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Yay!  It’s Friday!  I am going to have a busy week come Monday as I start to gear up for the Supernatural Summer tour that starts at the end of the month.  But today, I’m still working steady on the world book.  Yesterday I got outside before the sun went down, and took a few pictures of what’s growing right now.  We had a cool down, but it’s back to 80s again.

The trilliums are done, but the pulpits, as you can see are just starting.  It’s a weird way to grow, and if you back up a few days, there’s a picture of it starting out as a stick poking up from the ground.  It should be completely out today or tomorrow.

This is my water iris.  This is the fourth year for them, started from one of those little pots you buy at a home improvement store.  It’s currently taking up the entire back end of the pond.

And this is something I’m rather excited for because it reaches back to my childhood.  Wintergreen.  (with wild stocks to the left, I believe) You can actually chew on a leaf if you like, and it tastes like, well, wintergreen.  These leaves are rather a bright green because they are new, but they are usually a much duller, waxy color.  I’ve never seen it flower before, so I’ll be keeping an eye on it for the next couple of days.  You can see the twin flowers starting–the little white buds on the right side.  This was a plant rescue, and this will be its third year at my office steps, where I put my most favorite plants.

Wintergreen is rather an odd sort of plant to rescue.  It’s just a little vine-like thing that doesn’t really have any main root, so moving it is like ripping it gently from the ground and nestling it into its new spot and hoping that it sends down new roots from the horizontal stem.  They are tough little plants, tending to linger as they slowly die if they fail to root, but this one, obviously, settled in, and I am pleased.

No one bothers to rescue wintergreen.  It’s not flashy, or colorful.  It doesn’t make an attractive ground cover in its wild state.  But it’s a touchstone to a younger me when everything was possible.  Knowing that it’s just right outside my door makes me feel like everything, still, is possible–with time.


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  1. Hey Ms. Harrison,

    🙂 These are beautiful samples from your garden. Thank you for sharing them! I’ve decided to try and grow a winter pumpkin this year in my room (which gets quite a lot of sun). It surprized me by coming up already. So, we’ll see how it goes and whether I can move it to the wall outside later. (I know how pumpkins can get…)
    I hope you have nice things planned for the weekend. I’m off to ride Basjan in an hour or so. He is doing great, he isn’t the same horse that he was 7 months ago. Gone is the thin, frightened mount that I had bought and in his place, a stocky, almost sociable friend with a strange sense of humour who comes to me when I call him (when I’m sitting down) and allows me to touch him without showing fear. It sounds like a small thing, but for us – it’s like conquering Mt. Everest. 🙂
    But *coughs and laughs* this is not about my horse. 😉 It’s about your garden and your weekend. 😛 I hope you get the best out of both. Good luck with the world book!
    It’s nice to think that you live in a place where your childhood is a door away. 🙂

  2. Hannah

    We have wild spearmint everywhere here in ohio. Wintergreen, on the other hand, seems pretty scarce. I saw a pot of it for sale at a garden store my mom goes to, once.

    It was VERY expensive XP

    Any tips on finding it in the wild? My mom would love to have some.



    • I can believe it, Hannah. Tips for finding it in the wild? Look down. -laugh- If I remember right, they like damp, acidic woods and don’t need a lot of light. Sometimes it’s easier to find it in the fall when they have a few red berries. Good luck!

  3. Oh! That garden sounds so great. It’s too cold here at night for me to get my garden started on my balcony. And obviously, limited potted space forces my hand to pick only a few things. I find myself missing my parents’ house.

    On another note, it’s great you’re looking forward to the rewrite of book ten! After all the changes you said you made in Pale Demon, I guess it wouldn’t have be normal to be a bit reluctant to rewrite book ten. Does this ever happen to you?

    • Hi, Ahelia. It’s too cold where my folks live, for annuals yet. Soon.

      You asked about the rewrite for book ten? Actually, I’m looking forward to it. I’ve got a lot of ideas I want to put into play, and with the story already written, it’s more like “going down the other path” and seeing if you get there quicker.

  4. Sebrina

    I love these photos. Perhaps because it feels like you’re offering us – your readers – a chance to have a peak at your personal sanctuary. It’s lovely. I am jealous of your abilities. The only things I could ever grow and maintain were strawberries and tomatoes. Of course I haven’t tried since childhood. Hmm.

    • Oh, don’t be thinking that this comes natural, Sebrina! I’ve been at it a while, and I don’t show you the stuff that dies. -laugh- You start small, and build from there. Like Jenks and his flower box.

      But thank you. I value my outside space and try to build something both natural and comforting to both me and the animals/plants we shoved aside when we put in the house. Sometimes it works, and sometimes we get out the bug killer.

  5. mudepoz

    I love wintergreen, but this far south in the state the soil is too alkaline. It’s actually related to blueberries, an ericacios plant.

    • To tell you the truth, Mud, what’s growing outside my steps isn’t the wintergreen from my childhood, but something else that looks really close. It doesn’t grow here, either. sigh.

      Oh! and did you know hops and hemp are in the same family of mulberry? The things you find out when you investigate something else. -grin-

  6. It’s actually the water iris that takes me back. My Grandmother, and my Aunt Frances had fish ponds that had both water iris and water lilies. Everytime I see the water lilies growing wild I think of them. I love that you rescued so many plants and found the perfect spot for them in your garden. Enjoy your weekend, it’s going to be a hot one down here.

    • Thank you, Nasty. 🙂 I’ve got a water lilly, but it’s not flowered for ages. I think it’s getting too much shade.

      You have a great weekend, too.

  7. Julia Uz

    Hi Kim,

    Is Wintergreen the same as a teaberry plant?

    Have a great weekend?

    • I don’t think so, Julia. I’ve never heard it called that, but the name wintergreen has been given to just about anything that stays green all year.

  8. JanisHarrison

    Thank you for sharing the progress of your Jack-in-the Pulpit. It looked rather rude as it first came up, but now it looks grand. You have extensive grounds, don’t you? What do your assistants think of the suddenly summer weather? I’ll bet they’re languishing in the shade, even though they’re genetically disposed to warm weather. My kitty Oliver is sleeping all day and wanting to go out in the evening, now that we’re finally achieving 70 degrees here in the Seattle area. He’s pretending he’s a panther or something like that.

    • Hi, Janis.
      Extensive grounds? -grin- No, not really. I just use every available inch.
      Aleix and Zander are loving the warm weather. We will be getting mosquitoes in about a month, which they don’t like, but right now . . . mmmmm, yes.

  9. I just love your garden pictures. I’m green thumb challenged. I killed a cactus once. I watered it too much too often and it rotted in half. *sigh* So I’ll just sit back and enjoy your gardening stories and pictures. Ooh, it’s actually going to be in the low 70’s today here in Minot, ND. I blew the dust off my summer clothes finally. Yippee! :o) One more thing… If you wrapped some sort of chicken wire around your suet would that keep that sassy raccoon from stealing it? Have an awesome weekend. Give the puppies and extra treat for me. :o)

    • OMGosh, Valinda. You killed a cacti? Chicken wire . . . that would work. Right now, I’m simply bringing it in every night, but that would work really well, I’d think. I finally saw the raccoon. He’s just a baby. It makes it hard to get mad at him.

  10. Chelikins

    Kim you have a beatiful garden. I loves flowers.. like to look at them.. in other people’s yards cause I can barely grow grass.. lol!

    I like that you put the Wintergreen outside your steps to give you good memories. I like memories, revisiting.. remember when everything was bigger than you were and you just wanted to conquer it! Childhood is beautiful time of life.

    I hope you had a great Mother’s Day.

    • Thank you, Chelikins. It’s been a struggle getting everything growing, and sometimes, stuff dies and I’ve no idea why. But I keep at it.

      Childhood memories. Mmmm, yeah.

  11. Judi in NJ

    Such cool pics! Would you consider a shot of the whole garden? I’d love to see how everything fits together. Water lily is gorgeous & pulpits have been too cool to watch!! Thanks for sharing. One of my Mother’s Day/Anniversary rose bushes from last year are starting to bloom. The white bush (stem/stick) hasn’t changed since fall 😦 Hey….is it Tuesday yet??? Wooty Woot! Enjoy the weekend!

    • Hi, Judi.
      And entire picture? Nice idea, but no. My back gardens are not the flashy explosions of color like an English garden, but rather understated. A full picture will look green, and that’s about it. And the “public” side of my house is bland and conformative, nothing to see there. Nice idea, though.
      Monday. Almost Tuesday.

  12. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Your garden looks great. I wish I could borrow you for a weekend, I have a black thumb of death. The dogs aren’t much help either.

    Here’s something you might like. I hope it works.

    Growing FlowersFree videos are just a click away


  13. What do you think of Megan Fox acting Ivy?
    I saw the movie “Jennifer’s Body”.
    And…wow. Megan has these sexy and dangerous attitude. She is…hot. Absolutly hot 😉

    Oh, and it works, you see? What was the problem? 🙂

    • Hi, Linda.
      I’ve not seen “Jennifer’s Body” Sorry. But I’ll take your word on it. 😉

      I close the comments down most days here at the blog, but I’ve always got the “Ask Kim a Question” page open.

  14. Tina

    Dear Kim,
    I just had to comment on your garden. It looks lovely!! I love the water iris, and the wintergreen–do you have any seeds or how can I get some in our yard?
    Thanks for posting something so beautiful–it made my Friday.
    Please take care and hug Guy and the four-footed members of your family!
    Hugs and love,

    • Thanks, Tina! I’m not sure how you can get the wintergreen. I’d try a gardening catalog. I think I’ve seen it there, now that I think about it.
      I hope you had a great weekend, too!