Pushing forward

Didn’t get much done yesterday on the rewrite.  Dismal, maybe.  Today should be better.

Yesterday I broke the chapter apart, took out the magic.  There were two parts left, and I played with them a bit, trying to figure out which comes first.  Really dropped the page count, and everything is in place.  Now I just have to make it interesting.  sigh

However . . . I am still over today at B&N paranormal chat.  There was some posting issues yesterday between three and five, but it seems to be working now.  I’ll be there until noon today, (EST) taking your spoiler questions.  Just put spoiler in there somewhere please!    B&N chat groups.

PS  Guy found this at Wallmart.  Not bad.  Lookie who I’m rubbing shoulders with.  –grin-


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  1. Even on a bookshelf, Rachel is still hanging out with demons!

  2. William Skot

    I am new to your Work, my girlfriend and I just finished reading Dead Witch Walking together. All I can say is we are both hooked!! we bought the rest of the series. we hope to finished them all before your next one comes out.

    Fantastic work! Just Amazing!

  3. Jessi

    James Patterson can go suck a dandlelion. 😦 <- He makes me frown. Like that. Kim Harrison books make me :). smile. yeah. I went there.

  4. Jemma

    Morning Kim,

    I’ve been reading BMS over the weekend and am loving it. I’m not done yet but it’s not a spoiler to say that I LOVE your details explainations of all the ley line stuff. THAT’S what makes the “fantasy” more real and that’s why I love your books. I can never read anything involving witches where they just … do magic, anymore, because it’s not believeable without feeling like you know HOW they do it.

    Also, I wanted to draw your (AND OTHER FANS!) attention to a silly but serious thing I did. o:-)

    I’ve created an online petition to get you over to the UK for a book signing.event. ;-D

    Tis here: http://kimhar.epetitions.net

    • Hi, Jemma. Oh, that is too cool! I hope you get lots of signatures. If nothing else, it is something fun to do.

      And thank you! I don’t like the “black box” magic systems anymore, either. I want an explanation!

  5. Chris from Germany

    Hi Kim, I got my pre-ordered copy of BMS just in time to take it with me on a business trip to China where it rescued me from a number of boring evenings in my hotel room, and I owe you big thankies for that. You outdid yourself again, and stopping reading was soo hard each time. I love how you managed to pick up loose ends from previous books and toyed with each person’s motives.

    I hope your rewrite is going well – being a hobby writer I know how tedious that can be, and everbody determined enough to do it time and time again has my biggest respect. I’m already looking forward to reading the next book, and I hope you’ll add some more of the Ivy-and-Rachel-attraction, which is one of the most addictive spices in your stories.

    I hope James Patterson doesn’t get an overly inflated ego from being allowed to rub shoulders with you – judging from the cover photo and my personal opinion about people writing their memoirs, it’s probably too late for that hope for Karl Rove *winks*

    [PS] Is the Dan Brown supposed to be in that gold color or is BSM leaking pixie dust?

    • Hi, Chris. Oooh, excellent! I’m so glad you got your copy in time! I love it that my work is better traveled then me. -laugh- And I’m glad you liked it. Thank you. This one felt good to me.

      Rachel and Ivy. Don’t know myself what’s going to happen there. . .

  6. And, at the end of the weekend Hello Ms. Harrison!

    Glad this one’s over, lol. Supposed to have been the very first weekend since DECEMBER that I could lie in on a sunday then they decide to call a waiter’s meeting. At 8. 8am. Not pm. That time in the morning I usually try to avoid… lol.
    My computer broke and i had to get a new one, in the process of moving everything. It’s slow going, i’ve been on my HP for five years and have accumulated so many… Nice to haves so to say. you know how everything just works? Now i have to go to a new one (with Windows 7) and just try and make it livable. *grumble grumble*
    BUT! I had a great weekend with my horse. 🙂
    No book yet. Waiting Waiting Waiting…
    AND: I’m once again asking for some good international vibes! Rumor has it a company that I’ve been stalking for MONTHS for a proper job are finally giving in… I might hear this week. Please, everybody, please hope for me. I’m so done with waiting tables.
    Hope this was a great weekend and that everything worked out well. 🙂


    • mudepoz

      *Looks at pack*
      Cross ’em guys.
      *Looks approvingly at 12 Crossed Paws, and crossed eyes (No fingers, sorry).

      Good Luck Alyss, though I admit to something very few know.
      I miss my days waitressing. I made more money than any other job…

    • There are parts of waitressing that i’ll miss, and I have to admit, on a good night I make a lot of money. I’m the highest earner on the floor. But, you know, something about the job teaches you to hate people because there are terribly petty people out there and you just have to take it. And, it’s not a fixed salary.
      but, yes, i can imagine missing it as well I have to say. I love the nights, I love comeing home when the world’s sleeping and waking up when the world’s already moving forward, knowing that I can take it quiet.

    • Antonio Rich

      Much Luck, my friend. 😉

    • Chris

      (((((((((sending positive vibes your way))))))))

    • Hi Alyssa.

      Euuuuw. Have fun setting up your new computer. I have gotten good at it, myself, and can move everything in an afternoon. Yuck. Just give me a tool that works, and I’ll be loyal forever.

      Good luck on the maybe job opening. That would be great for you. 🙂 I was never any good at waiting tables, either. It lasted two weeks for me. Blahh.

  7. Nice! Congrats on your book being so prominently placed! …Hmmm funny how, if you drop his subtitle, you could almost switch book titles with the dude on your right 😉

  8. Lurker

    Have Rachel banish Carl, while he is right there!!
    It would be just a quick rhombus and boom, done! Miller Time!


    PS: Did you see James Patterson’s TV commercial for his latest Alex Cross book? It was pretty funny

  9. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Sorry I missed the B&N thing. I was called in to work the grave yard shift Thursday so i ended up sleeping all day Friday. 🙂 I’s one sleepy Vampy.

    Did you know that DWW is a free Kindle download right now? It supposed to have “Bonus Materials” but I have no idea what that may consist of.

    As I was reading it, I was also reading BMS and comparing where Rachel was to where she is now and i noticed something I thought was very interesting.

    Early in DWW, Rachel is telling us about the differences in Ley Line magic and Earth magic. She also tells us about white and black magic and accumulating smut.

    She talks also talks about how users of Ley magic can be slow corrupted and drift in to the darker arts. while this is happening they make excuses for it and delude themselves into thinking they are doing nothing wrong.

    This sounds to me just like what is happening to Rachel. She is using every aspect of magic she can for ‘all the right’ reasons and collecting tons of smut in the process.

    Is she going to be able to fix this? Does it really matter? I think she is on a very slippery slope and someone just waxed her shoes.(Al) 🙂

    It’s great rereading DWW. It’s fun meeting everyone for the first time again. There is so much I forgot.


    • No worries, Vampy. You always know you can find me here. And yes! I did know that DWW was free at Kindle. The bonus materials are a sneak peek at Black Magic Sanction. You can get it free as a Sony e-reader, and a Nook as well. (Links at the front page of the website)

      You are absolutely right about the ley line magic and Rachel drifting to the “dark side.” She’s going to have to think about that, isn’t she?

  10. Chris

    Kim, Thanks so much for the encouraging words. The book I’ve been attempting to get to paper from mind for the last 15 years or so is in the sci-fi genre with a young male-female couple as the lead characters in the exploration and settlement of a recently discovered, close proximity planet to their homeworld.Chaos ensues. I can picture the various land masses, their similiarites and differences, temperature zones, vegatation,and even the night sky but it just never sounds right when I try to write it down. Maybe I’m a bit too critical? and it seems character interaction and dialogue is way too simplistic to me. Oh well, just the musings of frustrated wanna be I guess.

    • Hi, Chris.

      That sounds like a fabulous plot line, and I hope you get it on paper. One thing that might help you free yourself is to remember that the story doesn’t have to be perfect the first time through. It’s not going to read like a book you pick off the shelf, because believe me, what you see on the shelf has gone through revision after revision. The important thing is to get something on the paper. Then go back, and get it the way you want it. Let yourself go, and just write. And have fun!

  11. Corwin7

    Unbelieveable!! What an outrage to have the most brilliant mind in modern literature sandwiched in between a horses ass and the devils mouthpiece…Hang in there sweet witch writer…and try to be nice to Rowling when your sales spike up past hers…after all she is British:P

  12. Kat

    Squeeee!!!!! 🙂

  13. Gwendalla

    I must admit I’m quite surprised by how much I enjoy reading your other fans comments hear. I pop in everyday for a little break and always find myself smiling. Thank you Kim for writing the best books I have ever read and keeping up the drama page so people like me have something to giggle about between books.

  14. Sebrina

    Arrrgh! Didn’t know about B&N chat. That’s what happens when you take a spontaneous trip to Amsterdam with people from your course. Sounds like a lot of questions were asked and answered. I’m tempted to spoile myself, but I won’t!

    • Hi, Sebrina. I’ll keep the link up on the front page of the website for a while, so you can check it out after you read the book. Spoilers were rampant and sometimes not noted, so do wait.

  15. Phil

    I’m bummed I missed the b&n chat. I’m always missing the good stuff. And all cuz my modern lit. prof wanted a paper on who influenced TS Eliot. 😦 Sorry ’bout the mini-rant. I tried t’explain ’bout the b&n chat… Kidding. But I’m still bummed.

  16. That sounds so familiar!
    “Hey, that game mechanic is not fun. Do something.”
    “Ok… hum… The character running works. And so does the jumping and pitfalls. The gun part is no fun and the army of enemies is too harsh for this part. So let’s take those out.”
    “So we have running, jumping and pitfalls for level one? LAME…”
    “Not if you put them like this?” *waves her finger and creates a series of jump and pitfall-based obstacles*
    “And where should we put the enemies? And we have no gun to kill them…”
    “Let’s put them in level three and jump on their mushroom heads until they’re squished. The turtles should just hide and start bouncing on obstacles if you kick them.”
    “Hey! You took the concept apart and made it fun again! Good job!”
    “Now you just need to adjust the lines of code to make it work!”

    My point is: Book editing is like balancing a game! 😀
    (FYI: My actual work is under non-disclosure agreements so I used Mario for my little delirium up there.)

    I haven’t read the chat because I didn’t want to see the spoilers but I hope you had an amazing time.
    Nice neighbours on the Wallmart display. Your talent put you there. 😉
    Good job! As always!

    • Chelikins

      You could read the spoilers after you read BMS 😉

    • True. I’m waiting for the massmarket edition because I carry my books around in my purse all the time. Harcover are just a tad too big/too heavy.

      Reading you all talk about it, I’d rent it at the library, take a crazy reading weekend (to read it all without the need to carry it), and buy it later but we don’t have it. They only keep the French versions of Kim’s books.
      Charlaine Harris has earned the right to have one copy of her books in its original version for the whole town (so it’s passed around a dozen library) because it’s on TV now.

      Arf… I can’t even see Alice in original version. That’s how French every thing is up here…

    • Chelikins

      Well that is bummer! The paperback will not be out for awhile. Does your library not doing interlibrary loans? Maybe there is a library that has an english version… maybe.. hoping.. maybe?

    • We do interlibrary loans. But there is not even one English version of Kim’s book in the whole city…

    • mudepoz

      Aheila, let me send you a copy.
      Email me at mudepozataol.com

    • Chelikins

      mudepoz.. you are such a sweetie!

    • mudepoz

      I go to the PO nearly daily, it’s not an issue. And I finished a judging assignment this weekend and part of my gifts included a rather large denomination GC to a large Bookseller. I can afford to be nice to Aheila 🙂

    • Chelikins

      Grats on the GC.. those are always nice! 😉

    • You have it exactly, Aheila, in regards to rewriting.

  17. Jeannie

    Thanks for the B & N chat, it was fun even though I just luked around. lol. I have posted on the spoilers page here though. I can’t wait til the next book, so many “loose” ends/questions to learn the answers too. I seen an article today about Clint Eastwood being in “serious talks” about a movie where he is to play J Edgar Hoover-the FBI director. If they are quick enough in making maybe another “name” for one of the Hollows books. Just an FYI. I think I have mentioned I am an ICU RN. The other day I had a pt who needed dialysis, a nurse comes to the pts room and does this. This pt ran 3 hours on dialysis and the nurse sat the entire time reading-you guessed it BMS. When I figured out what she was reading we chatted on and off all day about the series. Thought that was neat. Well thanks again, enjoy your weekend.

    • Hi, Jeannie.

      I’m glad you liked the chat! Me too, though it seemed like one of the readers was there simply to poke at my logic. (Which I thought was sound, but apparently she didn’t)

      I’d not heard of a new Clint film. Very cool! I hope they name it something with three or more words in the title so I can use it, too. 🙂

      And how excellent about finding another Hollows reader! That is very, very cool.

  18. Kat

    Hi Kim! I am bummed I missed out on the B&N chat. I actually had problems trying to post throughout the day. Either the reply button did not respond or my computer timed out. I just went over there about 20 minutes ago and it finally seems to be working…but when I went to post…the last message was you signing off…LOL. Oh well. I forgot about the time difference.

    Well I guess I will just ask here when it is allowed, or just wait until the next book. I have found that most of my questions eventually get answered. 😉

    Please don’t drop the page count too much…I love reading long books. With all your little teasers I am already dying for book nine….:)

    • Hi, Kat.

      Yep, they were fixing something on Thursday, and there was some downtime where the reply button wasn’t working. I’m sorry about that. I’ll open up a “Ask Kim a spoiler” page this week.

      As for page count? No worries. What I’m taking out of the first chapter is needed, so I’ll just slide it over a chapter or two. I like books about 500 pages long, and that is my goal.

  19. Antonio Rich

    Thanks for answering spoiler-type questions over at B&N. 🙂 Also, I’m going to add “must be a cheese thing” to the growing Kim Harrison-lexicon list I’ve been compiling. It will be my go-to answer whenever anyone asks a question that can’t honestly be answered. 😉

    • Antonio Rich

      PS–I like that your sitting on top of Dan Brown. That’s the way it should be even though he’ll sell a Kajillion more copies. Read it (rolls eyes). Not a Patterson fan either. The other guy? At least he’s in the fiction section (Oooo snap)

    • Tiffany

      LOL 😉

    • Chelikins

      At least he’s in the fiction section.. lol! That is funny. When are you going to put your lexicon up for all of us to see? I love lexicons.. has all interviews and comments and book stuff in one place.

    • Antonio Rich

      Chelikins: a few more Kim quotes (usually in response to criticism) :

      “I’m glad you enjoyed it until you could stand to read no more. Thank you.”

      “Until then, I’ll play in my sandbox by myself. Timing is everything, and I’m the Queen of delayed gratification.”

      “I’m not very aggressive, but I’m tenacious!”


      “At the end of the picnic, all the weenies will be roasted.”

      “I don’t like spicy foods, they give me gas.”

    • mudepoz

      Antonio, where are these comments? Yowza…

    • Antonio Rich

      They were all Drama Page replies to questions/comments/criticisms. I’ve jotted a few down over the last couple of years. (grin)

    • Okay. Now I’m laffin. 😉

    • Tiffany

      Hahaha – brilliant! I think you just made my day 😀

    • Chelikins

      LOL! She does have some great zingers doesn’t she! 😉

    • *laughs* And the comments aren’t even NaSty… They’re just… Satisfying. Like…
      Kill Bill. o_O

      Well done Ms. Harrison, lol.

    • -grin- Must be a cheese thing? Did I say that?

  20. Julz

    Your books are amazing, and the more pages you give us to mentally chew on the better! And as far as making it interesting? Pu-leeez! I wish my life was that interesting when I lived in Cincy! Although, I do miss the pizza…and the fireworks on the river.
    Keep up the wonderful work. It will be interesting to see what Rachel does to Nick when she does finally catch up with him..

    Patience and peace,

    • Hi, Julz. Thanks! I’m gad you’re enjoying them, especially as you say you’re from Cincinnati. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what Rachel does with Nick, too. Mmmm.

  21. Shanda

    Wowsa Kim! I called myself just taking a look over at B&N and found ALL of my questions about the series answered in that “KIM H will be here Later” thread! It’s a shame I dont have anything to ask 😦 Wait….actually, I have a question! 🙂 You’ve been a writer for several years now and have been several places and met many different people. What was your most memorable event? And what was your worse experience? Have a good weekend and Happy Monday(for future references)!

    • Hi, Shanda. Cool! I’m glad you liked the B&N chat.

      You asked what was my most memorable event? Gosh, I don’t know. They area all pretty good. Probably the first time I did a signing in Dayton OH, and everyone came in from Cincinnati, and it was the first time I’d talked to almost 200 people. They were really happy to see me–and I was happy to see them.

      Nothing ever strange happens at events. It’s all pretty low key.

  22. Chelikins

    Dropping the page count.. how about upping the page count. Really.. I mean I am sure none of us would complain.. at all!!! We promise 😉

    Thanks for answering my questions over at B&N. Also thanks for letting us know you “wrote” your first book in your head going to sleep too!


    • Hi, Chelikins.

      No worries. What I’m taking out of chapter one shows up in chapter four. 🙂

      It was my pleasure to talk to you over at the B&N list. I quite enjoyed it.

  23. Chris

    Popped over to B&N to ask a few questions while awaiting the “gutter guy”‘s arrival. Thank you so much for answering. I hope you can get a chance to read the review of BMS I wrote over there**you might, just possibly, kinda , sorta like it–smiling**. btw–have always loved the term Road-Trip since Animal House.

  24. mudepoz

    I think I’ve gotten my weekly aerobic exercise out of the way reading BMS. Not even finished yet. I had it at school (work for those that might assume I’m a student) and I had two grad students squee over it.

    Do you have these out in China? One of the students is new from China and I didn’t have time to ask if she’d read it there or here, and I’m home today to judge later.

  25. marsha

    Loved the book as always. I can’t help hoping Rachel gets a break soon, but then where would the drama come from. I have so much respect for your dedication to your craft since trying my hand at writing a short story myself. Have a wonderful weekend. Maybe the rain will be over by then.

    • Hi, Marsha. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Rachel is starting to make smarter decisions, believe it or not. Somehow, she still manages to get into trouble. Have fun with your work!

  26. Kylie Ru

    Yesterday I had to stop myself from talking like Pierce several times. The other day I started slipping into an irish accent for no reason at all! I was rather confused.

    About the story writing in the head . . . that’s the rough draft for all my stories, actually.

    I’m sure the book is gonna be plenty interesting. I mean, come on, Kim-san. This is you we’re talking about!

  27. suzannelazear

    So if the page count drops too much do you get to add stuff? lol

    Having a great time over at the B&N chat.

    I have to bring snack at 10 am for the tot’s bday and she has a half day. We live so far from school that it’s silly to return home in between. I think i’m just going to hang out at starbucks before snack and run errads after. The tot wants a present to open tomorrow. Sigh. (she got intangible presents this year, like a year’s membership to the huntington gardens and high tea with mommy).

    Tomorrow is her actual bday and she wants to go to…surprise, surprise…the huntington gardens. Sunday we have a bday dinner at Red Lobster. yum.

    Have a great weekend.

    ~Suzi and the tot

    • Kylie Ru

      Perhaps I can draw soemthing for her? Does she like roses and butterflies?

    • suzannelazear

      You are so sweet, Kylie. She loves butterflies, ladybugs and faeries. Her fave color is pink. She desperately wants “real wings” for her birthday. If only there were such things, lol.

    • Kylie Ru

      Alright, I’ll see what I can do! unfortunately, it won’t be done until after her birthday. I hope she’s okay with that.

    • Hi, Suzanne. Add stuff? I wish. Actually, I’m only shifting information around so that chapter one is faster. Chapter four will be slower, now. Rewrites always balloon the page count, even when you cut.

      Tell the tot I said Happy Birthday!

  28. lisa mulder

    Good luck with the rewrite. Just don’t drop the page count too much! Can’t tell you enough how much I liked BMS. Really looking forward to the ‘Trent and Rachel road trip’.