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I feel like my radio today, fuzzing in and out until the signal strengthens.  Had a hard weekend outside, putting down the rest of the mulch, planting a few annuals, tidying the yard, and generally enjoying being outside all day.  We finally got rain Saturday night, the remnants of the storms that tore up the south, but the mountains and cooler night temps took out much of their vigor, and it was only a soft rain.  The woods are green, and it’s primeval out my window.

Topped off the weekend with hot dogs cooked on a wood fire for dinner and smores made from those tiny hot-chocolate marshmallows (It can be done.  -grin-) which was more than nice, it was therapeutic–the fire, not the smores.  But I woke up more tired this morning than I was when I went to sleep.  Must be the lack of caffeine.  I only had one cup yesterday.  To make matters worse, I found out that Thing Two can do the one-eyebrow rising thing.  Not with just one eyebrow, but with both.  Sheesh.

I almost got to the end of my rewrite on Friday, having gotten the dialog down for the new next-to-last chapter.  I closed my office down for the weekend with a big issue to mull over.  Someone I wasn’t expecting showed up to take care of an editorial-raised question.  It makes beautiful, perfect, logical sense, and it goes with the magic of the rules, but this person hasn’t been in a single chapter up to the end, and it’s bothering me.  I can either leave this person in to do what needs to be done and work he or she into earlier chapters, (and then they will be required to be present in the next book rather more heavily.)  Or take this person back out and leave everything as it is and tweak the magic so that this person doesn’t need to be in the last chapter at all.  It’s a case of rewriting one spot verses rewriting several.  Or one days work compared to three or four.

I spent all weekend mulling it over, and despite the issues engendered by the long method of leaving this person in and fixing the entire manuscript, I’m going with that.  Logic rules.

Which means I have lost my chance at an entire summer of free writing, and I’m bummed.  Between the unexpected PR demands that hit last week, the unexpected second YA rewrite, and that my graphic novel editor would like the script for the next ASAP, (What, like I’m going to ignore it when I do have time in my schedule?) my painstakingly chiseled out summer months are now soaked up and down to about six weeks.  My personal writing project is shelved again for another year.  Maybe I can work in a short story for myself this summer.  Blahhh.

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