Vying For The Prize

I found these two battling it out last night but I didn’t stick around to see who won.  Sometimes, I feel that publishing is like a race between a snail and a slug.  Slow motion, and almost blind.  -grin-  But there are days when you see progress.  Yesterday, my editor finished her read-through of the new-and-improved ninth book, and called it good.  There are about five things that will need tweaking, but it they are small enough that I can do it in copyedit, and so now I can fully turn my attentions to the world book.  Which is coming great, by the way.  I sent Diana a quick look at one element of it, and she really liked it.  Yay!  It’s good to know I’m on track when I have no guideline for what I’m doing.  -laugh-

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