Monday, Monday. And I’m in a different time zone?

I’m in Minneapolis today, here for a signing at the Barnes and Noble out in Roseville, more specifically, at the HarMar mall.  7:00. 😉

Yesterday was a signing in Grand Rapids MI, out at Barnes and Noble in the Woodland Mall.  They were not set up for a Q&A, so we weren’t able to get my usual roadies family photo, but I was very sure to get lots of pictures of them when they came through the line.  Here’s a shot of me and some of the staff there.  And  YouTube.  -grin-  I’m starting to like these YouTubes.  –more pictures–


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29 responses to “Monday, Monday. And I’m in a different time zone?

  1. Sandy

    I was at Barnes and Nobel in Grand Rapids Sunday 2/28. It was a pleasure to meet you, I forgot to bring in the picture of my “Jenks”. A kitten that I brought home in June, less than 2lbs, yet despite his small size he walked into the house like he was in charge. He made me think of the pixy that would take on the world and he was so named Jenks. Thank you for the entertainment you provide, it is a great escape from the day to day.

    • Hi, Sandy. It was great meeting you in Grand Rapids. Thank you for coming out. 😉 Oh, that would have been sweet to have seen a picture of Jenks. 😉 He sounds perfect.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the book. Thanks!

  2. marsha

    OMG that guy in the video has Rachel’s hair! Looks like everyone is having a good time, but I’ll bet you’re ready to go home and see the puppies and the people you love. I would be.

  3. Dee

    KIm, I know your busy, but have you seen the new poll at Bitten By Books. The new question is: Who Would Win in a Fight: Anita Blake or Rachel Morgan? Rachel is in the lead at 51%. Go Rachel!

  4. NickinColoma

    Miss Kim—Thanks so much for making it up this way. I am glad that I could make it out to the signing and want to thank you and “guy” for being as good as ever. —-NickinColoma

  5. Hey Ms. Harrison!
    🙂 I have come to the conclusion that I live through other people because i’ve really enjoyed the pictures and videos! Great idea to have the bunny cam! 🙂
    Have a further great and safe trip!


    Finally finished BMS. OMG! OMG! Ok now time to catch up on sleep. Can’t wait to see you in Portland/Cedar Hills! Thank you sooooo much for all these wonderful books. I can’t wait to start reading the Truth series, now that I know about those books. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  7. Nicholas

    Just finished the book, was awesome as always. just the righ amount of action, drama and sex. I just hope the series never takes the tune that other authors hae taken making them more about porn then actual content, I used to read the anita blake series but like many oithers have stopped reading the series becuase of what she turned it into anyways sorry. LOVED THE BOOK KIM! keep up the awesome work

    • Hi Nicholas. Thanks! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. My gosh, are you still worried about that? Forget about it! (laugh) I write _my_ story. Why would I want to write someone else’s?

  8. dana g

    thank u so much for coming to grand rapids i was jumping up and down all 3 hrs home!

  9. midge

    just finished BMS. loved it, as all the others! Your characters are so well developed; they are like old friends. Hate to ask, but when will the next book be available???

  10. Phil

    You’re having signing tour fun! So cool. I have BMS, but trying to finish Blood Cross, too. BMS is Awesome, Kim! You knew that! I had to tell you, though. 🙂

  11. The pictures and the videos are great! It makes me feel a bit like I got to be there. Of course, I’m hoping you’re coming to So. California in May or June so that I can actually be there (and I’m also hoping it won’t be in the June 15-20 range, as I’ll be out of town).

    Hey peeps whatever happened to that KH convention in the Honeycomb hideout? LOL 😉 We had Kim singing the theme song and everything! …Do they still have that song?!? OMGosh, well at least you’re singing with me Kim 😉

    Hope you’re enjoying yourself! Safe travels!

    • PS – I was checking out one of Kylie’s new drawings and noticed your chibi has dark glasses now. I like it – they definitely give your chibi an air of mystery.

    • Hi, Tiffany. I think the YA tour is the first week of June, so maybe I’ll see you there. Fingers crossed! I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos and pictures. Me too. 😉

  12. Back to Minneapolis for you! The Ethiopian food was to die for when I lived in the area. Have fun out there…I have jury duty the middle of the week, so I think…BMS for me while I sit and twiddle my thumbs! Plans Plans Plans!

    • MUD! *GLOMP*
      Hope you’re feeling better!

    • marsha

      Hi Mud! We miss you. Are you feeling better?

    • Hey guys. TONS better. It ticks me a bit that I had the flu shot, had a bad reaction and skipped the H1N! shot. Well, I didn’t have H1N1. I got the THIRD strain (serovar). Always LOVE to be different. At least I’m not photosensitive anymore, my friends aren’t squawking every time I popped on the computer, and I can hold my head up 🙂 Still very tired and had to find a sub for my dog training class. Bad was not getting to work (I actually love my weird job, today it was do you have phytopthera infestans and dental floss 🙂 Unfortunately, I have regular jury duty this week, so I miss two more days. Sigh. Thanks for asking. *Picks up old weary body off floor from *GLOMP*

    • Hi, Mud. I had a great day. So relaxing. Had a fab lunch, and relaxing afternoon, and then a bang-on event. Great way to end it. 😉
      Glad to hear you’re recovered.