B&N visit this Thursday/Friday

Early heads up that I will be over at B & N chat lists this Thursday and Friday.  This is the third year I’ll be doing this, and I can’t wait to get back.  I’m going to talk to Paul today and see if we can set up a spoiler thread along side the usual one.  Black Magic Sanction has been out for a while, and this will be the first time I will entertain spoiler questions.  🙂  See you there.  Barnes and Nobel Paranormal Chat List

I hate to say this because I know that much of the nation is still gripped in snow, but I had every single window in the house open yesterday for a few hours, and I plan on doing the same here in a little bit.  Ahhhhh, it feels like spring.  So much so that I went out in my robe and slippers this morning to bring you this shot of crocus that I planted a few years ago.

Spring, though, is late.  I usually miss the yellow crocus completely because I’m on tour, and they are just getting started.  Two to three weeks late.  Mmmmm.  Must have been the snow we had this year and the two weeks of below-freezing temps.

Anyway, if I’m blathering on about the weather, you know nothing is going on at the Harrison household.  I’m getting back into the swing of things after tour.  Got a lot to do, and I can see the year stretching out before me with deadlines, and summer vacations.  Lots of ideas for books that haven’t been written, and time in which to write them.  Heaven.



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  1. JanisHarrison

    Oh, Muddzie, I sympathize. When I ticked over past a half-century, suddenly my digestion (which has always been fussy) got all Felix Unger. I’ve always been a pretty good cook, but now I must cook everything (just about) from scratch, and double-check the ingredients in things like soy sauce and ketchup. And try to get my father to understand why I don’t drink milk anymore…Anyway, do try to steer towards certified Organic foods if possible, it may help, and they do list ingredients.

  2. Jemma

    Hey hey Miss Kim,

    Just popping in to have a little happy dance because my copy of BMS just arrived in the mail. *HAPPY DANCE*

    It’s so preeeetty. *strokes the cover*… *ahem*. 😉

    I adore you, but for the next week I am blaming you for the fact I’m not going to go to sleep at a reasonable time. 😉


  3. SeattleRobin

    My new computer just spent a week in the shop and my old one had been decommissioned, so I’ve been without a computer or online access. Oh the horrors!

    The lack of a computer did boost my rate at which I’m getting through the Hollows on my series re-read though! I just started at the end of Feb. and I’m about 70% through book 5. After DWW was offered free I went ahead and rebought the rest of them to re-read on my Kindle. It’s so much fun because I can bookmark certain events and highlight quotes.

    Reading them all in a row like this is quite a roller coaster ride!

    I do have a couple questions for you Kim:

    When Rachel met Piscary for the first time at his restaurant Piscary had her in his thrall. She comes to when Ivy says her name. Was that significant? In that, should Ivy saying her name been able to bring her back to herself like that? The way I read it both times it seemed like Ivy overrode Piscary’s control and shouldn’t have been able to. But maybe I just missed that he was letting up on her and that allowed Ivy to get through.

    And uh…this one is of a more delicate nature. But you wrote it, and even made more than one mention in the books, so it’s fair game. References were made to physical differences between witch and human in the…ahem…genital area. But what the differences were weren’t actually stated. There was even the scene with Rachel’s ley line classmates asking “is it true?” and Rachel saying yes, but it wasn’t stated what was true. Curiosity is getting the better of me so I decided to just boldly ask, what’s different? (grin)

    For the other fans here, re-reading has brought up so many things I’d love to comment on but this isn’t a book chat blog. Would anyone else be interested in me setting up a page at my (mostly unused) blog to chat about the series, since Kim’s book page is specifically for BMS, which I haven’t read yet?

    I’ll leave off with a fun quote from DWW:

    “Rachel…I can still smell me thick on you. You’re like a big chocolate-chip cookie sitting all alone on an empty table. And when you get all agitated, it’s as if you just came out of the oven, all warm and gooey. I haven’t had a cookie in three years.”

    Haha! Love it!

    • Hi, Robin.

      Yikes! I don’t know how you stand it without internet. I’d go nuts! 😉
      Questions . . . Yes, it’s significant that Ivy broke Piscary’s loose thrall he had on Rachel. Bravo for recognizing it. The anatomical difference between male humans and witches will be explained. Keep reading. (laugh)

      I love that quote you pulled. It’s Rachel/Ivy perfectly.

    • Antonio Rich

      Robin–there are about 10 regular Drama Pagers here who have set up a chat page…your more than welcome to come over and chat 😉


  4. Lurker

    bah. The weather out here has been sunny during the week and rainy on the weekends. Who ordered up this weather?

  5. Ah! Spring… lifts spirits all around, doesn’t it?

    I’ve been feeling it too this week. When I sat at my desk for my writing morning on Monday, I had sun shining through the window. I then realized that it was actually sunny when I woke up at 7. And there is still light when I get off of work. The sun is not out only when I’m at the office (which only has windows at each end so my desk is artificially lighted).

    We still have snow up here but sunshine is all that matters. It tickles my senses and makes my ideas bloom. I hope it does the same with you! It sounds like you have a lot of nice thing awaiting!

  6. Phil

    Don’t be embarrassed over spring-like weather, Kim-san. I actually have experienced some myself this week. And we’re getting rain in the forecast. NOT SNOW!
    🙂 So I was kinda swamped with grad school stuff yesterday and didn’t get to join the other Nastys in thanking you again for all you give us. Encouragement, accessibility and most of all your phenomenal books.

  7. Tee

    So, I’m not the only one marveling in the odd weather? That’s good to hear. Down here in South Louisiana we’ve had THREE bouts of snow, one ‘school and business-closing’ worthy the others just a slushy mess. Though when August comes around I’m sure I’ll regret saying this, but I so cannot wait for Spring either.

    This is the first week I haven’t had to grab a jacket before I head out for the day, but then, I must be part ice cube because I’m always cold regardless of the weather.

    I’m looking forward to some plantings as well…those crepe myrtles at the nursery keep calling to me.

    Virtual bunny eared kiss kisses,

  8. nocturnalvixen

    Kim 🙂
    Your book is in my head and driving
    Me crazy still! Lol it’s a good crazy.
    As for making me cry… It was inevitable
    So yea it was a good cry.
    I can’t wait until we can talk freely
    On here about the book 🙂
    “Ivy flag” 😀 and Viva la Trent

    Anna in Ohio
    Ps as I’m restricted to the black berry
    Navagating the site is abit difficult
    Will you be touring in Ohio this year?

    • Hi, Nocturnal. I know how you feel. They drive me crazy too, sometimes.

      Hey, I’m going to be over at B&N Thursday and Friday to talk spoilers for the first time. Maybe I’ll see you there.

      As for Ohio? I’m pretty much done touring for the adult books, but check back late May for the Young Adult tour. There may be a Chicago date.

  9. Hey Ms. Harrison,
    For the two years past, I had been in the UK this time of year, and I have to say, I miss a proper spring! Because the weather’s so hot here, we just sort of tend to skip into summer. One day, you’re still huddled under a hundred blankets, the next your running around in short sleeves and shorts! I miss preparing for summer, getting the vegetable garden hospitable, planting blue bell bulbs, trimming the hedges and *laughs* getting ready for spring lambing.
    The weather is turning here in my part of the world and again, it seemed to have done so over night. The mornings are cool and noticeably darker, there’s an ever present cool wind and the intensity of the natural light has changed. It’s a relief to me because it clearly says that winter is coming. I think we’re going to have a cold one. 🙂

    Good luck with today and I hope you have a lovely time, 🙂 Thank you for indulging us as always. It’s much appreciated.


    • Hi, Alyssa. We’ve had springs like that here, too, where you get one or two weeks of bliss, then right into the furnace. I’m hoping this year is nice and slow.

      Fingers crossed. -laugh-

  10. Nancy H

    Hi Kim,

    :pove the crocus picture. My daffodills are just coming out of the ground here in Iowa. I am really looking forward to spring. Currently in the foggy rainy part of it which I hope will give way to sunshine very soon.

    Enjoy your warm weather!

  11. Chris

    Thank for the great picture of flowers Kim. After a solid week of daytime temps between 46-59 degrees we STILL have snow on the ground so your sign of spring is most welcome. #1 son is having baseball tryouts in the gym this year. The last year of the Bush tax cuts was good to us so finally our gutters are getting replaced(yay-its only been 21 years–I am such the handyman—NOT!) lol…and all that stress over the results of my recent stress test was not needed. The old ticker is still good.**doing best happy dance he can with crutches***

    • You are most welcome, Chris. 🙂 And congrats on the new gutters! I know how important that is. Hope your snow melts soon, and congrats on the test results. That must feel really good.

  12. Chelikins

    Your flowers are beautiful! I am enjoying the warming weather. I love snow but there was way to much this year.

  13. Jerica

    I love spring! Great pic. We are getting spring weather here in Southern Illinois. YES!!!

    Quick questions
    …when will the Hollows graphic novel hit the shelves?
    …will the Hollows have anthology this year? (Unbound was AWESOME)

    I have also enjoyed your recommended reads. Rachel Vincent turned out to be one of my favorites and I got hooked on the Rogue Mage novels by Faith Hunter. Is Faith Hunter going to write a 4th in that series?

    Sorry so many questions;)
    Have a nice day!

    • Hi, Jerica.

      Cool! I’m glad you gave Rachel Vincent and Faith Hunter a try. I’m not sure if she’s writing a fourth or not. You could ask her. http://magicalwords.net/

      Questions: The graphic novel is scheduled for Summer 2011, and I don’t have any plans for an anthology this year. I’m working on a world book, first.

  14. Kat

    Morning Kim…I love the flower pic…beautiful! I won’t mention weather since I live in Southern Cal, and I don’t really have to deal with winter. That’s why I moved here…grin.

    I have been staying away until read BMS. I finally finished it last night. I took my time reading and re-read many sections. I just have to say…WOW! It was awesome. My new favorite! I would love to tell you why, but I don’t want to spoil. When can we talk about it here?

    Also…thanks for your earlier confirmation on Rachel’s demon status. I thought she was a demon just from your world’s definition of a witch vs. demon…but it was nice to hear (or read) it from the horses mouth. >grin< I think it very telling that she seems to be the only one who has a problem with killing people…even in self defense.

    I am so looking forward to the next book! Even though it is a year away…LOL!

    • Hi, Kat.
      Oh, you can have your Southern CA. I MUST have seasons, or I lose track of everything.
      I’m glad you enjoyed BMS. Thanks! Actually, I’m going to be over at B&N tomorrow and Friday to take spoiler questions. You could ask me there?

  15. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I hate to sound as boring as the weather channel but it’s 72 out! Our high today is supposed to be 71. Mother Nature didn’t get the memo. Drat, I’ll have to start mowing my grass again.

    Every since I had that creepy idea, I am glad most of my books are on my Kindle. Sadly, I don’t have any Ithings so I can’t use your prize for this contest. I have seen very good reviews about it though. It is an extreamly worthy prize.


    • Hi, Vampy. I think we’re a few weeks away from mowing our lawn, but you’re a bit more south then we are.

      -shrug- That’s the way it is with prizes, sometimes. It’s promotion, and that’s all there is to it, but if someone offers me free books to give away, I’m not going to say no.

  16. Dawn8226

    I just have to say 😛 for the beautiful spring picture. I am not a winter person and we still have plenty of snow and will for a month or more yet, and then we will have flooding because it will all melt at once. I just hope we don’t get snow in June this year like we did last year because that was just too much.

    I will definitely have to check out the chat though. Loved BMS, one of my favorites so far and I can’t wait for more.

  17. Jay W

    I think Crocus flowers are the best flower. We have a park by us where they grow wild.

  18. Kim, I’m at all jealous of you getting to open your windows for fresh air. Okaaay, maybe I am a little jealous. 😉 As much as I want the weather to warm up and for the 3 ft. snow to go away here in Minot, ND., I’m not looking forward to Spring since I have asthma. You know, Kim, I almost fell off the couch when I read that you were also Dawn cook. I never knew that. So I ask. Who are you? You are a woman of many talents (writing, landscaping..) and a woman of many names. lol. :oD I’m currently reading your Madison Avery book and can’t wait for book #2 to come out. Madison really needs to tell her dad that she’s the walking dead. Of course, I’m only half way thru the book so maybe she will. I can’t wait to find out. Time to put some shorts on and enjoy your warm weather. ~Valinda p.s. My hubby got me a Kindle for Valentine’s Day. Sweet! :oD

    • Hi, Valinda.

      Yep, I’m Dawn Cook, too. I’m also mom, sister, wife, daughter. Lots of stuff. It all works. -laugh-

      Very cool that you’re reading the Madison books. I like that series. Madison goes places that Rachel can’t. She’s almost more grown up than Rachel, when you stop and think about it.

      Sorry about your three feet of snow. Hope it’s gone soon.

  19. Antonio Rich

    I’m a little jealous i can’t participate in the e-reader contest or answer the 100-word question: “who is your favorite character and why?” I started keeping track of the votes early(MAN! There were alot later in the day), just for my own curiousity. Anyhoo–would you be interested in me updating the numbers for s—s and giggles for the DPage peeps? 🙂

    • Sure, Antonio! If you are of a mind for it. I’d love to know. The entries have slowed way down. And you can still participate. If you win, you can give your code to someone else.

  20. becca

    hey kim
    i like your crocus,i enjoy spring flowers(with being a florist its hard to choose what to like) iam enjoying our snowdrops at the moment now there is a really pretty flower.
    ive never put much thought into someone who could play rachel on the tv etc but iam doing a angel go through,iam on season 2 at the moment and there is a young actress that is just perfect(as what i imagine rachel to be).she plays the character virgina brice and i cant find the actress name in the credits,sigh,never mind hey,but if you get chance track her down and let me know if ive got the right idea of rachel.
    youve made me want spring flowers in the house…off to buy tulips and paperwhites and narcissus!!
    becca and co

    • Hi, Becca. My favorite flower (besides dogwood, which is really a tree, not a flower) is hands down, yellow freesia. The ones that have that lovely fragrance. Ahhh. They are really hard to get down here. You ask for them, and the florists stare blankly at you like they’ve never heard of it.

      I’ll keep an eye out for your “Rachel” 🙂

  21. BMS has the best Jenk’s curses! Your mind is just…hehehehe

    Mud is good. It’s spring (for now) in Wisconsin. THICK pea soup fog, construction, and the glaciers are receding.
    My hellebore is blooming, and so is my head.
    The trigger may be sulfites. I need to find out what is in the Wasabi peas. I’m going to cry, I think I’m down to white rice, chicken breast, and water.

    • becca

      oh mud i feel for you.hope your feeling more youself soon
      big hug and thinking no sulfur thought 😉

    • Jenn

      oh Mud, sending you only the best of wishes to make you feel better…I hope you figure it out soon what’s causing it!
      Big glomp…

    • Thanks guys. I will survive. Just reminded once again, age is NOT merely a number, but the expiration of guarantee’s which apparently I didn’t order the extended versions. I am rapidly racing towards another birthday.
      But on a really lovely note, Cera (dog licking Tall Dude), was the Novice springer of the year for last year. Now if she would just finish her Ch, I miss her!

    • I’m sorry, Mud. You and Guy need to talk. He can’t eat anything either, which might be why I’ve been spending time in the kitchen making special stuff he can eat to help sooth the loss of cheesecake, balsamic vinegar, and most pepperoni. Oh, and if your chicken is from Wall-mart, it might be processed with sulfites . . .

      My hellebore is blooming, too. No pulpits or trilliums yet. I looked for them yesterday, and it’s a no-go.

  22. marsha

    Isn’t this part of Spring great in the South? In a week or two our area will be covered in a thick coating of yellow pine pollen and will sneeze every day for a month, but now, the violets are getting ready to bloom and the daffodils are getting high. I love it! Can’t wait to read the new ideas for new books coming out of your very creative mind.

  23. Kylie Ru

    We keep getting rain. Rain, rain, rain! So far, we’ve gotten a lot more rain than we do in an entire year! It’s amazing! Well, except for the monster weeds in the backyard . . . Seriously, one day, all we have are rocks. Then the next day–BAM!! The backyard is green.

    Meh. I can’t think of anything else. Have a fun day, Kim-san!

    • Jenn

      Kylie, I have a complaint….I’ve been having beautiful blue skies & sunny days & now starting Thursday it’s supposed to rain for a week straight? Did you send it this way? If you did, I might have to kidnap BJ & not give him back for a while!

    • Kylie Ru

      No, not my Beej! And why would I send you rain?! I want the rain! All mine. I do not wish to share.

    • Hi, Kylie-san. I think your rain is headed our way. It’s dark this morning.

  24. suzannelazear

    Whohoo! See you over on the B&N forum. I love that place.

    I got a notice that my book as finally shipped…but I’m not believing it until it comes.

    What lovely flowers. The tot has planted a few things, but the only thing growing right now is the shamrocks, lol.

    Have a great day!


  25. NO SPRING AT ALL. Winter is back, new snow, – 9 degrees last night, and last weekends snowdrops are completely frozen. The storks are back and sitting irritated at their nests, no mice or frogs, just snow. It´s awesome. Maybe I should try to get a green card and move to california…..
    And worst of all, I finished BMS yesterday night..so what the hell am I going to do now? Can`t join your signing partys or your contest…..bad thing this, equality for foreigners ! My puppies want to stay inside, I must buy new oil for the house and the garden is still asleep.
    Complainig day? I´ll better stop now..
    I´m looking forward to your new Ideas concerning Book Nine….I´m absolutely curious what you are going to with th plot….there are so many directions to turn to now, great thing, big deal.
    Enjoy your little spring news…

    • Jenn

      Come join us at the nastyromo clubs! That will give you something to do! Just look at yesterday’s posts & you will see the links!
      Hope your day gets better!

    • Thank you Jenn, nice support…..try to find my wy through the nastyromo club jungle……not easy cause I´m no native speaker…
      But the thing I understand are interesting and sort of funny….
      But it will sure take me days to work it out!
      And…mya day is better!

    • Hi, Michela. -grin- Sounds like you’ve got yourself into a rip-roaring complaining mood. I like the idea of a day where you do nothing but complain. Maybe it should be a pixy holiday. -laugh-

      Sorry about all the restrictions. I really am. I’m just amazed at how many non US readers I actually have.

  26. Jenn

    Morning Kim,

    *looks around* Wow, I’m the first today!
    I’m glad you had such a relaxing day & are looking forward to your year. Windows open huh? I thought about it & even opened the one on the back screened in porch, but that was it…just a tad cool yet…but I did get in a nice walk with my hubby!
    Your crocus’s look lovely…we’re still at the mud stage here…no blooms yet. I’ll have to check out that B&N list a little later….
    Hope you enjoy your day! It’s blue skies here…woohoo!

    • Hi, Jenn. Windows were open. Now they are closed. And my space heater just quit on me. It’s going to be a cold day. 😉 No complaints, though. Not really.

      See you over at the B&N chat!