Black Magic Sanction Book Trailer

Geeks of doom have the book trailer for Black Magic Sanction up today.  -grin-  And I couldn’t be more delighted.  It wasn’t up and running at the time I wrote this, but give them a break.  Geeks might not be up as early as me, having stayed up late doing . . . geek things, I guess.  (In all fairness, I think I can align myself with the geeks to a certain extent.)  They have the exclusive for this right now, apart from the extended e-book available on Iphone/Itouch.

So go check their website out today for the book trailer.  This is the first book trailer that I’ve had, it I squee-ed all the way through it.  Dang, they are making my work look good!  -laugh-  Geeks of Doom

I had a great weekend relaxing before the big push.  Found a new birding/garden store and picked up three ant catchers for my humming bird feeders.  I’ve been looking for these for two years.  And my folks came in to watch the puppies while Guy and I are on tour.  😉  They were really happy to see the two “old dogs” back in the pack for a while.  -grin-  Just about set.  OMGosh, it comes out TOMORROW!!!!

I’m not going to get any sleep tonight.  😉


PS.  Just got the word to let you know.  Dead Witch Walking has just popped up on Amazon Kindle as 100% free. I knew this was coming, and it’s been hard not to shout about it ahead of time.  (I’m good at keeping secrets, or can’t you tell?  -grin-), I know it’s not BMS.  I feel your pain.  This is what we’ve got.  You can be mad, or you can download.  I’d download.  Being mad takes too much energy.  Enjoy!

PPS:  I’ve also been told it’s available as a B&N electronic version for free as well.  Free electronic version And on Sony e-readers here

I uploaded a very detailed version of the cover here because you can see the skull above the church in this one.  Click the cover to see.  Very cool!


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151 responses to “Black Magic Sanction Book Trailer

  1. I’m writing my review for “Black Magic Sanction” for The Daytona Beach News-Journal (Don’t worry; it’s positive), and I think it would be fabulous to link to the free “Dead Witch Walking” so that other people can get into the series. Do you happen to know how long that link will be available?

    Thank you!

  2. Kristi

    I have avoided iTunes for years. Yet now it is on my computer because I couldn’t resist getting the enhanced ebook. The best thing? I was able to download it last night!

    Should I give my boss your contact info when he asks why I am so sluggish today? Yeah – I was up all night reading.

    And guess what was sitting on my door step this morning? The hardcover!

    I am so your bitch…

    I should also say – It was worth it. Loved every minute of it!

    • -grin- Kristi, that is too funny! Thank you. 😉

      Hope you don’t get in trouble at work today, but it’s fair play, I think. You wouldn’t believe the nights I spend staring at my ceiling, wondering how I’m going to get Rachel out of her latest fix.

      Glad you enjoyed the ride. Thank you!

  3. Amanda (in Korea)

    I got screwed… I can’t download my ebook from BooksonBoard! Aaaargh. And I lost my ipod touch yesterday, what are the chances of that…seriously.

    • I’m sorry you got surprised by this, Amanda.
      The Sony release is delayed along with the Nook and Kindle, but they should have made the delay obvious when you ordered. It’s a mess right now. I have a page set up if you would like to leave your constructive thoughts for my publisher.

    • Amanda (in Korea)

      No biggie, I got my money back! I know it not you (the Author’s fault). I am crazy mad, I lost my ipod touch, though… I mean, really? LOL. I just have to wait on snail mail. Gosh I hate waiting the old way. 🙂

  4. Jeannie

    Just seen your video on Geeks, you look great! Fun! Thanks! Today is the day!!! I bet a best seller…

  5. I got it!! It´s here… delievered it just in time, my BMS exemplar…
    It looks great, feels fantastic and the smell of a brandnew book seduces me to start reading soon…..but first I have to pick up my son from school or I´ll be shunned from the elimentary mothers`mafia…..won´t ever become mom of the month again….
    but tonight´s the night…..anyone who tries to disturb me, Mrs.Merlot and Ms.Coffee will have a hard time to suffer…

  6. Chris

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!The vid is FINALLY up at the Geeks of Doom website and now everyone can see Kim’s passion for the Hollows and its residents> Great job Kim. For the first time in my life I can honestly say I like a graveyard!! lol

  7. Tiffany

    Whoooohooo!!!!! Guess what I’ve got?? Yep, my preorder came today! It must be some kind of mistake or something, but here it is! Okay – I’m off to go read it!

    PS – I loved finding out about how trolls are related to squid on your post Friday 🙂

    • Tiffany

      PPS – I there is something wrong with the link to the e-book cover – I couldn’t open a bigger version of it and I think I was supposed to be able to becasue it does open a new window. But its got the red X of death 😉

    • That’s great, Tiffany. Enjoy! I’m not sure what’s going on with the red X. Mmmm

  8. Eve

    Sorry about the hold-up, but our video for Black Magic Sanction is up now:

    Looking forward to the new book, and definitely grabbing that free kindle Dead Witch Walking right this minute (and spreading the word).

    Good luck tomorrow on the launch!

    Empress Eve
    Executive Editor
    Geeks of Doom


    Hmmmm, I still see no book trailer. =(

    Cannot wait for BMS tomorrow, then just one more month and Kim will be here for a signing! *jumpingupanddown*

  10. reeder

    Oooh! Thanks for the book in ebook format for free! Came looking for where to buy Black Magic Sanction in ebook format soonish por-favor and stumbled across this first.

  11. Stephenie

    EEEEEP!! I have to finish WWBC before Wednesday. I ordered mine online from SFBC since I won’t be able to get out to a store. With expedite shipping I’m hoping it will be here Wednesday or Thursday. Everybody cross your fingers while you’re reading for me! 😀
    I can’t wait to see the trailer… I love book trailers, I think books deserve trailers just as much as movies. They’re more entertaining and cheaper. I’m babbling from excitement!!

    Does anyone know how long Dead Witch Walking will be free for ereader downloads from Amazon or B&N? My laptop won’t be back until midmarch for me to download it to… O.o

  12. Jeannie

    Excited!!! I justed want to Thank You ahead of time for BMS, I’m sure it will be great and I didn’t want to forget (you know its possible once the book is in my hand). I will be at B & N when the doors open at 9am for my reserved copy. Teeth brushed by probably not hair. Hope I don’t see anyone I know. lol. Have a good trip and post lots of pictures. Thanks to your family for watching the pups, I’m sure that keeps you in better spirits while on the road.

  13. A.N.

    Hola Ms. Kim! Tomorrow is the day! Have good travels and a wonderful time with the fans. Be Happy! A.N.

  14. Jay

    Woke up this morning and my ipod had a message that BMS comes out this week. Well, this week just better (big smile).
    Unfortunatly, I live in “Rural America” with no book stores. I’ve been pre-ordered for a month, but alas, I must await shipping.
    Ironicly, I may not have the copy yet when I go to an upcomming sighning. I, of cousre, would end up with 2 then. Hope Alyssa’s not reading this one.LOL.
    Ant traps. You’ll have to let me know how they work. I have many Ruby throated hummers that come to my windows every summer, but the ants do too!!

  15. Jason

    I can’t wait to read this! I read the first chapter published on your site and it’s been a bittersweet joy since I have to wait for the rest! I pre-ordered through Borders though, so it will get here a.s.a.p. I can’t wait for the next one to come out after it too! XD

    What’s the the itty bitty smily face at the very bottom of this page?

    • Hi, Jason. I hope you enjoy it when you get your copy! 😉

      That smily face comes with the theme I’m using. It was there with the first theme I was using, but it was hard to see. ??

  16. Bob J

    Dear Kim,

    Your new book is on e-bay already and Blackstone Audio has a sample. It is great. I am heading out to the bookstore to pick up BMS in the morning. So I will see you in Dayton on the 25th. I hope you get to take the Anderson Ferry from the airport to Cinnc. It is very close to the airport and you don’t even need to get on the Highway. Also Have dinner at the Radisson Hotel in the Hollows. That is the revolving restaurant. Sorry, we still have snow here, but it is melting fast. Congratulations on the new book.

    Best Regard,

    Bob J

  17. So where is this fancy iPod audio/video/text version?

  18. Phil

    Tomorrow can not come soon enough. Oh, I have to wait for Wednesday! 😦 Well, Wednesday can not come soon enough!! 😉

  19. Hey Ms. Harrison (and everybody else).

    Hmm. Today, admittedly, I’m feeling fond feelings of utter dislike towards all of you. BMS released in america. *Grr* have to wait MONTHS for my copy. *Grrr again.* I’ll have to see what I can do. lol.
    Good luck with the release tomorrow Ms. Harrison, what can you expect from tomorrow? Phone-calls? Reviews? Crazy fans running up your driveway demanding a) revenge, b) a re-write, c) a sequel, d) an autograph, e) a world wide release date…
    *laughs* I’m really happy for you. 🙂 Congratulations on another achievement. It’s really a pleasure reading your books and even more of a pleasure reading your blog.
    Sleep well.

    • Phil

      You need to book passage to America! Or complain to your government! How can they deprive you??? 😦 I will think of you when I read it!

    • *laughs* I’m trying to place the emotion behind that comment Phil because it doesn’t sound very sympathetic…

    • Phil

      I meant it sympathetic! I promise!

    • *laughs again and glomps Phil* I take your word on it. 😛 Thanks mate.

    • I’m listening to my one playlist and I thought I’d post this song to help you with your sleepless night Ms. Harrison. 😉 It made me think of you, lol.

    • Dude i must’ve missed it. But, hmm, it rings a bell suddenly. My problem sadly starts with not having paypal and being unable to set it up because my bank account type doesn’t support it (read – no credit card). I can send an AMEX traveller’s check, but – i’d be to scared that the money wouldn’t reach you. 🙂 No, I’ll have to wait it out, lol. (And stop complaining about it, lol).
      Thank you for the offer though Antonio-kun, I really appreciate it. 🙂 it would’ve been worth the extra postage, lol.

    • Jenn

      omg, Alyssa! I love that song!!!! Where is the group/artist from & I’m assuming that Owl City is their name?

    • Yup. The band’s owl city, the song’s fireflies.

    • Antonio Rich

      I think I’ve brought this up before, Alyssa, but i could get you a copy($14 US) and ship it to you, would it be worth the extra postage? Do you have a payPal account? I could probably get a signed copy.

    • read reply above your head, I posted in the wrong comment. 🙂 Clearly time for bed, lol. Good night!

    • Hi, Alyssa. Today, actually, is going to be rather relaxing, with no work other than internet stuff. Than I get to dress up and go to Charlotte for the first event. The evening ends with me prepping stuff for my web page, then bed. Tomorrow is when it really starts.

      (where’s my chocolate?)

  20. Kim!!! I want to say i love you! And if that is too much then i apologize 🙂 haha Please dont let that creep you out. Its a friendly, “Your amazing for your hollows series love!” Anyways, Since im still stationed in the UK im gonna have to wait a few days more to get my book. Thank god my mom is still in Michigan so she can ship BMS to me! I have a feeling that you are gonna be overwhelmed with comments on here with your new book! I’ll try and refrain from posting something after ever chapter… haha. Have a great tour Kim! Cant wait to read my copy when it gets here!

    Jen UK

  21. marsha

    Yes! Finally I can go to B & N tomorrow and wrest my book from the stingy hands of the clerk that told me it was in last week but I couldn’t have it!

  22. Talyn

    Hey thats great. Do you know what the bonus material is?

    • Hi, Talyn.

      There are videos of me talking about the Hollows, how the books came together, and how I work. There are several audio commentaries by me concerning key scenes and characters, and how things didn’t always go as I had planned. One of the coolest things you will get with the enhanced e-book is the entire audio book synced to the text, which means you can listen in the car, then shift to the text when you get home without losing your place. Ms. Gavin is reading, and she’s done her usual fabulous job. There’s a book trailer in there, too, and a couple of cool bits and bobs revolving around the Hollows. Lots of fun stuff. And you get to see me in my natural habitat of my office and graveyard. Enjoy!

  23. Jessi

    Being “stick to it” is incredible. 🙂 I picked up this perfume today that reminded me of Ivy…It was by Rodriguez and it’s this musk for women…the smell was light yet lingering and rich…anyway that was pointless I just figured I would share that with you. Thanks for being such an awesome author. Looking forward to BMS and the graphic novel.

  24. Chris

    Tomorrow…Tomorrow…I love ya tomorrow……(good thing y’all can’t hear me singing–can’t carry a tune in a dump truck)….went over to Barnes & Noble after the back treatment this AM and reserved my copy of BMS. Tried to coax ’em to sneak into the back room but they were having none of that! So the princess and I will be heading over as soon as she get home from school. We’re suppose to have precip all week(rqin then snow) but hasn’t started here yet.

  25. Wow. I didn’t see a skull until I really stared at it. Very cool!
    A friend or 15 🙂 Are heading over to get Kindle DWW. I may be able to push them to purchase.

    Actually, they will.

    The goofy group of us, all except for moi writing something (they keep sending me here with the writing type question I occasionally ask.) are going to be meeting in NJ in June! One insane Aussie, one insane Canadian, one only slightly crazy Brit, a native NJ, and totally normal, sane me. Other than email, IM and Skype, we’ve never met.

    Off to get a Geek. Um, a look see. I’ll leave the geeks on campus alone, the IT geeks are about 9.

  26. JanisHarrison

    Well, I have had notice that I’m #67 on the waiting list for BMS at the library. They will have 18 copies, So that’s about 4 months…*sigh* Being poor sucks.

    • Hi Janis,

      I think I´ll need a week to read BMS….shall I send you my exemplar, and when you finished reading you`ll send it to Kim to sign it??? I would give free stamps with it….
      Did you see the comment I made? I think I found a book that you´ve written….or am I wrong?

      Nice evening

    • Hi, Janis. I bet you get it in two weeks. 😉 Enjoy!

  27. Am i the only one unable to access to these ebook because i’m outside US? This sucks. So much.

  28. Sabrina has already shipped my copy of BMS so I’m going to get it tomorrow!!! Soooooo excited!!!! Can’t wait!!

  29. suzannelazear

    Ugh. Barns and Noble is saying mine won’t ship until March 30?? Egads. I might have to cancel the order and just go buy it in the store. I can’t wait that long. The tot has been asking to go to the bookstore anyway (we went yesterday, so she’s not bookstore deprived, but I *loved* bookstores when I was a tot, too. Wait. I still love bookstores).

    I’ll check back on the geek site later and see if it’s up yet.

    Happy Monday!


  30. Chelikins

    Got my confirmation from Amazon! YEA! I cannot wait. I have a short week too since I took vacation part of Thurs and all of Friday so I can help my hubby with the dinner theater he is directing.

  31. shermanp

    Only 13 hours to go untill my ebook download link comes active!! Can’t wait!

    The best bit? It will be 7pm where I live, so will have plenty of time to get settled in reading for the evening 😀

  32. SeattleRobin

    I’m gonna reread my new free copy of DWW tomorrow while everyone else is reading BMS. Then I won’t feel so left out! (grin) It should be interesting since it’s been so long since I originally read it.

  33. Donza

    Any news when the audio version will be out?? Even tho I could read it for free I’m trying to wait for the audio – even if I do have to pay (your books are SOOOO worth it!). 🙂

  34. Dina Y.

    why can’t it be tomorrow already!? I’m trying to get my cousin in grand rapids to get to see you. All the tour dates are far too far north for a gal like me to go to! </3

    geeks like me stay up all night playing computer games! ;3

  35. Gwendalla

    Hey evreyone I just found a site that has free shipping on all it’s books. Supposedly it’s free shipping round the world but I havn’t tested this.
    What better time than just before a release.

  36. Roger Simmons

    Early to Death, Early to Rise tour (Harper Collins supernatural summer)

    First week in June–cities to come

    Kim, When do you think we will know the locations & dates for this tour?

    Chicago area?

  37. Vampyre

    Howdy ma am My computer is still in the shop so I am using my Kindle to do this. It ainteasy but itz doable. Tommorrow feels like Christmas to me and you re Santa. Dont worry I wont try to sit on your lap. I d hate to break you and Guy would kill me.

  38. Yippiyeah……that mail there “down under” reached me for three seconds….it´s the affirmation that my BMS book is on it´s way….

    I really do love amazon!

    Guten Tag,

    unser Logistikzentrum hat den unten stehenden Artikel verschickt!

    Unser Hinweis:

    Sie koennen Ihr Kundenkonto jederzeit ueber “Mein Konto” einsehen und verwalten.

    Ihre Bestellnummer 028-7922324-8799540 (eingegangen Februar 9, 2010)
    Bestellt Titel Preis Versandt Zwischen-


    Artikel von (verkauft durch Amazon EU S.a.r.L.):

    1 Black Magic Sanction (Rach… EUR 17,95 1 EUR 17,95

    Versendet mit Deutsche Post DHL (Lieferung voraussichtlich: Februar 23,

    Paketverfolgungsnummer: 116725199810

  39. Les Miserables…..adorable! The Viloline Teacher of my son is part of the orchestra of Les Miserable in a city near Hannover….
    Oh my god, the Kittycat is yelling for her boyfriend…..if she hasn´t finished until tomorrow evening she´ll disturb my date with the hollows and I have to imprison her or give her some kind of animal valium…..That sound is horrible

  40. Antonio Rich

    “Patchy freezing drizzle” — Here in southern Ohio “alot” of the snow has melted the last couple of days. The weather forecast calls for a mixture of snow and rain now thru friday, and the aforementioned “drizzle” (shiver)…but HEY! let’s think positive thoughts!

    OMGosh you must be excited! I can’t imagine. I mean you’ve already written it, so there must be a tremendous feeling of accomplishment, but finally sharing it with everyone…it can’t get old, right?

    • Kylie Ru

      We have rain today. Had it yesterday and Friday, too.

    • Antonio Rich

      Yeah, right, rain in Arizona must feel like walking under a mist machine at a mid-summer amusement park.

      Miss Kim and Guy are making their way up here this week, and it would be nice if hair would remain “un-mussed” and clothes dry, mood bright…I hear Guy can be quite the “Diva” if his hair is messed up… 😉

    • Phil

      We’re getting rain tomorrow. Ah. Rain. Not snow. 😀

    • SeattleRobin

      Should I mention we’ve been having stunningly beautiful weather here in Seattle the last couple days? Temps in the high 50’s, sunny and blue skies. The azaleas are blooming.

    • Kylie Ru

      Sunny and blue skies is evil weather. Overcast and pouring? Now that’s some beautiful stuff. Throw in some thunder and lightning, and I could watch for hours.

    • Antonio Rich

      Hey boo–have you ever been to Vancouver? It looks beautiful. I heard that they buy more books, per capita, than any other city in NorthAmerica as well(I would have guessed Seattle). I’ve never been to Portland, Seattle, or Vancouver…I see a new Lisa Shearin book is on the horizen–april, i think…did you read The Edge by Ilona Andrews, yet? 😉

    • lol, I think I should stay out of the weather discussion.
      Sunny… 28 degrees C, light wind…
      *Runs for cover under an attack of snowballs*
      I’m not bragging.

    • Uh huh. Well, it’s snowing, about 28 and honestly, it sucks.

      But, if you want to see, this is across the street from where our building is:

    • marsha

      My dad was stationed in Tacoma (McCord AFB) for two years. Absolutely my favorite place we ever lived.

    • Antonio Rich

      I don’t mind the cold, or even the snow…it’s just that here in Ohio, the sun goes away for about 5 months…I start to have dreams about the sun…it’s yellow, from what I remember, right?

    • White fluffy wet stuff! Wonderful! *forgive me, I only saw my first snow two years ago so really, I’m not over exposed yet…*

    • Antonio Rich

      Alyssa–forgive my ignorance, but is there any snow-capped mountains “somewhat” close to S Africa?

    • Jenny

      Antonio- at least we don’t live in the Pacific Northwest! We had sun yesterday in Southern OH! I know we did, because it was out as I got my car stuck in mud up to the frame and had to have it pulled out with chains. Didn’t help much when I got it stuck in the snow later that night though. This is why spring is on my list of least favorite OH seasons. It’s wet and muddy and cold. At least in Winter the ground stays solid!

    • mudepoz

      Jenny. Don’t take mud in vain.
      It feels lovely between your toes.

    • Jenn

      Yes mud between the toes is great but I have at least another month before we have mud all the time…
      Let’s see after a beautiful sunny weekend, today we started off overcast, then really big snowflakes & lots of them & then by noon, we had freezing rain for an hour before we got back to the snow again….fun fun fun!!!

    • mudepoz

      A bit of lake effect. A bit of storm, a lot of melting, then tomorrow it will plop down into the 20’s.

      I love mud. The dogs do GREAT paintings on the walls and floor when they come in.

    • Antonio Rich

      I’d be willing to bet the Pacific NW actually sees more sun than we do. Sadly. Spring here is “dreary.” OK–enough complaining about the weather–lets read BMS and escape! HooYay!

    • It feels really good, Antonio. Really good.

  41. Kylie Ru

    The only bad thing about BMS coming out tomorrow is we have to wait a whole ‘nother year for the next one! But we can deal with that on wednesday.

    I hope you can get some sleep tonight, Kim-san. Sleep is a glorious thing!

    Oh! And I’m thrilled you liked your chibi!

  42. Great. I am the only one who has to wait. They said it will be there in april… 😦

  43. Judi in NJ

    Sorry to double-post. I read the EOS article: and it turns out I was making things more difficult for myself (really? me?!). I thought I would need a special app or something for my iTouch and I panicked when I did a search on iTunes and nothing came up. Guess nothing will be there until tomorrow. ok…breathing…yeah…good.

  44. Hi Kim!
    You had quite a week last week. I just read the recap you did since I missed most of it due to work.
    My stories have felt it too. I’ve been writing like crazy this weekend and posting NaSty stories. Everything is flowing into place for all my projects and feels great to get back at it.
    From this week on, I actually altered my work schedule. I still clock in 37.5 hours at the office but only in 4 days and a half. I keep monday morning to work on my novel.

    I guess being thrilled when something of yours is about to hit the shelves never gets old, does it? I’ve only known it on a small scale through the games I’ve been designing. This wednesday is actually a major release for my company; our first XBox Live Arcade game. But I only did the historical research and wrote the jokes for the loading screens so I should be able to sleep!

    Good luck on your tour!

    • Kylie Ru

      What game?

    • The game is called Lazy Raiders. I’ll actually post a link to the trailer on my blog Wednesday. It’s an action-puzzle that will turn your world around. *chuckles* You’ll understand why when you see the trailer. Or you can google it.
      I worked very little on it though (see my initial comment) so its not a big turn of my career but it is a big turn for my company. *chuckles again*

    • Jenn

      Yes, what game & do you know more about when your novel will be out?

    • I’m not even done writing my novel so I haven’t gone editor hunting yet (agents are not common place for writers in Quebec). In other words, I have no clue if it will ever be out.

      If it’s any consolation, there is plenty to read on my blog; namely, the NaSty stories and an unfolding story of which I post 1,000 words a week.

      May be that story will catch the attention of an agent and fast-track my way on your shelves. *daydreaming… again*

    • Chelikins

      Sounds like you have been very busy! Hope you get the time you want now to work on your stories.

    • Me? Busy? I’m pretty sure my name is in the dictionnary under busy. I drive my friends nuts with every thing I have going on! 😉
      Fortunately that does include my stories!

    • Hi, Aheila. Yep it was a busy week, and now I can sort of coast. (not really) It sounds like you have a perfect schedule. Enjoy your writing.

      And no, for me it doesn’t get old, but I’m starting to look forward and trying to imagine a release without the fuss of a tour. Maybe someday, eh? -laugh-

  45. yes…that naughty kitty…..I have to admit that I played for a few minutes with the thought oft letting her have the babys…..but there are already to much cats around here – and around most other places, I guess – so I will take her to the doctors wednesday….Spring will come ( when I look outside my window into all these white and muddy grey I can´t belive it ) and with it a lot of kittys, I´m sure one will find us like every year 🙂

    A Vampires`s heart ? In Hamburg they play “Dracula” based o Bram Stoker, maybe it´s similar…
    I like Musicals, I´ve seen Mama Mia and Grease about five times I guess…

  46. Roger Simmons

    Bitten by Books has a new poll today –
    Who is Your FAEvorite Fairy?

    Go Jenks.

  47. authra

    omg i can’t wait till tomorrow i have been needing something new to read (girly squeal) i have actally got a couple of my friends hooked on your book and they are threating bodily harm if i don’t stop doing spoilers of the books i have read and they have not yet lol

  48. Judi in NJ

    CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!! Wooty Woot Woot!!!!! Tomorrow’s bustin’ out all over!!!! Almost done with my re-read of WWBC, too! Perfect! Haven’t read any of the sneaks as I like to have the entire work in my hands! I don’t even read the cover sleaves until I’ve finished the book! I’m SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can ya tell??????????

  49. Jenn

    lol…I’m glad that you are soooo excited….

    The Geek boys don’t have your update on there yet…I’ll have to check back later so I can squee too! grin

    I had a fabulous weekend….going to a musical & then horseback riding…it was soooo nice…

    I’m glad the pups are all taken care of for you & that you seem to be all set for the tour!

    As for sleeting tonight, maybe you’ll wear yourself out before hand with all the excitement?

    • Jenn

      Oh yeah….I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!! Happy dance, happy dance!!!!!

    • Hi Jenn, hi Kim,

      yes, the Geek boys don´t have the update….or I just couldn´t find it.
      Which musical did you see, Jen?

      I have to make a date with our vet, I´m afraid my kitten might be pregnant…though she is just 8 months, she had a rendevous with a big fat dragon of a male cat…I saw and heard it last night….so she´ll have to be castrated soon….I would have prefered to see her grow another two months or so but she decided to be precocoius…..what a mess.
      I don´t have much time today, have to take my son the music school, he plays violine, and afterwards I`ll prepare ale that stuff that I would usually do tomorrow, because my exemplar of BMS has already reached amazon and they´ll ship it forward with UPS, time of delivery two hours around noon….exitement? not nearly close….

    • Jenn

      Oh you lucky lady!!!! BMS already? Sigh…oh well, not too long to wait now….

      Uh oh, kitty pregnant? I don’t think at that age it’s a good idea…at least for the mother cat. Good luck with it!

      My brother-in-law directed & acted in A Vampire’s Heart. It’s based on Bram Stroker’s Dracula. It was very good for a local theatre group. We enjoyed it very much.

    • Hi, Jenn.

      I slept pretty good last night. -happy sigh- Surprised myself.

      The link for the video at Geeks of Doom is finally active. Enjoy!