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But now I feel bad for a post that’s pretty much meaningless, so here’s a link to my agent’s blog with something about the i pad that had me laughing at the end.

I am not known for giving things away or having contests.  In fact, I sometimes feel like I’m the exception in the urban fantasy author pool in regards to such things.  But today, I have something for you.  😉  In celebration of the upcoming release of EARLY TO DEATH EARLY TO RISE next month, I have 70 signed copies of the first Madison book, ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY to give away for the price of postage.  They look to me to be trade paperback, and are not ARCs, but special editions.  Guy and I decided to pass our windfall on to you.

We want these books to get out as fast as possible, so there are a few limitations, and I’m going to apologize right now if you have been excluded.

1. We can only ship within the US.
2. We can only accept postage by Paypal.  (The book is free, the postage is not.  It is $3.50.)
3. If your postage takes longer than 24 hours to reach us, hence Paypal, your book will be given to someone else.
4. You must put FREE BOOK OFFER in your email to Guy, or he will not see it, and your book will go to someone else.  Guy’s email:
5. The books will go out media mail, so they will take several weeks to get to you, but if you don’t get your book by June 1st, please let him know.  Books are known to take a walk-about.
6. These books are already signed and boxed, so we can not personalize them or slip in any charms, bracelets, books, or anything else to combine it with a shipment from

If you are interested, email Guy with the words FREE BOOK OFFER in the subject line, and he will tell you where to Paypal the shipping cost.  I will put up a notice here and on Facebook when the books are gone.

Good luck!  I don’t have ANY idea how long these are going to last.

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