Wednesday is hump day, and I’m over the hill.

Okay, that didn’t sound as prophetic as I had hoped, but you get the idea.

So, we had a nasty set of storms roll through late yesterday.  Lots of wind, lots of lightning.  We didn’t lose power, which is amazing in itself.  The leaves of the maples are still stuck to each other, and they are showing their undersides to make the woods look silver.

The raccoon stole the suet early, before I got out with the dogs for the last time and I could bring it in.  Irritating to say the least.

And it’s COLD.  Which means I’ve got a fire going in the main room.   Lost my office assistants, seeing as they are laying in front of it.

Obviously nothing much is going on here apart from the work, which is going fantastic.  I finished my editorial edit of the next Hollows book, and will be spending today going over the new stuff I added, making sure that it’s the way I want it and I’ve not forgotten anything.  Woo-hoo!  Time to get the good printer out!

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