Home, but not done yet. ;-)

I’m home after a wild week out with you guys.  Pictures are all up at the web site, and I’m looking forward to spending a few days doing nothing as I get myself back in the swing of things.  Sitting on my desk is the rewrite letter for book ten.  -grin-  Can’t wait.

But I still have things coming in for you, stuff I did while out on tour just now becoming available.  Today, I’ve got the heads up for you about an interview I did while in Minneapolis for KFAI.  It will be going out live on Thursday between 11:00 and noon Central, and you can listen in at the website, http://www.kfai.org/

I also have a 25 minute interview I did while in Cincinnati at Cover to Cover.  The show has been archived, and you can listen in to it, here.  FlyPod This is the third time I’ve talked with Mark, and I hope to get back to chat with him next year.  😉



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  1. Tiffany

    Warning peeps!!!!!!

    S P O I L E R A L E R T

    Two comment below!!!


  2. Judi in NJ

    WELCOME HOME!!!!!!

  3. Thomas McNeill

    Hey Kim,
    I just completed Black Magic Sanctionand I loved it as useual. I don’t get calling them the coven of Morals & Ethics as they obviously don’t have any of either.
    I love Racheal,Ivy,Jenks and all the other characters,even Al & Trent are growing on me,but sometimes I really want to scream at Racheal to just calm down and go with it allready ( Grin)[spoiler deleted]
    But now the realisation has set in,,,,,,,,,,,O.M.F.G.,,,,,,,How long now till book 9?????????????????????????????????????????LOL……
    Loved the book though,,,Loved it!

    • Thomas, I don’t know you, but you have made an enemy. Really. My stomach dropped, my head hurts, and I’m upset.

      There’s a spoiler section. Please use it in the future. I prefer to read my books at my own pace.


    • Tiffany

      Thankfully I have a habit of not reading the posts about BMS, since I’m only about half way right now. And thanks Mud for commenting, my eye caught your words just as they were starting to be helplessly drawn back up into all those exclamation points. I don’t know what to say about how upset you must be right now…

    • Oh, Thomas, that was a nasty spoiler. I’m glad you enjoyed the book, but ouch.

  4. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! Welcome back from tour. My copy of BMS arrived on my doorstep on Thursday. I have to say that the cover looks even more awesome in person. I think its my favorite to date. We’ve had a house guest, and I’ve been a good hostess, so no ignoring my guest for reading. However, this weekend, its back to normal. :)~Indy

    • -grin- You are a good hostess. I don’t know if I’d be able to resist.

      I really like the cover on this one, too. The blues are beautiful next to the stark of the moon.

      Hope you enjoy it!

  5. Jenn

    Welcome home Kim!

    Are you happy to be in your own space again? I’m sorry I missed you but I’m hoping we’ll learn what cities you’ll be visiting on the YA tour soon? Maybe some in Canada? Hm??? *grin*
    I just listened to the flypod cast…that was great! But here at work they don’t allow us to stream live so I won’t be able to hear your upcoming interview…will it be available afterwards?

    Hope you have a great day!
    Hi everyone!!!

    • Hi, Jenn.

      I’m really happy to be in my own space again, yes. Ahhhhhh, my office. I could just sit in here all day. Wait a moment. I do. -laugh-

      The interview will be archived, yes, and I’ll put the link up as soon as it goes live. I’m thinking by three, EST?

      You have a great day, too!

  6. Amanda (in Korea)

    I just wanted to say, Thanks! I ordered a book from Joseph-Beth in Cincinnati that would be signed by you. I was really looking foward to it, but they wouldn’t ship overseas, so I had them send it to my mom’s house… it would be safe there. Well, I skyped my mom yesterday after she said she got it in the mail – of course I made her open it and hold it up to the camera! I love it, it says exactly what I requested! You made my bad day better, you rock!

  7. Kim the flypod interview was so interesting! I think it is my favorite interview I’ve heard with you yet 🙂 Relaxed, laughing! (I officially love your laugh 😉 ). Interesting bits on the story, on writing. I loved it!

  8. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Glad to see you’re all safe and comfy at home again. If you’re like me, traveling can be fun but there is no place like home.

    Home is my favorite place in all the world. It’s where all my stuff is. 🙂

    I am slowly reading BMS. After 2 years of using a Kindle, reading a real book is kind of awkward to me. I’m also trying to make it last. I’m only up to Chapter 9. I loved the “Humans are like Jello…” line.

    Oh I wanted to tell John that if he had driven up the charlotte from Miami, he could have gotten a free T-shirt. 🙂 (Unless he already had one :P)

  9. Hey Ms. Harrison!
    I have to say it first, I can’t help myself… I like the fly…
    So, the general theme has been how awesome your fans is, and I’d like to point out another awesome fan! Marsha’s sending me BMS!! 😀
    It should be here this week or the next!!!! *cough* Terry Pratchet once said that too many !!!!! is a sign of madness.
    I’m stumped by the kindness of others, and yes, lol, it just shows you how amazing your fans are. 🙂
    Thought i’d share, glad to know you’re safely home!

    • Hi, Alyssa. Oh, that is too wonderful! See, it proves that there are still amazing people out there, and paying it forward is a good way to feel good about yourself. Hope you enjoy it!

  10. Kneosha

    Just finished Black Magic Sanction and OMG Kim loved loved loved it! Made me cry, made my laugh my ass off, and curse all in one book. Now I’m ready for the next one 😛 Wonderful writing as always!

  11. Lurker

    Have I mentioned how bummed I was about the tour not hitting out here?
    Possibly, but I can’t remember 🙂 hehe
    It really looked like you were having fun, and not just slogging round because you had to to promote the book.
    Im taking my time with the book this time. I might re-read them all again afterward while anxiously await the next the one 🙂

    (whoa. Puppy attack, lost train of thought lol, bye!)

    • Hi, Lurker. Yeah, I think it came up once or twice. 😉 Maybe next year. They are sending me new places, so fingers crossed. I did have fun on the tour. It was fabulous. But I’m glad to be home.

  12. Yay! You are home now! That is awesomesauce.

    So, I kind of plowed through up to chapter 30, I think. And now, I sort of . . . stopped. I haven’t read since then! And that was Saturday! Actually, I think it’s been because of school. And work. They’re taking up my free time!

    Over the weekend, I drew a pic of Al, and one of him and Rache. I can post the links, if you are interested.

  13. Phil

    Good to have you home, lol. If you had half as much fun as Antonio did meeting you and Guy, it was huge! Oh, and I had snow! Again! No surprise. 😉

    • Hi, Phil.

      It’s good to be home with regular access to caffeine and internet service. (ha!)

      Snow again? It was snowing when we landed, but it didn’t stick.

  14. mudepoz

    http://www.bettafish.name/ (Why am I just tossing out this link)
    Listening to the podcast and you sound wonderful.
    Got to read BMS while waiting for Jury Duty and WAS CUT LOOSE! Not even needed tomorrow.

    So, back to my book. Which seems so nekkid without an autograph.

  15. Marsha

    Congradulations on the successful tour, all the sites looked well attended. Doesn’t it feel great to walk through your own door after being away? Nothing like it. Enjoy your family and puppies.

  16. Roger Simmons

    The interview at FlyPod was great!

    At Bitten by Books, the poll: “Who Would Win In a Fight?”

    Kim – 158 & Laurell – 170.

    Guys, VOTE! – Kim can take Laurell !

    [I mean Rachel can take Anita]

  17. JanisHarrison

    Welcome home, Kim & Guy. I know your pups are really demanding attention, and I imagine #2 son is probably trying to do the same, but in a “cool” way. Nothing, nothing like your very own bed — especially with that wonderful underpad you’ve got now.

    I can barely wait for March 26. I’ve already made arrangements to have that afternoon & evening “off” from caring for my dad. I still won’t have BMS (remember that library reserve list) but I will have something for you to write on!

    • Hi, Janis. I couldn’t get off the floor for about five minutes, being attacked by puppies. It went a long way in relaxing me. 😉

      See you on the 26th! Bring your questions, I’ll have my answers.

  18. Oooh, I just listened to the interview and it was fun! Glad to hear that you’re back from tour- I hope you had a blast! Love all the pictures.

    Any chance of you coming out to the West Coast for the young adult tour?

    • Hi, Candace. That was a good interview, I agree. One of my better ones with Mark. I had a great time on tour. Fabulous! I will be getting to a few places on the West Coast, so fingers crossed I’m within driving distance for you. More as I know it.

  19. Antonio Rich

    I hope you guys had a fun trip. I never go to book signings, but I’m glad I got a chance to meet you and Guy…and the other fans! So many nice, interesting people. Although the group around me started giving me grooming tips–they were split on whether I needed to dye the gray out of my hair, but quite firm that I needed my eyebrows “cleaned up.” 🙂

    OK–maybe you can settle a disagreement we’re having on the NaSty site. Our online Book Club has gotten derailed on a non-spoiler: Raspberry in coffee! Can you tell us who introduced the flavor to Rachel, and who likes to drink their coffee w/raspberry? Does Robbie like raspberry in his coffee? Inquiring minds need to know…

    • Hi, Antonio,

      Good question. I’ve been trying to set it up so that people who have the Rosewood syndrome gene like that demon coffee. Hence the demons all enjoying it, Robbie (who is a carrier) and of course, Rachel. We’ve not met enough people with the Rosewood gene turned on to make that obvious, but it’s there. 😉

      Hope that helps.

      Personally, I like raspberry in my chai tea lattes. . . 😉

    • Ah, raspberry your chai tea latte! I was wondering if it was a drink you like – except you don’t drink coffee. Cool 😉
      I usually drink plain black coffee. But occasionally I’ll get a latte. I’ll have to try raspberry in something.

    • uh, that’s raspberry IN your latte, not giving your latte “a raspberry” by the way 😉

  20. suzannelazear

    Welcome home!! I’ve enjoyed the pictures, vids, and such!
    I hope you have a relaxing few days with the fam while you get back into the swing of things.
    I still haven’t gotten my book, and seriously I’ve been trying. Now I remember why I don’t preorder books. It always ends up as a fiasco. Sigh.

    ~Suzi and the tot

    • Holy cow, Suzanne. Still waiting? That’s totally not right! Maybe they were out. I found out yesterday that BMS has gone into a third printing already, so maybe it’s on the way.

  21. taya

    hey kim. i love your hollows series. ivy is my favorite charactor!!! well kisten was but he’s dead now so ya now she is 🙂 so i was wondering about the cover art. is rachels looks based on you? because the cover pictures look alot like you. my cousin n i were wondering so i thought id ask.

    • -grin- Thanks, Taya. I wish I looked like that cover model. Maybe 20 years ago when I worked in the woods, but now now. -laugh- I think they were going for a Buffy sort of look in this last one.

      Sorry about Kisten being gone. You might keep an eye out for the graphic novel, due out summer 2011. It takes place when Kisten is still alive and well.

  22. Welcome home!

    I haven’t been following up on every tour details but the little I saw/heard about seemed awesome. I laughed a while after Antonio told me you both wondered how I say my nickname. 😉

    Thanks for providing links to your interviews. I’ll try to listen to them after work!

    Have well deserved rest and an easy rewrite!

  23. Gail S

    Hi Kim, It was such a great treat to get to see you again! I hadn’t been to Grand Rapids before; it was a nice & an easy drive up for us. What a nice surprise it was to meet Guy. He gave us the scoop on new merchandise at VC:-) Please extend my thanks to him for his picture taking skills too! I hope you made your flight out without any hiccups. You must be frazzled by the end of traveling –rushing here & there. As a devoted fan, I appreciate your loyalty to all of us, not to mention overlooking my dorkiness when trying to speak with you. LOL I’ve been trying to savor BMS and not rush through reading it…tonight I plan to finish it. I’m already anxious for the next one! I hope you recover quickly from the madness of traveling. Gail/St. John, IN

  24. John Williford

    I’ve been meaning to post this for over a week! It was my pleasure to review Black Magic Sanction for the Miami Herald (http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/02/23/1494039/double-double-toil-and-trouble.html). Unfortunately the drive from Miami to Charlotte is grueling – I’ve done it. But it looks like the tour was a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing the images. When are you going to have a November release so Eos will send you down to the Miami International Book Fair? (hint, hint)