Monday again?

That was one of the fastest weekends I’ve seen in a long time.  Monday already?  It was productive, though.   Had 8 yds of mulch delivered, and top-dressed a third of the front.  There’s still a pile of mulch in my drive.  I told Guy it looks like a car rusted to nothing, siting there.  That was Sunday.

Saturday was re-doing the steps in my path because it felt chancy to me.  The guy who installed the path a few years ago went with a slope, not steps, and the slant never set well with me.  I could just see myself slipping on it someday with a cup of tea in my hand as I walk the dogs.  So I pulled out six of the pavers taking up about a four-foot section and replaced them with a chunk of rock that Guy had been eyeing for about two years.  This too, had been out in the woods, and I am totally impressed with how he lugged it back to the house.  Worked a few smaller rocks in around it, and ta-da!  New steps.  The pavers I took out went into my upper back yard so I know where to walk and not step on anything.

And speaking of stepping on stuff, I rescued a few more trilliums from the lot across the street.  (I have permission from the builder.)

Spent some time with Google this weekend and I think the variety of trillium I am rescuing is T. catesbaei.  It’s native to a five-state area, and can be found in Tenn, the Carolinas, Georgia, and Alabama.  There are a bunch of white ones, too.  I’ve not looked them up yet.  I also read that trilliums not only propagate by rhizomes, which are basically underground runners, but with seeds using the help of ants–attracted to the stickiness on the seeds.  One flower=one seed.  Propagation is very slow.  I’ve never seen a trillium seed.  I’ll be looking this year–trust me.  So I’m left wondering if the reason that this trillium who can live in zones 5-8 is limited to a five-state area is because of the ants?

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