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I’ve got a radio interview for you today.  I did this way back in Feb when I was in Cincinnati, WVXU interview with Barbara Gray but they just aired it a few days ago, and now it’s available.  I don’t even remember what the focus was, but it’s something to do with Black Magic Sanction.  -grin- Work on the next Hollows book is going great.  I pushed through most of the problem areas, and all that’s left is rewriting the end.  The end is okay as it stands, but I’ve got something better in mind that will send echos into the next three books.  If I’m lucky, I’ll get to it by Friday.

And . . . the hummers are back!  The male buzzed the hook where the feeder was last year at about 10:30, and I had sugar water out at 10:38.  Didn’t see him again until about 6:00, but he was there this morning when I took the dogs out, and it was great to hear wings in the garden again.  If you’re wondering, hummingbirds are where I pull a lot of my inspiration for pixies from the flash of red, to the sound of the wings, to the aggressive chattering that they make.  And hummingbirds are NOISY!  So having them back feels good.

Also back, and not so good, is the Luna moth.  I found this one plastered to my house, just outside my door.  My first response was “Ooooooh!” in delight, then a quick “Oh crap.”  Every time they show up, someone dies.  I can be cavalier about it until the owls show up.  So far, they are keeping their distance and just hooting in the distance as owls do, but if one perches outside my window, I’m going to be ticked.

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