So, yesterday, I stumbled out of my office at 8:30, ate, fell in the tub, and relaxed for half an hour reading about Cincy’s Zoo.  I had no idea just how different, and alike in a lot of ways, the zoos were back in the late 1800s and early 19oos.  Interesting . . .

Today should be wash, rinse, repeat, with me hopefully getting to where I want in the rewrite.  I made good progress yesterday, but am currently stuck on a section where I’m shifting motivations and adding more action.  Mmmm.  Not sure my motivations are believable, but things always look better in the morning, and I’m anxious to get to it.

Today’s picture is a Morel mushroom.  These are one of the plants I associate with my mom, and finding one in that vacant lot this weekend (the one I have permission to scavenge from before they put a house on it) was like reaching back and touching my past.  I replanted it in my shade garden where I put all my favorite plants.  I know it likely won’t come up again in the same spot, being a fungus and all, but now the spores are there, and it will be fun next year trying to find them–if they decide to grow at all.

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