Schuler Books and Music

Yesterday was a great signing out at Schuler Books and Music in Lansing.  Pictures and YouTubes up at the website! I enjoy the daylight signings on the weekend, and the crowd was fantastic!  Lots of videos this time, and the questions were a great mix of Hollows, writing, and even a few questions for Dawn Cook.  (laugh)

Here I am with my Schuler roadies.

And one of my favorite videos!

Schuler Books and Music

Today, I’ll be at Barnes and Nobel in Woodland Mall, Grand Rapids.

Hope to see some of you there!


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11 responses to “Schuler Books and Music

  1. Kristy

    Hi Kim,
    I’m super exctied to see you tonight in Roseville, MN. I was able for a teacher to give us a take home final so I can be there tonight… enjoy your Monday

  2. Hey Ms. Harrison,

    You must be getting tired. 🙂 Hope that you are doing well!

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  4. Krys Tourtois

    Haha! Yeah, sorry to throw in the curveball Dawn Cook question, but I couldn’t resist. Glad to see the photos and that you had a good time. We enjoyed hosting you very much.

    -Krys Tourtois, Schuler Books and Music Eastwood

    • Hi, Krys! Not a problem. I like talking about the Dawn Cook books. And I had a great time at your store. The event itself was extremely well run, and I appreciate how well you got the word out that I was going to be there. Win-win. (grin) Any time!

  5. Hi KIM,

    congratulations, your singing tour seems to become a great success! You can`t imagine how jealous I am cause I can´t be there.
    I spent my time reading, don´t know why, but this time I need more help form my dictionary. The summoning stuff around the soul thing and Newt is partly difficult. Well, it works and I LOVE BMS. But I see it more together with WWBC, more than the other books they stick together in my mind.
    A few comments before I told about the american exchange student from Wisconsin in the late `80ies and his valentine behaviours….I found him on facebook and we had a little talk about the past inspired by my contacts here. I didnt`mentioned that I got the biggest valentine those days did I ? I “got” him then, he was my first big love, all the other girls hated me the whole semester. But later they succeded in mocking, cause he left and never answered any letter. He broke my heart totally, I lost one year at school but lately everything turned out right for me. But – last but not least – it might sound silly, but all the american books I´m reading now made me strong enough to talk to him in englisch and finally say what needed to be said. I told him that he left a mess. He didn´t finish our relationship so I couln´t come over it for a long, long time. It would have been fair to make a final cut. He didn´t and left me with expectations, hopes and plans. I worked the whole summer holiday in a supermarket for a ticket to the USA…well, I spent it then for my driving licence, but it was a very hard time.
    Coming to the beaf….I have mor self-confidence now and I´m proud of it. Finally I ripped it off my soul not even knowing that it was still there. He apologized before a few days, and that´s it!

    So, this is what was happening during my reading of BMS…´s all about psychology!

    Have a nice tour!
    And thanks!

    • Hi, Michaela. Mmmm, sounds like you’re expanding your command of the English language to a good extent. And getting that out to your past boyfriend must have felt good. Closure. You take care.

  6. Gwendalla

    Looks like you are having a blast on tour Kim. Thanks again for another wonderful book. Maybe someday you will make it to Canada on one of your book tours? Till then keep having fun!

    • Hi, Gwendalla. I’m having a _very_ good time. But it will feel good to hold my puppies again. And Thing Two. And give my mom and dad a hug. Okay, let’s face it. I’m a homebody. (laugh) If I’m not at my desk, I’m not working, and I like working.

      Keep an eye on the website late May. That’s all I’m saying . . .