Happy St. Patricks Day/Radio Interview link

I’ll be wearing my green today, and Guy is going to make green pancakes for dinner.  Yum.  It’s the small things that make traditions that mark the years, and we have some weird ones.

Yesterday, the work FINALLY started to come together, and I’ve just about fixed the continually issues that moving the bit of magic from chapter one to chapter six engendered.  My conclusion?  I like what I’ve done.  The beginning is a bit faster, I tried throwing something right out on the table instead of taking several chapters to get to it, which I thought might be anti climatic but actually increases the tension.  The entire beginning makes more sense.  Rachel is being smarter AND more stubborn, and Trent actually looses his temper.  All in all, a good bit of changes that address my editors concerns one way or another.  Now it’s just wash, rinse, and repeat for the next 400 pages, and we’re good.  (ha!)  My ending needs a lot of work, but the next few hundred pages will simply be tweaking.

I’ve got a link to a radio interview I did last week.  I can’t get it to work on my machine, but Guy can, so here it is.  You might have to scroll down a bit, but just look for the bright blue cover.  Mario Acevedo has one, too for his WEREWOLF SMACKDOWN.  😉  Enjoy!


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  1. Happy belated St. Patty’s day everybody. 🙂
    Hello Ms. Harrison!

    It definitively paid off working in the resturant yesterday. I’ve had the most profitable double shift to date… Anyway, lol.
    Couldn’t listen to the interview. Suspect it’s the stupid computer… Grrr. The other hting that I hate about new computers is that you have to get used to the key spacing again and everything else. AND my ” and @ have traded places. Comes from living in a country that imports its computers. Oh well. lol. I’ll just go have a virtual pint.
    Im buying if anybody’s interested. 😉 Did I read somewhere thought that Minias isn’t coming back? NO! He’s my favorite. Sort of. After Ivy. Definitvely in front of Al. And Jenks. The tragedy! 😉
    Have a great day ma’am, hope those pancakes were great!

    • Hi, Alyssa.
      Congrats on the good haul. That helps the pocketbook eh?

      If it helps, I can’t listen either.

      Yep, Minias is gone as far as I can tell. Haven’t seen the body yet, though. 🙂

  2. mudepoz

    Are we going to learn more about the significance of the moebius strips? They make a great recycling logo :p

  3. Lurker

    ok Im finally done with BMS 🙂
    Thanks Kim, that was mighty fine work 🙂

    ooo werewolves!

  4. Crystal

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone,
    Trent loses his temper but you did not say with whom. =D

  5. Hi Kim,

    I hope you enjoyed your green pancakes! Does Guy make them clover shaped? Fun tradition!

    It’s cool to hear how your rewrite is going. It seems like it would be scary to chop it all apart like that and then have to rearrange and re-link all the pieces. But how exciting to create something better from all that destruction! “Now it’s just wash, rinse, repeat for the next 400 pages” – LOL 😉

    I liked the discussion (in the interview link) on whether there is light in shadow. A lot of people prefer to see the world in black and white, but I’m glad people like you are out there telling stories that challenge such ideas and at least make people think before accepting such a simplistic view of the world.

    Have a fantastic day,

    • Hi, Tiffany.
      Cover shaped. What a great idea. -grin-
      Oh, sure! It’s fun to hear about the rewrite. Doing it is a pain in the butt! -laugh- No, I do like seeing how by changing one thing, something else is touched. It can be a challenge to make the pieces fit again, but well worth it.
      Wasn’t that an odd sort of interview?

    • LOL – dude, I think you burnt that guys bunny ;-). He changed the subject rather abruptly saying somthing about someone’s love life (I couldn’t quite catch what he said exactly). And what was up with him hating on Michigan? “so you’re from Michigan…can anything good come from Michigan?” You were very gracious though – didn’t even drop him with a sleepytime charm then and there ;-).

    • Yeah, I especially appreciated that crack about MI, Tiffany. I don’t know if he was trying to be funny, but it came across as abusive, seeing as I was a “guest” in his house and he pretty much said that I and my work does not amount to anything because of “Where I came from.” What kind of message is that?

  6. Enjoy the green pancakes. 😉 Keep up the great writing work. 😉

  7. Frederique

    Happy St. Paddy’s! I’d post my annual toast but I think it may be a little Jenks-ish lol.

  8. Marsha

    Happy St. Patrics Day! C’mon, fess up. Read hair, green eyes. You got some in ya.

  9. Kathryn

    Hi Kim,

    Happy St. Patrick’s day! Green pancakes? Hmmm… those actually don’t sound all that bad, provided the syrup isn’t green. Sounds like the writing process is in full swing, very much looking forward to the next RM installment after reading BMS. Oh, and I need to give extra credit to the cover artist… that thing looks fantastic! Rachel really seems to enjoy coming up with new and creative ways to annoy Trent, I hope she keeps it up.

    I’ll lift a Mike’s up for Rachel and Co. tonight. Sounds like they’re going to need some luck.


    • Hi, Kathryn. Happy St. Patrick’s day!

      I so totally agree with you on the cover. They just keep getting better and better. I look at my covers and sigh happily. 😉

      Rachel and Co thank you. It’s going to be a tough haul from here on out.

  10. Phil

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! I’m watching the parade … alas, on tv, but still …
    I made green pancakes once, but it wasn’t St. Patty’s Day 😦 Didn’t eat ’em o’course!
    Sounds like Rachel’s growing, getting smarter. I love that she’s adjusting and still keeping true to form where it counts!

  11. Chris

    Followed the link to your interview, and boy did I think I was in the wrong place but listened and thought you did an outstanding job once again. The Hollows really is a character driven series and everyone has their foibles. I dislike saying this Kim but much more noteriety and sales and I do believe the left coast will come a callin’. I just don’t know how much longer complex, interesting characters will remain off their radar.

  12. Chris

    LOVE the green pancakes idea Kim. I have suggested it to my darling K and I have a feeling we will be starting a new tradition next year.

  13. Chris

    My daughter was “THUMB” (a response she gives when exceedingly happy) that you appreciated her picture of you.(She has you winking by the way). I have picked up another temporary shift at the radio station for awhile so I’ll be getting up early six days a week now. I guess it was a little too much for the recent college grad who had the shift–let the old, crippled guy do it. lol.

  14. Kylie Ru

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Seein’ as I’m underage I can’t have a Guiness. Huh, I wonder if I’m the youngest over here, too . . . I think I’ll wear my crazy Irish hat today as well as me lucky shirt. Wore my BMS shirt yesterday! I love it! Is there going to be a shirt for Book 9?

    Have fun, Kim-san!

    • Hi, Kylie-san.

      New shirt for the next book? You bet. We’ve got it sketched out already. That’s very cool that you wore your BMS shirt. Thanks!

      Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  15. Tina ~ WI

    I like the dancing bears, very Irish!
    Wearing green today with my claddagh earrings and pin on.
    May not do the green beer later, but keeping the spirit. FYI they really don’t celebrate this day the same way the US does, but they will for tourists! Been there, done that.

  16. Kat

    Yikes! You’re killing me with all these teasers! Not really…I love them.

    Green pancakes sounds like fun! I wonder if my DH would go for that? I know the child would…hmmmm…I might have to borrow your tradition. 🙂

    Great interview BTW.

  17. Sara

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! A friend and I will be scoping out seats at the local pub (yes, a pub! weee!) around 3 so we’ll be good and settled by the time the dinner special is ready to roll. I haven’t had a beer in ages and look forward to one whole one today. *lol* Despite not quite hitting 30 yet, alcohol just knocks me out and nobody likes a sleepypants during party celebrations. So..yeah..first whole beer in probably a year. Hopefully the excitement of the people around me will keep me awake!

    I did want to ask, are the freebies for this novel still available? I never could get my act together and send in an envelope for a key. Have you run out?

    • Hi, Sara. You sound like me. I’m a cheap date, too. Takes me all night to drink a beer.

      I’m sorry, but the freebies are gone! We have enough for the rest of the tour for signings, but we can’t accept any more SASEs. The response this year was overwhelming. Sorry.

  18. Jenn

    Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

    The sun is shining & I’m leaving work early to enjoy it & do some work in my backyard. And to finish BMS..almost there!

    Ok, a road trip with Trent AND he looses his temper? Wow. Is that the book directly following BMS?

    Enjoy your green pancake tradition! It sounds like a good one.

    • Jenn

      Sigh…I finished BMS last night, it was fantastic! Thank you very much for a great visit to the hollows. I can’t wait to go back again!

      Oh yes, I got my new backyard all raked up & have the blisters on my hand to prove it! Yes, I wore gloves, but it’s a pretty big yard! *grin* I can’t wait to do some planting!

    • Hi, Jenn. Yay! I’m glad you liked it. Thanks, Jenn!

      Yup, the road trip book is the one following BMS. It’s getting better the more I get into it. Mmmmmm.

      Sorry about the blisters. I’ve been working in the yard, trying to be really careful with my nails. Two more weekends, and then I can get my nails chipped and tattered again, but for now . . . I’m careful.

  19. Shanda

    Oh no Kim! Minias is not going to be coming back???? NO 😦

  20. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I can’t seem to fnd that interview. What part of he page is it on?

    Here is a little something, I hope it works. 🙂

    Forever Friends Dance a Jig for St. Patrick’s DayA funny movie is a click away

    HAPPY ST, Patties DAY!


  21. Judi in NJ

    Top ‘o the mornin’ to ya! Enjoy your green pancakes & this Irish blessing:
    “May you always have walls for the winds, a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you and all your heart might desire.”


  22. Antonio Rich


    My fondest st. Pat’s Day memory was when i was asked to travel to Sardinia, Italy to be the best man in a wedding! Actually, they don’t have best men, maid of honor–just “witnesses” who sit next to the happy couple on the alter. Bride had her two brothers sitting next to her, and I and the groom’s sister sat next to him. The facade of the church dated to the 12th century. Entire service in Italian. At the mid-point of the wedding(halftime!) the priest invited the wedding party to a room behind the alter where we sat under a giant painting of a nobleman getting eviscerated. There, we were told to sign our name in a very old book that we couldn’t read. The symbolism haunts me. After the wedding, everyone in town kissed me on both cheeks–I’ve never been tickled by so many mustaches and facial hair in my life…and the men had facial hair too. I’M JOKING! Outside the church women threw plates at the bride’s feet. Where did the dishwear come from!? Did they stow it away in their purses like contraband candy at a movie theatre!?

    Anyhoo-you celebrate with green breakfast food and I’ll break a few dishes. B Good! 😉

    • Judi in NJ

      Love it, Antonio!!! 😀

    • Jenn

      Wow, that sounds amazing! I would love to see Italy & to be part of a traditional ceremony sounds fantastic. What a great memory. Thanks for sharing!

    • Antonio Rich

      I always had an open invitation to go back. But, unfortunately the couple are getting a divorce! I still don’t know what i signed at the wedding…I may be in trouble! 🙂

    • Kylie Ru

      I was a witness at my best friend’s wedding on Halloween . . . a year and a half-ish ago.

    • Chelikins

      I love traditional things like that. I like history.

    • Marsha

      Sounds amazing. I am going to learn to speak Italian even if I have to wait until I retire. It was my father’s greatest regret that his parents didn’t teach their four children to speak their native language. In his day Italian immigrants were not accepted very well and they wanted thier kids to be Americans.

    • Antonio Rich

      Exactly Marsha! My father was first generation American and he said his parents didn’t speak Italian in the home!? In those days, you wanted to fit in as quickly as possible–other than food and religion they turned away from their culture. People don’t do that anymore – it’s much healthier to hold onto what makes you…well, you(LOL), and I think that’s a good thing.

    • Frederique

      That’s awesome Antonio! 🙂

    • I love the way you tell a story Antonio! …”the symbolism haunts me”… LOL! Even if it didn’t turn out to be so…eerily precient, it would have haunted me too. “…threw plates at the brides feet” – I can’t stop laughing at that way of putting it 🙂 Ah, good times. Cheers my friend! Happy St. Patricks Day!

    • Antonio Rich

      They did it THREE times!!! Once as the poor girl was leaving her apartment in the morning, another as she was entering the church, and again when she left! If you ever go to a Sardinian wedding, remember to bring an obsolete place setting.

      One other cool thing they did: instead of ushers(“are you with the bride or the groom?”), the bride entered an empty church with all the guests in her wake, peeling off into the pews as she made her way up the aisle, her future husband standing by the altar waiting for her. It was VERY cool.

    • That is cool! Three times?!? Remind me, if I do ever go to a Sardinian wedding to remember to bring shin gaurds 😉

    • Hi, Antonio.

      Very cool! I would have liked to have seen a wedding like that. I’m going to guess that breaking the dishes was to frighten away evil spirits. She was at a crossroads, and that makes her more vulnerable than usual.

  23. I read your response on yesterday’s. I personally think it’s interesting that we can see more of the authors. It has been, for a long time, the role of the magician behind the curtain and it’s nice to see you guys out and about. I guess not all writers are at ease with that but you look like a fish in the sea! Raw actress talent or great people person? 😉

    I have a few half-Irish friends so we usually make Irish stew and have a big supper on St-Pats but I’m still not a hundred percent after being ill this weekend so I’ll sit it out this year. I do sport a small bright green four leaves clover on my cheek for the whole day, though!

    I’m glad to hear you haven’t hit a wall with the rewrite. Sounds like its moving along nicely.
    The interview is interesting. I like your analysis of themes and genres. Good job again!

    • Oh yeah, silly me. I talk about St-Pats but forgot the approriate wish.

      Happy St-Patrick’s Day!

    • Hi, Aheila.

      Fish in the sea? I have to thank you for that. I work HARD at having a “stage presence” but it’s easier because I know you guys love the Hollows as much as I do.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. It felt odd for me, but there it is. 😉

      Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  24. suzannelazear

    Happy St. Patrick’s day. I’m making corned beef for dinner. If I feel so inclined I might make soda bread, too.

    The tot has been saving for years to buy a Nintendo DS. She bought one last night along with the newest Pokemon game. I have to sit next to her and read the game to her. Sigh. I need to buy her a game that requires no reading.

    Have a great day.

    ~Suzi and the tot

    • Hi Suzanne,

      The problem with the Nintendo DS is that the cartridge is too small to support voice-overs in the array of languages Nintendo requires. So there is always a little bit of reading.
      Kid-targeting games might be better though. I know we did one where the storyline needed to be read if the kid wanted to know what was going on but the mini-games where simple enough to understand without reading.
      And obviously, Mario games usually get away with little to no reading.

      I hope she enjoys it! The DS is a nice little console.

    • Antonio Rich

      Try the Cooking Mama games. I don’t think there is any reading involved in those. Nieces loved them. 😉

    • You’re right! Cooking Mama wouldbe perfectly suited. Very intuitive by design.

    • suzannelazear

      We saw cooking mama, and the smart girl games look good for her, too. We got an art studio game to start. The game itself looks a little complex, but the free drawing function is easy enough.

    • Hi, Suzanne. Sounds like you are going to have lots of fun! 😉 I remember those.

  25. Um. That is an interesting site, but not one, I suspect , that would host an interview about the Hollows.

    • Antonio Rich

      I thought i was on the wrong site, but if you checked out the other past visitors, they’ve had an eclectic, interesting mix of people.

    • Found it, right hand side. Down a bit, with the cover of the book. Thanks Antonio. It was early. And they won’t let me have coffee or caffeine anymore

    • Marsha

      Mud, how did your doctor’s visit go? We all hope you are better.

    • mudepoz

      Thanks Marsha. It went. A case where the cure might be worse than the cure. I guess I’ll try alternative options. I like to breathe, but without palsy as a side effect. That might make it hard to hold a book, you know:)

    • Hi, Mud.

      Glad you found it, and yes, that is an odd place to find urban fantasy, but the host is trying to widen his listener’s reading habits, which I commend.

      I’m sorry about the news from the Dr.s See, this is why I like my gray hair. It’s a change that doesn’t hurt. I’ll be thinking of you. 😉