Headed to Portland

I’m headed to Portland OR today for a couple of functions.  Got a radio spot at KBOO-FM, (90.7 Thursday at 11:45.  I’ll let you know if it’s archived.)  as well as the panel at the Public Library Association National Conference.  After that, it’s a whirlwind of five signings in two days.  (laugh)  Two are drive-by signings, which are fun because I generally get to see the back room of the bookstore.  Every single one is different, but they are all alike.  Kind of like the people who work in them.  Very different, but all have a love of books that gives them a soft shine, so to speak. (rolls eyes at myself)

So, if you are in Seattle or Portland, and have a few books for me to sign, drop over to the website to see if I’m going to be near you. Also, the bunny cam came hopping back to me yesterday, so the pictures and YouTubes of the Charlottesville B&N are now up.  Yay!

The picture today is taken out in my back yard.  I had a little hummock where a tree fell over about ten years ago, kind of sandy and dry.  I planted it with moss and Hepatica that I rescued from a nearby lot scheduled for a house.  (Got permission to harvest from the builder)  The plant here has been in the ground for two years, and it flowered wonderfully.  Stuff is coming up all over.  I can hardly stand myself.  -grin-


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  1. JaeInSa

    Missed you at the PLA thing—I had to miss it myself but am not so disappointed after I heard you didn’t make it to the panel. Love Kisten, Trent and Jenks!

    • HI, JaeIn.

      Um, I know I kept my talk very short, but I was there. If you’re talking about the virtual panel? Yes, I bowed out of the virtual panel that took place earlier in the morning because they sprung that on me at last moment. There was also the issue of me having agreed to a radio broadcast that morning, before I found out about the virtual panel. Soon as I get my clone machine fixed, I’ll be able to do simultaneous appearances.

  2. Mary Jeanne Blum

    I read your books on my Kindle in a week and absolutely loved them. I also fell in love with Kisten. You can do anything – so isn’t there some way to bring him back? You are head and shoulders above the other vampire series that is enjoying the limelight. I don’t understand it. If you are ever in the WNY area, I’d love to meet you. I’m 63 years old and a grandma 6 times over, but I’ve never outgrown my love of the supernatural. I can’t wait for the next book. Thank you for your books. They are the best.

    • Thank you, Mary Jeanne! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books so much. I really appreciate that. 🙂 You asked about Kisten? I toyed with the idea this week. I really did. And after careful consideration, I remained true to my original thoughts. He might be Rachel’s true love, but he is lost, and that is the way it must be. I miss him, tool

    • Sue, Chicago

      Mary Jeanne, I agree with you. My fondest wish is that Kisten would make a return. Kim has told me on more than one occasion that that wish will not come true. *heavy sigh* If you’d like to ponder some pie-in-the-sky theories, feel free to write me at piklz1962@yahoo.com where we can discuss this wish more thoroughly.

  3. Hey Kim! Just thought you should know that you are in the top 5 popular authors on the eBook store for the Sony eBook. #4 to be exact. Right below Nora Roberts and right above Charlaine Harris! Just in case you didn’t know. Personally i read all of them and i still think you belong at the number one spot!!! Have a great day Kim! Jen UK

  4. Bonnie Jean in MA

    Good evening,
    Just wanted to say thanks for wishing me good luck at my new job I started last Monday, that was so cool. I finished “Black Magic Sanction” 2 nights ago. All I’ll say for now is I loved it, of course. I will not talk about it yet in respect of those who have not read it. But I do have a question. Do you know why the other books you have written are from most recently published to first published in their listings in the front of the books? I have seen it changed around that way in other books from other authors. I remember you did mention that was the way it was being done now. I just wondered if you knew why.
    Thanks Bonnie Jean in MA

    • Hi, Bonnie. Yay! I’m so glad you liked BMS. Thanks! I’ll open up a “Kim answers” spoiler page next week. You asked about the way they list the books at the front? I’ve no idea why they do that, but I’ve gotten a lot of people commenting on it.

  5. Oh – I forgot I was going to post this picture for you that I sketched of Ivy a while back (I don’t draw much, but I like to sketch faces kind of in a doodling sort of way):

    Ivy Tamwood Sketch

  6. Hi Kim,

    Wow – this picture is beautiful!! What a cool flower – shade loving to grow alongside your moss. *sigh* I wish there was this much foresty beauty near me – it has such a soul satisfying feel. You’re an excellent photographer! Did you take this picture using a macro setting? I love how the picture is focused.

    Your trip sounds super busy – hope your getting a little downtime in the evening.

    Take care,

  7. Chastity

    Hey, Happy Travels! Be safe and have tons of fun! BTW, thank you for answering my question about the next book…A road trip with Trent…I can’t wait…I know, I know I have to but still…That little hint gets my imagination working overtime.

    Have I told you lately that I think you are a genius? No? Well, I do and you are! I love The Hollows!

  8. Hey Ms. Harrison,

    I’d love to go to Portland one day, i have a very good friend who lives there. 🙂 Hope you enjoy your trip! Safe traveling please! We await the new adventures in anticipation.
    Well, in our chairs really but I dub mine: “Anticipation!”
    😉 And yes, lol, I suspect my horse does like me. Took him a while, but the best things are worth waiting for.
    Have a super day,

  9. JanisHarrison

    Chris darlin’ here’s my email: JanisHarrison@msn.com I too developed diabetes as a mature woman (well, in years I’m mature). .we need to tawk…

    and I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to the signing at Third Place Books I can barely contain myself — jeesh maybe it’s my second teeny-bopperhood (shudder

  10. Little Sister in WI

    I’m just finishing the last book and was wondering something.
    If the banshee sucked the aura off Rachel and the children at the hospital “helped” build it back, wouldn’t it be cleaner when it came back? I mean if the potions that she had taken reset her “body clock” wouldn’t the aura she grew back be cleaner? Didn’t you mention that Holly can’t control herself and just takes what she wants. So that would mean the black stuff too. Because they feed off of every emotion, good or bad that makes up the aura.

    • Tina ~ WI

      Hey Little Sister! Your first post! And I want my book back. lol!

    • Little Sister in WI

      You’ll get your book back tonight! Stinker! Hey thanks for coming over last night. I had a great time.

    • Hi, Little sister. Your logic could work–if that’s the way I had set it up, but unfortunately, the smut isn’t just on her aura. The smut is on her soul, and is reflected on her aura. Neither the banshee nor the kids touched her soul. Just her aura. Sorry.

    • Little Sister in WI

      Now that you say that I started to think back and gave myself a great big DUH! I knew that. It was just a thought.
      By the way my sister got me hooked on the Hollows and I love them!!!!

  11. Frederique

    Have a great trip! It sounds like you are crazy busy these days but that’s a good thing 🙂

    I walked to work again today (3.2 miles) and I’m feeling pretty awesome.

  12. Cosalinda

    Have a safe trip!! I wanted to tell you how much I love your books. BMS was an awesome read.

    I’m having my nursing pinning ceremony tomorrow!!! YAY!!! I made it!

  13. Greg Smith

    welcome to the GreatNorthWest, can’t wait till fri.—Greg S.

  14. mudepoz

    Picture just … 🙂
    Just don’t get sick from the crammed jamming.

  15. Kelli

    hi! my friend told me to tell u about the small messup i found in a fistful of charms 😀 in the novel i noticed that rachel says that quen told her “if you do it once, it’s a mistake but if you do it more than once, its not a mistake anymore” (i don’t know the exact quote) but in every which way but dead it was actually david who told her that. also, in the books you spelled Kisten’s last name Felps but i noticed in your short story you spelled it Phelps. thanks for putting up with my crap 😀 ~kelli

  16. Chris

    Just opened my mail this am and lo and behold my doctor has added to the panacea that is my life. lol. It seems I am now diabetic and am suppose to sign up for classes to learn about the disease and how to handle it. This could start affecting my mood if the good news continues to roll in like this. Where is the letter from Publishers Clearing House?????

    • I suspected as much about your ON-J crush 😉 Me, I went everywhere in roller skates for for a while imagining myself jumping into other dimensions behind wall murals after seeing Xanadu, LOL (I must have been seven or so) 🙂 I’ll throw on “Magic” as a bonus track – may it bring a little your way.

    • Chris

      lol Tiffany…I sure learned my lesson!! told my darling K not to let me near the door is Sarah Michelle Geller(Buffy) comes aknocking.

    • Hi, Chris. This could be good news, actually. Diabetes has such far reaching impacts on your body that once you get it under control, many of your other ailments might go away. I hope that is the case here. To EXACTLY what they tell you to do here. You will feel so much better.

  17. Phil

    *boarding private jet to Portland to make it to signing* Waking up now. Darn. It was only a dream.
    Have a safe, fun trip, Kim-san!

  18. Chris

    Portland, Oregon-still one of America’s undiscovered jewels. Take time to enjoy it.

  19. Wow! That’s an uber pretty flower! I didn’t get to draw yesterday. Pfft! I didn’t even get to work on my lab report! Must do so today. And then I can draw. Maybe. Possibly. I hope.

  20. NVLOVE

    Cannot wait to see you at Powells on Thursday! Going to bring a friend and hopefuly get her hooked into the Hollows series as well. Wishing you a safe trip!

  21. Dot

    I know you will be busy but Portland, Oregon is a beautiful place to see, take a minute to look around. MT. Hood is a sight to see. Have a safe trip.

  22. Feather Wafford

    Just started reading the series, and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! Would love to come to a book signing sometime, as soon as you come to Kentucky!

  23. Jenn

    Safe journey!
    Hey, maybe the Hollows crew will take a road trip out that way for Rachel’s brother’s wedding? I would love to hear you describe it through her!