And the winners are . . .

We have three winners chosen for the free copy of the  iPhone/iTouch extended version of Black Magic Sanction.  This is the version where you not only get the audio book synched to the text, but the commentaries where I explain a bit of logic, how things didn’t go as I planned all the time, some of the locations, and other bits and bobs.

The contest ran a week, and I used a random sequence generator to choose the winners.  Odds were based on how many entries we got.

Winners are  . . .

Amanda L, whose favorite character is Jenks.

Mel Marvin, who likes Ceri.

Ivie Sparaco, who likes Ivy, no, Jenks, no, likes all of them!

I will be contacting the winners by email today using the email they used for entry.  So if you have won, check your spam folder.  Thank you, guys!  This was fun!



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  1. Hi Kim,

    I came across this charm,

    and it got me wondering. How are faeries and pixies born?

    If you go to the theme category “Unusual Animals” there is a Rat Charm. Got a good chuckle out of that.

    Did a little Latin-English flip-a-roo, fimus in panis, which loosely translates dung upon bread. Kinda rolls off the tongue. 😆

    ~ Maria

  2. Hi Kim,

    I keep forgetting to tell you how awesome the Vampiric Charms site looks! I love the tomb buttons with the lids that open when you roll over them. The arm coming out when you click ’em is the kicker! Awesome! Is the background a picture of you? It looks like you of course, but your hair looks a little curlier than we normally see it (I like it!) – or maybe it’s just that I haven’t seen a picture of the back of you before. In any case, cool picture! All that fog, the broken grave, the bunny scrawl! I thought I saw “bethel” something somewhere when one of the pages was loading. Is that the name of the graveyard where this picture was taken? I wanted to make it my desktop background, but it wouldn’t let me.

    And I have to ask, just because it intrigues me – you have a random sequence generator? Nice. I definitely imagine it making the sound effect from Jeopardy when the catagories are going up on the board ;-). Well, at least it’s fun to imagine that’s how it works.

    I wish I’d had more time to be over at the B&N chat the other day because I really wanted to talk about all the sci-fi (and/or actual sci) infused ideas on the ever after and ley lines! (or are those kind of questions not really “spoilers” and I could ask them now?)

    Oh – and congrats to the contest winners! I think I might just have to go load up my iPhone anyway 😉 …and leave a great review 😉

    Wear some green, drink some green beer, contemplate the trinity, or shrug and say ‘whatever’ – however it is you like to roll – I hope your day’s a good one 😉

    • Hi, Tiffany.

      Thanks! I’ll pass that on to Guy. He’s the one taking care of the site, and he’d love to hear your comments. I’ve no idea what bethel is. Mmmmm.

      Oh, just google random number, and you get all kinds of sites. I don’t really “have” one. I just borrow it. -laugh-

      I think you could ask your ley line question. It’s not really a spoiler.

      Have a great St. Patrick’s!

    • You’ve no idea hmmm 😉 You’re so funny 🙂 Seriously, I can’t stop smiling. Okay, but now I’ve got a dozen of thoughts floating around… should I tell you them?

      Truth be told, though on first read I did imagine you having a little sequence generating device, I figured you must have done it online – but I was attached to my original vision 😉 I’m glad it made you laugh – that was my intent 🙂

  3. Kat

    Hooray for the winners!!!

  4. Chris

    Just put my humble offerings for actors to play the roles up on that page.

  5. Congrats to the winner! That sounds like an awesome price.

    Is it becoming standard to do those comments and whatnots add-ons to virtual books? It’s the first time I hear about something of that scope. Is it avant-garde or am I living under a rock in regards to that department? (which would be weird considering I’m smack in the middle of computer softwares all day.)

    Anyway, I think it’s a wonderful initiative.

    • Hi, Aheila. It’s something brand new, but I think as we start to merge the printed word into more media interactive zones, we’ll see more of it. You can’t just write a book anymore. You have to have something to promote it.

  6. Hey Ms. Harrison,

    As much as I am sorry that my recent faisco has happend to you and Thing One, I’m relieved to know that I’m not the only snert in the universe who got into this sort of tiff (as my bank let me believe). *laughs with more cheer* One of those things. I went and killed my sorrows off with a good 5 mile ride so yes. My grandfather used to say:
    Ours is not to wonder why, ours is but to do and die.

    Congradulations to the winners!!! It was interesting to see who everybody else’s favorite characters were. *laughs* You can’t agree with everybody. 😉 *hides banner that says: Vote for Ivy or else…*
    have a super day ma’am. 🙂


  7. Chris

    I have survived the shoe hunting expedition!!! but my bank account has not. j/k ;). My darling K may not be a gold medal shopper anymore but she certainly took home the silver this time. lol. She found some fabulous shoes at discount prices. So we walked out the store with 6 pairs, sunglasses, a new handbag, socks, a new sunhat(finally I get the woman to wear a hat–she is just so sexy tha way) and hosery. Happy Birthday to my darling K!!!!

    • Hi, Chris. Sounds like it was very successful! Power shopping. That’s the only way I shop these days. I don’t have time for anything else! -laugh- Tell her I said Happy Birthday.

  8. Stef from Germany

    Congrats to the winners. : )
    I couldn’t participate cause i’m from Germany but i had a lot of fun skimming through all the answers.. i started collecting all votes for each character.. but gave up before i was halfway through it.. There are just too many. 🙂 And i don’t think the result would be any different.. Jenks and Al seem to be the most fav. characters at the moment. 🙂

    Sadly no one at B&N asked you this.. but.. is there a chance for us to see Minias again? :-/ I really.. really hope so.

    • Hi, Stef.

      I’m sorry you couldn’t participate. It’s just the nature of the beast.

      You asked about Minias? I think he’s dead. We’ve not seen the body, but I think Newt outright killed him for the crime of dosing her into forgetting what Rachel is and can do. She remembers now, of course, but it’s too late to get Rachel away from Al. At least . . . not without a lot of work.

    • Stef from Germany

      *sigh* That’s really sad.. as he was one of my fav characters in the books. : ( At least, i know for sure now. Thank you.

  9. Phil

    So the sun finally decided it wasn’t going to hide here in the east end and it made its first appearance in like forever … or almost a week.
    Jenn’s chibi brightened my day, too! 🙂 So cool, Kylie-chan!
    Congrats to all the winners!
    I’m up to Chapter 7 of BMS … sooo good!! 😉

  10. Kylie Ru

    Hmmm, Jenn wants to show off her Chibi. Here’s the link:
    I love how it looks like she has black lipstick!

    Congrats to the winners! I said I was going to enter, but I’m not entirely sure why I love Al so much . . .

    Question! So Jenks has his winter outfit, but there are charms that warm you up . . . is he too small for charms?

  11. marsha

    The contest was fun and enlightening. Not everyone out there has the same favorites that I do.

    • Chris

      That is one of the reasons I love Kim’s series sooooooooo much. There are real characters that people like. (Sly Stone’s “different Strokes for Different Folks” starts up). So cool.

    • Hi, Marsha.

      I came away thinking the same thing. Lots of variety in the answers!

  12. Chastity

    Just wanted to drop by and say Hello! I’ve been checking out the discussion boards on Facebook and well I have a question and I was hoping (please, please, please) that you could answer just two tiny (please, please, please) questions for me that would help clear up a little of my confusion…So here it goes…

    The next book in the Hollows series–Does it involve a road trip? (‘Cuz that would be funny) Will the book have a good dose of Trent in it? (People seem to want to see more of him and I was just curious)

    No details, just yes or no would work…please, please, please. (biting nails)

    • Hi, Chastity.

      Indeed it does! I’ve been working on the next book for over a year already, and it is a road trip–with Trent. Whoo-hoo! Too much fun. 😉

  13. Ivie Sparaco

    YAY!!!!!!!! I never win ANYTHING!!! I am currently re-reading the whole series so BMS will be even better when I read it. I did get the sample from itunes, and think it is great. Currently I am on book 3 again and I love it just as much the second time around!

  14. Judi in NJ

    Yay! Congrats to the winners!! Sounds like you had a productive weekend, Kim! Nice! Feeling pretty darn lucky! Mother Nature came to party in the NY/NJ/CT area this weekend! Only lost power for 10 hrs. A neighbor’s tree fell in our backyard; parallel to our house–NOT on it!! Thank Goodness!!! It was HUGE and we are so lucky and so thankful! A lot of people weren’t so lucky! 😦 Had fun hosting a friend & her kids who were without power. Mother Nature is one wild woman & I hope she has a wicked hangover. Have a great week! xo

    • Hi, Judi.

      I heard that a lot of trees came down. That happens to us a lot here when we get tons of rain followed by wind. The trees don’t have deep enough roots because of the clay, and when the clay goes soft . . . the trees are vulnerable. I’m glad you’re okay.

  15. Chris

    Kim: Awwww I didn’t win(pouting) lol. Just as well, I probably couldn’t figure it out anyway. Many thanks to you and everyone else for checking out my daughter’s site and commenting. I will let her know when she gets home from school.(I’m thinking she will be thrilled—just a hunch 🙂 ) She is such a special girl and I am truely blessed to have her in my life. You might want to check back every so often because she is always creating something new. Took my darling K, and the kids and her mom out to Red Lobster for dinner last night. It is so great to see he enjoying herself. Today I am taking he shoe shopping. It will be interesting to see what she picks out for herself. Believe it or not I am looking forward to it.

  16. Hey Kim

    I have a question. Ivy has bitten Glenn, right? But Rachel said that Ivy is not practicing anymore. Did I miss something?

    Oh and…I read the chapter where (…….. ….) I’m not quite shure if I’m already allowed to say that. Well, where Jenks was very very very said.
    I read the chapter bevore I went to school and when I’ve arrived, everyone was asking me if someoen had died. I was crying sooooooo…much. The love….just gone.
    And Ivy was crying…
    I loved her in book eight. She did so much better. Well, I loved her in every book but I think she found peace in book eight. Very small peace, but peace. 🙂 Thank you.

    • Hi, Linda. Oh, I’m sorry that the story hit you so hard. It was hard for me to write, both sad and happy in a way.

      Ivy tried to go no-blood, but it didn’t even last a day, thanks to Piscary. She’s given up trying to go no-blood, and she seems happier for it. I’d like to see her happy for a while.

  17. Jenn

    Morning Kim,

    I just wanted to let you know that Kylie finished my chibi! I am sooooo excited…I love it!
    Check it out if you have time & let me know what you think!