I apologize for not posting yesterday, but honestly, I had thirty minutes at the airport yesterday, and then an hour and a half for lunch and check in at the hotel before I was out again, hitting Seattle with a signing at Fort Lewis, (left lots of signed stock) and several drop-by signings (including University Bookstore), and then an event out at Third Place Books. (stock there too.)  Didn’t have any downtime until almost midnight.  Long.  Long day.

I’ll be in the air most of the day today, but I think I will be able to get at least the Portland photos processed and up before the sun goes down.  I’m going to leave you here with a YouTube I took from the window of the airplane.  -gulp-


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  1. Phil

    Hey, how did i miss this post!? It must be jet lag made me lose track of the days. Oh, i wasn’t on a jet. That was you, Kim-san. I hope you had a fun trip.

  2. SeattleRobin

    Hey Kim,

    Hope you’re recovered from your trip out to the great Pacific Northwest. It must have been exhausting with all the extra little stops! I dunno how you do it, but it’s appreciated.

    My friend and I had a great time at Third Place Books! It was a fun crowd and it’s a warm, fuzzy experience to be among other people who enjoy the same books and all laugh at the same things.

    Before the event started we were sitting at the communal tables over by the bakery and she had just finished telling me about the time she and a friend were there for a JA Jance event. The crowd of people were all over by the stage waiting for it to start, but JA Jance was sitting next to them eating. Then you and “Guy” walked in to get your order and went to a nearby table. I did the (hopefully) subtle head-tilt in your direction to direct my friend’s attention and we both grinned. I guess that’s the spot to be for casual author sitings!

    • -grin- Yup, you found out where us author types hide out. The food court.

      It was great to see you there! It was a nice crowd, and no fire alarm this year like last. -laugh-

  3. Jenn

    Prop planes…that brings back memories lol. We flew in one when I was in kindergarden & we were moving to B.C. We look one from the mainland to the island. They sure are noisy!
    Hope you made it home safe & sound & got plenty of rest!
    Happy Monday to you!

  4. Hey there ma’am,

    That looks like a very small plane…

    Happy birthday Mud!! Again, lol. 😉

  5. marsha

    Wow. The news this morning showed the tornado in NC. I hope you guys didn’t get any damage from that!

  6. becca

    hey kim
    your brave going on a prop plane they freak me out!!the propellers dont seem to go fast enough do they!!but then again it could be to many re-runs of air crash investigations!!lol 😉 love that show!!
    oh and i went and sent the freesia bulbs to you i checked with my post office and they said it was ok it wasnt on there restricted list to the usa so ive given it a go it they get there they get there hey.worth a shot,hope they do arrive and have fun planting them if they do,get some down/dirt time after your crazy release tour!!
    becca and tots

  7. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Today, 28 of March, is the birthday of one of your most loyal and trusted readers.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUDEPOZ!!!(I bet you thought me 🙂 )


  8. If you apologize for being unable to write Friday, I’ll have to apologize for being unable to drop by this week. 😉

    Have a safe trip home!

  9. Chelikins

    Sounds like you have been a busy busy woman! Glad to see you are ok though! 😉

  10. Jason Nemes

    I recently just started reading your books. Thank you for writing them they are very enjoyable. I have just finished The Good, The Bad, and The Undead and I have one question about it. At the end when she makes a deal with Big Al to testify in court she agreed to willing be his familiar which he accepted. So my question is why did he put another scratch on her demon mark? I am just confused as how she could owe him somethng else when she has already agreed to become his familiar?

    Again thank you for writing these books I will be reading the entire series.

    • Hi, Jason. I’m glad you’re enjoying the books, thanks. I understand your question, but keep in mind that Rachel agreed to be Al’s familiar, not give him her soul. He’s still trying for her soul, hence the mark.

  11. Patricia

    It was awesome meeting you yestarday at fort lewis,you are very sweet and busy lady!!

  12. Marsha

    Sounds like you made a lot of people happy despite your schedule being so crazy. I hope I will get to make a book signing one day before you have so many fans out there you just can’t do this anymore.

  13. Definitely sounds like a long day . . . but I hope you still had fun! So, I drew another pic of Al. He was supposed to get glomped by the ninja, but it ended up just a hug. http://woobie331.deviantart.com/art/Al-gets-hugged-158659209

  14. JanisHarrison

    Yay! I was at Third Place Books, and Ms Harrison you are the most gracious author I’ve met in years. And that “Guy” of yours, it’s a pity he’s so shy (NOT! lol) If he had a slightly older brother, just as nice, who likes ’em short and round, I’d like to get to know him. It might restart my faith in decent men existing. Your schedule of the recent few days would exhaust most people, I’m astounded you were smiling and joking. I’d have been snarly, couldn’t have helped myself. Hope you’ve had a chance to catch up on your sleep, if not now then tonight.

  15. Cool. Have fun. I’m not very fond of planes. 🙂

  16. Sharon

    that gives me the creeps. I don’t want to see propellers. I want big old honki’ jet engines!

  17. Angie V

    LOL. That is a cool artifact! I used to work for Horizon Air and you wouldn’t believe how many people freaked about the prop airplanes. They are very fuel efficient and safe and that is why Horizon uses them over jets.

    Thanks again for signing my books. I was at the Ft. Lewis signing and was the “book-pusher” who whipped a Princess book out of my purse!

  18. lizzy

    Hi Kim,
    I just stumbled on your site recently and I think it’s awesom that you try to write a blog everyday to keep your fans posted. I know alot of authors don’t take time to that.

    • Thanks, Lizzy. It’s a little harder to keep up with you when I’m on tour and have pictures and the website to keep up, but it’s important, and I hope I can do it for a long time yet to come.

  19. Tiffany

    Hi Kim! LOL – I love your video! Magic IS all around us if we look for it ;-). I saw your schedule yesterday and figured you’d hardly have time to stop and breathe!

    My weekend is off to a great start despite incidents involving having to fetch my keys off of the roof of my house and getting macaroni and cheese in my eye. Seprate incidents, unrelated except that they were both marginally painful accidents – I’ll let you imagine the details since it’s funnier that way ;-).

    Take care,

  20. Greg Smith

    Thanks for coming all the way out west, also thanks for signing my books & T-shirt. plus there was no fire alarm this time, it was great to see an author that takes the time to chat with the fans, and not just sign the books and a quick photo then next. thanks Greg S.

    • Hi, Greg! It was great to see you again. -grin- Nope, no fire alarm. Apparently they divided some of the alarms so that when the bakery burns their bread, it doesn’t effect everyone. You like the chair by the table for the reader? Me too. It’s so much more relaxing.

  21. Nikki Palun

    It’s funny that I am an aerospace engineer and I hate flying in planes especially prop planes!!