I didn’t kick my keyboard’s butt . . .

I didn’t kick my keyboard’s butt, but I brow beat it until it cried.  Monday was like pulling teeth to get my proposed daily workload done.  All I wanted to do was to rewrite just one chapter.  It was only ten pages long.  Ten pages in a rewrite can take up to ten minutes, or it can take ten hours.  This time, it was hours.  But in all fairness, it was an entirely new ten pages, not tweaking.

The original action scene was deemed not serious enough, and the visual gag wasn’t working this late in the book, so I rewrote it.  The beauty of rewriting entire slices of work is that you have the chance to slip in new material that you can use to solidify all the tweaking you did previously.  In this case, I’ve been trying to flesh out elven wild magic, Ivy, and souls.  I tried.  I really did try to incorporate them into the new stuff, but it was a battle between witches, so the wild magic was out.  Souls never made it into the new magic I was using in the battle.  But I did manage to touch on Ivy.  She was in the original fight scene, so it wasn’t as if her presence was increased, page-count-wise, but her presence emotionally went pop, and everything solidified.  It was bittersweet before, but now Rachel turned a corner and learned something.

Even better, somewhere between the dialog and writing the prose, Al showed up.  He wasn’t in the original scene, or new dialog.  He just . . . showed up, building on the tweaks that went before, demanding I DO something about his childish tantrums.  So I did, and it might impact the rest of the series in a big way.  Today, I’m going over what I painstakingly wrote and see if it’s going to work.  Tweaking I hope, not trashing.  And then onward.  Almost to the end . . .  😉

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