I’m at Powells, Portland tonight.

Well, Beaverton, actually, at Cedar Hills crossing.  This will be the third or fourth time I’ve been out there, and they have a beautiful spot for an event, so if you’re in the area, come on out and bring your Hollows and/or Madison questions!  Tomorrow is Fort Lewis and Third Place Books out in Seattle.  (appearance info)

Today I’ll be doing the radio shot (Between the Covers/Mysteries) and then a panel at the PLANC.  -grin-  I’m going to be talking about young adult and adult writing. What’s the diff, what I like about it, the challenges, and the rewards.  Should be interesting . . .


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  1. Vampyre

    Happy Friday ma’am,

    Can you believe it, another week has flashed by? I hope you’re not missing home too much and you’re having fun.


  2. Hey Ms. Harrison!

    Hope all’s well on the travels! 😀 Mt. Hood is probably covered with snow. Can you see it? 😀 Enjoy every moment.

  3. Kat

    Hi Kim~Hope you are surviving your travels! Thanks so much for answering questions and everything else that you do. You are the best!

  4. Lurker

    Come south, the weather is great! 🙂

  5. Don Cook


    I just wanted to say thank-you for the awesome reading material. I just started the series a short time ago and now I’m halfway through A Fistful of Charms. I measure what is great book or series for myself by whether or not I’m still thinking about the characters even when I’m not reading. Your books do just that. I find myself continuing the story in my mind all day long. I have never missed my train stop in the year I’ve been taking it into Philadelphia until I began reading Dead Witch Walking. Every day now I must keep a mental note as to where the train is, or I will miss my stop. The books are so entertaining that the 25 minute ride seems very brief.
    I’ve had to purchase the entire collection in advance so that I don’t run out of books to read in the series.
    I greatly appreciate your work. Thanks.

    • Thanks, Don! I really appreciate that! Oddly enough, that’s how I judge a book good or not, as well. 😉 I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. Thanks!

  6. SeattleRobin

    Kim, I had to laugh about your comment that Third Place Books can’t be far from Ft. Lewis. They’re in different cities! I hope you can at least have some relaxing downtime on the car ride. My friend, and possibly her daughter-in-law, and I will see you at Third Place!

  7. Chris

    Okay…..I now believe miracles DO happen. This may sound unbelieveable but this has really happened. Most of you know we rescue animals. One of our rescues-Cali-got pregnant before we could have her fixed and all of a sudden we had 4 kittens. We kept 2(Minx and Johnny). Just before her second bday Minx disappeared.Fast forward to yesterday afternoon and a local vet calls and asks about her. They had scanned her, found her chip and called. She is now getting reaquainted with all the other pets. My darling K has always said she would return to us and now she has. Just in time for her 4th bday which just happens to be….wait for it…..wait for it…..April 1st. This is a true story.

    • Chris

      Minx was still wearing the same collar we had bought for her. **still shaking my head**

    • mudepoz

      That is…eerie. Amazing, but … Eerie.

    • SeattleRobin

      Wow, she was gone for two years and you got her back? That’s amazing! My dog got loose on the Fourth of July one time. (The fireworks really affected him badly, worse than most dogs.) I put up posters all over and had tracked him to a store about a mile away but then lost the trail. A couple days later I got a call from a nearby vet where a guy who had found my dog brought him in. Having that microchip put in when he was a puppy was a great investment! (I actually kinda felt sorry for the guy who found my dog, he’d already fallen in love with him and was calling him Champ. But of course I took him back anyway!)

    • Frederique

      Glad you got your pup back. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my pup. Maybe the guy who found yours went and adopted a dog after falling in love with yours.

    • Frederique

      WOW! That’s amazing. I’m so happy she made it home.

    • lizzy

      I so happy you got you cat back. I would be heartbroken if I lost my cat.

    • Chris, that is amazing!

  8. Kneosha

    Hey Kim,

    Hope the event goes good, wish I could be there. Do you hit Denver,Co very often? I’m moving there with my boyfriend in a few months and I visit as often as I can so hopefully I will be able to catch you when you are there. Well just thought I would drop in and say hi, today is technically my Friday since I don’t have classes tomorrow OH YEAh! Have a good weekend!


  9. Marsha

    I see why you are having to see the Northwest from the window of a car…they do have you jumping. Thank you from all of your fans for putting up with it. Take care.

  10. lizzy

    Have fun in Portland! One of my fave cities. just finished bms. it was awesome. can’t wait for the next book!

  11. Phil

    I won’t miss the radio spot. I mean I’ll listen. 😉 Have fun!

  12. suzannelazear

    oooh, that YA vs adult panel sounds fab! I’d love to sit in on that.

    Sounds like you’re having fun! I hope you come to LA on your YA tour.

    Yesterday both my dad and my mother in law were admitted to the hospital (grandma is home and fine, she fell but nothing major, but I don’t know what’s wrong with my dad yet). Hopefully today will be more…cheerful.

    Have a safe trip. 🙂

    Suzi and the tot

  13. JanisHarrison

    I like the Peter Pan number — was one of them you, Mud?

    Oh, drat, Chris, I forgot to let you know I don’t open emails unless I recognize the sender, either the name or the subject line such as “Hi from Chris at Kim H’s blog”
    Didn’t see an email I could spot as from you although there were a couple of “Hi’s” that in my experience usually offer me Viagra {:-s} and so hit the delete heap without opening…

  14. Frederique

    We seriously need to get you out to LA at some point 🙂

  15. Stacey

    See you tomorrow at Third Place Books!

  16. NewLeaf

    Hi, Kim – Forgive me if you’ve answered this question before. I’m a new reader of your books (just finished Fistful of Charms) and noticed that you have quite a few stories in anthologies. Do you ever plan on releasing your shorts altogether in a single book? It’s just that some of the other authors included in the anthologies aren’t my favorites… Thanks for your terrific books!

    • Thanks, NewLeaf. I’m really glad you’re enjoying the books. As it happens, there is a Kim Harrison anthology in the works, but I’m working on the world book right now. It’s going to take a couple of years, I’m afraid, but it’s coming.

  17. mudepoz

    I REALLY hope the radio spot is available to us. It’s my true love, and if I could write, that’s what it would be.