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I realized I didn’t have anything for you today, so I whipped up a PLA page showing what I did out at the Public Library Association National Conference.  It was a lot of fun as you can see by my expression.  Had the chance to work on my public speaking skill (which frankly suck dishwater) and sign a bunch of books for some very enthusiastic librarians.  I worked two years in an elementary school library, and the people who make it their life’s work have a special place for me.  Anyway, here’s the new page.  PLA 2010


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  1. ashnzach

    Hi Kim. So my husband finally finished Black Magic Sanction. Now we can talk about the books together and one of the questions that sparked mine and my husband’s mind is, i remember in an earlier book you wrote “there are no inderlanders in tennessee” why is that? Is it too small, lack of leylines…?

    P.S. you are a very talented author and we love your work. Expect us to be one of the first people in line when another comes out!

    ~Ash and Zach

    • Hi, Ash and Zach.

      I think the exact quote is there are no vampires in Tennessee, and I’m going to blame my editor for that one. She added that in the line edits, and I agree to it, not knowing her logic, but figuring she knew something I didn’t. Sorry I don’t have a better answer than that for you. 😉

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. Thanks!

  2. Ben

    Just want to say I love reading your books. They make up the majority of the files on my E-Reader. I read them every chance I get…even at work. I can honestly say that the last book series I enjoyed this much was the Harry Potter series. After Rowling stopped writing them I was hard pressed to find a series to fill the void, but your books have done that and much more. You are a wonderful writer, and have created an imaginative yet very believable world with a cast of heartfelt characters. Everytime I reach the end of one I find myself wishing it were twice as long. Wonderful work. ~ben~

  3. Hello Ms. Harrison, and everybody else.
    Nice photo! You can rest assured by knowing that you are very photogenic. All’s well on this side of the world. No complaints save for the usual. Went to pick up a great friend of mine from the airport last night and for an hour or two, I had my three most favorite people in the world with me. LOL. It was a good feeling and sorta reminded me of Rachel. I had been forced to put the book down for a week, (forgot it at my cousin’s house) so I’ve picked it up again and I am now at Chapter 25.
    Interesting, very interesting. 😉
    Thank you for writing characters which can keep me company in the middle of the night. 😉
    P.S. Are you ready for this? I mean… Really ready? Okay.
    *pushes button, releases fireworks that writes in the sky:*
    Have A Great Day!

  4. CC in CA

    Hi Kim! I was wondering about something… In regards to characters that have dealt with abusive treatment…Do you believe that whatever you’ve been through either makes you a better person or reveals your true nature? Or do you think that some people can’t overcome what’s happened to them? I see proof in either scenario, but I have to say I think some of the most compelling stories are about former victims who have overcome what they went through. I think it’s because they know what real strength is. That’s my delayed who’s your favorite character entry I guess (Ivy).

    • Hi, CC. I think bad things happen, and we deal with it the best we can. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to dealing with ugliness. Ivy is very hard for me to write, but delving into her psyche has been a good thing.

  5. Awesome, Kim. Whoa. That line was long. 😉

  6. SeattleRobin

    p.s. Finally, the one week countdown to Black Magic Sanction for us ebook readers!

  7. SeattleRobin

    I agree that librarians, especially grade school librarians, rock! It was our librarian reading The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe to us in third grade that initially got me interested in fantasy.

    I also agree that your stage nerves don’t show at all when you’re speaking. 🙂

    The poster for the Truth books looks great!

  8. Marsha

    It looks like you have managed to loose weight while on travel! I’m not even doing well at home. How do you do it?

    • Actually, I am usually the exact same weight as when I leave, right down to the ounce. (And believe me, I check, every time) Lots of fatty foods and a lack of exercise are balanced by stress and the necessity of skipping meals to catch flights or make events. I’d rather not lose weight like that.

  9. Hi Kim,

    Hey – I guess it’s a perfect day to mention that your Truth books which I had ordered were waiting on the porch for me when I got home last night! I just started, but I loved the bit about how Alissa knew she was in for it when her mom wound the band around her hair four times 🙂

    And I also have to say – what’s this about your public speaking skills? I’ve seen and heard a bunch of interviews you’ve done and you are always interesting and charming. I thnk if we ever saw you suck dishwater it would have to be on a dare….hey wait, think about it…if the sink is clean and the water is hot, then what is the difference between dishwater and soup really? LOL – not convinced? 😉 Fair enough!

    Have a good one!

    • mudepoz

      It’s missing the chicken trying to get to the other side?

    • Hi, Tiffany. Ah, but there is a big difference between talking to a person or persons in an interview, and giving a speech. The one, I’m comfortable with, the other I am not. The former is give and take, much like conversation, the other puts you in an instruction mode, and that makes me uncomfortable, right down to my core.

  10. Frederique

    I just wanted to pop in and squee at you for a moment that a couple if my T4 Angel tomatoes are sprouting 🙂

  11. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I know you are pretty shy in real life. I admire the fact that you have faced your fear and have dealt with us so well at signings and interviews.

    It just goes to show how much you really love what you do Thatt love is what makes your work so good. It’s enabled you to grow as an author and a person, I think. (My Dr. Phil moment)


  12. Phil

    I love libraries. Wish I had one in my home, that would be my favorite room!

  13. mudepoz

    I soooo disagree with you. Your poise and your stage presence are excellent. We have proof. Vids, pics, and of course signings.

    So there. (Says the forensics judge, WHSFA or whatever acronym that is. Dang, YES, I am eclectic. I did it for the Tall Dude.

    • Thanks, Mud, but you’ve only seen me in interview and events, which are nothing like standing at a podium and giving a speech. They are completely different, and while I agree that I’ve got the poise and stage presence at events and interviews, it is flushed down the crapper when faced with a podium and me in the mode of “instructor.” I like events and interviews. I dread panels.

    • mudepoz

      When you were in Arcana, there was a panel. I can see your YA was Q and A, but the panel, with the readings, didn’t seem so much Q and A until the end.

    • Very true, Mud, but it was a small room. The PLA thing had 500-600 people. It was the largest group I’d ever stood up before. But it comes with practice, they say.

  14. mudepoz

    Jenn, there are yahoo lists (some are really slow) and websites and magazines for seed swapping. Check them out! Also, Garden’s alive has organic seeds.

  15. Antonio Rich

    Do you think you might do one of those internet call-in interviews this year?

  16. Judi in NJ

    I LOVE libraries!! How fantastic that you were asked to speak at the PLA conference! WOW! Libraries are magical places – some of my warmest childhood memories include running to the library after school and coming home with my arms full of books…love! You look mah-velous! in the pics and the Harrison/Cook display is awesome and exciting!

    • I have a similar one, Judi, of taking my five bucks and going to the Little Professor and buying one or two books, then going next door to the library and checking out six entire books for myself. Every week for who knows how long . . . happy sigh.

  17. That’s total awesomesauce! Do you like being famous, Kim-san?

  18. Jenn

    It looks like you have a great time at the PLA! Lots of smiles & you don’t look too tired…lol
    So I’m starting to collect seeds for my veggie/herb garden that I’m doing this year. So far I have carrots, tomatos, cucumbers…I’m trying to do organic so it takes longer to collect them…lol
    Have a great day!

    • Jenn

      *Jenn backs up at least 3 paces, looks around sheepishly & twirls her big toe into the ground*
      Kim, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like you looked tired in the pictures, actually I meant the opposite! I figured that after such a long stretch on the road that you probably felt tired but looked fantastic!
      *Blushing, Jenn turns around & heads back out of the room with shoulders slumped*

    • -grin- I totally got your meaning, Jenn. You’re seeing me “on” in the pictures, as in lots of caffeine and pulled together. “Off” is a different story, and believe me, there is a big difference, and it involves room service and big fluffy robes.

  19. suzannelazear

    Librarians rock. 🙂

    I took the tot to see “how to train your dragon” I so want Astrid’s dress.

    Is it asking to much to get a little sympathy from the office lady when the tot is late for school because I sat on the freeway for an hour and a half due to a bus collision??? I didn’t ask to drive 45 min each way to her school…no, there’s no choice involved when your husband went there, lol.

    Have a good day.

    ~Suzi and the tot