RRRRRRRRR-elease day! For Black Magic Sanction . . .

And I’m feeling pretty good.  😉  Can’t wait to see some of you tonight at Jo-Beth out at the mall in Charlotte.  If you’ve ever been to one of my signings, you know I’ve got a bunny cam which I send down the line for you to take pictures while you’re waiting.  Pictures of your shoes, your buddies, the war-torn books you’ve brought for me to sign, anything.  Well, this year, I’m going to “engage” the YouTube button and if you want, you can take 10-15 second videos of whatever to go up on the website.  (yay)  Should be fun . . .  Just keep it short.  -laugh-

*** Just got a link to itunes for the enhanced version, and wanted to pass it on ***

iTunes e-version of Black Magic Sanction

And if you want a sneak peek on your Itouch/Iphone . . .

sneak peek iTunes

Signing etiquette:  It varies from store to store, but this is what I like to do. Because of long lines and long series, I’ve had to start to structure how to handle those of you who bring in the entire series and anthologies for my signature.  I will happily autograph with your name and a little note two books and just put my name on the rest.  Or you can get back in line for another two with personalized notes, or bring your friends and have me sign/personalize with a note two for you through them. It’s the note that slows things down, and I can sign my name all friggen day long and not get tired.  -laugh-

Most stores do not mind if you bring in books that you have purchased elsewhere, but if you do, they appreciate it if you buy something, anything, while you are there.  The cold fact is that if they don’t make sales while I’m there, they likely won’t ask me back, so please take the time to acknowledge that they have invested a bit of money in asking me to visit your area if you are not purchasing BLACK MAGIC SANCTION at the event.  It doesn’t have to be my book, but trust me, they keep track of sales during an event.

Geeks of doom have the book trailer up today.  Geeks of doom. Promise this time.

And a little something kind of cool.  If you’ve been around on the blog for any time, you’ll probably know that before I wrote urban fantasy as Kim Harrison, I wrote more traditional fantasy under Dawn Cook.  They are reissuing my earlier work this spring, and the Truth books are set for a rapid release, one a month until all four are out.  (Princess books to follow) I talk about why at Ace’s blog today.  And you can get a glimpse of the new covers.  Dang, they are nice.  The originals were beautiful, too.  One word of warning.  If you are planning on picking these up, thinking they are Rachel in a pre-industrial setting with a walking stick and a pet bird, you will be sadly disappointed.  This is not urban fantasy, and it has a completely different pacing and style.  But, if you’re looking for a more traditional “Tolkien” like fantasy spanning continents and years, with a new magic system, new characters, and a new love story, then this might be it.  -happy sigh-  I really liked the Truth books, and I’m thrilled they are going to be given a new chance to find their audience again. Dawn Cook Essay


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123 responses to “RRRRRRRRR-elease day! For Black Magic Sanction . . .

  1. Lisa in STL

    I finally finished reading the book and I absolutely loved it even though I am curious has to who they were after and the end of the book.

  2. Lacey Lewis

    Dear Kim (Dawn),

    I love your “Truth Series” and I am so excited for the new released covers! I was wondering if you are planning on expanding the series further or if you are going to write more fantasy novels? I would love that! I couldn’t put down the truth series and I have reread it many many times.

    • Thank you, Lacey. I’m really glad you liked the Truth books. Me too. Unfortunately there will be no more Truth books, but there is the Princess series out there.

  3. Scott Alan

    I’m excited to finally get to meet you on Saturday when you come up to Michigan for your signing. I’ve enjoyed your work for years and hopefully I will be beside you signing some of my own books in the future. I admire your understanding of your craft and the respect you have for your characters, not to mention that you have a solid business sense that would serve any profession proud. Thank you for setting the bar high for those of us in the next wave of the genre. Best to you and yours.

  4. Just want to thank you Kim, for making my daughter Jennifer’s meeting with you at the book-signing everything she could have dreamed it to be!! She called me afterword, still on cloud-nine, and the shout-out video spot you did for us at Ghost Chat New England was perfect!! You really are the standard that other authors should emulate when it comes to your genuine love of your fans, and they of you!! Thanks also to your wonderful husband and son (my daughter is plotting ways of stealing his trenchcoat, so be careful!!LOL)

  5. Chelikins

    The tracking from Amazon said it was in my city yesterday, 2/23! so my mailman better be delivering it today.. I caught him yesterday and told him about it to. He first laughed at me and told me to run to the post office and pick it up. I would have too but I was leaving for work.

    My mailman is cool. He is in the play my husband is directing right now.

    So today I will have my hands on it and my hubby will not see me til I come up for air! 😉


  6. Jason in FL


    Well you’ve done it again! I am 200 pages in and whew what a thrill ride. I now see why book seven was the way it was in order to transition us into this new arc. I am trying to savor this experience but will most likely be finished soon.

  7. Jennie M

    Ahhhhhhh! I got it, I got it, I got it!!! I pre ordered it through my book club and it wasn’t to be shipped until the release date, But “Tinks panties” they made sure that I got it on the release date. I only got to page 23 before the day finally knocked me out, but I’m already loving it. Be safe out there Kim and have fun.

  8. Antonija

    Hey Kim^_^,
    I just wanted to wish you a great tour and tell you that I can’t wait to read BBM!
    I pre-ordered it quite a while ago (two months or so) and it’ll hopefully arrive soon.
    Chapter 1-7 were great ( especially that Trent appeared that soon…I think it’s the first time he’s already in the second chapter) and now it’s just one more year until the ninth book, which I’m eager to get my hands on:)
    Much love and kisses,

  9. Deanna

    OMG, I just finished Black Magic Sanction, and it was AMAZING!!!!! My favorite book in the whole series! Just wanted to send the love! ;D And have you finished the next book yet???? (Lol!)

    • Hi, Deanna. Thanks! I’m glad you liked it! Book nine is sitting on my desk, ready for the editorial rewrite, so we are well on schedule for next year’s release.

  10. Kit

    Congrats on the release date! I hope my copy comes in soon, and I can’t wait to follow Rachel in the next leg of her adventures! 🙂

    As for the Dawn Cook books, I have to admit that I have a special shrine in both my shelves and my heart dedicated to those books. I am SO happy for the rereleasing of those books. I feel like people would fall just as much in love with those as the Rachel ones, if only it gets equally good exposure. Here’s to hoping the rereleases make good sales!! I do so want to read more Dawn Cook-styled fantasy someday. 🙂

  11. Tiffany

    Hi Kim! Happy Release Day!! Great interview! It was cool seeing you typing away in your office 🙂 (Love your lamp and those cabinets by the way!) Most of all, I love hearing your voice as you talk about your characters, describing them like friends who you miss when you’re away. I just want to say that all the love and energy you pour into your characters, your website, your blog, and your fans makes the books and the world they exist in so alive. I can’t thank you enough for that. So, happy release day! May all of it come back to you tenfold. Namaste.

  12. ShadeSusurrus

    I have to say I preferred the original covers for the Truth books (Alissa looked far more mature than the curly-headed model on the re-issues…TT_TT). And having got my copy of BMS I’m wicked excited! Happy release day!

  13. Chris

    Happy Release Day Kim!!! The princess and I made the pilgramage to B&N to pick up BMS. Somehow my reserved copy wasn’t there so she grabbed one of the few left on the new arrivals table. I cracked open the book at 3:41 and as my head gets ready to hit the pillow, I have reached chapter 18. It is absolutely tremendous–even better than I could have hoped! My congratulations Kim, can’t wait to finish it tomorrow.

  14. Yay! Happy release day! I’m telling everyone I know to go out and snag your book!

  15. Phil

    HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!! Oooh, is cake anywhere in your plans to celebrate? Is there a blurb you can share for the Dawn Cook series? The Truth books have cool titles. I’m curious! I’m thinking I shall devour BMS rather than go slow! 🙂

  16. Phil

    HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!! Oooh, is cake anywhere in your plans to celebrate? Is there a blurb you can share for the Dawn Cook series? The Truth books have book titles. I’m curious! I’m thinking I shall devour BMS rather than go slow! 🙂

  17. Marsha

    Congradulations! You are currently #3 on the best sellers at B & N!

  18. Scott S, Clovis CA

    YAY! The mail carrier delivered my copy of BMS this morning (to work)!
    Of course I had to read it during lunch, picking up where the 7.1 chapter freebie browse left off. A bit of bad news, though. I made the mistake of sipping hot tea while reading and when I got to the humorous Jell-o comment on pg. 92 I proceeded to, uh, well, *anoint*, the pages with a shower of Earl Grey.
    My poor wife won’t see much of me for the next several nights!
    Thanks, Kim.

  19. Hey Ms. Harrison!

    Happy Release Day!! 😀 May this book bring a lot of good things into your life as it touches other people’s lives. Next book I’ll send you chocolate in advance. 😉 (and a magic button!!)
    I feel as if i’m always saying this, lol, but we don’t get the Dawn Cook books in SA but I’m going to start hunting for them online. I’m a big ‘traditional’ fantasy fan and I’d love to see Mrs. Cook’s take on it.
    I watched the video at Geeks and it was wonderful to ‘see’ you. 🙂 Thank you for sharing so much with your fans.
    Safe travels!


  20. Stephychan

    First I wrote the release day in my calendar(as I often do with books) then I requested off of work. I had to drive about an hour to the next town to hit up Barnes and Noble (I lament that I live in a town without a bookstore).
    So I’ve finally got it and am terribly excited but I wont read it yet. If I don’t calm down and let it sink in that I actually, finally have it then I will devour it all at once. I want to savor it though. I want to pay attention to evey detail. So for now I must wait… a couple of hours at least…

  21. JanisHarrison

    Another note to Michaela: Your kitty will be fine to have her surgery now. Our vets recommend that age 6 months is a good time to do it.

    • Oh dear Janis, thank you for that infos…she has her date with the vet tomorrow and I´m a little bit excited…she is very tiny, only about 2 kilos, and I hope that she survives the narcotics…
      Interesting, that there is an author named like you….
      Have i told you, that we are goin to adopt another spanish homeless dog? We planned it all about Oktober, when we have holidays. If you are interested have a look on http://www.podenco.in.not.de
      short break, now I go back to my Merlot and my BMS, I´ve already claimed chapter four..not easy this time, right in the first three chapters are a lot of words I had to search in my dictinonary….sigh….
      Have a nice evening

  22. JanisHarrison

    Have fun, all your early buyers/readers. And double have fun to those who will go to a signing soon. I’ll get my chance at the end of Ms H’s tour.

    Michaela, you dear person, don’t worry about posting a book to share with me. I shall read it soon enough, and I’m having terrible luck with both mail and parcel delivery lately. Wouldn’t trust it.

    Also to M: I’ve never been published except for a letter to a newspaper columnist, about line-drying laundry for apartment dwellers (it’s a new territory for us spoiled Yanks). She reprinted my letter — it spared her the chore of writing that week’s column herself. At least she gave me credit (initials only).

  23. Judy B

    My copy of Black Magic Sanction is here!
    I will NOT surface again until the book is done!

  24. Happy Release Day, Kim! Welcome to the world BMS! *hugs*

  25. shermanp

    *sob* went to buy the EE of BMS on iTunes, only to find it’s been pulled from everything but the US store 😦

    I knew I should have bought it last night when it was available…

    And I was so looking forward to reading it 😦

  26. Stephenie

    Oh a signing!! I really want to try to make it to Chicago in June for the Madison tour. I do hope you’re still coming to Chicago in June… I may cry if you don’t. I think if I turn it into a book signing/Chicago hot-wings tour, I can trick my man-friends to taking me with them. It’ll be worth the smell of boy-sweat and hot wings! 😀

    I’d love to try the Truth series if I ever get money again. I’m stretching it buying BMS as is. Which is totally worth it. Hopefully being poor is just a phase like my friends say…


  27. Alex

    happy release day! i tried to buy bms for my nook, but it’s not available! i’m sad, i always get them the first day. do you have any idea what’s going on that it’s not available?

  28. Claudia from Duesseldorf, Germany

    I cannot be true. This is a nightmare. I got my copy, started reading although two toddlers are begging for my attention.. and then pages 121 to 184 are not in my copy. HOWL…..

    • Claudia from Duesseldorf, Germany

      oooouuuufff, I found the missing pages right between 248 and 249. I don’t care that it is not properly bound, as long as it is complete and it is!!! Jippie! Thank you Kim Harrison for this next installment I am so curious to learn what is going to happen with my favourite urban fantasy witch and entourage.. many happy returns!

    • OMGosh, I’m so glad they were there. That might be a collector version you have there. 😉

  29. Julsch

    Wow, what an awesome trailer. They really did do a great job.
    Have a lot of fun at Charlotte! I’d be there if Germany was not at the other side of the Atlantic ocean, but hopefully some day you’ll visit us.:D
    I’m hoping for Amazon to send me my copy of BMS very soon. Cannot wait to actually read the book. I am totally sure it will be fantastic.

  30. Happy, happy, joy, joy! Can’t wait to pick up my copy! Loved the video at Geeks of Doom.

  31. marsha

    The interview on Geeks of Doom was great. You look wonderful. I’m so glad to finally have my book, but now I don’t know whether to read it slowly to make it last, or devour it like chocolate. No doubt it will be the later.

  32. I can’t come to your signing:( Taking the oldest for learners permit. But, I did pick your book up this morning:)

  33. Nancy H

    Hi Kim,

    I’ve been reading your blog the last several months and finally writing. Very happy for release day, can’t wait to get my hands on BMS. Also happy to hear about the reissue of the Truth Series. I read it a few months ago and really enjoyed it. I had to smile when I saw that both Allysa and Rachel had learned magical methods to warm their beverages.

    Have fun on tour!

  34. Elie

    have they ever run out of your books. If I wanted to buy BMS at a signing to be signed, is it safe to wait and buy it there or should I bring something else as a backup?

  35. Corpse1001

    Congrats, Kim!

    I would love to come out to Charlotte tonight, but I don’t think my feet can take the drive. I got hooked on your work at last years signing when I met you with my son.

    Thank you,


  36. Judi in NJ

    YYyyyyippppeeeee!!!!! Wooty Woot! HAPPY RELEASE DAY!! OK!! I got: the hardcopy, the iTunes version for my iTouch – which I bought by (happy) accident thinking that it contained all the extras…it doesn’t, and both the free and $14 app which IS the enhanced book. In my crazy excitement I was just hitting the buy button wherever I saw BMS. Not necessary folks…the $14 app IS the entire book plus all the yummy extras with the ability to switch back and forth between reading and listening. KIM – have a great tour and loads of fun – can’t wait to see pics and footage!!! Also, CONGRATS on the re-release of the Truth Series!! Kids: if you haven’t checked this series out yet…..DO SO! It’s awesome!! I’ll be reading the Princess series after I devour BMS!!!! YAY!!! SO EXCITED! Safe travels, Kim & “Guy”!! xo

  37. Frederique

    Happy release day!!! I’m going to B&N the moment I get off work and I know a friend of mine is doing the same. I think I was having an Ivy moment (I too pride myself on my self control but it seems to be failing me these days) yesterday. Feeling better and more in control today though. So happy to get back in the world of the Hollows and a bit distracted from my current situations lol.

  38. Wabbit

    Hi Kim 🙂 It’s Xmas! The day I have been impatiently waiting for is finally here and considering how much I’m bouncing off the walls I’m pretty sure I deluded myself when I ordered BMS by mail. I don’t think I can wait for shipping time, eta Friday? Like hell. I’ll probably be at my local bookstore store sometime this morning. Then once I finish sniffing your new book and recovering from that ecstatic moment of possessive infatuation that only happens when buying the best books, I’ll calm down enough to read. But, I already know what my first question will be when I’ve finished the last page… When will the next book be released? February 2011 is just cruel and unusual.

  39. Kylie Ru

    Yay! Now I have to wait for the book to get here . . . and for my mother to read it. Then it’s all mine!

    I watched the video. I would like to remind you that you are total awesomesauce.

  40. Jemma

    Yay! Release day! I got my email from Amazon.com saying my copy has been despacted today, I know it’ll take a good few weeks to get to me, but still yay!

    Also, I just watched the trailer and it is wonderful! (I’m also kinda mezmorised by your pretty nails. lol) I’ve linked to it on my facebook and livejournal too so more people can see it. 😉

  41. Dawn8226

    Happy Release Day! I already had my book set aside and Barnes and Noble so now I just have to go pick it up. Can’t wait.

  42. Heya Kim, congrats! And I just stopped by at amazon.de and they had only 3 books left! How cool! Have a successful week! aimée

  43. SeattleRobin

    Happy Black Magic Sanction Day!!

  44. Sondra

    Hello Kim! That was a very cool video Kim! You know I love the Hollows. I really do. I am long do for a series re-read while I wait to get my book. Which might be a while. I think this will my very favorite. You are awesome, you simply rock. Thank you for your work. I love it. I can not w-a-i-t for my book to see what trouble finds little miss Rachel this time and how she kicks her feet out and comes out on top. Very excited.

  45. suzannelazear

    Hi Kim! Happy Release Day!
    I’m just waiting for my book to ship. Maybe I should catch up on houselhold chores, since nothing will get done once my hands get on that book, lol.
    The book trailer was very cool. 🙂
    Oh, last night I was watching the olympics and one of the ariel skiers was talking about how he was an adrenaline junky and it made me think of Rachel. 🙂
    Have fun at the signing tonight.

  46. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! Happy Release Day!!! Amazon sent me an e-mail yesterday to let me know the book has shipped. 🙂 I was hoping to make it to the Cincinnati signing, but it doesn’t look like i’ll make it. It seems my sense of distance is a little off. I was thinking it was like 1.5 hours away, and I was informed it was 3 and a bit. Kind of hard to do on a work day. Hopefully I’ll see you at the Madison tour in the spring.~Indy

  47. becca

    hey kim
    stil waiting for my copy to arrive,hope it wont be long,does say before 1st march,still sucks though,iam very glad you have done a spoiler page so i dont find out if this ones gonna make me cry(yes i know iam kidding myself 😉 )
    just think next week you can take some well earned R’N’R
    early congrats on what i know will be an amazing adventure in the hollows

  48. Devious Minx

    hi kim!
    i was wondering if you have a list of all of your published bonus material, essays, short stories, etc and where to find them? i feel like i’ve probably missed some along the way because i read the hard cover vs the paperback, nook vs ebook (or whatever)…
    looking forward to the new release!

  49. Shanda

    Wassup Kim?!! I”m soooooooo excited for BMS!! I preordered through Amazon so it should be here when I get off from work later today! It seems like a longggggggggg time coming and I bet even more for you! Maybe one day I can make it to the east coast to go to one of your signings. Well, I know you’re about to hit the road so I wish you and Guy a safe trip! I’ll be reading the book 😛

  50. authra

    i would love to go to one of your signings but i am never close enough to were you will be 😦 but i am getting your book tonight

  51. Quick question about the iPod version — I see the unabridged audiobook on the iTunes store, but I’m guessing that’s not the bells & whistles eBook. Anyone know where the iPod eBook is being sold?

  52. Jenn

    Hi Kim,

    Happy Release Day!!!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on the new book (grin).
    I went over & checked out the Geek page, loved the interview, it was fantastic!
    However, there was a nasty comment by someone there, so I left a glowing review! I hope you like it.
    Please all you Kim fans, go & leave a positive comment as the first one that people see will be the negative one 😦
    Wishing you safe travels Kim & Guy. I hope you be able to see you on the next tour!

    • Hi, Jenn. Oh, thank you for putting your comments down. I hate to see it when someone breaks someone else’s efforts down when they haven’t read/watched it for themselves.

  53. Nicole


    Here’s wishing you a happy Release Day and a safe tour!!
    I’m still trying to wrangle a sitter so I can go to Charlotte tonight. Hopefully I can find a brave soul to help me out in time because I really, really want to be there. If I can swing it my friends and I will pile into the minivan and we’ll see you later!! 🙂

    Nicole in SC

  54. Hi Dawn 😉

    Congratulations! I´m sitting on my son´s bed while he is doing his homework and I can´t resit BMS…the book loooks great, cover and type…I´ll start reading this evening, as I told you before, but I need to hug and pamper the book a little before….sigh….Watched your Interview on Geek and I`m really touched by the way, you “feel” your charakters. Your voice sounds quite like I imagined it would….and it´s so sympathic, that you are so emotional about plot and characters, too.
    So, enjoy this day, it belongs to you!

  55. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim! Happy Release Day! Hope you can slow down and bit and enjoy it.
    I’ll have my chai tea and think of you.

    • Mendi in STL

      P.S. The iTunes enhanced e-book is amazing. Those videos are nicely produced and really do “enhance” the book experience. Kudos to those who worked so hard to produce that app!

    • Thanks, Mendi! I think they did a great job with the enhanced version, too. Enjoy that chai tea for me. 😉