Happy Easter

Happy Easter, to those who celebrate it.  I went to get my spring decorations out this year, and I realized I don’t have any.  Nada.  Not a colorful plate, not a single string of plastic flowers, or a scented candle.  All I’ve got are a set of multicolored cups, a few cookie cutters, and an old PAAS kit.  And then I realized this is the first year in a long time, that I’ve been in a position where I’m not scrambling to hit some deadline and can actually decorate.   Saying no is good.  (grin)  And my writer friends all know what I’m talking about.  So I’m off to the store to pick up some validation of spring, and then head outside to put a few more in the ground.  Looking forward to spending some downtime with family.  Si-i-i-i-igh.


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  1. Tiffany

    What? No spring decorations? I thought the Harrison household was brimful of bunnies 😉 Ah well, hopefully your planting time was the perfect way to get in touch with the season. Today I had a picnic in the park with family, which was fun. Really, there’s nothing like a three year old’s pure enjoyment of swinging – the laughing while screaming – to make you smile about life.

    Take it easy Kim-san,

    • Thanks, Tiffany. 😉 And wouldn’t you know, I still don’t have any spring decorations. But I did get a chance to work in the yard, which was somehow . . . better.

    • Tiffany

      By the way, those were the rosy musings of auntie who got to experience the joyousness before the naplessness set in 😉 LOL

      I hear you on the time in your yard. Better – yeah I’m with you on that 🙂

  2. JanisHarrison

    (Sigh.) Mudepoz, darling, our resident botano-biologist, would you please look up the actual definition of YAMS and SWEET POTATOES? I do not know of any source for actual yams in North America. To the best of my knowledge they are globular, starchy, African vegetables. Sweet potatoes are a spud of another sort, South American in origin, and whether they’re marketed as golden, orange, or ruby sweet potatoes, or as garnet “yams,” they’re all sweet potatoes.

    Unfortunately, Chris, “russet” or “Idaho” potatoes are just starch, i.e., white, and “White ain’t right” for us diabetics. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know they have potassium etc., but we have to count them as a starch, not a vegetable.

    • mudepoz

      Er, in the US, though, if it’s sweet and orangish, it’s a yam. I gave up long ago trying to get people to speak Latin with me since common names change cross country, not just across the world. We eat sweet taters, but I grow yams. Sweet potatoes are in the same family as morning glories (ooOOo, morning glory seeds…oops, sorry, ’60’s flashback), and neither are related to potatoes.

      Sweet potatoes make pretty houseplants, and there are now three cultivars used for gardening, a deep purple, a bright chartreuse and a lovely tricolor, pink, white and green.


  3. Cortney

    Hi Kim, I wish I could go to your book signing at Third Place Books for BMS like I did for WWBC, but alas, I have moved! (I still wear my WWBC tour shirt though!)

    More to the point, I went to Wikipedia to see if they had any info on the book after BMS, and was completely floored to find out that you wrote the Decoy Princess books! I bought those books last year or the year before and really loved them and had I known I’d have asked you to sign those! I hope you get some time/inspiration to write more of them, as I love the story!

    I hope you visit DFW Texas on your next tour so I can get them signed!

    • Hi, Cortney. Yes, that’s me! 😉 I’m really glad you liked them. I think the Princess books have one of my best magic systems yet. I hope I get to Texas in June for the YA tour. I’d love to sign them for you. 😉

  4. Hey Ms. Harrison,
    *laughs* I could’ve sworn I commented but WordPress seemed to have eaten it cause it’s not even in my profile. So, maybe i dreamt it…
    Happy Easter, I hope you had a great day with your family. I had a good day with mine, (yesterday – saturday) and my other half (together, which doens’t happen often) so yes, it was a good weekend.
    It’s getting colder here! We had a lot of cold rain today which is strange for this time of the year. I’m glad winter’s finally coming. 🙂
    Have a great day,

    • Happy Easter, Alyssa. 😉 I had a wonderful day with family, getting to know my extended side again, the people who watched me grow up, and now I’m watching their kids do the same. Peaceful, circular.

  5. trish

    Happy Easter to all. Hope you all have a lovely time. The weather is cooling for us into autumn, love this time of year after heat and humidity. It is a beautiful sunny, cool day with the bonus of chocolate! Yay! I think this is about as good as it gets.:)

  6. Kylie Ru

    Huh, I have yet to comment. That ain’t very nice of me. Oh, well. I fix it now. Happy Easter, Kim-san! I’m not doing anthing thise weekend. At least not that Im aware of. Sometimes my fam likes to be tricky tricky like that. . .

  7. Pamela Moss

    Happy Easter!! 😀

  8. Greg

    Happy Easter everybody. I’m new here, but am a big fan of the Hollows. I am a Nook owner and am also dismayed the eBook format comes out later. I went over to her Facebook page and found a few spoiler messages, so I’m staying away until the book comes out.

    Anyway, hope everybody has a good weekend regardless of whether you celebrate the holiday or not. The weather is finally getting warm.

    • Happy Easter, Greg. I’m sorry about the Nook delay. I truly am. There are many unhappy people as the e-book industry finds it’s place. One good thing? The changes mean that the book industry is taking e-books seriously now. It’s like titles. I used to have a really good chance that the title I submitted a book under might be used–or at least it was just me and my editor picking it out. Then, when the books became financially important, marketing and book buyers got a say, and I seldom got my first, second, or third choice.. I will admit, though, that book 9 might have my very first title pick. Here’s hoping.

  9. aka the queen of hearts. fantastic meeting with you again when you were at third place books. it’s the 3rd signing i’ve been to of yours, but of course, the 1st after my 15 minutes of fame, all thanks to the fantabulous kimharrison.net. thanks muchly. i’ve decided i want to try and do a couple of drawings of rachel, jenks, ivy, et al, and post them on my website. i do fantasy art, you see, and think it’s high time i let the uber-awesome urban fantasy world of the Hollows seep into my pores then out through my pens. hmmm. weird image. anywho, i would love to post the link for you once they are done. thanks again. as always, a pleasure and honor to see you. adieu for now.

    • Tiffany

      Assuming you mean you are THE Queen of Hearts – can I just say I loved your costume. The beard with the rest of the outfit made me smile! 🙂 Awesome.

    • Chris, I’d love to see a link for your artwork! Post away when you have something for us. 😉 It was great seeing you again, by the way.

  10. Geoffrey Kidd

    What’s so happy about it? I’ve just been informed that my Pre-ordered copy of “Black Magic Sanction” has been withdrawn and my money refunded. I checked fictionwise, and *every* Kim Harrison book has vanished from their shelves., even if they remain downloadable if you already bought them.

    Please remind your publisher that forcing booksellers to pull this [crud] on their customers encourages neither loyalty nor sales. I’m beginning to think that Harper-Collins hates its customers.

    • john smith

      You could go through amazon, even though for w/e reason they have the book under 2 different prices. And I do agree that it’s a pita with all the different e-book formats, but since you can download kindle (for iphone or pc), all you’d need is an amazon account and to wait.
      Speaking of kindle is anyone else bothered that in the 21st century we have a black and white screen?
      I dislike proprietary technology but god help me the iPad looks like a step in the right direction.

    • SeattleRobin

      Goodness no I’m not bothered by the black and white screen. It’s why I bought the Kindle! E-readers with color screens have been around for more than a decade. The whole point of the e-Ink technology is to make reading on a device as comfortable on the eyes as reading a paper book is. Backlit color screens don’t bother everyone, but for longform reading for extended sessions they cause a lot of eyestrain in a lot of people. It’s one of the reasons I never read ebooks on my computer.

    • Sue

      Oh my gosh, I started with kindle on my iPhone and changed to the kindle because of the eye strain with the back lit screen. After 20 minutes I had a horrendous headache.

      Just remember the publisher makes decisions not Kim. She’s just as impacted as we are!

    • john smith

      not sure if it’s an apple thing – I have a pc and have read for 16+ hrs at a time with no problems, well except extreme hunger and thirst. Speaking of beer, heh I saw “clash of the titans”. Not only did they get their mythology/ancient religion wrong, but there wasn’t a single titan in the whole movie.

      BTW if you do get a headache from 20 mins in front of back lit screen, how do you write, how do you browse the internet? Or do they make e-Ink for pc screens now?

    • Hi, Geoffery. I have an email into my publisher as to what’s going on, and as soon as I know, you can be sure I’m going to make a post here about it. I know that you are angry, and I can see why. I don’t like to make guesses as to what’s going on, so I’m not going to make any at this point. The entire e-book industry is undergoing radical changes, and for a while, no one is going to be happy.

  11. Phil

    Happy Easter to you, too, Kim-san, and of course to Guy, too, and Thing Two, too! I’m spending Sunday with my family and gf’s family, not at same time *sigh of relief*.

  12. Chelikins

    Hope you had a wonderful, great, awesome weekend! Hope you post pics of your new decorations! Anything for the gargoyles?

    Antonio… that was a hilarious April Fools! If I had not had to go in to work early yesterday for a sexual harrassement class, us teamleaders had to take, then I would have got to read it yesterday. I got my workers good for April Fools though. Point one for me!

    • Thanks, Chelikins. 😉 I had a great weekend with family, and a little gardening, but no decorations! I’ll post a pic tomorrow of my great attempt.

  13. JanisHarrison

    To chris & mudepoz: Everything in the US grocery stores is/are varieties of sweet potatoes, from the lightest “golden” to the darkest “garnet.” You can use any/all of them pretty interchangeably. They are sweet, and they have MASS fiber, which is good for us diabetics because it helps us moderate our glucose. Anyway. I love ’em baked (be sure to prick them a bunch), split, and buttered (whip together real butter and olive oil 50-50%), add your permitted 1 tsp of brown sugar and nutmeg. Somebody else likes cinnamon — that’s good too. I like the sweet ‘tater fries; they need good hot oil to get crispy and I think the ice-water prebath (dry carefully) might help, too. Or you can try this for snacking: peel and slice VERY THINLY, arrange on a rack over a baking sheet and spritz lightly with olive oil, then gingerly sprinkle on some cayenne powder. Bake in a medium-hot oven, watch ’em so they don’t burn. A savory treat…

    • Chris

      Are we talking sweet potatoes here? or Yams?….blechhhhh, for whatever reason they do not agree with my system. Caused mucho stomach problems in my youth. Just weird. Love russetts tho.

  14. Mary Jeanne

    Happy Easter to you, too. I’m so glad you can relax with family. I finally saw the answer about Kisten and I understand. He was, for some reason, just so appealing to me. And I have a great husband of 43 years, too!!! Oh well. I pre-ordered the new book and I can’t wait. Enjoy your holiday and eat a chocolate bunny for me. (I’m on a diet!)

    • I’m glad you have found a way to understand, Mary. Thank you. Congratulations on the 43 years! That is so wonderful!
      PS No bunny for me. I’m eating a chocolate chicken. (grin)

  15. Kneosha

    Happy Easter! You work so hard at giving us amazing books to read you need some down time and time with family is very important. And also taking down can help you get fresh ideas for more books *grins!*

  16. Little Sister in WI

    Don’t feel bad. I still haven’t taken my Christmas decorations down stairs yet! I will do it this next week for sure only because I have to. (daughters sweet 16 party)
    Have a great Easter!!!!
    Easter Bunny ears “kiss kiss”

  17. tattoolady

    HAPPY SPRING KIM! bms was ammmaaaazzzing! i eagerly await the next book but for now my need for the hollows is satisfied 🙂 i don’t decorate for easter eaither outside of repotting those that need it and starting to plant stuff outside. i will admit that hubby and i do love to dye easter eggs! only we dye them raw instead of hardboiled just so we dont have 18 hardboiled eggs around that takes us forever to eat.( they usually end up in the compost pile) the inlaws start with there “you need to convert as your husband is catholic so you need to be too,blah blah blah. someday they will understand or give up,whichever comes first. today i went out and basked in the sun for a while and it was soooo nice. i hope that you and your family enjoy the holiday weekend !

    • Happy Spring, Tattoolady! I’m so glad you liked BMS! Thanks! I hope you had a great holiday, too.

      I hear you on letting things be as they are and people believing what suits them best, but I don’t have a problem with having six right answers to the same question, either.

  18. suzannelazear

    Have a great weekend with the fam! The tot and I are off to AZ to see my parents for Easter/Spring break.

    Steampunkapalooza kicked off with a bang, hopefully it’ll grow even more over the month. I’m stressing over making sure we get the traffic, since we have such cool guests, lol.

    Happy, happy weekend!

    ~Suzi and the tot

  19. john smith

    heh I just realized that the fake e-mail I’m using goes to a real website.
    Anyway, I read the first few chapters of BMS(the kindle edition coming out later is so unfair), and all I can say is – I feel a lot like Ivy mid-bite.
    Anyway – it’s Easter and Tuesday it’s not far off .


    p.s. maybe I should create the sims version of the little church(too bad they don’t have sim-pixies), it would be like a quick fix so I can last until the 6th

    • SeattleRobin

      Hah! Funny you should say that about the Sims. I have a Sim neighborhood based on an online fantasy RPG I play. All the Sims are based on characters other people have played in the game. I realized a couple weeks ago that I could add a house with Rachel, Ivy, and (big) Jenks in it. Just haven’t gotten around to it yet. 🙂

    • Hi, John. Almost Tuesday . . .

  20. Chris

    Day 1 of mourning comfort foods*sniffling*

  21. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim!

    Downtime and a spring weekend sounds like just what you need. Happy Easter too! I’m looking forward to our weekend too, lots to celebrate finally for us, good news came, I’m having a birthday, and we are finally getting that retaining wall done! This will be the first Easter in a long time that I will actually get presents too!

    Take care!

  22. Chris

    Kim, Best wishes for you and yours for this Easter weekend(and I don’t care if that is politically incorrect)…lol..and also to everyone else I am getting to know here.

    • Chelikins

      Right back at you Chris! 😉

    • Chelikins

      OH yea.. about Patricia Briggs. Love her series, both Mercy and the Alpha/Omega ones. Her new Mercy one just came out Tues. Got mine Wed in the mail and am almost done! If work did not interfere with my reading I would have all my books read in one day! 😉

    • trish

      My daughter and I love Mercy, too. Haven’t been able to get the latest as too broke and long waiting list at library. Hope to get it next week then we’ll have a fight over who gets it first, me as I don’t go to work and will be here when it comes. Mwah! Victory will be mine!

    • Chelikins

      It was very good! I am now on to my Faith Hunter Skinwalker series. So far so good.

  23. Chris

    **awfully quiet here****looking around kinda nervously**oh well, HAPPY EASTER everyone!!!

  24. Happy Easter to you too. It’s a bittersweet holiday for me, I buried my dad on Easter Sunday 4 years ago on the 13th. I’m reading BMS and it’s really taking my mind off of everything. I can’t wait until the next book….I just love the series.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Chris

      Sorry to hear about your dad’s passing. Our son would have been 20 this year on March 8 and we buried my darling K’s dad almost 2 weeks after our son’s passing. This time of year is very difficult for us as well. You accept but never truly get over it.

    • Happy Easter, Lisa. I’m sorry to hear about your dad, and I’m honored that my work is giving you a healthy escape. You take care. 😉