Good day’s work

Got a lot done yesterday, and I’m back where I was on Friday night, which I didn’t expect.One more day ought to do it, and then I can print out and send.  Yay!  Every rewrite is different for me, even if the same basic steps are involved.  This one was less about tweaking emotion, (though I did that in a few places) and not much about story logic (but I tweaked a couple of spots for that, too.)  The overriding theme of this rewrite was shifting elements to quicken story flow and to keep it simple, stupid. (or KISS)

As expected, I added a couple of chapters, mostly from breaking two up, but I did add a brand new chapter at the end, giving me about 5,000 words, even with the shortening. (guessing here.  I’ve not yet analyzed the word count, but I’m over 530 manuscript pages up from 500–right where I wanted to be.)

Today I’m working on the last chapter, pulling out a character and trying to find a happy ending.  It feels good.  😉

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