And Hell Followed With Her

My office smells like ozone this morning, which means I’ve pulled my laser writer out of the closet and am printing out a burnt offering to the editorial gods in New York.  -grin-  Book nine is once again out of my hands, and I’m hoping that Diana likes the changes I made.  It is the same book, but not, which is hard to explain.  It feels less complicated, but more far-reaching.  The endings, be they emotional or physical, feel firmer.  The questions raised are now more pointed, less vague.  It has a brand-new ending, which completely threw me.  (Honest, I didn’t know that was going to happen until about a month ago, and I’ve been working on this for over a year.)  And we have a name for this beast.  -grin-

If you haven’t figured it out by the post’s title, we are going with PALE DEMON on this one, which I think is absolutely perfect in about six different ways.  I feel kind of shaky releasing the title this early, but marketing has seen it a few times and hasn’t said no, and my editor likes it.  I’ve always liked it, so here’s hoping it sticks.  And . . . there will be a sneak peek in the mass market release of BLACK MAGIC SANCTION in late November January, so even if you have the hard cover, check out the mass market while you’re standing in the book store.  You’re going to want to see the cover if nothing else.  🙂



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  2. Matt

    Hi Kim,

    I was just wondering if you knew the rough time frame that Black Magic Sanction will be released in the UK/Australia and do you know what the cover looks like? Is it in the same theme as the other UK editions?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi, Matt. I think it has come out in the UK this last week, actually, so it should be available in Australia now as well. It has the same theme as pervious titles, but I think they went with black and gray this time. Hope you can find it!

  3. Dawn

    Ms. Harrison,

    My son and I discovered your books last year(2009). Between us both we have gobbled up every book printed by you. I love the Clint references in all of your titles. I had to explain them to my son :). We love the hollows, and can hardly wait to read Pale Demon. Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. NocturnalVixen

    Please Kim! If theres anything different in the Mass Market release then there was in the hardback version I’ll be forsed to buy it too! lol

  5. Jer

    Awesome title!! Love it!! Love you!! Love the Hollows!!
    Cant wait for Pale Demon!! I will love it too!!
    Thank you so much for all your hard work;)

  6. Jessica

    I have read all the books so far but how many books will there be in the Hollows series all together? Should I also get the Anthology books as well?

    • Thank you, Jessica. I’m looking at 12 to 13 to finish the series, and the anthologies have lots of info in them that you might want, so yes, if you can get them from the library or purchase them, it will make everything a bit more clear.

  7. Candace

    Ooh, interesting title! I can’t wait to read this…damn, do we really have to wait an entire year?!

    It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve gotten to comment- my schedule has just gotten nuts! I’ve mostly been hanging out at Jocelynn Drake’s forums. You should pop by to see what we’ve been up to if you have a spare minute!


  8. Sue:)

    Great title!
    I can’t wait for the next book. February seems so far away…
    I hope the new book is heading in the direction I feel is on the horizon. Only you know.

    Thanks for many hours of escape from my mundane world.

  9. Vampyre

    oh…comments and I missed it. so sad…

  10. Phil

    I agree with what Alyss said, though I’m not sure I know what the heck she was saying…lol! No worries, she knows I love her. So everything’s going great, right, the far-reaching concept sounds so cool, you’re happier with the new ending, revamped stuff to make it better. And the title’s so cool! Whew! This may be my longest comment ever. Guess I’m missing it.

  11. JanisHarrison

    Comments? We get to Comment again? Oh, joy! I’ve missed the natterings almost as much as I’ve missed Kim’s responses. My personal joy today is that my turn at BMS is up — that is, it’s in transit to my designated library branch and I’ll soon be able to pick it up. I don’t think we here in the US will have the p/b available until November, but I’m gonna purchase it then. I decided long time ago to buy all the Hollows titles and I now have them all — except for BMS.

    • Hi, Janis. I’m going to close it down again, but I did want to give you guys a chance to let me know what you thought about the new title. (And besides, I miss you guys) Don’t forget you can always talk to me over at the questions page!

      You’re right about the paperback. it won’t be available in the US until November.

  12. Patricia

    The title its perfect,i do hope it sticks..i cant wait for the new book to be available,im addicted to the series what can i say =)

  13. Judi in NJ

    Hiya, Kim! LOVE the title!! Aannnnd the countdown to Feb. 2011 begins. Thanks for taking us through your process – it is nothing short of amazing to get an inside glimpse of the way you work. SO cool! It’s been really great lurking and I hope you never get so busy that you don’t have time to post here – even if you can’t reply, I really dig checking out what your are up to. (Eeew – does that sound stalker-ish?) So, thanks for sharing (your Luna is even more beautiful than last year) and enjoy the weekend – WOW, did you earn it! xo Judi (Big waves to “Guy”!!)

    • Hi, Judi. Thanks! I like it a lot, too. It’s what I originally submitted it under, and that will be a real treat. And yes, the countdown begins. I’ve still got copy edit and page proofs for PD, but that’s it! You have a great weekend, too!

  14. Hey Ms. Harrison!
    *comes in quickly, lest opening up the comments are a mistake and will be corrected shortly*
    YES! I’m still around!! Bad pennies keep turning up… mwahahaha…
    Very foreboding, the title that is. I’m interested to see where the whole demon thing will be going for our dear Rachel. 🙂 I’ve been thinking about the whole demon thing, but I’m trying to get my words straight before I post a question/statement. 😉
    Have a great day ma’am, I hope that you get the time back that you lost with this rewrite. I’ve come to realize that one’s personal time is the most precious thing that you have. Priceless. 🙂
    Congratulations on finishing the rewrite, I hope the outcome will be positive.
    As Always. 😉

    • Hi, Alyssa. Mistake? Nahhh, I opened them up for today because I knew you guys would be excited about the title. 😉 I’ll know in the next week or so if I am going to get my summer back. I’ve got a month, and all I’m doing is world book. It might go fast, or slow. I don’t know.

  15. Crystal

    Congrats Kim, can’t wait. Good title. Regards, Crystal

  16. Mendi in STL

    Awesome movie and an awesome title Kim. Hope there’s smooth sailing for you for a while.

  17. Congrats!! I hope you’re enjoying a ceremonial happy dance to the sounds and smells of that burnt offering you’re sending out your printer! “Pale Demon” – nice title! Uh oh… *turns to Mr. Fish* “Earmuffs on, fishy!” … Mr. Fish better keep his little eyes peeled ;-).
    Take care Kim-san

  18. Chelikins

    Wahoo!!! comments is open and the title of Book 9 (? right). This is turning out to be a wonderful day!! The sun is out, the wind is blowing! Now lets hope this continues with me to work. Either way my two girlfriends that also read your books are going to be estatic when i tell them you gave us a little present today!!

    Kim you are awesome and keep up the good work. So what are you planning for this weekend? some more dirt time? and now that your revision is done which writing are you going to work on now.. rachel or madison?

    • Thanks, Chelikins! Unfortunately the comments will be closing again, but you can always talk to me at the question page.

      This weekend? I’ve no idea. I’ve got an HOA meeting to go to, and I’ve seen a class of kindergardeners with one cupcake between them acting more civilized. Maybe I’ll use it as fuel for a shot story. THE DEVIL LIVES NEXT DOOR.

    • LOL – “The Devil Lives Next Door” ;-). Seriously, 2 of the 3 people I know with an HOA have horror stories! Did you ever see that x-files episode where a monster comes out of the ground and kills the residents of a perfect looking neighborhood if they didn’t turn on their front light by a specific time? *shiver* 😉

  19. I like Pale Demon. It’s full of promises! 😉
    It was nice to read you go through the whole rewrite process. And I’m with the others, we missed chatting you up (though we understand it takes a lot of time for you). The NaSties are glad to have our place to keep in touch after we met here!
    Are the comments making an official return? If not, I take this opportunity to wish you well.
    Take care!

    • Thank you, Aheila! I was very pleased to get it.

      I missed chatting with you guys, too, but alas, the comments will be sliding back into the closet until I have something of real note to tell you.

      You take care, too.

  20. Shanda

    I’m really krumpt about the next title. Keep it up Kim! 🙂

  21. Sebrina

    Black Magic Sanctioned was released today in paperback here in England. Will it have the sneak peak?

    • Hi, Sebrina.

      Probably not, no. It’s through a different publisher.

    • Sebrina

      You were correct. There was nothing in the back of the book, but I bought it anyway! I turned in my final year project proposal, and another assignment today and treated myself. 😀 Will start on it tonight or tomorrow.

  22. suzannelazear

    Pale Demon? Amazing! You always have the best titles. I love how that ending snuck up on you. Hehehe. All the “NaSties” say hi! We miss you but are glad you’re getting tons of stuff done.


    ~Suzi and the tot

  23. Antonio

    PALE DEMON…? (Pale Rider) –I like it! Remember when the Marketing Genius’s didn’t like the orinal BMS title? I hope there isn’t a PC problem with the word “pale.”

    Did you forget to turn off the comment section?(grin)

    • Chelikins

      Antonio… shush!! I like her leaving the comment section on. Even if she doesn’t post on it.. I get to see all of you !!

    • Antonio

      Alot of us from here gab everyday on the NaSty wordpress site, you’re more than welcome to come over and chat 😉

    • Chelikins

      ok I added that link to my favorites.. I have this.. um.. set pattern everyday of what sites I vist before work.. lol! Drives my husband crazy. Anyways.. I put you there. 😉

    • Hi, Antonio. Forget to turn it off? Nahhhh. I left it open so I could get everyone’s thoughts on the new title. 🙂 It’s going away again until I’ve got something cool for you again.

      I think we’ll be okay with Pale. Demon might have been a problem a few years ago, but that’s changed. Yay!

  24. Jennie

    “Pale Demon” sounds awsome. The gears in my wondering mind are already turning. LOL. I wanted to ask you about any new information about the graphic novel. I can’t wait for it to come out.

    • Hi, Jennie. Thanks! I’m delighted with it, too.

      You asked about the GN? It’s coming right along. We’re in the inking stage right now, and I’ll likely write the next script late summer. But the first one is still scheduled for Summer 2011.