bag of Keebler cookies. As in made by elves? -grin-

      I can’t imagine why Harper wouldn’t go with them. Here’s hoping. 😉

  13. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    That picture looks very good. Is it Rachel and Trent?

    I’ve always liked looking at pictures of the foreign versions of your work. It’s interesting how different they all are.

    I amreally looking forward to your world book.


    • mudepoz

      Oooh, she IS good. If you hover your cursor over the pic, Trent/Rachel shows up.

      I can’t even figure out how to SIZE my pics on my blog!

    • Vampyre

      I am so glad I guessed right.

    • Hi, Vampy. Yup! Rachel and Trent. The “hover tag” shows up on its own, actually, but yes. Rachel and Trent. 😉

      Mud! You changed your picture again!