Friday, and the work continues

The title pretty much sums it up for me today.  A last push, and then I can rest my weary brain for a few days as I work in the yard instead.  I did get out yesterday for about 20 minutes, right before sunset, and I took a couple of pictures of my yard.  The tulips are past their prime, but the trilliums are prepping.  This first picture is a trillium that I rescued from that building site.  It was not blooming when I dug it up, and I feel totally gratified that it chose to do so so early after being transplanted, even if it has a bit of damage from frost, insects, or just bad luck.  That it’s blooming at all means I successfully moved it to a place that suited it, not always an easy thing to do.  I don’t like to move plants and have them die, especially wild flowers, and I wouldn’t even do it if the property they came from wasn’t going to be cleared with a bulldozer.  It looks like it’s going to be a pink one, and I’m thrilled.

The other is a picture of that Indian Cucumber that I also rescued last year from the same lot.  I can’t be sure, but it looks like it’s going to flower as well.  I can’t wait, and I’ll show you photos as it progresses.

As for the real work . . . it’s progressing.  It’s slow, but the changes I’m making are solid and real.  More than tweaking, but not an entire revamp.  I was happy with the manuscript before, but now I am confident, and that’s two completely different things–even if it’s going much slower than I’d like.

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