The best laid plans

So yesterday I’m working on the rewrite for the next Hollows book.  This one is hands down my favorite since FOC.  Has been for about a year.  If you were here last week, you’ll know I had planned a major shift to make the first 100 pages faster by moving some magic, taking out a bit of  “unnecessary magic” (That’s a good title, but the way.  It just sort of rolls off the tongue.) and address a Trent issue that my editor had brought up.

I thought about what I wanted to do over the weekend, studied it, looked at the ramifications, and decided going ahead with my thoughts would work really well.  It would be an intense fix, but worth it.  ha-a-a-a-a-  ha, ha-a-a-a.

Yesterday I’m blithely working on the last bit of the change, and I suddenly realize that the magic I moved had to be where it was for the cool stuff in chapter five to make sense.   Much gnashing of teeth and whining ensued.  I liked what I changed, and it took four days!

For three minutes I stewed, and then, upon deciding the changes I’d done made the book that much stronger and I didn’t want to go back, I looked at what I could tweak to adjust for it.  As it would happen, everything was already there.  I just needed to point it out.  AND it would further some of the ideas of Trent that I had been working on.  It also gives me something more to stand on at the end of the book, and the end need some major work.

A big PHEW from the woman behind the desk.  I don’t like it when I miss something this obvious, but it is going to work beautifully.  Obviously Trent isn’t as good at this magic stuff as he thinks he is. Obviously.  Patently obviously.  No wonder he got hurt!  Now I just have to shove that conversation into the next chapter, and we can all get on with our lives.  (laugh)

I’ll be packing today to get ready to go out to VA and the Festival of the Book this weekend.  My panel followed by signing is at 6:00 pm, and there’s a B&N signing the next morning.  More at the website!



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  1. D

    Aww, Trent gets hurt. Why do I like that idea? : D Hope he starts to respect Rachel’s skills more, after having had teased her a couple times about HER abilities before!

    I absolutely cannot wait for the next book to come out. These teasers are killing me, Kim! Haven’t felt this way since the wait for the Harry Potter books! It’s gnawing at my insides…

    Trent+Rachel+Car+Roadtrip = Yes
    More Trent = Yes yes yes-

    I love to write too, and I always find the re-writing to be the real challenge. Hope it’s going swell for you!

  2. Pamela Moss

    Hii! I just came upon your books and read them all in less than a week! I finished “Black Magic Sanction” today, and well…I am so hooked in the series. I just wanted to say thank you for writing such a fantastic story! I can’t wait for the next Hollows book.
    About your post, Trent gets hurt?? I love hints, he is one of my favorite characters!

  3. Shanda

    Man, the new book sounds so interesting!!! I hate the wait. Just had a thought. I know many of us here are inspired by your success in the literature world. How would you feel if in another 5 years somebody becomes successful and you find out that he/she got started by your encouragements and intellect in your blog here? That would be something 🙂 Have a safe trip!

  4. suzannelazear

    I’m so glad it all worked out for the better 🙂 I did the title “unecessary magic.”

    Have fun at the book festival.

    The tot has her play she’s been working on for three months and her bday party (15 kids at build a bear — yikes)

    ~Suzi and the tot

  5. Tina Loflin

    Dear Kim,
    That’s gonna drive me bananas! But, I’m hoping that Rachel can save Trent’s butt and make him even more respectful of Rachel’s abilities….who-hoo! Can’t wait!
    I’m on my third reading of BMS(can’t put it down) and itching for the next one. BTW, is Al getting a little soft or sweet on Rachel, or am I imagining it?
    Hugs and love,

    • Hi, Tina. Oh, you know she’ll save him. She’s a sucker for the helpless male. That is very cool you’re on the third reread! I’m not sure what’s going on with Al. I don’t think it’s love, but it’s something.

  6. Little_gem31

    Ok,just back from vacation and how in the heck did I manage to forget I had the brand spanking new book sitting waiting for me?

    I didn’t take it with me because of it being a hardback and all! Well my weekend is all set! 🙂 Going to read this book

    And now there is the next book to look forward to too! Ms Harrison you are really spoiling us!

  7. LOL – “Patently obviously”!  However did you miss that? 😉  I like your solution – definitely works IMHO.  And it sounds like you’re happier with it than you were with what you had before …and that says volumes more than ‘MHO ;-).

    I had a weird day.  Pleasant morning, normal day – but a funk kind of descended in the evening.  Then one of the guys I work with popped in to my office and told me to make sure and take my Centrum Silver tomorrow because a bunch of people from work are going out and I’m coming.  I’m 35, so apparantly I’m old enough for that to be a joke but young enough for it to be funny.  Well it made me laugh, anyway.  So I guess the thing I needed came at the right time.  It doesn’t always, so I appreciate it when it does.       

    Hope you enjoy your busy weekend and that your travels are safe!

  8. Entries with painful little teasers aren’t very nice! (grin) Just so you know.

    I love every character in this series (even the baddies), but Trent really stands out. I love scenes with him, and I love-love scenes with Quen.

    • Hi, Becka. Hey, I try not to give too much away, but I have to give a little! Trent is one of my faves to write. I’m soooo glad he’s showing up more in the books.

  9. Val-OH

    Aha! I finally got on here! Kim! BLS. Was. AWESOME!!! It is one of my favorites to date.You’ve truly out did yourself this time! Bravo.(applause) And I have to say, I ♥ Al! I loved that some of the scenes were in the everafter.. It’s such a curious place which I’m sure is intentional.. I love reading about your editing process too.. Subtle.(grin) I’m so excited to maybe get more juicy little tid bitties… I’m thrilled that you are so excited about the next Hollows book, I am too.hehehe. Quick question is there going to be big doses of Al in it? You know I gotta have my bad boy fix!(wink) If you can’t answer it’s cool, I’ll be patiently waiting to find out for myself. Take it easy hon.

    • Hi, Val.

      Al is in this next one. He’s got a nice chunk of page time, and we see more ever-after, too.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed BMS! Thank you. It’s one of my faves so far.

  10. Amber

    Hi Kim,

    I have a quick question for you that has been bothering me a little since the Rachel Morgan series started, not that it isn’t awesome! Rachel has remarked, various times, that the demons and the ever-after smell like burnt amber.

    I’ve never burned amber before… I didn’t even know it was flammable. Could you give me a rough idea of what it actually smells like? Is it a sweet scent, or a sharp one? Is it anything like wood smoke?

    Thanks! Amber.

    • Hi, Amber.

      It really stinks. It’s a sharp, acidic, pull your head back and wrinkle your nose smell. You might think it would be pleasant, being tree sap, but it isn’t.

  11. *And from Africa, there was a holler that stretched across the oceans and travelled across the seas*
    *The sound shook the internet, shaking and glomping megabytes and webpages alike.*
    I Have My Book!
    *The sound bounced off of a virtual couch, causing a geriatric sausage dog to loose her temper and bark in the Tongue of Dog*
    “There will be no living with her now, thanks a lot…”
    *But the cry was not detered.*
    I have my book!
    *And finally, the cry arrived in the Drama Box, echoing off of the sides and rattling the lid…*
    I have my book, I have my book, I have my book.

    😉 My day’s been good, lol, and I’m happy that so was yours yesterday. We both found what we were looking for it seems. Answers. Plans. A world full of wonder.
    Thank you.


  12. Phil

    Plans are meant to be broken. Ah, well, you know what i mean! I love when the Rachel/Trent dynamic causes all kinds of havoc to break loose. Trent may have a begrudging respect for Rachel, mabe even an attraction there, but will he ever show it? My guess…Not.

  13. Frederique

    You are pure evil! Now I’ll be on pins and needles needing to know what happens in the next book for another year. Thanks for the teasers though 🙂

  14. Heather

    HI Kim,
    I haven’t written in a while but I wanted to say that this book rocked and they seem to get better and better. Cant wait for the next one. Do they is that really him out there in the end? I don’t won’t to give anything away so I hope that you understand the vage question.

    • Thanks, Heather! I’m so glad you liked it! I’m going to open up a Kim-answers spoiler page at the end of the month when I’m done traveling. I’m afraid your question is too vague!

  15. Greg Smith

    it’s getting closer to the 26th and we will get to talk and ask some questions here in bothell. I have my two shirts all ready one to where and one to have you sign just like last yr. see you soon ( I’m almost done with BMS) Greg S. in Woodinville

  16. JanisHarrison

    @Mudepawz re NO CAFFEINE: Aaargh! Did they take it away all at once? That’s harsh. I preferred cutting my intake in half, then half again…Maybe it’s just the elimination phase of diagnosis, and you’ll be allowed some later. If you’re getting nowhere with this after a few months look into Chinese herbal medicine. It’s helped me…

    And welcome Dr (almost) Lori. Gulping how many books in a week? That’s an amazing intake…

  17. JanisHarrison

    @SuzanneLazear bout having to read the instructions to the tot: All too soon she will read for herself. Mine hid her early reading ability because she was afraid I wouldn’t read her bedtime stories if I knew she could read them herself…

    I’m on the library list, but nobody’s dropping off it as usually happens…

    See ya Kim, next week at Third Place Books. I’ll be the one with a wrapped up paw…Won’t postpone my hand surgery for nuthin’!

  18. Chelikins

    I love when Trent has to eat crow because of Rachel! You are making me happy!

  19. “Okay this is more fun now but by changing this aspect of the game, you’ve completely screwed up the scoring system. We should go back…”
    “Hell no!”

    Yop, I’m finding parallels again.

    It’s good that you got out of the jam. It’s not always easy to take the necessary distance to realize that the way you tell the story isn’t necessarily the only way it can be told. You sound like you have a great critical look on your work and are able to relinquish your control to let it hint where it might go if you juggle with what’s in there.

    I just decided this weekend that I was rethinking the last third of my novel project. I’m actually merging the second third and the planned ending in one and adding a new story twist altogether.

    I guess the best laid plans are the flexible ones! 😉

  20. Kylie Ru

    I hate when I miss something so obvious. But it’s great you were able to fix it!

    I can’t wait for the new shirt, and the new book!

    Poor Trent. He’s not as good as he thinks he is.

    Have fun, Kim-san!

  21. lizzy

    I’m happy they will be more Trent in the next book. He’s my fave

  22. Talia

    You are such a tease! While this is bashing me thinking of the wait for the next book, I’m liking the idea of more Trent screen time….but what about David? I miss him 😦 Ah well, have to wait a YEAR. Have a good one!

  23. Chris

    Hi Kim,
    I have my new avatar, courtesy of my artful daughter. She did it during science class the other day. I’ll let people guess for awhile before I let out what it is(or some can cheat and run to her website and check it out-lol). So Trent is overestimating his magical abilities hmmmmmmmmmmm? Looks like it’s time for a rescue by our fav “itchy witch”. You may have to delete this part but I really think my pick for the part of Rachael is spot on! (okay, it’s just a little(?) lobbying):)

  24. Antonio Rich

    I may be getting my books messed up, but is this the one where Al “does something despicable” in the beginning of the book? (I think you were talking about this a month or so ago…?)

    I liked the interview, but I could say that about most of your current interviews. They are so much better than your interviews of a few years ago (Laugh, no offense). Your very good now in taking a question and using it as a “jumping off” point to say what YOU want or need to say. Very efficient, that. 😉 . I wish I was famous enough to interview you myself. I always want the interviewer to concentrate on the latest book. That would be somethething. 8)

    • Hi, Antonio. Ahhh, yes, I think it is. Al’s a little stinker.

      I’m glad you liked the interview, and thank you. I’m getting better at them, little by little.

  25. Frotee

    Trent would hardly be so afraid of certain kinds of magic if he was so good at magic, would he?

    Its intriguing to be allowed to watch your work’s progress like that Kim. Aaaand it helps me over the slower phases at work, too 🙂
    Can’t wait to get my hands on this one, seeing as I adore all Rachel-Trent interaction – and a road-trip promises quite a lot of that. This was the book where you put them both in a car and send the to the Witch-Convention, right?

    Talking abou Conventions, I will be working at the Leipzig book fair this weekend – too bad you don’t come to Germany to present your work. Maybe some year if we can up your sales here?

    Greetings from Germany (finally snow-free!),

    • Hi, Frotee. Yes, this is the road trip book. I’ve been working on it for over a year now, and it’s a year until it hits the shelf.

      Have fun at the convention!

  26. Cat

    All I got out of this post was “Yay, more Trent in the next book!!” It’s about time. I adore Trent!! 😉 Trent and Al, my two favourite leading men(ish).

  27. marsha

    This one sounds like it’s going to be so much fun! It sounds like Tent might be taken down a peg or two and just possibly develope a bit more respect for Rachel’s talents?

  28. Lori

    Hi kim!

    So I’m on Spring Break- as a medical student with boards approaching, I SHOULD be studying…. but I have been looking at your books at Walmart and B&N for a few months, and decided to try them. Well… you can guess how that went! I’m addicted. In less than a week, I’ve read EVERY one of the hollows series (staying up until 3:30 am last night to finish 🙂 ) Top of my list, for series. 1- I love that they are LONG, complex stories w/ a little romance thrown in (rather than girl mets boy….) 2- The emotion! I was actually crying when Kisten died! Great job! 3- The characters are fantastic- I love them all! I’m recommending this to all my friends that share a paranormal interest 🙂 Thanks so much. You’ve made this break fantastic! (Oh, and I found myself on this site this morning, looking for information on the next one — I so enjoy reading about your writing process. Intense!)
    I notice you’ve been working on Trent recently- He and Al are the two that I just can’t decide if I like or not…. and as frustrated as I get with them, I love that I can’t figure them out! Keeps it interesting! Thanks again!

    • marsha

      Holy Cow Lori! You read them al in one week? That’s impressive! Welcome to the world of the Holoows. We have some very nice people here, and our Ms. Kim keeps us all addicted. We are all Hollows junkies.

    • Lori

      haha, much to my husband’s frustration, yes I have. Im a little sleep deprived though 🙂
      Thanks so much! Look forward to chatting with everyone and reading all about whats coming up!

    • Chris

      Welcome to the Hollows Lori! It is the most intense, satisfying, addicting
      urban fantasy series out there. I also stumbled upon Kim’s series by accident as I recovered from a series of operations and they grabbed me immediately.

    • Vampyre

      Welcome Lori,

      You can always take the boards next year. 🙂


    • leslie

      Vampire, the fangs are so cute

    • Kylie Ru

      Welcome Lori-san!

    • Sounds a little bit like me when I got hooked up on this series.
      I was working overtime an still managed to read a book and a half per week. And when I say overtime, I mean 18 days in a row (most of them 10 to 12 hours a day, a few of them about 5).

      Welcome to the family where addiction is perfectly normal. 😉

    • Chelikins

      Yea another one just like us! Welcome Welcome!

    • You have some crazy reading skills!
      Like a ninja!!

    • Wow, thanks, Lori! I’m so glad you took a chance on my work, and delighted that you enjoyed them! Sorry about the Kisten thing. It just had to be. Sigh.

      I can’t figure Trent and Al out either. That’s good, though. They will continue to get a lot of page time until I do. 😉

      Happy reading!

  29. Dawn8226

    Trent hurt???? Little hints like that are so evil when we have to wait sooo long to get the book. Ha ha ha. But I encourage you to keep sharing. 😀