It’s rare that I don’t use my weekends to the fullest, and this last one was no exception.  I am TIRED, and I don’t think it has much to do with daylight saving time.  But the yard looks great.  😉  Between making scones on Saturday morning and tapioca pudding on Sunday night (with eggbeaters) I raked out the rock garden, porch, and path, raked out the front berm, went to a home improvement store and bought six plants.  Guy put the tree in the ground, and I planted the bushes.  Some kind of sweet-smelling hedge plant that should be heaven when they get a little bigger.  These are only little guys.  But when I say I planted five bushes, it really doesn’t give you any idea of the labor involved.

I’ve been planting bushes in the south now for over a decade, and it is a completely different skill then where I grew up.  You can’t just dig a hole and put the plant in the ground, give it a little water, and walk away.  No-o-o-o-o.  For my five plants, I had to rake back the mulch, spread a tarp to catch the “dirt”, bring back the wheelbarrow, and dig a six-foot trench, pulling out three wheelbarrows of clay, clay which I swear would be suitable for throwing a pot on a wheel.  It’s beautiful clay, but lousy dirt.  Dump clay, and replace it with three wheelbarrows of dirt.  Now I can plant them.  Give them a little water.  Walk away happy. 😉

Guy helped with the carting away of clay and the bringing in of dirt.  That’s when I cleaned up my fountain and got it running.  I can hear it if I open my window.  Too cold right now, but maybe later.  The days are inching into the low 70s.

I got a lot done, but I needed to.  The next couple of weekends are going to be spent on the road.  This weekend, I’ll be in Charlottesville WV for the Virginia Festival of the Book.  I’ve got a panel with David Edelman and Katherine Kurtz on Friday at 6:00 pm, and then a signing at B&N on Saturday at 10:00 am.  Next weekend, I’ll be out in Portland and Seattle in conjunction with the National Public Library meeting.  Can’t wait!

Hope to see some of you there!

PS  Jemma has a petition going raise awareness at my publishers as to how many UK readers I have.   -grin-


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  1. Kathy Ritchie

    I also have deep red clay pretending to be my 1 acre yard! It is sticky, slick, and makes a disgusting sucking sound as you did it out of the ground! My husband and I tested the “brick” theory when we bought the property, and YES SIR! It makes quality bricks! Doesn’t grow anything, and will stain EVERYTHING!

    All over my yard we have dug huge amounts out and replaced hundreds of square feet of mulch, top soil, and nutrients over the 17 years we been battleling the “red mess” as we call it.

    But just like you Kim, Last weekend I found that several of my flowers gardens around the yard were boasting spourts! Sun was out and I played all day with gardens! I am only in Virginia, but this winter’s snow and bad weather had all of us here, dying to get out in our yards!

    Thank goodness BMS arrived before our sun, I got to read it (GREAT BOOK!) and garden. I can’t think of a better weekend!


    • Hi, Kathy.

      We’ve never tried to make brick out of it, but I bet we could.

      That’s wonderful about the sprouts! I found some more yesterday on the Hosta, and I can’t wait. Just have to keep them away from the deer.

      I’m so glad you liked BMS. Thanks!


  2. Hey Ms. Harrison,

    I suspect the universe hates me, lol. Adding to the long list of things that have happened to me since the year started you can now add Debit Card Fraud and theft. Yep, yours truly was a victim of a wonderful scam that has cost her all of her savings. *laughs because what else can she do* luckily the bank will refund me once i’ve given my statement (it wasn’t my fault). But still. Bloody fairies taking what aint theirs.
    I miss working in the garden. we’ve all adopted a friends patch of earth that we work with. 🙂

    • marsha

      Well hell Alyssa! You really deserve a break. I’m sorry for everything that’s been going wrong. I hope at least the book finally shows up!

    • It’s happened to me, too, Alyssa, and Thing One. It will all work out. But what a mess in the meantime.

  3. Good morning!

    Your post made me smile all day 😉

    I helped my mom plant bushes and various plants all along the front edge of her yard a while back when she landscaped a new house. She has soil that was like clay about a foot down, but the surface was so hard we had to wet it in order to dig down and make the deep trench she wanted – thankfully a neighbor kid helped because the trench was probably 30 feet long. A lot of work! But her plants are thriving, and every time I visit I feel a sense of pride in them.

    So a fragrant hedge and a water fountain near your window! I like your taste!

    My weekend was good – not productive like yours, but some relaxing time spent with a good friend I haven’t seen in a while 🙂

    Have an excellent day!

  4. Antonio Rich

    OK–I think the “I-Tunes, extended e-book contest” is just about over (I think). The question asked, “who is your favorite Hallow’s character and why?” produced some interesting posts. I kept track for my own curiosity. Out of 192 responses: The results:

    #1) Jenks with 49 votes. #2) Rachel just barely passed Al at the end – 30 votes to Al’s 29. Next: Ivy and Trent tied with 21 votes each! 14 people couldn’t decide or didn’t answer the question. Kisten had 7 votes! Newt was next with 6 votes. Pierce had 5 votes. Bis, Ceri, and Alice had 4 votes each. David, Keasley, and Piscarry(Piscarry!?) had 1 vote each. As the votes piled up, the closer bunched the top 5 became.

    • becca

      great job there (you really do have to much time on your hands huh lololol 😉 ) i wish i could have entered thanks for keeping the non voters in the loop x

    • Antonio Rich

      It’s more like, “how can I procrastinate today? I know what I “should” be doing, but this thing over here is more fun.” 🙂

    • Wow, thanks, Antonio! Mind if I repost part of your post here at the contest page?

    • Antonio Rich

      Sure. 😉

      It’s funny, I started that first day just jotting it down for my own curiosity and BOOM! the contest exploded that first day. I had to go back after that first day to dbl check the figures and make sure i was counting people’s “multiple favorites” (“I have 2 favorites–Rachel and Trent” for instance), but not counting a random review of the series and it’s characters as a “specific favorite.” I’m surprised by the Alice and Pierce votes, as well as Newt…but the top 5 different surprise me.

    • Antonio Rich

      2 last vostes “snuck” in at the wire before deadline. Olof voted Ivy and Holly L voted Trent (LOL) So–they didn’t break the Ivy-Trent tie(laugh), still at tie at 22 votes.

    • SeattleRobin

      Alice is one of my favorite secondary characters for sure. But Ivy tied with Trent?! What’s up with that? Nice of you to tally, Antonio.

      I was trying to find the link you gave for series chat about the books. You didn’t say if discussions included BMS. I’m avoiding. If BMS isn’t included, could you repost the link pretty please?

    • Antonio Rich

      Hey Robin! Linky–
      We’re on our 5th general discussion page(LOL), plus there is a Rachel&Ivy HEA page that is fun too. Don’t be shy. If someone,( rarely), discusses a spoiler, we’re pretty obvious w/the “spoiler” warnings. 😉

  5. Hi Kim 🙂

    Will you be at The Signed Page on this trip? I have a copy of BMS on order with them. 🙂

    My garden is also somewhat problematic too, with about a layer of soil over hard clay. Can’t get through it without a heavy grub hoe, which if wielded incorrectly will chop your foot off. In order to avoid inadvertent amputations I grow my shrubs and dwarf trees in tubs above-ground whenever I can.

    I’ve put up some pix from my recent visit to a carnivorous plant show and WordPress has seen fit to promote it on its front page. To say I’m pretty chuffed about it would be an understatement. 😉

    • Antonio Rich

      Beautiful Pics.

      You know with Jemma collecting signatures on a petition to facilitate a Kim Harrison visit to England, maybe someone could start a petition for an Australian book tour? I’m just saying. 😉 I hear there’s a couple big Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions in Australia in the fall….

    • becca

      hey dont steel her away from us before we get her over to the uk lol ;-)its a very very long flight from the uk to aus you have to stop in singapoe!!lets get her to the uk then the year after maybe aus??

    • The World Science Fiction Convention in Melbourne. Carrie Vaughn is coming, and Kim should too. 🙂

    • Hi, Hapalochlaena.
      I’ll be at the signed page not this next weekend, but the weekend after that. So not long now!

      I’ll go check out your link. Guy loves carnivorous plants. And congrats on being featured!

    • I’m glad you liked the plants, and thanks. 🙂

  6. Bob J

    Dear Kim,

    I remember finding books Katherine Kurtz while I was going to collage. What a wonderful writer. I spent more time reading her books than I did studding. That was 20 years ago and I still go back and read her books.
    I think that you will have a lot of fun with Ms. Kurtz.

    Best Regards,

    Bob J.

  7. Kim, I have to say… I’m so jealous! It won’t be another two months before I can do anything green.
    Since last year, I’ve been leaving in an apartement with two large balconies. I decided to grow some vegetables and flowers instead of just the traditional flowers. I can’t wait to do it again this year. I miss my fresh tomatoes! 😉
    (I am a tomato-junky, by the way, but one of my friends who hates them is pleased by your idea of tomato apocalypse.)

    It’s great that you were able to get that much done. Sounds like you’ll have a wonderful lawn!

    • mudepoz

      Aheila :p, contactme for a copy of BMS

    • I don’t mean to tease you, but a friend of mine brought over some home grown tomatoes this weekend. They had cut down the plant thinking it was done for the year, but then it slowly grew another crop. Made some good salsa.

    • Chelikins

      Shush!! I can’t wait for tomato season to start up! 😉

    • marsha

      My heirloom tomato seeds came in yesterday! They seem to guard those seeds like Fort Knox…I only got about 15-20 seeds for each variety I ordered. I’ll have to guard against cross-pollination and save my seeds this year.

    • Hi, Aheila. Mmmm, I usually plant a tomato or two somewhere in with my flowers and bushes. I’m not a vegie gardner, but I, too, like my tomatoes. 😉

  8. corpse1001


    I turned on my Nook today and BMS is available. I was happily surprised.



  9. Chris

    Here is my daughter……(fanfare builds) Hello!! 😀 here is meh website! : Have FUN!!!

  10. suzannelazear

    Hi Kim! It does sound like you got a lot done!

    The tot had a fab birthday. We took her to the Huntington gardens (her fave place) and she wore a giant fluffy pink dress and a crown (which made for great pics). We also had a bday dinner for her at Red lobster. Her “kids” party is next weekend.

    I also got the never ending edits off–hopefully it will lead to good things.

    Have a superfantabulous day.

    ~Suzi and the tot

  11. Jemma

    Woop! *happy dance* You linked to my petition, yay!

    As you say, even if it can’t get you over here, it’s something fun to do and I knew you’d appriciate it. 😀

    P.S. I read a certain chapter of BMS last night where… A Bad/Sad Thing happens.. I cried. I feel the pain..


  12. Marcia

    Gardening there sounds almost as hard as in South Florida. No clay, lots of coral! Ug! Finished BMS LOVE LOVE LOVED it!!!! Bet one yet! Starting my second time through now! A great book is always savored more the second time through.

    • Thanks, Marcia! I hope you like the reread.

      Coral? I’d never thought of that. Yes, that would be harder. At least clay is soft if you get it wet enough.

  13. JanisHarrison

    To Kim re clay soil: My gosh, yours is heavier than ours was in Ballard (Seattle neighborhood). It was grey glacial stuff — I used to joke I didn’t know wheter to plant, or throw pots. We dug in gobs of compost and stuff, plus lime, and in a couple of years we had gorgeous tilth. Of course the next owner dug it all out, laid in tons of gravel, and put 2 townhouse duplexes on the property.

    To Chris re neuro: all the best, Boo.

    • Chris

      Thank you so much. I must admit I am a little bit nervous about what he is going to suggest.
      I WISH I could get back to Seattle(the place I call home.)

    • Oh, ouch. I hate it when you take time to make a place better, move on, and your work is crushed out. sigh At least you had good dirt.

  14. SeattleRobin

    Hi Kim,

    Got another question for you. How come wands cost so much? Several hundred dollars for a single wand?! I just picture a small dowel of sanded and polished redwood or something.

    And now my very important reminder. Ivy bit Rachel in books 4 and 6. Leaving out book 1, because it was the intro, that means we should get a bite every 2-3 books. I’m mentioning this since you’re working on edits and now’s the time to put in a bite in case you forgot! I know those little details might slip your mind. (Disregard this if there’s a bite in BMS.) I’m just here to help. 😀

    And another fun quote, this one from A Fistful of Charms:

    “We might look like incompetent flakes, but we’ve survived demons.”

    Oh, P.S. I think the butterscotch pudding thing was one of the funniest running gags ever!

    • Antonio Rich

      There’s a woman who makes hand-turned wooden wands with hair and feather cores (like in HPotter) and her site is called CabochonPersnickity. Yes–they are expensive!

    • Phil

      I love the way you think, Robin! 🙂

    • Hi, Robin.

      Why do wands cost so much? I think they have to be absolutely perfect, with the xylem and phloem (the lines the nutrients go up and down the tree in) running in absolute straight lines to help conduct the magic, sort of like a barrel of a gun needing to be rifled to direct the bullet. With an amulet, it doesn’t matter as much since the cross section is so thin, but with a wand, it has to be perfect the entire length.

      And now I’m laughing. Okay. I hear you on the Ivy and Rachel bite. Not sure how that’s going to work out.

  15. I have a peculiar question: If you could ONLY write one type of book, be it Mature Urban Fantasy, YA, or High Fantasy, which would you choose?
    We also have clay. It was the basis for cream city brick, a lovely cream colored brick they used to make here in Milwaukee. It’s still a nickname for the city.

    It must be different down there, and maybe part is the acid component, since ours is lime based. We were told NOT to make a hole and add soil, it makes it a big pot without drainage. But whatever works 🙂

    I planted up 50 plugs of Non-Stop begonias. they were very inexpensive and at the nursery will be about 4.00 a pot. Mine were 20 cents. Unfortunately, I now have about 30 too many. And you’re lucky, they are too fragile to ship 😉

    • For your entertainment Mud – Part 3

    • Hi, Mud.

      That’s like asking if you could only teach about one plant, which would it be?

      I’ve got no answer for you. Sorry. 🙂

      We have lots of acid here, yes. It’s a problem. And we also have to be careful about making holes into clay pots, but if we go down about a foot, we get to a more forgiving soil, and that helps with the bigger stuff, but with the smaller, you have to watch the water.

    • Ah, but I do have a favorite plant, and do teach about it. It’s Plantago cordata an endangered species. Funny how I became an expert on what is effectively a phallic flowered weed 🙂

  16. Kylie Ru

    Hm, Ninja Monday . . . I’m on Spring Break now, so woot! Oh! Tiffany told us NaSties what you said about the butterflies!!! I was running around like a crazed monkey for about fifteen minutes because I was so excited!!!

    I am going to paint one of those butterlies . . . after I finish Jenn’s Chibi, and the Tot’s fairy.

  17. Stacey

    See you next week in Seattle!

  18. Chris

    Happy Monday Kim,
    (lobo’s “Me & You and a Dog named Boo” starts up)…that bright red Georgia clay–in South Carolina? but sounds like an extremely satisfying weekend. We just got rain here, about 2 1/2 inches. Its okay though it is giving me more time to heal. Afterall it is a BIT tough doing the spring clean up and plantings on crutches. We try to plant a new tree every year in memory of our son. He would have been 20 this past Monday. Only a bit over a week until the consult with the neurosurgeon about my back. (must admit this enforced idleness starting to take its toll on this former gym rat–grrrrr). oh, good news Kim, my daughter did a manga interpretation of one of your photos on the website she is building. I’ll send along the addy when its ready for visitors. All I ask is you or whomever visits leave an honest critique of what they see. Even though she is autistic she is very serious about her art. Thanks for the encouragement on my story idea, maybe I will just start writing it again and see where it takes me.

    • Kylie Ru

      I’ve told her this a few times now, but your daughter is pretty amazing in the drawing department!

    • Jenn

      Good luck with the surgeon! Keep us posted….I can’t wait to see your daughters work.

    • Good Luck Chris. It’s so hard to figure out health issues!

    • marsha

      Positive vibes coming your way Chris. Honoring your son’s memory with a tree each year is a very beautiful thing to do.

    • Phil

      I second that sentiment, Chris!

    • Chris

      Thank you so much. He was a very special person.

    • Sending you and your family positive vibes also. That really is a beautiful way to remember someone.

    • Hi, Chris.

      I took a look at your daughter’s website. That’s fantastic! What a wonderful outlet you have there. You must be very proud. I know I would be. 🙂

      I hope you’re up and back on your feet sooner as apposed to later. I’m a very bad patient, myself. I hope you get your memorial tree in this year. Maybe you could plant a small seeding to keep it simple.

  19. Heather Koch

    Hey Kim,
    Its great that you’re happy your weekend is over, but I’m not 😦
    I went on a college trip on Thursday and Friday and got home at 7:30pm. It was ridiculous! Then I wasn’t allowed to do anything because I had SATs Saturday morning. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to hang out that night EITHER. Mainly because there was a massive storm and our power went out around 5:50pm. Its Monday, 11:16am, and we don’t have school because of flooding and lack of power. Almost every street in our town has electricity EXCEPT for mine and a few others.
    I don’t mind going amish, but I really wanted to write this weekend and I can’t because we don’t have any electricity. :’C
    Oh what a weekend :/
    OH! I forgot to tell you! I read your book, Once Dead Twice Shy, yesterday until 2am today! I FREAKING LOVED IT!!! When does the next one in the series come out?? 😀

    Your Fan, Heather Koch 🙂

    • greg j

      Same here finished BMS now reading Once Dead Twice Shy and loving it cant wait for the next one.

    • Hi, Heather. Wow. Sounds like you didn’t get any downtime at all! That’s what my next two weekends are going to be like. Good because I’m meeting with people who love the Hollows. Bad because I’m not recharging my batteries.

      I’m so glad you took a peek at the Madison books, and delighted you like them! The next one is due out the last week in May, so not long now.

  20. Antonio Rich

    KIM–Is there a deadline on that “extended e-book contest?”

    Does thing2 help out on these “weekend projects?” 🙂

  21. Phil

    We had so much rain here this weekend, today too, flowers, plants and bushes are happy little flora and may be looking for some sun now.
    I read the first six chapters of BMS, sooo good! I’m picking up the pace but I like going slow, too, to make it last. Still, it’s so awesome, I can’t put it down! 😉

  22. becca

    hey kim happy monday
    ive just signed the petion,i would be lovely to have you in the uk,i just hope i would be able to see you if it got pulled off,i was ment to be going to charlaine harris’s book signing here in the uk last week and i never got to go…i was involed in a car acciedent(were ok,but not big red 😦 ) just after i droped little dude off at school then we were shooting over to nottingham (1hr or so drive) didnt get 10mins away from the house and got hit by a car!!sucked big time,that was ment to be my b’day prezzie off hubby taken me there(b’day tomorrow) oh well must not have been.if you do come to the uk do you get a say in where you go??please vist closer to me talk ‘them’ into going futher than london 😉
    glad you had good dirt time,i might have a prezzie for you soon keep an eye out 😉
    becca and busted car

    • becca

      oh pants,it looks like i cant send you your prezzie in the post,proberbly should have checked 1st before tracking it down and getting it.maybe you know if its true what ive been told but i didnt have a clue my friend said i wouldnt be able to send it as its restricted(but she thinks is austrailia not 100% on usa) i got you 40 yellow sented freesia bulbs!!would have been nice if you could have them…once again the fates are out to get me lol
      never mind hey worth a try

    • Chris

      Such a cool avatar becca! I would like to use one of my daughter’s art as mine but don’t know how.

    • becca

      there is a link that says avatar on kims page right side half way on and go from there
      hope that helps

    • becca

      double checked its on drama box page under tags-gravatar
      really easy so if you got art work on your computer
      good luck

    • Chris

      Thanks so much becca! Is it against the rules to sign your petition if you happen to reside in Pennsylvania? Anyway I made a twitter comment about the petition-don’t know if it will help.

    • Chelikins

      Happy Happy Birthday!

    • Antonio Rich

      Happy BDay! Singing you the Beatles version. 🙂

    • marsha

      Happy Birthday Becca! We have a lot of March babies around here, mine was Friday.

    • becca

      oh thanks thats so sweet of you

    • Happy Birthday Becca!

    • becca

      thanks hunni for the b’day wishes

    • becca

      many thanks 28 today!!! woootwoot NOT!! lol

    • Oooo, not good about the accident! I’m so glad you’re okay.

      Thank you for the thought on the freesia. That’s almost even better than having them in my hand. Thank you! I’m going to guess they will get stopped at customs, so plant them for me, and I will see them through your eyes. 🙂

      Happy Birthday!

  23. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I sent an email to vampiric charms, did you guys see it? I was at work and couldn’t use my normal email address, they block it.

    I am just about done with DWW now and I find my self in a quandry. Do I buy the rest of the series for my Kindle or just read the ones you signed? I don’t want to risk getting them dirty.

    OH! I could use the library! I know they have all your paperbacks, I gave them to them. That’s why I don’t have them anymore. 🙂

    Thanks for Black magic Sanction. It was great. Now I’ll have to rest up for next year. I was thinking as coming as Jenks. (I am kidding)


    • Hi, Vampy. I don’t know if Guy got it or not. He’s doing taxes right now, so things are kind of slow.

      Mmmm, you do have a quandary. I can’t help you there. -laugh-

      I’m glad you liked BMS. I’m working on the rewrite of the next this month, and I can’t wait for you all to see it.

  24. marsha

    Ah red clay, that is why our vegetable and flowerbeds in the back are raised. The ground back there is usualy so hard we (three old ladies) can’t dig it up. I imagine you are tired after doing all that, but it seems that you truely love garden work. Personally I hate cutting the grass, everything else I enjoy.

    • Vampyre

      Kim and Guy are 1/4 Pixie.

    • Chris

      I think a got about 1/16th Pixie mixed in with the Viking and Scot, but I don’t think Pixies make it to 267 lbs like I did…but I love my gardens! lol

    • Chelikins

      Only 1/4? I was going for at least 1/2 😉

    • Hi, Marsha. The garden is where I recharge myself. Or the kitchen, if it’s too cold to work. 🙂 I’ve had to slow down a lot the past three years, and I’m taking more pleasure in smaller things. I wonder what that says . . .

  25. Jenn

    Hi Kim,

    I hope you have (had) a happy Monday!
    Wow, busy weekend for you! I have the same type of planting that you used to do…lol…and now that I have a house with a backyard, I’m going to be doing some of that soon! I can’t wait to get my hands dirty *grin*
    Sorry I didn’t get over to the B&N chat on Thurs/Fri but work was busy on Friday & I plum forgot on Thursday. 😦
    Oh well…I’m still excited to see my finished chibi from Kylie…hopefully soon! But of course, we don’t want to rush the artist…hehe