Kim Harrison has a contest?

Hi, Guys.

I know!  It’s really weird!  I never have contests, but my editor arranged for me to have some give-away copies of the extended e-book of BLACK MAGIC SANCTION.  This is the one that works on the iPhone, iTouch.  I’ve seen it, (on Thing Two’s iTouch) and it’s kind of cool, sort of like what you get with DVDs and “the making of.”  The audio book is in there as well, so you can go from visual to audio and back to visual without losing your place.  The only thing we ask, is that if you win one of the three I’m giving away, that you go onto iTunes and leave a review of what you think.

I’m going to try to make this as random as I can, and will pick three names at random from the posts made HERE AT THIS PAGE.  Unfortunately this offer is only available to people living in the US due to the nature of the product.  Sorry guys.  I’m not excluding you intentionally, it’s just that the prize is awarded through the US iTunes, and it doesn’t work over there.  Contest runs until March 15th.

As for me, today I am back to work with two more ideas floating around in my head.  I have seen the end, and it is . . . good.  😉  I’ll be working on the graphic novel today, and then the rewrite for book nine tomorrow.  Ahhhhh, I love my job.  😉



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75 responses to “Kim Harrison has a contest?

  1. Elizabeth Lewis

    I loved all of your books so far! I am almost half way through Black Magic Sanction and don’t want it to end! I wanted to tell you how much I love Bis. I know he is just a small character but he is one of my favorites it always makes me smile when he is in a part of the book. Take care thanks again for all the great stories!

  2. nocturnalvixen

    Hi Kim!
    It’s been along time since I
    popped in here as I am currently
    Without net. However I just finished
    BMS so I’m cruising the black berry
    To tell you I LOVED it. I’d love
    To add the audio version to my
    Kim Harrison library. You managed
    To make me cry… Again! Lol I do still
    Wish Ivy had whacked you know who
    With that spell pot… I’m going
    To have to let my self believe that’s
    How dents were made. She owes him.
    Thanks again for the great read
    I can’t wait for the next one…
    May I request more Trent? I do love
    To hate him. 😀

    -Anna in Ohio.

    • Thanks, Anna! I’m glad you liked it. 🙂 Sorry about making you cry, but it was a good cry, wasn’t it? As for Trent? Yeah. We will see more of him. Lots more. -grin-

    • jesse

      well i didnt cry but i still thought it was awesome XD really cant wait till the next one.
      Been hopin things work out ok with ivy and rach

  3. Hi Kim!

    Cool, a contest – I’m in!

    So, just curious, did inspiration strike upon the end of the book or the end of the series? Either way, what a great feeling that must be!

    I finished BMS last night, and Kim – it was incredible!! It was fast paced, hand-wringingly tense, funny, inspirational, heartwrenching, sexy, romantic, and hopeful. Not only do I love your characters – and incredibly every one of them just get more and more complex and interesting, even Nick ;-). I love the way you write – the words you choose, the timing of humor and drama as it mixes into the action. I’ll avoid all the spoilerish details, but I’ve got pages and pages full of “ahas” and “I love its” in a notebook that I finally grabbed out of excitement and started filling up! Also, I won’t say more than this, but the smoke is still clearing from my eyes where their doors were blown right off – it has me seeing some things in a wholly different light.

    Anyway, hope you have an excellent day!

    • Hi, Tiffany. Inspiration struck as I began planning out how I’m going to get from book ten to book twelve, and Rachel with her happy ending. I swear, if this doesn’t work out, I’m going to scream!

      I’m so glad you liked it, Tiffany! Thank you. This one felt good to me.

  4. I’ve got the eBook (guess the hint is for me to leave an iTunes review, huh?) and it really is pretty neat. I have a four-hour commute twice a week, and it’s been neat mixing in a little BMS with my normal podcasts. Then I get to pick the thing back up and keep reading the text where I left off listening. And you can’t beat the price. Audiobook + ebook in one for $15!

    Though pretty neat, I can’t say the videos knocked my socks off, and some of the audio blurbs mixed into the start and end of some chapters contained a few spoilers so I decided to stop listening to that bonus material until I’m done, but the way the text follows the audio when you’re listening is a really neat, “Why didn’t they think of this before?” kinda thing.

    Now how do I get this version of the book signed? ;^)

    (Word to the wise: I have noticed when I put my touch’s screen to sleep that the BMS app tends to keep sucking the battery faster than my eReader or Kindle app does. Maybe it’s all in my head, but I think it’s really the case. The app will keep reading (and moving the text along) if you unplug the headphones. Audiobooks that I listen to through the touch’s Music app stop when I unplug headphones, which I usually do when I get a call, so that was a rude awakening.)

    • Hi, Ruffin. Cool! I’m glad you liked the new system. Because HC owns both the printed word and audio rights, they can link them like that. It worked out great, I think, and I believe we’ll see more like that as time goes on.

      Thanks for the heads up on the battery drain.

  5. Hey Ms. Harrison,
    😉 I’ll accept the fact that we foreigners can’t participate and withhold myself from starting a riot made up of crazy english second language people if we get bonus points.

    Glad to hear you had a good weekend! Mine was busy as usual but good. Spend a lot of time with Basjan to still my soul and found out that he is a LOT faster than I thought if given the chance to run. I’ve also done a lot of writing (thank you Other Half for giving me the time…) and sweet talked a sales man into exchanging the my airmatress that my Other Half’s cat killed.
    All in all – mission accomplished I think. 😉
    Have a great day!

  6. marsha

    I would love your job as well, I just wouldn’t be very good at it and would starve to death. I guess that’s one one to loose weight : )

  7. Kylie Ru

    Must . . . resist . . . RAWR! I love contests! I’m always entering . . . but I never win. Ever. S’all good, though. There’s always other contests.

    So, I finally got to finish BMS! I must say it’s my favorite so far. Kim-san, what is up with the freakin’ blue butterflies?! They showed up again!! I can’t figuure it out!! I can figure out the mechanics behind the Rosewood Syndrome, but these little blue . . . BUGS escape me! Twitch.

  8. Reyna

    A Kim contest on a Monday? Maybe the day isn’t a total waste of time after all 🙂 Thanks for making my day bearable lol

  9. Antonio Rich

    I learned alot last month in our little experiment to write supe-romances. Thank you again for encouraging us(National Story of Romance Month). (LOL) I never even thought to ask you to do anything, which makes your offer to help/encourage even more special.

    Thank you.

    I learned that working on a self-imposed deadline can be invigorating, especially when you have like-minded, supportive friends…and that’s the other thing, how many authors bring friends together! (LOL) I guess it all comes back to the story that we love and the person who humors her fans more than she should. 😉

    On our NaStyRoMo wordpress site we’ve started a BMS Book Club, and two HEA clubs(Rachel and Al, and Rachel and Ivy). We’re having alot of fun decorating each club and stealing each other’s food and furniture. I suppose we’ll start a R&Trent club at some point(rolls eyes)…we hope it’s OK to play with your characters like this…if not – no worries, we’ll stop or change it. THANKS AGAIN!

    • Kylie Ru

      Yup, Antonio-kun stole my Hello Kitty bean bag chair. But I steal their food, so it all works out.

    • Is that an official request? I can have the R/T Club up in a jiffy! (says the computer whisperer).

    • marsha

      I rediscovered that I still like to write, even after a lifetime of dull administrative letters and contracts, and that Kim has the best fans in the world. You guys are great!

    • Hi, Antonio. That is EXACTLY why I encourage unpublished writers to join a writer critique group. I know it’s hard to get up in front of strangers and share your work for the first time, but if you want this job, you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, not just once, but again and again. It’s a privilege to have one’s thoughts heard by so many, and you have to earn it.

      Sorry. I’ll get off my soapbox now. -laugh-

    • Then again, be aware there are writing groups and there are writing groups.

      I had my skin flayed off, told to not quit my day job, and that while my idea was fresh, my writing was boring and trite.

      I broke my keyboard, bought a new one and returned to tech writing. 🙂

    • Antonio Rich

      M–that’s why I encouraged writers and non-writers(artists/musicians) to participate. Yes, some of us would like to be published, but everyone can “create”, everyone (if they desire) can not only “passively” enjoy art, but can enjoy producing art. Why not? You don’t need an “artist’s license” to purchase a guitar or join your church choir, or take a dance class…but, there IS something “fully realized” about sharing it…bringing other people in… 😉

    • Ah, but this had NOTHING to do with publishing, and everything to do with the fact that my writing sucked.
      But I admit, much happier to muse, edit, and help my friends who are VERY good writers!

    • I should add: I just wanted to warn that there ARE different forms of writing workshops. The one I went to only offered criticism, without offering any constructive way of repairing it, or pointing out strong points. While I agree my writing leaves something to be desired, I’ve heard that other workshops work with constructive criticism. I know that I’ve taught that way at Alverno, and it works. I just don’t wish to wade in again.
      I’m not a coward, grad school is great for tearing you down before building you back up, but as with anything, buyer beware.

    • Mud. That was a BAD group that existed to make themselves feel better.

      Not one of them will make it, and if they do, the industry won’t support them for long. Look at me, I’m ticked just thinking about it. Don’t let someone you don’t even care about rob you of what YOU want. Get back to it, if only for yourself.

  10. Vampyre

    Happy Monday ma’am,

    Here’s to new week, May it be fun, profitable and you don’t lose any socks to the dryer.

    I just had a strange story idea when I was looking at your picture on he back of BMS. What if there was an author that had the ability to watch people through his/her books?


    • Jenn

      Lol…have you been reading/watching Harry Potter lately? The people in the pics can do that in their world!

    • Hi, Vampy! How you doing? I’ve already lost two socks in the dryer, but they showed up in my drawer, so we’re okay.

      Good idea. Creepy, but good. 😉

  11. Shanda

    Good morning Kim! I havent been replying much lately because I’ve been busy finishing BMS but you really left a heck of a teaser at the end??? Ah…..the possibilities!!! I’m glad that you are safe and soundly back at home with your family. I read a post where you said that the graphical novel takes place before Rachel leaves the IS(around the origins of the series). But what characters are you planning for us to see in the graphical novel?

    • Hi, Shanda. It’s good to be home. Thanks! I’m so glad you enjoyed BMS!!

      You asked about the graphic novel. We will see Denon, Kisten, Piscary in this first one, and a few more. I have to keep it really sparse. I’d like to bring in some new characters, but they’ve not presented themselves yet. Time will tell.

  12. Phil

    Happy Monday, Kim and all you guys. I am working on what you mean exactly by “I have seen the end”?
    End of the series? The next book? What? Actually, “the end” scares me a little… Can you make it never end? Oh, well, all good things… 😉

    • marsha

      I already tried that Phil…no dice.

    • Ja, you know. i have to say, i’d rather see the series end than it carry on too long if that makes sense. One of my favorite authors did that and made a series too long and it just somehow lost it’s magic. A story has a natural ending, it’s sad and tragic but it’s part of the cycle. 🙂

    • Hi, Phil. I’ve seen the end of the series for a long, long time, but now I’m starting to see how to get there, and it’s been exciting.

      And then I write a new book. 😉

  13. IPod.
    Well, don’t worry folks, some of us US of A’ers are also excluded (why don’t I say American? Canadians are also from North America, as are Mexicans. I am weird. Also fighting back a migraine so once again, the NaSty page AND BMS is on hold until I know it won’t thump me again. Bleah. I wonder if Wasabi peas are the trigger.

    • I hope you get better soon Mud. I have migraines about once a year and it’s hellish so I sympathize with your pain.
      Rest and may you be safe from migraines for a while after that one is swiftly over with!

    • Jenn

      I’m sorry to hear about the migranes…they really really suck…ok…if you’re male or squimish you might want to stop reading now – except Mud: if you are on the pill, you might want to try a different one or go off of it completely if that is an option for you…I used to get them all the time when I was on the pill…as soon as I stoped taking them (& they cleared out of my system) I was headache/migrane free! Just wanted you to know in case it helps…

    • Looks down at aged, ferkrumpled body. Except Mud?
      Hmph. Hon, I’m at that androgynous state where male and female look alike ;p

    • Jenn

      LMAO! No I meant if you were squimish you still should look….not that you are androgynous!
      Sorry, for the confusion…. glomp

    • suzannelazear

      Feel better Mud. I get migraines and they’re horrid!

    • marsha

      OOh sorry about the migraine Mud. One of thefew, and I mean very few, good things about turning my age was that my migraines are now down to nothing. I almost never get them anymore, and then only if I’m dumb enough to trigger them with red wind.

    • Antonio Rich

      Man! It’s one thing after the other, isn’t it? Get better…soon. 😉

    • Hugz Mud!! i get migraines as well so I completely and utterly feel for you. Zombies aren’t allowed to get migraines, lol, they have no brain…
      *Glomp* Get better soon! We miss you!

    • Right, here’s something that might make you feel better. 🙂 The Zombie walks Mud… Part 1 and Part 2
      I couldn’t help myself. Nobody can.

    • mudepoz

      Alyssa! I have tears streaming out of my eyes, I inhaled my oatmeal, and my arm fell off and Chrys and Tru are fighting over it!

      You made my morning. I guess I have to get over to the whole blogsite tonight before agility!

      *Giggles* Between this and Jenk’s curses, I’m dying. Er, not Zombie dying!

    • Oh, Mud. I’m sorry you’ve got a migraine. Maybe you should monitor your sulfite intake and see if that’s contributing to it. You probably already know this, but they are in eggs, red wine, white wine, Balsamic vinegar, heavily processed meats, and are used to preserve fruit (from Micky D’s yogurt cups to dried fruit) Oh, and some bottled water add sulfites for the taste. Go figure getting a headache from bottled water.

  14. suzannelazear

    Good morning Kim!. The tot and I had a fab weekend together (the hubby was working all weekend.) We went to the gardens (she talking me into high tea, lol), saw Alice in Wonderland (not as scary/trippy as i expected), and watched alot of Disney channel (and a little of the oscars playing the love it/hate it dress game)–oh, and we ordered pizza, lol. I am really loving being a mom and really this is the best thing about being unemployed. I think I’ll be a little sad when i finally get a job, but I have to save my $$ so I can sit on that steampunk panel at RWA nationals in July, lol.

    I am nearly done with my painful never-ending requested edits. I’m just re-reading it to make sure I got all my comas, it all makes sense, etc. In a day or two it will be off! Wow. Then onto the next project (more editing, lol. sometimes it seems that i’m not a writer, I’m a re-writer, he he he).

  15. Jenn

    Hi Kim!
    I’m glad that you have seen the end of the book….now you KNOW you are going to get all kinds of people wondering who the characters end up with romantically….sigh…have you seen the clubs over on the Nastyromo site? They are getting good!
    A contest huh? Sigh, well, I’m out of it since I’m in Canada…oh well, I’ll get it eventually…
    Happy Monday!

  16. Hi Kim!
    The contest is a great idea. And don’t worry, I used to being excluded: Quebec has very controlling laws regarding gambling, contests and all kinds of stuff that includes winning a price. *sigh*

    So you’ve seen the end, huh? How hard will it be to rewrite book nine now that you know there is new good stuff to be written? Any aching fingers?

    It’s great that you love your job! It shows through your messages here every single day!

    • Jenn

      I agree completely! I’m in Ontario & we’re not included either…sigh…oh well…I’ll get it on my own eventually anyways…
      Yes, Aheila, you guys always get shafted in Que.

    • Indeed we do. *grunt*

    • Hi, Aheila.
      Rewriting book nine will actually be easier, now. Direction. It’s all about finding direction.

      Sorry that you can’t enter the contest. sigh Just the nature of the beast.

  17. Chris

    Wow, Kim has a contest! What a great way to start off on a Monday.< especially when you are having your taxes done. lol.

  18. Here is the link from the song. Pink-Bad Bad Day

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