We are days from the release of Black Magic Sanction, and from my perusal of the spoiler page, it sounds like you guys are enjoying it so far.  😉  Thanks for keeping the spoilers off the main posts.  I REALLY appreciate it.

So for today, just a quick recap of the week.

Prom Nights from Hell is being re-released the same day as Black Magic Sanction with a beautiful new cover.  This anthology is where I introduce Madison in the novella Madison Avery and the Dim Reaper. No witches or vampires here.  It’s all about angels and timekeepers.  Though targeted to young adult, it’s not just for the kids. (click for excerpt)

We had tons of snow, and I used the opportunity to figure out how to use YouTube.  Remember the bunny cam from last year?  This year, you can take ten-second videos as well, and I’ll try to put the best few up here and the website.

I put in a ten-hour day at Bitten by Books on Tuesday.  Loved chatting with the readers there.  Their ideas about love, romance, and lust have helped me decide what’s going on in Rachel’s head.  Maybe.  The chat is still up if you are interested in seeing what everyone had to say.

The last of the graphic novel pages (summer 2011) came in, and I finally got to see Kisten in the tub.  Not as much Kisten showing as I wanted, so I asked for revisions.  -laugh-  Here is the page I _did_ share.  Love the facial expressions.

Watched the Westminster dog show with Guy, our yearly tradition now stretching, ah, 24 years.  My favorite to win, Bru, did not, but Sadie looks like a great dog.

Harper/Eos has put up a whopping seven chapters of Black Magic Sanction for your sneak peek pleasure.  Spoiler page is a direct result of that.  I won’t be commenting, but you know I read your comments.  I’m glad someone picked up on that was in Glenn’s inbox.  Not saying the theory is right, just that I put that there for a reason.  -grin-

And I tried to cast some light on the drama of the e-books. I’ve not yet gone through the comments at the time I wrote this, but I skimmed yesterday, and I am astounded at variety of well-thought-out, clear-headed, strong opinions I’m seeing.  There is no general consensus.  Everyone is right, no one is wrong.  This is going to take a while.

As for what I’ve been doing apart from above?  I’ve been picking away this week on the species descriptions for the Hollows World Book.  Did you know that trolls are actually more closely related to squid than humans?  I didn’t, but it explains how they can shrink down like they do and why they eat concrete.  (Since the shellfish they evolved eating aren’t available a thousand miles inland.)  Mmmmm, fun.

No wonder I’m tired. . .  😉  Have a great weekend!


PS  Book trailer on Monday.  Come back and see!!!!


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  1. terry lamar

    I love your books and your writing, honestly it’s so much better than many other writers of the vampire genre. Please, please do not leave Ivy hanging. I haven’t down loaded Black Sanction yet from yet, but I will today. Ivy’s character is excellent because many of us are strong yet vulnerable, and looking for love even though it may not conform to convention. Ivy and Rachel can exchange energy if not sex so that some of their emotional needs are met. Love is what will save both of them. It’s time that Rachels camerilla start giving her some respect as well as political support.
    Thank you and keep up the good work.

    • Hi, Terry.

      Thank you! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the books so much. I hear what you’re saying about Ivy and Rachel. I’d love to say I know what’s going to happen, but I don’t. Having both ladies find their happy endings is one of my goals.

  2. Nurslings

    I can’t wait to read BMS. I don’t see Ivy and Rachel as a couple, it just doesn’t feel right. I was so very mad (at you, sorry) when Kist…. I’ve always been fascinated by Rachel and Trent’s obvious to an extent attraction to each other. You never know, there could be a spark or two there in the future… at least I sort of hope so. Can witches and Elves have babies? It’s been a while since I read the series.

    • Hi, Nurslings. Thanks! I hope you like it when you pick up a copy. 😉 I wasn’t too happy about Kisten either, but I will follow where the characters lead me. Trent and Rachel? Rachel says “Hell no,” but she’s said that about Kisten, too. -laugh- Witches and elves can not have babies, no.

  3. SeattleRobin

    Hate to double post, but I just found this out and was too excited so came back here again.


    Dead Witch Walking is FREE at Amazon for the Kindle right now. (I hope I’m not taking away Kim’s thunder if she was planning on posting about it.)

    Publishers often make the first ebook in a series available for free for a limited time. The idea is people download and read the free ebook and they hopefully like it enough that they’ll buy more books by that author or in that series. (This is smart marketing. I’ve bought several books by authors I’d never have even heard of if it wasn’t for the free ebook.)

    I’ve been angsting over whether or not I should rebuy the entire Hollows series as ebooks for re-reading because it ain’t cheap to do. Even though I’m already a fan, getting the first one free will probably push me over the edge!

    I’ve recommended Kims books numerous times on the Kindle forums, but there are tons of people who don’t read them who will still see the free book. So this will hopefully mean a whole new bunch of fans!

    • Hi, Robin.
      I saw that yesterday, too, and I knew it was coming, but my publisher hadn’t given me the “all-clear” to post about it. (No worries, though. If Amazon has it up, it’s fair game to talk about.)

      So yes, DWW is available totally free right now for Kindle users 😉 Enjoy! Share the love! -laugh-

      And thanks, Robin. I really appreciate the word of mouth.

  4. SeattleRobin

    Fascinating about the trolls! Who knew?

    Thanks for doing the spoiler page. Now I don’t feel like I need to avoid the blog until April!

    On the ebooks thing, I think you’re being a bit optimistic that everything will be figured out by this time next year. I’m guessing another 2-3 years until things really settle down. Heck, McMillan (sp?) still makes every indication they’re ebook phobic and wished they’d just go away.

    Nicola Griffith had a link on her blog to Richard Curtis’ E-Reads which had an interesting and enlightening graphic about the increase in ebook sales over the last couple years.

    One thing about what you said in a comment to someone else. The ebooks that Amazon removed from Kindles were all illegal copies of those books. Most of them were pirated books (like Harry Potter and Twilight) that the pirates had sold via Amazon’s digital publishing platform. And the infamous Orwell books are still under copyright in the US and got put on the US site by mistake. Amazon refunded the affected people the same day the copies were removed. They’ve since changed how their servers and digital publishing system work to avoid it happening again. Their snit with McMillan wanting to use the agency system and removing the books from sale though is a whole different story. That only hurt the authors and was a terrible move on Amazon’s part.

    • Hi, Robin. OMGosh, you’re welcome for the spoiler page. It was almost scary how the spoilers were coming in until I put one up. It’s much safer now to curse the blog without finding dead bodies. 😉

      I could have been misinformed of course, but the e-books I was talking about that Amazon pulled from readers were those that were legally purchased from Amazon that had a same sex relationships. But again, I might have been misinformed. (shrug) I’d not heard about HP and Twilight.

    • SeattleRobin

      Ah, I think you’re talking about a different Amazon major goofup. There was a period where their ranking of books on their website was not listing books with gay characters or by gay authors because they had been classified as adult content. Amazon has never censored or refused to sell gay books. It was a database issue. Who knows who at Amazon was responsible for it (and hopefully they were royally reamed or fired), but it wasn’t due to a company policy and it wasn’t an ebook issue.

  5. Is there not going to be a release of BMS on I can’t find it on the “coming soon” list it has been there for so long I never thought to check to be sure it was coming before I signed up for the month as I do every year!

    • It should be, Adam. I’ve been told that the audio book has the go-ahead to be released the 23rd. I’ve also heard from a lot of worried audio book fans that they can’t find it.

  6. Chelikins

    Happy Dance!! I haven’t got my confirmation from Amazon yet BUT my credit card said Amazon had charged them and when I go to Amazon it says order being processed!! So it should ship tomorrow!! I hope. And if it does it should ship out of Lexington, KY (I hope) and I will have it either Tues or Wed! yea

  7. Can’t believe it’s already sunday. Where did my weekend go? 😥
    Hey Ms. Harrison, 😀
    So much excitement!!! Although I won’t be able to read it, lol, I can’t wait for the 23rd purely to see what people’s reactions would be after!!! 🙂
    Rode 9 miles on Basjan yesterday. The weather’s turning here – although it’s not cold yet, you can somehow feel that it’s getting cooler. Something in the wind and light. I love it, the promise of autumn and winter.
    Hope you had a great weekend.(Quite a lot of new faces here!)

    • SeattleRobin

      Alyssa, I know what you mean about the hints of the season turning! Even if the temps are still the same, there’s that underlying hint of coolness. You’re very right about it being something in the wind and light. I love that transition to autumn!

    • FINALLY! Somebody who doesn’t think i’m mad!!!
      1 down, 6 billion people left to go…

      Thank though! I love the change. 🙂

    • Hi, Alyssa.

      Sounds like you had a relaxing weekend. Me too. -sigh- We’ve got rain here today, but I hear they have snow in Cincy. Erg. I got my fill last week.

  8. Jessi

    Thank you for being so incredible.

  9. Hi, Kim! I am a fairly new reader of your books, and I have just finished reading For a Few Demons More. I really like your characters, and I’m hoping that you be doing quite a few more books with them. I am, however, very disappointed that you killed Kisten off. He was a most provocative character….

    Going off to the bookstore to pick up The Outlaw Demon Wails along with Laurell Hamilton’s latest Anita Blake novel. After reading the excerpt from it, I am most eager to read the rest. Thanks for a lot of awesome reading!

    • Hi, Penney.

      Thank you! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the books. I’ve got 12 to 13 planned to get to the end of the story arc, and then it’s on to new things for me.

      Enjoy your reads!

  10. Chris

    Still holding out…barely. If I read those posted chapters I will finish the book by Thursday at the latest and then the wait….the wait…the wait… begins anew for the next book.
    btw-my daughter likes Kylie-San’s art @ deviant art and left her a message.

  11. Carolyn

    Hello Kim,

    Apologies for posting a completely irrelevent comment here, I couldn’t find anywhere else (more suitable or otherwise) to ask. (Also, I did try checking the FAQ first, honest!). I’d love to know if you plan any more Truth books – I thoroughly enjoyed them and would appreciate more!

    Many thanks, and congratulations your latest release,

    • Hi, Carolyn.

      This is the right place for it, so I’m glad you asked! As it sits right now, the Truth series is done and finished at a nice spot, and I don’t have plans for writing any more. Alissa told me to leave her alone so she could have her happy ending. I’m so glad you enjoyed them. Thank you!

  12. Judi in NJ

    Hiya Kim! I have an iTouch and iTunes…now what? I’m a dunce when it comes to this stuff. For the record: I plan on buying 2 hardcopies on Tues; 1 for me and 1 for a friend of a friend. However, I’d love to check out the cool stuff that comes with the enhanced ebook. How do I get it? I have a B&N app on my iTouch already…is that where I get the enhanced BMS ebook? GGrrrr! I don’t get this tech stuff! Do I look under Audiobooks in iTunes? (I did & didn’t see anything). >>>Anyone? Class? Anyone know the effects?<<<my impression of the teacher from Ferris Bueller's Day Off – used when I am especially confused.

  13. Antonio Rich

    OK–I know we have a page for this, but–i was looking at an entertainment site listing some new tv shows in the works for next year and they had 2 actresses photos (2 different shows) next to each other and i said WOW!

    For a new version of Nikita–Maggie Q (mission impossible3)

  14. My pom somehow managed to get into some fresh construction adhesive (I was at work so please don’t call the SPCA). You can’t get that out of long coats so guess what’s under all that hair? A Chihuahua!

  15. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Contrary to popular belief, I am alive and well. It is my computer that has died. The techs say it will be ready in a day or two.(they have been saying this for about 24 days now)

    It is sad that I look forward to coming to work on the weekends just so i can get my hands on a computer. Sadly this is a work computer and it has anything marked ‘fun’ blocked. I can get here but many parts of your very own web site are blocked by this infernal machine. I do hope I canat least get to the events page so I know exactlly where to go Tuesday.

    Tuesday! I am really looking forward to the signing. It should be about the best thing thats happened to me all week. It has been a long month of drama for me but I wont go into it here, it’s epic.

    Take care, I’ll see you, Guy and some of the Kimmiholics soon!


    • Vampyre

      PS I think the phone number for your Charlotte stop is (704) 602-9800. The number you have posted is for somewhere in SW Ohio.


    • Hi, Vampy.

      Here is the site for the signing. It might help As for the wrong number? I’m not surprised. I take much of my info from my itinerary, and the contact numbers are for the store who organized the signing, not necessarily the store where I’m going to be. Thanks. I’ll get that changed this morning.

      See you tomorrow!

  16. JanisHarrison

    I must admit that I am a gulper of great stories. So far I have read the Hollows series via public library lendings. Yes, people, I have waited many weeks between books, just to read them in sequence. Then I gulp them, pause for a day, and reread more slowly and appreciatively. I looked at some of the chapters put up by the publisher (EOS?) and decided that I cannot, can not read a book on my laptop. Or probably cannot. So I have requested BMS at my local library but I’m going to continue to search for copies of the earlier books at the 2nd hand shops. I’ve decided I need to have my own copies of them all. Now who wants to bet that my turn at BMS from the library comes up before the paperback is available at full retail price?

    • Chelikins

      Try Half. com or (they have used ones too). That is how I got my books in hardback and relatively inexpensive. Well except for last years and any new ones to come out. That I spend the extra doe on 😉

    • Hi, Janis.

      I think it’s great that you are reading them through the library. That’s where I found my love for reading, and knowing some of my work is in there makes me feel really good.

      I’m not really big on reading for pleasure on my laptop, either.

      Good luck on your quest! I saw the HC of ODW in BAM for $7.00 last month. 😉 (too many initials . . .)

  17. Jay

    I want to read now Kim, but it will only frustrate me. I need the whole book, in my hands, to be slain at once. I cannot read a few chapters now and wait for the rest to come later. For me ,the hollows are a total binge/bender kinda thing. All or nothing!!
    But the temptation to read now…almost overpowering!!!LOL.

  18. Kylie Ru

    Kim-san! I have redone you! Let’s see if I can make this work . . . ta-da? The hat was still failing.

  19. CC in CA

    So far so awesome 🙂 I stayed up ’til three a.m. finishing the 7 chapters. It’s cool that this book is the culmination of everything since the beginning. I think Rachel is almost back to her old self. I saw the questions on Bitten by Books… I think love lust equals romance. Lust is guaranteed with Rachel, Love is harder for her. I don’t think she fully realized how much she cared for Kisten until he was gone. I hope she continues to learn more about herself as the books progress…because when you really know yourself that’s when you truly fall in love. She’s not there yet, but it’s fun to watch in the interim. -CC

  20. James Fox

    Hi Kim it’s Jim from Youngstown. Sorry I haven’t written in so long, but I have been coping with more heart issues and had to go back in the hospital, I also found out that some of my problems with typing are caused by the fact I am developing Parkinson’s. And here everyone said life got easier after 70. (I’m 71) So I’ve been battling the insuranve company as my doc doesn’t want me living alone, and they pay ,reluctantly, for housekeeper-companions up to $15/hr. I have my copy of Black Majic Sanction on order, and I am firmly Not reading spoilers. I have been re-reading the first Hollows books, but got sidetracked on to a favorite author I fell in love with when I was young,T.H. White’s The Once and Future King. If you haven’t read it,please do.

    • Hi, James.

      MMMMM! I loved that book! Yes, I’ve read it, and I agree. sigh.

      I’m so sorry to hear about your health issues, and I hope everything smooths out. It reminds me of what I told the lady who cuts my hair. She was noticing the gray hairs, sort of disparagingly, and I told her I love my gray hair, which surprised her. See, it used to be that when my body changed, it was kind of cool. Now when it changes, something usually hurts. Grey hair is a change that doesn’t hurt. I’m going to keep it. I don’t think the lady understood. Maybe she’s not hurting yet.
      You can’t stop change, so I like the ones that don’t hurt.

  21. Phil

    Sounds like you had one totally eventful week when you sum it up like that. Thanks for setting up the spoiler page. I’d been fretting for weeks about spoilers. I like to go slow so it lasts. Of course I want to know what happens too. Is that a dilemma? 😉

  22. Marsha

    Trolls can eat concrete? Now that would be handy but possibly dangerous for bridges. Makes sense when you consider how sharp adn strong they say a squid’s beak is.

  23. Chris

    I am NOT going to read the first seven chapters!!!!! Definetly not!!!!not a chance!!! SO not gonna!!!!!I WILL WAIT FOR THE HARDCOVER!!!!! I….willl….wait….!!!! (cursor moving on its own accord)….nope not gonna.……

  24. Shanda

    Hi, Kim. Just read through the first 7 chapters. All I can say is hilarious and VERY intriguing :). If it keeps going this rate, it’s going to become my favorite Hollows book EVER! Plz tell me that it gets even better! 😛

  25. Sorry, can’t get past the image of Kisten in the tub. I’ll have to finish reading the rest of this post later. 😉

    • Hi, Christine.

      I was so disappointed. I wanted to see some abs, but alas, not yet. That’s why I asked for some changes. . . .

    • Note to graphic artists: LISTEN TO THE AUTHOR! *grin**

    • OK, got past those happy little images in my head. [fanning myself] *grin**

      I missed the Westminster this year. I’ll have to look up what breed won.

      As for the 7 chapters, I “compromised” and skimmed them. Tried to avoid them altogether, but, yeah, no chance of that. I rationalized that it was OK to get my fix as my husband will be the first to read it. 1) Because he’s the one who introduced me to your books, so that’s only fair. 2) Because I have a terrible poker face and my reactions can give stuff away if he’s around while I’m reading! 😉

  26. Kylie Ru

    Antonio wanted me to give you some bling . . . and I’ll attach -san to your name as well. I can give you some glasses. Not a problem. I might be able to get yours and Alyssa’s done today.

    • By the By Kylie, I read someof your fanfic, and I must say I was very intrigued! I never thought of beetlejuice in anyway like you wrote him! I love your female lead in STARS. Keep writing. I wish to know more! 😀

    • Kylie Ru

      Ohmygosh! Oh. My. GOSH! Okay. *deep breaths* Do NOT wanna hyperventilate. Thank you! I just finished a chapter, and I’ll upload it momentarily.

    • Hi, Kylie-san. Oooh, I went to see, and I loved them! Thank you!

  27. Hi Kim, yesterday I received an ACR copy of BLACK MAGIC SANCTION, to say that I’m excited is an understatement. I have not touched it yet, um… because I started reading ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY yesterday morning. But I only have 50 pages left (by the way, I love Grace!).

    Anywho, I just posted a review of WHITE WITCH, BLACK CURSE, on my blog. It is of a social/spiritual nature; here is the link if you want to check it out: I’ll probably do the same for BMS; hopefully before the 23rd.

    Thanks for creating fiction that touches reality is such a magical way!

    • becca

      between you and mud i dont know who i wanna slap most!!!lol ARC thats so not fair(throwing a paddy worthy of my 3 yr old)i want one!!!you both suck!!!
      who did you bribe to get your hand on it??lol 😉
      ok i wont slap you but consider yourself told off and a frown is aimed at you

    • mudepoz

      Hey! Don’t invoke MY name in vain, my friend. I did absolutely nuttin. And I AM NOT reading the sneaks.

      Won’t matter. I have oldtimer’s disease so I wouldn’t remember anyhow. Sigh.

    • becca

      oh iam so sorry i ment antoniorich!!doh
      big hug am i forgiven :-0

    • Hi, Magaly.

      I hopped over and read your review. 😉 Thank you! I’m so pleased that you are getting so much out of my thoughts and musings. I really appreciate that.

      I hope you like BMS. And if fate/free will is on your thoughts, I’m glad you’re reading Madison. That’s where I really start digging.


    • I read Madison on two days. I LOVE IT!

  28. Did you know Zombies are closely related to another mollusk, the Oyster!

    Oh ye gods! Have a good weekend. I am trying NOT to read the chaps, though my friend Kim is being unusually chatty. She won’t be getting Cooper, Cera’s sister groomed at this rate.

  29. Amanda

    I am sooo excited by the first seven chapters of the book that it is going to be hard to wait to get it in! I’m very ready to see the interaction of Nick in Rachel’s current life.

    • I totally understand what you mean. I can’t wait for Rachel to get some steady, um… normality in her life. I mean what’s more normal than a romantic relationship with a dead guy ;-D

    • Hi, Amanda. I’m glad you’re excited! Me too. I’ve had a few things I’ve wanted to say to Nick, so he had to come back.

  30. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim!

    Next week is gonna rock so hard! Finished reading the first 7 chapters last night and I’m so excited to see Nick is back. You know me, I couldn’t NOT read them! Maybe I’ll attempt reading the e-book on the iPod Touch if that means I can get it at midnight….regardless, I’ll be making my annual trip to B&N to spend Tuesday morning enjoying a chai tea latte whilst reading about Rachel’s new (mis)adventures. My life is good, but I’ll be dead tired, between late nights of reading and watching the Olympics!

    • Heyde-ho, Mendi!

      I thought you might read them! I’m glad you like what you saw. Thanks! Enjoy the full course on Tuesday. Sigh. Sound so much more relaxing than my day. As much as I love going on tour, I like writing them more.

  31. Patricia Chase

    Wow, you are a busy lady! Thank you for it all. I know when I open your books I can leave my world and enter Rachel’s – I love that! I’m anxiously waiting for the 23rd – the chapters that are up are wonderful – oh, the anticipation of what is to come! But, it’s bittersweet ~ I still miss Kisten…. and by the way, whenever anyone in my family sneezes, my first thought is that a demon is summoning them 🙂 makes me smile everytime! Scary, how you’ve made me start to like Al!

    • Hi, Patricia. Last week was exceptionally busy, yes. Usually it’s only chaotic, not chaotic and crazy.

      I’m so glad you liked the sneak peek! Thanks! You’d be surprised how often I think about Al when I sneeze, too.

  32. suzannelazear

    I read the first seven…wow. Can’t wait for the book.

    The job interview went super fabulous. I hope I made it to the next round. As much as I wish I didn’t have to get another job and could stay home and be a mom and write, this would be a good job (and a fun one).

    Today is jogathon day at her school. Why did I think it would be a good idea to spend all day helping?

    Have a great weekend.


  33. Jenn

    Wait! If trolls are closely related to squid, does that mean that gargoyles are too? Bis sucks in water & changes his size too…

    Kim, I have to say, I love your mind. The way your characters develop & how their interactions with each other are always evolving keeps me coming back for more.
    Also, hearing how far you develop each character/species in your head is fantastic. I don’t know if a lot of authors do that, but you are the first one I have come across that explains it all to those of us who are visiting the Hollows.
    I just wanted to say thank you…I appreciate everything you do.

    • Hi, Jenn. I thought about that, (with Bis) but decided to . . . go another direction. (evil smile)

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the explanations and such. Just because I think it’s cool doesn’t mean anyone else does. -laugh- Thank you!

  34. Kim,
    The book is amazing so far. It ate it up at work yesterday. I cannot wait to purchase it! This will be the first hardcopy I have ever purchased. I normally try to wait until paperback release, but I am too impatient! Its very exciting to know that there will be an informational book on the hollows. I do have a question for you. Are you thinking about doing a spin-off book or series of some of the other characters? I would love to dive into the mind of lovely Ivy, or giggle at the child-like antics of Jenks’ pixie thoughts.

    • “the mind of lovely Ivy”, huh? You are a very brave woman.

    • I have a very big crush on her. No matter how dark she is, I always see the softness in her. *swoon*

    • Hi, Randa. Thanks! I’m really glad you liked the sneak peek, and delighted that you’re going to upgrade to the hard cover this year. Thank you, very much!

      I’m still kicking around ideas for what comes after the Hollows. I am on book 10 right now, so I have some time yet. I’m sure there are going to be some novellas or shorts come out of my thought processes before I decide what long-range goal I set for myself next.