Next issue . . .

I was back to work on Monday, breaking another part of the rewrite open.  This time, there was an issue of logic concerning Rachel’s underdog response, one which I totally agreed with, but hadn’t seen the way around until I got to the end and looked backward.  So . . . I totally rewrote a chapter yesterday, and will have to rewrite another two this morning to carry on the new logic, but basically what I did was make a reveal a few chapters earlier to get rid of a questionable situation and more questionable response.  It had the unexpected benefit of allowing Rachel to figure something out instead of Al telling her, which incidentally made it a lot more satisfying, and it also strengthened Trent’s character, too.  Minimal disruption for maximum benefit.

I’ll be on the road tomorrow headed out to Portland and Seattle for the weekend.  Hope to see some of you there.  More info at the tour page.


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  1. catherine

    OMG *gasp, takez deep breathz* ok..nope *few, fanz self* oh my
    yay i said it 😀
    ppl like u make me dream of something bigger than life 🙂

  2. Laura

    OH man! This blog entry is toooooooooo juicy! I’m pages away from finishing Black Magic Sanction, so I’m already daydreaming about future Rachel adventures.

    ah, the POWER that is in Kim’s hands!!!

  3. Chris G

    Hi Kim
    I recently (23 March) got a newsletter email from advising me that I could pre-order Black Magic Sanction. Brilliant news! Time to pick up the the trail in the Hollows. I ordered it, of course. Or I thought I ordered it. I wasn’t allowed to check it out because the ebook is “Geographically Restricted”. I live in the United Kingdom.
    I haven’t noticed such restrictions on the other ebooks you have published. You are in good company, however. Even the most British authors (including Sir Terry Pratchett) have ebooks that are available in the US but not in Europe.
    Is this a temporary restriction? How come your European readers get such special attention?

    • Hi, Chris. This is a temporary restriction as far as I know. Many publishers have realized how important electronic publications are, and have assigned them their own release dates, much like mass markets and trade paperbacks. It’s not just you that got caught up in this. Many US e-book patrons are upset that they will not have access to BMS before early April, as well. I hope you get your copy soon. Until then, watch out for spoilers!

  4. Elizabeth

    Kim, you are one of my 3 favorite authors! I agree, you must write FASTER!!
    I don’t think this is a spoiler but I am in need of further details on Al’s “British lord persona”. I thought for sure there would be some fan pic or something showing a representation of what you are shooting for but there is nothing. I keep bringing to mind the actor who played Vlad in the Bram Stoker’s Dracula but in this last book, that person would be way to small to be what you’re shooting for.
    Do you have a picture you can post?

  5. Angella

    I was just wondering what happen in 2005 you put out two books that year. could you make that happen again? cause book 8 and 9 would be perfect for this year book 9 could come out in august ok! ok !maybe september..oh well I tried..can’t wait for more trent and rahael.

    • Hi, Angella. I generally do put out two books a year. I’ve got a young adult series going, too. Sorry. I just can’t push the Hollows any faster. Things have to perk in my head for a while, and I don’t want to mess up my grove. -laugh-

  6. Hello,
    I’m not sure where I should leave this comment as there wasn’t any place for just “general stuff”. I am an audiobook listener and have all your books thus far which I extremely enjoy! Having said that, listening to books is very different from reading them oneself as the narrator can be the brutal demise of many good books. I LOVE Marguerite Gavin! She has bought the characters to life and for four books worth of listening hasn’t wavered once in her different voices. She is an excellent narrator for the Hollows series! But I am now on the Outlaw Demon Wails with a different narrator and I have to be brutally honest she’s like crap on toast. It’s killing me to get through this book and I love the story so very much. Please if you have any say with your next novels becoming available on audiobook, continue with Marguerite Gavin she does the story and characters so much justice!
    Thank-you for taking time to read my thoughts,
    D. 🙂

    • Hi, Donna. You will be pleased to know that when ODW came out, there was such an outcry similar to yours, that my agent worked some magic and we have Ms. Gavin reading the rest of the series. Hurray!

  7. SeattleRobin

    Fascinating as always to read about the decisions that have to be made during rewrites and how they affect other aspects that then have to also be adjusted.

    I just finished my reread of WWBC. To make my series reread complete I’m also reading the shorts. Unfortunately Holidays Are Hell isn’t available as an ebook yet, so skipping Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel this time around. (You can now treat yourself to a McDonald’s value menu lunch on my buying second copies of everything in ebook. Hehe.)

    WWBC has soooo many good parts, but I have to say I think the elevator scene with Rachel, Jenks, Pierce, Al, and Trent has to be one of the best humorous scenes in any of the books. Al especially is hysterically funny. Which isn’t something one normally expects from a demon.

    This part garnered me odd looks from other patrons when I was reading during lunch in a diner and I laughed out loud:

    “The elevator doors opened, and Jenks whistled, long and slow. “Tink’s contractual hell,” he whispered, and I turned to see who Al was making bunny-eared kiss-kiss gestures to.”

    Al doing the bunny kiss is hilarious enough as it is. Him doing it to Trent is absolutely priceless!!

  8. mudepoz

    When you write your books, do you have a rough idea as to how much time it takes for the first draft, versus the rewrites?

    This is really interesting to me.
    OK, so rewrites themselves are not so interesting, but the creating and recreating process.

    Mud, who wishes Suzanne a happy Birdy Day!

    • Hi, Mud. I do! It takes me three to four months for a rough draft, including the two weeks prep work, and only three to four weeks on a rewrite on a 500 page manuscript. And yes, a good rewrite will involve a bit of creativity. I lost Kisten in a rewrite.

  9. Deb

    I have never left a comment on any blog before. I came over here looking for an answer to why I can’t download the latest KH on my Sony eBook and I got lost in the best author website EVER. Very well done.

    • Thanks, Deb! I really appreciate that. 🙂 I hope you found your answer on the Sony ebook. ( Pppptttt. making raspberries at the publishing industry)

    • Val-OH

      It is hilarious that you are making raspberries! My aunt said that and I wanted to know how that saying came about and she said “It’s because of the noise you make when you are spitting out all those damn seeds!” me “oooh.” (grin)

  10. I just love hearing about your re-write process! It makes me eager for the next book, heck it makes me eager to dig into BMS which I have only just started! It also brings some insight into how amazing writers like you do it! So inspiring!

  11. Hi Kim,

    It’s really fascinating to hear about your rewrite. It’s easy to see why the characters in your books come across so completely real and captivating when you can see how much effort you put into making sure their decision-making, motivations, and actions are in line with who they each are and how each character thinks. I think you are especially amazing at having so many different and thoroughly fleshed out character personalities going on – all of them motivated differently and all of those motivations drawn with a sympathetic touch. It’s no wonder that the “what’s your favorite character” question turned up so many different answers. 🙂

    Wishing you safe travels! My favorite spot near Seattle was the Hoh Rain Forest – that’s a pretty long drive actually, but an absolutely beautiful one.

    Enjoy yourself,

  12. lizzy

    looking forward to spoiler page!

  13. Phil

    Rachel figuring things out! How cool is that!? Have a safe, fun tour!

  14. JanisHarrison

    Oh, Chris-chan, as a fellow spine-sufferer, I hope the epidurals work better for you than they did for me (the first one was fantastic, the others not so effective). I have a couple of crushed discs + a couple of “compromised” vertebrae; now I have a bubble of synovial fluid in the middle of the scar tissue (where they took out the tumor) and the pressure mimics the symptoms of the tumor. Such fun. I’m at the point where conventional medicine offers more and stronger opiates, so I tried acupuncture. It’s working, not rapidly or shazaaam I’m all better. But it beats being doped up. I wish we could sit and talk.

    Honey, hate to tell ya but Chicago Pizza is now a bar, just another bar…

    • Chris

      Janis-thanks for the info, the more I know the better I can make the decisions that will influence my family and I in the future. I had not thought of acupuncture. I am disappointed that the pizza place is not there anymore-as you can see it has been awhile. I would really like to be able to talk to you more-as for sitting, it has become my frustrating way of life. 🙂

  15. Angie V

    Do we know if non-military people can go to the signing at Ft. Lewis? I would really love to get a couple of books signed but I am not sure if I can get in.

  16. Hello Mrs. Harrison, 🙂
    Glad to see that you’re back. We missed you yesterday.
    I don’t have much to say I just realized so I’ll just say that I had a good day today. They are few and they are precious. My horse showed me that he knows a trick today. (or, he’s done it before but I’ve now decided it’s not a random occurrence). When I put his bridle on and leave him, he walks to his saddle and stands there, looking at me with that: “And? Anytime now… Come on.” expression. He loves to run.
    And, *laughs* I love him. 😉
    Forgot my book at my cousin’s house so I have’t done any more reading, lol.
    Thank you for the post and everything,

    Everybody else, hello. lol.

    • Jenn

      Hi Alyss,

      Your horse is a smarty pants! Guess he’s figured out if he wants to run free & not just around in circles, he needs that saddle huh?
      Glad you had a good day.
      Oh! I’ve been invited on a poker run! You’re on horse back…have to follow the trails to collect 5 cards to get your poker hand. At the end of the ride the best hand wins the prize! Hopefully, I can go…

    • *laughs* he is, and it’s not always a good thing. I hear from my friend today that her father chased him all around the feed store yesterday. he figured out a way to open the gate and somehow figured out (I suspect from all the time I spend running after him in the beginning) that he’s much faster and agile than us mere humans. So, if you chase him from the left, he runs right. If you chase him right, he turns left.
      Honestly? I’d have PAID to see it. lol. Her father was so mad at him he didn’t even speak to ME today, lol.

    • Oh, and the poker run sounds like a ton of fun! 😀 And a great idea!!

    • Tiffany

      That sounds really fun Jen!

    • Hi, Alyssa. I think your horse likes you. 🙂

  17. Kat

    Hi Kim! I do really enjoy reading about your writing process. I am also looking forward to your spoiler question page on the 29th. Finally…YAY! It won’t only be for that one day will it? Because I am out of town on that day, and I am not savvy enough to have a blackberry or Iphone. 🙂

    I do have a non spoiler question though. I was thinking about the vampires of your world the other day, and was wondering if your living vamps could procreate with mere humans…or only other living vampires? If they can procreate with humans…will the offspring be human or living vampire?

    I re read your blurb on living and undead vampires…but I did not see this mentioned. Not sure why this came up in my head…I guess just biding my time until the next book. 🙂

    • Hi, Kat. OMGosh, no. I’ll keep the spoiler page up for a long time.

      Living vamps can have kids with humans, but the offspring will be living vampire. Always. Unless I change my mind. It’s not written in the books yet, so its still wide open. I might shift it to if the woman is a living vampire, the kids will be vampire, and if the man is a living vampire, the kids will be humans. Still deciding . . .

  18. marsha

    I’m so jealous about the trip to Seattle. My dad was stationed at McCord AFB in Tacoma when I was a pre-teen and I absolutely fell in love with the area. Except for the water temperature in the lakes. For a girl from the South, those temps were cold for swimming even in the Summer!

  19. Hi Kim,

    You should have seen the NaSty discussion pages yesterday. Everyone missed you and were afraid we hit a time warp. They started singing “Let’s do the time warp again!”… chipmunk edition. 😀

    It sounds like the rewrite is a satisfactory experience for you. I suspect it must sometime be a little frustrating/hard to work out all the details so it’s great that you enjoy it.

    We are in a snowstorm today in Quebec. I’m sitting at work and I’m not quite sure I’ll want to go home in the snow.
    I knew the warmth was too good to be true so early in spring…

    Have a nice trip!

    • Thanks, Aheila. I’m looking forward to getting out and seeing everyone. As for the rewrite? It is frustrating sometimes to make needed changes and yet minimize the impact on what you want to keep–but that’s fun, too.

  20. Chelikins

    Missed you yesterday Kim. Glad your rewrite it going well. HUGS!

  21. Jenn

    Hi Kim,
    Enjoy the Pacific NW. I have family in Seattle that I visited for the first time last June. It was amazing. In Seattle, I recommend Pike Place Market & the Space Needle. Also, if you get the chance go to Mnt. St. Helen’s; it is jaw dropping.
    I’m glad you figured out what needed to be done for your re-write. It sounds like you’ve solved your problem…woohoo!
    Safe trip at the end of the week!

    • I wish I could, Jenn, but my time is really tight this trip. Just arranging a coffee with a friend can be almost impossible. I’ve been to Seattle three to four times, and still not gone to the needle.

  22. Kylie Ru

    Yay! Rachel figures is out for herself! Too bad you won’t tell us what she figured out. Ah, well. Such is life. It’s raining again today, for which I am happy. But I have to write another lab report today, and study for my bio practical. For which I am not happy. Eh. If I get everything done, I might be able to do some drawing! Maybe Al getting glomped by a ninja . . . 😀

    Have fun, Kim-san!

  23. Chris

    Enjoy the Pacific Northwest Kim….if only there was a way for me to get there too.I miss it-the air, the people,the 200 foot evergreens, just the vibe of the area. I dont know how much time you will have or if you are visiting Seattle proper but there was a Chicago’s Pizza across the street from the backside of the Seattle Center that I just loved. The Woodland Park Zoo is one of America’s best as is the Seattle Symphony. Don;t forget Pike Place Market,the Space Needle, Underground Seattle or Pioneer Square either. Whew, now that I have that out of my system…I spent most of the day yesterday meeting with doctors, pain management types and physical therapy people. It turns out out my casr is severe(at least 5 discs + arthritis) so I have been sceduled for 3 epidurals, 3 new meds and I started therapy this morning for 3 times a week for the forseable future. Oh, and I have to have a bone scan test also. All in all not exactly what I wanted to hear but I’m trying to make the best of it. At this point surgery is the last worst option(my apologies to Babylon 5) and JMS. Oh well…(ON-J’s “Let’s get Physical” starts in the background)–time for another set of exercises….

    • Kylie Ru

      D: Oh my gosh, Chris-san! That’s . . . terrible! I’d give you a sympathy glomp, but . . . uh, how about an easy hug instead?

    • Chris

      Kylie-san…Thank you, and yes at this point a sympathy glomp would be welcome.

    • Ouch… I hope you get better soon. As Kylie says, even a sympathy hug sounds like it wouldn’t be sympathetic at all. I’ll settle for positive vibe.

    • Chris

      Thank you so much Ahelia.This will be a long process so I’m told/

    • marsha

      Oh gosh I’m sorry. I threw my back out one time in my life and I was absolutely pathetic. I hope you get better soon. I’ll add my possitive vibes to Aheila’s.

    • Chris

      Thank you Marsha. I have a feeling you know what I go through every day lately. In some ways getting old kinda sucks. 🙂

    • Dude! No. that sounds terrible! lots of positive vibes!!

    • Chris

      Thank you Alyssa. This is not the way i expected to feel for ar least 25 years. lol

    • Jenn

      That’s aweful! Sending you lots of positive vibes too!

    • Chris

      Thank you Jenn. I will admit this is really frustrating for me.

    • 5 disks, 3 epidurals, new meds… Ouch! It sounds like you’ve got a postitive outlook though, and that should help you. In addition to sending you some good, healing vibes… here’s a hologram of ON-J singing to you.

      *hands over a miniature R2D2 looking hologram projecting device*

      Holographically recorded videos include “Let’s Get Physical”, “Xanadu”, and, for when you need the extra laugh factor, “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee” 😉

      Feel better soon!

    • Chris

      Okayyyyyy Tiffany! 🙂 Confession time. I had such a crush on ONJ(called her Olivia Neutron Bomb) that while driving around LA once( a long time ago) I stumbled across her and I was speechless!!! Me. Speeechless. My wife would pay to see that.

      foflma 😉

    • Antonio Rich

      I’m going to add my well wishes to all the others. If you’ve got a bad back, it’s hard to feel good doing anything I imagine. (Well wishes to JanisH and Mud as well) 😉

    • Chris

      Antonio, Thank you for the wishes and it really “bites” that I can’t help my #1 son more in his dreams to be a mahoor-leaguer or play Wii with my other, autistic son.

    • mudepoz

      Oh Chris, I hope they can mend you or drop your pain level!
      *Hands him a cyber bouquet and a slice of cyber pizza (it’s really good, and it’s the only kind I can have 🙂

    • Chris

      Mud, Thank you for brightening my day( and I soooo love pizza). ***whispering*** Just dont let anyone know how much I love flowers–kinda bad for the tough guy image you know.

    • mudepoz

      Chris, I am generally the ONLY woman on a landscape crew. Those are pretty macho men and they LOVE flowers. That’s an American thing I think:)

      And I’d like to second the acupuncture. Don’t take this wrong since I relate all things to dogs, but I had a dog take a 20 foot fall from a tree. She ruptured a disc, at C5, and was knuckling under. She had surgery to fuse the vertebrae, but still had some problems. Dogs can’t have a placebo effect, but when she went in, she couldn’t get into her crate. When she came out, she had no trouble making the jump. She continued her career her career in obedience and agility for another couple of years (she didn’t actually retire until she was 12) and lived to be 15.5 able to walk, climb stairs until near the end, and see and hear.

      Something worked:) I’m doing the homeopathic route now, too. The Western meds are scary and only a patch…plus they aren’t working. GO FOR IT!
      Just don’t *Glomp* me. I have a tendency to spew easily lately 🙂

    • Chris

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the well wishes I found this morning when I showed up. I do not cry easily but I am having problems with this weird moisture being produced in ocular area right now. you guys are soooo great! Thank you. anything else might come out corny so…….GLOMP!!!!!!

    • Hi, Chris. Ouch, that’s awful. I hope you find some relief. I lost a chunk of time due to back issues myself, and am extremely careful now and don’t take sitting or standing for granted. You hang in there. As the postmaster says, “Things are getting better.”

  24. suzannelazear

    Have fun in the Pacific Northwest! I haven’t been there since college but I have a fascination with Seattle and am thoroughly convinced Leprechauns live in the space needle….

    I had my parent-teacher conference yesterday (it’s also a screwy school schedule week, fun). The tot is a joy to have in class, although she’s very social, lol (aka, she likes to talk, hehehehe).

    Have a safe trip!

    ~Suzi and the tot

  25. Judi in NJ

    Hiya Kim… I know you’re really busy so no need to reply…I just finished the Princess books and I wanted to let you know how great I thought they were. They were total can’t-put-’em-down books and I couldn’t read fast enough. You are a Master Storyteller. I truly encourage those who have not read The Princess and Truth books to seek them out. SO great and another side of Kim’s brilliance. Her intelligence is in the details and I’ve come away trying to find something else to read that even comes close. A lot of the books in the fantasy/urban fantasy genre are just fluff and very cookie-cutter…I hate that; and thanks to Kim, I’m spoiled. Stepping down off my soap box…

    • Chris

      You are SO right Judi….Kim is so spoiling her readers and we love it!!

    • Chelikins

      Tis true. It makes it hard to find a good book to bite in to! I like Patricia Briggs.. but am finding it hard to find another I like.

    • Angie V

      Have you tried Karen Chance by chance?

    • Jerica

      Kim is the BEST EVER!!! My number one author. You can tell Kim loves what she does, a lot of pride and hard work goes into her story telling! Kim’s attention to detail and story weaving makes her AWESOME!

    • mudepoz

      It is indeed her attention to keeping the parallels of our physical rules so that the supernatural blends seamlessly with the natural that keeps me here to study this fine raconteur.
      Though I suspect she still thinks I’m a flower lunatic stalker type 🙂

    • -grin- Did you really think I wouldn’t respond back to you when you post something like that, Judi? Thank you! I’m really glad you liked the Princess books. I think they have one of my best magic systems. One of the things I like about the Dawn Cook titles is that you can so clearly see my storytelling evolving on the page from book to book. It’s like a little microcosm of “this is how a writer gets better with practice.”

      Thanks again. The Cook titles are very dear to me.