Battle of the e-books has spilled onto my desk.

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I’m great at staying out of trouble most times.  You may have noticed that I’ve been very tight lipped lately about the recent drama concerning e-books, saying only that because of their increased popularity, many publishers have begun giving e-books their own release date, aligning them more closely to mass markets than hard covers, (since the price of many e-books are more inline with that format)

Things have been shifting radically in the last month, with shoving contests between retailers and publishers seeming to hurt only the authors and readers.  (For a more business slant, check out Richard Curtis’s blog.  It’s been hopping with industry news.)

The drama hit kind of close lately, and I’ve been trying to educate myself, learning a few things.  E-book is not a generic term (which I thought), but refers to more of a type of electronic book.  If you’ve ever bought an e-book, you know they don’t all work on all devices.  You buy a Kindle to access Amazon, or a Nook to access B&N’s shelves.  What we’re seeing now is Amazon trying to corner the market and everyone else fighting back.  You can guess what will happen to those nice low prices when someone comes out on top. I saw this with Beta and the VCR players when I was a kid, and I saw it again just a few years ago between Blue Ray and HD players.  It’s just the nature of the beast.

So until the battle is won by the way of the pocketbook, the state of e-books will be unsettled.  Please don’t take it out on your favorite authors by leaving bad reviews.  Us author types have little to no say, and no one really knows what’s going to happen any more than you do.

What does this mean to you, the consumer?  From what I’ve been told, the delayed release of the Black Magic Sanction e-book is affecting Kindles, Fictionwise, Nooks, Soney e-readers, along with a handful of others. (April 6th Go ahead, groan.  Amazon priced them as a mass market, so that’s where they are sliding.)  However . . . there are alternatives as I’ve been finding out.

Harpercollins/Eos was looking ahead, and though no one had a clue that the e-book situation was going to explode, they had someone out at my office with a camera about a month or so ago, gathering content for an enhanced e-book.  This enhanced e-book content was designed for Iphones and Itouch, and since everything went boom, they decided to release it the same day as the hard cover, February 23rd.  If you have a Iphone or Itouch and access to ITunes, you’re good to go.  And you should see where you’re going!  (grin)

So what’s the difference between the e-book (4/6) and enhanced e-book (2/23)? OMGosh, you’ve no idea how hard it’s been to keep quiet about this.  There are videos of me talking about the Hollows, how the books came together, and how I work.  There are several audio commentaries by me concerning key scenes and characters, and how things didn’t always go as I had planned.  One of the coolest things you will get with the enhanced e-book is the entire audio book synced to the text, which means you can listen in the car, then shift to the text when you get home without losing your place.  Ms. Gavin is reading, and she’s done her usual fabulous job.  There’s a book trailer in there, too, and a couple of cool bits and bobs revolving around the Hollows.  Lots of fun stuff.  And you get to see me in my natural habitat of my office and graveyard.  (grin)

I’m not taking sides.  I’m not a business person.  I’m a storyteller, and I just want to tell my stories, to see your eyes light up and live the dream with me if only for the span the pages are moving.

So there it is, citizens.  Nothing to see here, move along.  (grin)


ps  Oh, and the first three chapters available at Harper are actually the first seven.  Holy cats!!!


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  2. So yesterday after getting a marketing email from Amazon advertising their latest releases, I immediately went to their site and ordered your book! I am in love with the series.
    I clicked the Kindle preorder button with elation.
    I woke up this morning & grabbed my Kindle to start reading.
    Huh? It’s not there!
    Went to Amazon and noticed an April release date for the Kindle edition. Whaaatt?
    I felt completely bamboozled (and somewhat embarassed that I have payed an enormous amount of $$ for a device I can’t read the latest releases on.)
    I canceled the preorder and now have a really bad taste in my mouth.
    I know you are not to blame, Kim, but I think the only way consumers can affect change is to protest.
    So I am protesting! Fat cat publishers will not force me to buy overpriced hard covers.

    • Oh, Traci. I’m so sorry. If it helps, you are not alone. There are a lot of unhappy people out there right now. NY is scrambling, trying to figure things out so they can move product more efficiently and still keep the bottom line where they need it. There just isn’t any data to make decisions on, and until there is, we’re all stumbling in the dark.

      Again, I’m sorry.

  3. ms.fancypants

    While I realize that you are not responsible for the actions of your publisher, I will post here part of an email that I sent to HarperCollins earlier today. This is a forward of my post to the Amazon discussion boards.

    “Maybe it’s about time to boycott these publishers. Kindle users have to wait until April for this book? The publishers want the higher $$ from the hardcover – so they make ebook readers wait 2 months for the book. All they are doing is creating animosity. Did they learn nothing from the fights over digital music???? They are quite possibly losing a paying fan base (guess what we have ereaders…which means we actually read – are we really the group you want to piss off?). A lot of us have had enough. We are no strangers to the public library where these books are free (which means the publisher makes no money from us at all). We prefer the ease and convenience of downloading them to our Kindle, but if they continue to make us wait, they will lose the sale.”

    I love this series. I really do -but your publishers have lost a paying customer here. I will get this from the library (for free). I will not pay “extra” money to get the ebook on the day of release. Why would I pay a higher price for something that costs them less to produce – that’s just stupid. I’m afraid that in their grab for the almighty dollar (what an incredibly lame excuse – mass market, yeah right), publishers will eventually succeed in completely killing the popularity of ereaders, and thus ebooks. Yes, I do have an ipod. There is no way I’m reading a book on that thing. App or no app, that’s not what it’s for. The screen is tiny (if you use a larger font like I need to), and reading a full length book on that will give you eye strain. The beauty of the Kindle and similar readers is the e-ink technology, which makes it easy to read. I am entirely tired of being a pawn (and having people expect me to pay for the privilege).

    • Hi, Ms. Fancypants.

      I’m really glad that you sent this to the publisher. They are currently gathering data to try to figure out how best to handle this situation, and though it’s ludicrous to think that they will find one method that suits everyone, the more people tell them what they want (and what they are willing to pay for it) the better it will be.

      I love the library. That’s where I found my love of reading, and it might not have happened without them. Knowing my books are there makes me feel very, very good.

  4. ScienceGeek

    Hey all,

    Sorry if this has been added/asked before. I went through most of the posts and didn’t see it but if it’s a repeat then ah well. First, can I buy the enhanced version from itunes and listen to the audiobook part on my little ol’ regular ipod?? Second, I just tried to buy the epub version from booksonboard (I have a sony ereader) and there was an error after check-out (and after charging me) that says the book hasn’t reached its publication date yet. So, beware! I sent the error to the support email listed but I am not sure what’s going to happen with it. Happy reading! Oh, and just in case anyone cares for my two cents, I have switched to e-books, used books, and library books in the past year because of environmental concerns. I am pretty sad that this is going on but I think publishers will figure it out eventually because ebooks are here to stay. Meanwhile, I mean to get my hollows fix some way, even if it means waiting on the hold list for the library!

    • shermanp

      I got the same error as you did 😦

      I too have emailed support. Worst comes to the worst, I’ll demand a refund and get the enhanced edition instead.

      As far as listening to the audio part of the EE on your old Ipod – I found when I downloaded the free sample from itunes, it was trivial to extract the contents of “B.M. Sanction 1.0.1.ipa”, and none of the important bits seemed to be encrypted. I could listen to the 1st chapter, read it, watch the Kim Harrison video, listen to her intro etc. If the full book is set up the same, there should be no problems… I didn’t even need to bypass any DRM or use any special program to do it either, the .ipa file is simply a zip archive.

      In fact if the sample is representative of the full book, it seems it will be easy to create a standard ebook from the content within the Enhanced Edition.

      I will not go into any furthur details however. I may have already said too much for Kim’s and/or Harper’s comfort.

    • Allie

      Me too 😦

      I’ve also had no response from Books on Board despite emailing the support team almost 6 hours ago. Mine was a download link from a pre-order. They are still selling it though???

    • Hi Guys. Sony e-readers have the delayed release of April 6th along with Kindles, Nooks, and a handful of others. I am really, really sorry that this caught you off guard. They should have informed you of the release date right up front. Before you purchased.

  5. shermanp

    I downloaded the Enhanced Edition sample from Itunes to see what it was like. To my great delight, I could see all the contents without an iPhone/iPod Touch (the .ipa file is just a zip file…).

    My, what a wonderful book those guys have created! For a mere 14.99 USD you get the audiobook, the ebook, AND loads of extras. And the ebook portion looks so GOOD 😀

    An absolute bargain! I hope more books get the Enhanced Edition treatment in the future.

    Quite frankly, the folks at HarperCollins who create the standard ebooks (especially ePub versions) should take a good, long look at what the Enhanced Editions guys have done. (I downloaded the free ePub of “Dead Witch Walking” from Sony, and to be brutally honest, that file is an abomination that should have never seen light of day in its current form)

  6. SteveP

    Early morning when I found this, but just wondering as they have the audio version complete to sync with the enhanced e-book. Is there any idea when it will be available on for purchase and DL as of 0330 this morning it doesn’t even show up as ‘coming soon ‘. Neither does it show on the Tantor site.

    I listen to them at work, as my office is an 9 foot by 75 foot building on eighteen wheels I rarely have time to read. I use Audible as the iPod can play their audio files and was planning to re-listen to WWBC again before starting BMS.

    Love the series and can’t wait for the final four or five books left.

  7. Travis

    A word of warning. The audiobook and the enhanced ebook are not the same thing in the Itunes store. : (

    I ended up buying both which is good for Kim but only really wanted enhanced ebook for the text

    (how they can they justify $45AU for the audiobook and $17.99AU for the enhanced ebook is beyond me)

    • Hi, Travis. If you buy the enhanced version, you get the audiobook for free, but it doesn’t go the other way around, no. Weird, but there it is. I’m sorry for the confusion.

  8. Jane

    I just saw that the Kindle edition price is $8.65. I totally don’t mind waiting until April for such a sharp decrease in price. And I think publishing an e-book with ‘extras’ is brilliant and worth an extra few dollars.


  9. Allie

    I can’t believe that expensive ebook readers were designed, manufactured and sold on such a large scale without the logistics of buying the ebooks being sorted out first. Seriously, how long must this process have taken? How is pricing only being addressed now, after people have bought the readers? Its insanity – the business type peeps in the publishing industry even had what happened in the music industry as an indicator!

    I really sympathise with those who have invested in a reader – they are not cheap, only to have to buy a hardback if they want to read a book on the release date. I wouldn’t be happy either.

    Its such a mess 😦

  10. I am a voracious consumer of books in all shapes and sizes. Always have been. Always will be. But, I’ve never enjoyed reading hard cover books. They’re heavy. Clunky. Bulky. Too big to travel with, or lug around for a quick read when standing in a line somewhere. The only hard covers I have ever purchased were those when I just couldn’t wait for the paperback. The thing about me … I can almost always wait. Can’t even remember the last hard cover book I purchased, but it was probably in the 80s. So, along comes the eBook. When I was relegated to reading them on my laptop, I just couldn’t deal. Then, Amazon made Kindle for iPhone and after downloading a few freebies to see if I could read on the tiny screen, I was hooked. Now, I’m waiting for iPad and the Apple book reader, because I know as all things Apple it will be vastly superior to Kindle and the other eBook readers. I’ve purchased and read ALL of your books on Kindle on iPhone (someone told me about your books when the last Twilight movie came out) and loved them AND the reading experience. I love that I can carry around my entire library of books to be read in my pocket. I have a trip coming up, and usually have 2 or 3 books in my bag. With airlines charging extra for checked baggage (each segment no less), I’m excited to know that reading materials is certainly not a space/weight issue anymore. So … I have to wait a few extra weeks to get your latest book on Kindle? No biggie. I’ve got plenty of other books to catch up on in the meantime. Thanks for making your books available as eBooks!

    • Hi, Gaanna. This is the kind of information that the publisher would like to hear, so I will be passing it on to them. You sound like the demographic that e-books were MADE for. Enjoy! It will all settle down soon.

  11. I’ve said my bit here and elsewhere about ebooks before, so I’ll keep this comment somewhat short :).

    I bought 187 ebooks last year, and two hardbacks. I’ve bought more than 15 ebooks already this year. If I stopped buying ebooks I’d still not be buying hardbacks except at the UBS, so I reckon that authors and publishers have benefited from my buying behaviour (and that of others like myself).

    I don’t blame authors (mostly) for the mess, and as far as I can see, it’s the authors and the readers that have suffered from the fallout. I was on Amazon’s side in the latest brouhaha, only because I saw it as the lesser of two evils on this particular issue. Amazon’s capitulation was just the start of the avalanche; over on Teleread the immediate raising of ebook prices at etailers other than Amazon has not gone unnoticed.

    As I said, I mostly don’t blame authors for this, except for those who insulted and belittled ebook readers during the Amazon/Macmillan stoush. Those authors have made it onto my do-not-buy list.

    I pre-orderd a signed copy of BMS. Sig + 1st edition = supervalueness. 😉

    • Hi, Hapalochlaena.

      Dude. You are a reader. 😉

      I’m not taking sides in the mess, just trying to stay liquid and light on my feet. My goal is to write the best possible book I can at the place I am in my life this very moment. But I want to _tell_ my stories, and that’s where the publicity, marketing, and production come in, and because I care about these books deeply, I am involved.

      I’m not taking sides. (Did I say that already?) I’m trying to stay afloat, and you swim by moving. You stop, you sink.

    • It was a transition year. 😉 I’d just bought my ebook reader and learned some magicwandwavium so I could buy books from multiple vendors, and then I had to replace my paper library (about 50/50 new and used) where possible.

      After that it was a question of discovering new authors and series, and feeding my like-book?-buy-entire-backlist! habit.

      I understand and accept the not-taking-sides policy. My beef is with the authors who attack angry ebook readers. It kind of spoils my idea of authors and readers being natural allies, you know?

  12. Wow! They’ve really made strides in e-books if they can sync it with the audio. That’s really cool. ^^
    I find it really hard to pay attention to even the best audio books so I’ll still be buying the hardcover on Tuesday. I can’t wait! I keep showing my boyfriend a picture and pointing at it. 🙂

  13. Brian

    So at this point it appears the publisher is singling out Amazon since you can get the ebook in other formats, including an ePub directly from the publisher (and from stores like Books On Board). I get that the pubs are unhappy that Amazon is selling a lot of ebooks with list prices similar to hardcovers at a loss, but singling out one seller is just another example of how publishers could care less about consumers and don’t see us as their customers. As far as they’re concerned their customers are distributors and booksellers and to heck with the individual reader. All they’re doing is encouraging folks to get it from the library or to pirate it, both of which hurt the author and the publisher’s pocket.

    • Hi, Brian. No, the publisher is not singling out Amazon. Kindles, Fictionwise, Nooks, Soney e-readers, along with a handful of others are being effected. The reason this has come up ugly is because publishers are aware that the e-reader consumer is an important demographic. If you weren’t important to them, this wouldn’t be happening.

      Publishers are deeply concerned with customers. Amazon might be right in their price setting. They might be wrong. There isn’t enough data yet.

      As for this promoting the library? Nothing wrong with that. It saves resources and reduces your carbon footprint. Pirating? Stealing is a personal choice.

    • Brian

      The Sony and Nook (and PC’s, Mac’s, etc) can read the ePub version available from the publisher’s ebook store and from Books On Board (Fictionwise hardly ever has books on release day anymore). So yes, the Kindle and Amazon are effectively singled out.

      Not saying pirating is right. Just saying that things like windowing (like they’re doing with Amazon), geo restrictions and charging higher list than paper for some titles can cause someone who wouldn’t normally do such a thing to go looking.

  14. Tammy

    Kim and all,

    Do you know how I can purchase the enhanced e-book? I have an iPhone and access to iTunes, but I can only find Audiobooks. Do I have to have a specific App for it?

    Sorry to sound like such a NOOB (a quote from my son), but I usually I go to Amazon or BN, and I’m not going to allow their greed-driven stupidity to deny me my Rachel fix–MOST definitely not for a month and a half!

    So Kim and fellow readers, any guidance you could offer would be GREATLY appreciated!

  15. typo

    Sorry about pointing this out, but ‘explanation’ is misspelled on your homepage where it links to this.

  16. Brent in MN

    Hi Kim,

    Just wanted to add my little bit to the discussion.

    I’ve read the whole Hollows series twice on my iPhone’s Kindle app. I’d be more than willing to purchase books at a higher price when they first come out. It really ruffles the feathers though that it won’t be out on Kindle at the same time as the HBs. I LOVE that you are putting out your own version on the release date though!

    I’ve already pre-ordered the Kindle version and now I’ll be purchasing the enhanced e-book via iTunes asap! Loved the first 7 Chapters and nearly got in trouble for reading them at work. 😉

    See you on March 1st!

  17. Chelle

    Wow..really not happy about the late release date for the e-book or the enhanced version only for itunes. Talk about unfair. I currently own all your books (except Madison) and am in the process of purchasing them in e format in order to travel with them.
    I refuse to by an iphone or a touch (really? why bother?) so where does that leave the rest of us for the enhanced version?

    • Hi, Chelle.

      You and a lot of people are not happy. The Iphone/Itouch versions were not created with the intent to slam those who have Kindles and Nooks. They were in the works before everything fell apart, and seeing a chance to get SOMETHING out digitally when the hc is released, they took it.

      The entire digital version of DEAD WITCH WALKING is available for free at Amazon on Kindle. You can’t get this if you have an Iphone or Itouch. Different formats, different perks.

    • Brent in MN

      The iPhone and iTouch both have the Kindle app available to them… And it’s free too! I’m able to read all my Kindle books on my iPhone.

      Just wanted to clear that up a little. 😀

    • BobS

      Hi Kim

      This is not true. it is $7.78 and also $7.96 but I cannot get it for free so I beg to differ that it isn’t available for free 😦

      On the front page it lists it as $0.00 BUT as soon as I click it those are the prices, maybe because I’m in the UK and we get badly screwed over prices all the time :\

      POSITIVE COMMENT:- I like your books and you have some great PR writing here like this for folks:)

    • Brent in MN

      I meant that the Kindle App was free. Sorry if there was any confusion…

  18. Frank

    I just purchased a Kindle and was hoping to get the whole The Hollows series in Kindle format. To my dismay only the following books are available to Australian Kindle owners:

    1 – Dead Witch Walking
    2 – The Good, The Bad And The Undead
    3 – Every Which Way But Dead
    6 – Where Demons Dare (Aussie version of The Outlaw Demon Wails)

    Not sure why books 4 and 5 are not available. I am hoping that it’s just an oversight by your publisher. Love your books, keep up the great writing.

    • Hi, Frank.

      I’m not sure why all the titles aren’t showing right now. They should be available. I’m guessing it’s a glitch, and they will show up soon.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. Thanks!

  19. Tammy C.

    Over the past year I’ve become a seriously avid reader! So much so, I’m simply running out of room for my books. There are times I choose to go back and reread but I can’t continue to store so many books. Unfortunately I’ve let some go on e-bay to make room for more. Likewise, my passion for continued novels just ads to my collection…this can get crazy. Thus I plunged into the electronic book world. This decision was not based on cost but rather storage needs and simply the convenience of the e-readers today. I would have no issue paying the same price for a new hardback release in an e-book version. This issue of sharing e-books is no different than those who share their collected books. This issue will always exist. So to the consumer who’s willing to pay the same price for a new release electronically…I’d say the choice is ours to make. For those of us motivated to save dollars…I’m sure they’re willing to wait for the delayed or mass-published release dates. I’m extremely anxious to read BMS but I’d rather be able to download it to continue my collection! So considering the issues at hand…it looks like I’m forced to wait as I most likely will not be able to find it at full price next Tuesday in the electronic world of today. Thank you Kim for the truly exciting adventures through The Hollows series! These and so many others dot my calendar throughout the year in anxious anticipation of their arrivals!

    • Hi, Tammy.

      Thank you. I’m glad you’re enjoying the books, and I am in total sympathy with you on the situation that exists right now. No one knows what’s going to fall out, but you can be sure that books will still be written, and read, and enjoyed.

  20. Satellite Girl

    Well I canceled my pre-order when the Kindle release was delayed and I certainly won’t be buying it in another format, from another seller or in April.

    I was looking forward to buying and reading it on the day of release and I would have been happy to pay a premium to do so but the publishers have made a decision that they don’t want my money and so they won’t get it.

  21. Netta

    I’m not that wild about Amazon anyway, Authors get practically nothing for their work. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I can’t hold a book that long, so I read ebooks all day. Since I use to work in the printing industry, I know how much it cost to print a book and how much it saves them to go with ebooks instead. It kills me to pay thirteen dollars for an ebook. lol I love your books and have recommended them to all my friends. Thanks for your effort, it is appreciated.

    • Hi, Netta.

      Ahhh, in a prefect world, every book that gets printed would have a home, yes? It kills me that over 50% of paperbacks get the cover ripped off and returned to the publisher for credit, raising the cost of the ones that do get sold.

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Hollows. Thank you! And thank you for the word of mouth. That is a true gift to an author. Thank you.

    • *Kof* Unless they were used by a clever salesman to insulate their attic….

  22. Eric Oliver


    Very impressed by your thoughts about the current state of the publishing industry. I think from a positive note that e-readers will help get books into more hands but it seems to be at a very steep cost to writers. It reminds me of what the music industry went through ten years ago. Thanks for sharing your impressions, as an aspiring children author I often wonder about the business side.

  23. Michaela

    Hi Kim, do you happen to know the price for the enhanced ebook version? And is this going to be available for those who have a UK localised Itunes? I’m wondering because I tried doing a search for BMS and it didn’t seem to come up. It would be good to know this stuff so I know whether to switch my preorder to the enhanced ebook or not. =) It would certainly stop me from cringing at those amazon international shipping fees if we Brits can get it too! I’m too impatient to wait for the Kindle edition now.

    I really enjoyed those first 7 chapters by the way, I can’t believe how much happened in that short space of time! Looking forward to a great release. =)

    • Hi, Michaela. Ahhh, as a matter of fact, I don’t. Sorry. I’m assuming that it’s going to be available in the UK on the US release date, but that’s a good question. I’ll ask.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the sneak peek. Thanks!

  24. Amanda

    I am talking to you from Korea (temporarily) and we are very limited on books…in English of course. I have a Kindle to help with that situation or I would have been traveling form Cali with about 2 tons of luggage! I already expressed my unhappiness about finding out the release date of BMS wasn’t until April, but I am over that, because of your wonderful post today. I am an advid itunes shopper (again due to being here and wanting all my stateside tv shows) and will definately be getting the book. I can deal with the small screen.

    I also have your signed copy of BMS coming by way of Cincy (my birth city…OH-IO). I couldn’t resist getting in my hands hard cover, still love the smell of a new book…and of course its signed.

    • Hi, Amanda,
      Korea! Wow, That’s like a 12 hour shift from where I am.
      I’m so glad you are finding some peace here with the e-book mess. No one is happy.
      I’ll keep an eye out for your book! And thank you. –Kim

  25. Frederique

    I want to read the first 7 but it’s hard enough to sit at the comp long enough to read your posts right now. I’ve been stuck in bed the last 2 days cause I have strep and the antibiotics make me feel all wonky. Cant wait to read it though. 🙂

  26. *Laughs*
    Trust me, we realized it’s the first 7 chapters. It was the first thing I told my boss when I went to work yesterday. I almost got a raise, lol. 😉
    Hello Ms. Harrison,
    I read the struggle with the e-books and I just realized once again that I don’t like them, lol. If there’s so much drama with them then really, not worth it.
    That said, the idea of the ENHANCED e-book… Now that, that’s tempting. I just realized that I can probably buy an e-book as well!! So, I won’t have to wait for them to decide when they are going to release it in my country. Mwahahahaha.
    I hope you had a good day yesterday! I have a job interview today!!!!!! For a real job!!!!

    • Hi, Alyssa. I had fun putting together the bits for the enhanced edition, yes, and it doesn’t hurt that the audio book is in there, too.

      Good luck on the interview!

  27. shermanp

    Does the delayed release include BooksOnBoard?

    I ask this becase according to the BoB website, they have the Adobe Epub version of BMS with a release date of the 23rd…

    Black Magic Sanction
    by Kim Harrison
    Coming Tuesday, February 23, 2010!


    This book has not yet been released for download.
    If you pre-order it, your download link will be activated at 12:00am CST Tuesday, February 23, 2010.

    • Hi, Serman. If they say it will be activated on the 23rd, then it ought to be. Fingers crossed!

    • shermanp

      *Crosses fingers* Can’t wait to read the rest of BMS after the 7 teaser chapters!

    • Margie

      Oh, I hope this is true. I’m putting in an order now and then crossing my fingers.

    • BobS

      I have searched the BoB website and cannot see it listed. I truly think it sucks that I’m expected to wait until April and I will NEVER buy a hardback of any book, they weight too much. I would however gladly pay the EXACT SAME PRICE as the hardback for the ebook “IF” I could get it the day of the hardback release and wouldn’t be annoyed that the price would drop when it was released on paperback.

      then I actually have a choice, now I have NONE

    • shermanp

      Umm… I just went to, typed “black magic sanction” in the search bar at the top of the page, and there it was… (one ebook, one audiobook).

      Just did it now in fact.

    • Amanda

      Here is the link to purchase the ebook on BoB website.

    • Bob Simister

      Thanks for the link, I found it eventually. it’s a DRM pdf, now I wonder if I can get that onto my kindle :\

    • shermanp

      It’s actually DRM’d ePub. As it is, you cannot read Adobe ePub on the Kindle.

      I’ve gotten really nervous now though, the BoB download link went active on schedule, but clicking it just brings up an error. I’ve emailed support about it, but I REALLY hope the reply isn’t “Sorry, our bad, we stuffed up!”

  28. Jennifer S

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for letting us know about this early excerpt. I’m on pins and needles waiting for the whole book to come out. These books are interesting and funny, a wonderful combination of courage, fantasy, and thrilling adventures.


  29. JanisHarrison

    *Grannie Jan peers thru bifocals at bottom of ‘puter screen. Is that iTunes? Well, yes it is. Had this ‘puter nearly 3 years and never even considered iTunes. Hmmm…will have to consult daughter or niece on this newfangled thing…*

    I am a retro-type gal (Speaking of typing, when I worked in offices we typed CARBON COPIES — eeek!) and I do prefer a real book. I will probably always prefer them. But I might try this other thing.

    **Story has passed 12K words, Forrest and Griselda are kissing…the big clinch is approaching!

    • Hi, Janis. -grin- I know where you’re coming from, recognizing the smell of ditto ink and the crinkle of carbon paper.

      Congrats on the writing!

    • Hi Janis,

      I was downtown this weekend, shopping, and while visiting my favourite book store – they are an antiquariat as well – I saw a book named “Unter der Tollkirsche”….from Janis Harrison……yours?
      I bought it for 3,88 € and I´m looking very forward to reading it.
      Have a nice sunday

  30. Doyin

    Hi again Kim!

    Will the ebook be available for download on the 23rd from the uk iTunes store as
    well? Please please say yes!

    • I think so, Doyin. Let me know if it’s not?

    • Doyin


      Thanks for the reply, it’s great that you take so much time to speak to your fans 🙂 really appreciate it!

      As far as I can see, BMS isn’t coming up on the uk or us iTunes site, is that because it’s not the 23rd yet or am I doing something wrong? I have the hb on preorder but it’d be great to read the ebook while waiting for the hb to arrive!

      the hollows are worth paying extra for!

  31. Jessica

    Hi Kim! I live about an hour north of Charlotte, so I definitely plan to attend your signing on the 23rd :). I have read the BMS ARC (which I LOVED) and therefore have a number of questions that I’m dying to ask. I know that we aren’t allowed to discuss BMS spoilers during the Q&A, but will I be able to ask any during the actual signing? This will be my first, so I’m unfamiliar with the “protocol”, for lack of a better word lol. I read the ARC several months ago and I’m almost as excited as everyone else knowing that I won’t have to bite my tongue much longer :D. Looking forward to meeting you!

    • Hi, Jessica.

      Oooh, I can’t wait to see you! 😉 Sure, you can ask me a spoiler question when I’m signing your book. 😉 I’m glad you liked BMS. Thanks! I can’t wait to start talking about it, too.

  32. Russ

    Just like all that extra junk they toss on DVD’s that I don’t care about in order to justify a higher price.

  33. Kylie Ru

    Kim-san! here is your chibi!

  34. Melisa

    So.. Do I find the book in iTunes??? Is it really there???

  35. Kristi

    I have resisted downloading iTunes for years! But this. This turned the tide. I am downloading iTunes as I write this.

  36. That really sucks that there are all these power plays going on. You’re probably right that people will give a book a bad review because they are upset their preorder got delayed (I’ve seen it on iTunes where an album gets one star because it’s cheaper somewhere else or there is a miss-labeled song name). Business. It’s great that it exists so that more artists spend their lives not starving, but sometimes I just want to smack it upside the head 😉
    I’m conflicted about e-books. I am a total gadget nerd, so when my girlfriend saw me checking out my cousin’s kindle (oooh, it’s not back lit! wow it is so light weight! it uses technology more like a copy machine, you say? cool!) she got me one for my birthday. She was always rolling her eyes at me when more books would come anyway; telling me to stop killing so many trees and go to the library already 😉 I always countered with my history of late fees.
    It took me about 1/8 of a book to get used to reading on it and let myself me immersed, but now it feels the same. I can even make notes.
    Honestly, I miss having the book on my shelf though, when I’ve really liked the book. (even though my shelves are full). I also don’t like that I can’t really share anything I have as an e-book with a friend.
    However, it is cool to be able to search the book, look up words, and whatnot. Cool to be able to browse for a book and start reading it right away.
    Anyway, I had already decided to preorder the hardback of BMS, so in this case I am not affected by the delay. But it does seem that they have the whole wrong idea about WHY people buy e-readers. It saves space, saves paper, and gives you instant delivery. So, this decision is probably going be about as universally unpopular as the Kindle take-back-sies fiasco.
    I don’t think I could read a whole book on my iPhone, since it is backlit and so small, but the extras sound super cool! Is that content going to be exclusive to the enhanced e-book? or will it be avaliable on its own somewhere?

  37. While I think the ebook for the iphone/ipod is cool, it won’t do it for me unfortunately. I rarely read on my iPhone, the screen is too small. I also don’t buy paper/hardcover books anymore, I just don’t have the space considering the amount of books I read. I only read books on my Kindle these days, so I can’t spend the money on a book I can’t eventually use on the Kindle – just doesnt make sense.

    Instead of me buying a copy the night it releases, or preordering it, and having it on my kindle I will be borrowing from a friend or library….which results in a loss of a sale. Publishers clearly do not understand their customers at this point and it is disappointing. E-book readers generally are not going to just say “oh i don’t want to wait, I will just buy the hardcover”, instead they are just going to wait and forget about it or find other ways to read it. All of which hurts authors who have nothing to do with this decision to begin with.

  38. Pier

    don’t forget, it should work on the touch also, and I don’t believe there is a monthly fee like on the iPhone…should be a lot more affordable for folks 🙂

  39. Phil

    Spoiler page. Yeah. I won’t be going there. I shall however be totally getting the hardcover BMS. Call me crazy but I just can’t get all comfortable reading an e-book in bed at night. 😉
    I hope you have time to take a look at Kylie-chan’s chibis. Awesome! 😀

  40. Shannon

    You know I find it very interesting that they moved Stephenie Meyer’s name to the top of PNFH and yet there is no mention of it’s release on her website.

    Anyway I’m looking forward to the next book, but resisting looking at the first seven chapters. When I’m done I share it with my sister and brother cause they can’t afford the hardback. But they always buy the paperback and that way I get to see any extras that might be included. It’s a win win situation I think.

    Have a good one!

    • Hi, Shannon. Really? I don’t scout around on other author’s websites, so that’s interesting to know.

      I don’t blame you for resisting the urge to not peek. I probably wouldn’t, either. You have a GREAT situation with your brother and sister. 😉 Sharing the love!

  41. Chelikins

    You can download Itunes on your computer.. so would it work to download it on the computer? I am not that geeky savy

  42. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! As much of a geek as I am, I just can’t give up the feel of a real book. I love them!!! So, hopefully Amazon will have my copy and my doorstep soon. 7 chapters on-line!!! That is soooo good and sooo evil at the same time. I can’t get any work done this way. ;)~Indy

    • Chelikins

      I agree I love a book in my hands. I was talking about this the other day! I also hope Amazon has the book on my doorstep Tues!! Woot can’t wait!

    • I hear what you’re saying, Indy. I like to turn pages, myself, but I don’t mind reading on a screen that has color and such. I like being able to increase font size a lot.

      But there is something about a book. It reaches way back to the first book I picked out in the library, and sparks that original excitement.

  43. Donza

    Maybe I missed it but are we getting the new books (both Madison’s and Rachel’s) in audio?? PLEEEEEZZZE!!

    Have been watching and so far they aren’t listed there as “Comng Soon” – so is it coming soon?

    • Hi, Donza. Yes! The Madison series will also be out in audio, and of course, Black Magic Sanction is as well. I’m not sure why doesn’t have it listed yet.

  44. Wow, that was really interesting! Can we purchase the enhanced content through itunes even if we don’t have an iphone/itouch to view it, and just look at it on our computers?

    on a slightly related, random note…

    I think it’s because I’ve been so excited about the first 7 seven chapters, but I had a dream that Trent and Quen chased me through a building and then caught me and stuck me into a psych hospital for absolutely no reason. And Trent decided to come with me to the hospital and just…shadow me or something to make sure I didn’t escape. I’m not quite sure if it was actually me in the dream, or if I was rachel in the dream. But it was weird, and I woke up feeling a bit annoyed at Trent lol!

    • I don’t know, Candace. My first gut instinct says no, that you need a player to be able to access all the gidgety gadgets.

      Ooooh, I like your dream! I had a nice thought about Trent yesterday. He was most deliciously wicked. 😉

  45. marsha

    Thanks for creating the spoiler page Kim. The way work is going right now I may not get a chance to finish the book until the weekend following the release date, and since I’m avoiding the posted chapters, I don’t want anymore surprises than I’ve already had.

    • OMGosh, Marsha, you are welcome. I had fits yesterday trying to corral all the little spoilers. Nothing big, but some people don’t want to know ANYTHING, and that needs to be respected. Right along with the people who want to TALK ABOUT IT! -grin-

  46. Jenny

    Um, please tell me that audio books don’t fall under the E-book release date! I am going to by BMS no matter what so that I have something for you to sign, but I’ve listened to the whole series on Audible and I was really looking forward to it! 😦

    • Jenny

      must add, you are the coolest for actually writing back and blogging in the first place!

    • Jenny

      Thanks! (small children climbing on you make it hard to type complete thoughts sometimes! Sorry!)

    • Hi, Jenny. As far as I know, Audible has the go-ahead to release on the 23rd. Perhaps they are just waiting to change the link?

      It’s been my pleasure to keep in touch with you guys. Who are you going to ask? How are you going to know? It can be frustrating.

      See you at the signing!

  47. Norsk

    Can anyone please tell me why the publishers are so idiotic not to have learned from the music and video industry? Books have gone _digital_ which means anyone can download them to any format, Kindle, Nook, whatever.
    Now, some people would of course pirate these things anyway. There are gigabytes of books out on the web. But these kind of actions from the publishers will only push more people into piracy.
    Before anyone rages, I am not doing that. Don’t want my authors to go out of bussiness.

    • Thank you, Norsk. I appreciate your thoughts on the matter. Much of this is not the publisher, but the retailer, so be sure to spread the blame around where it belongs.

    • Norsk

      I do apologize for my mistake. It’s just so..frustrating.. with this whole mess. Even though I would have paid a higher price than normally for a kindle edition since it is a new release, yet they want me to wait for months for it, but then I will refuse to buy it at such a high price due to the waiting.
      Their way of (not) thinking vexes me.

  48. Denise

    Like May, I don’t have anymore room for bound books! I got a kindle for the ease of obtaining my favorite books without having to drive all over or waiting for the mail. It also allows me to carry the whole series with me, which I love to do when I travel.

    I know the authors have no say, and it’s tough on us consumers as well! I really don’t mind paying more for my favorite authors (as in you know who :)) and am bummed I have to wait, not just a week, but almost two whole months. I don’t think it’s right that we don’t even have a choice. And as to apple, all their products are so over priced, I’m sure their books are way expensive too. I just hope the audio version comes out soon (and Kim, I can also listen to the audio on my Kindle).

    Oh well, Rachel, my kindle will be on the night of april 6th…….

    • Hi, Denise.

      I hear what you are saying, and you have a lot of good points. There really isn’t much we can do right now, and a year from now, the industry is going to look back at this six-month period and sigh.

      You just have to hold on tight and do what you can to ride it out.

  49. Ivie Sparaco

    OMG. You have made me SO happy!!! I read ALL of my books (61 since April) on my kindle for iphone, and was SO upset when yours got pushed back! This sounds WAY better than a plain old kindle e-book! I can’t wait!

    • Thanks, Ivie! I really liked the screen size/font when I previewed it on an Itouch. The video was so clear, it was like HD. I liked Ms. Gavin reading to me, too.

  50. Christy

    I’m a Nook user and I’m definitely disappointed with the delay. I know publishers are unhappy with Amazon, but I can’t find anyone discussing B&N and how it approaches e-books. Perhaps B&N holds too small a percentage of the market to factor into the discussion? Does B&N simply follow Amazon’s lead for pricing? Whatever the reason, it looks like Nook users must suffer right along with Kindle users. Guess for now I’ll simply have to get used to the idea of a later release date for those publishers who have contracted with Apple.

    I enjoy your series and will continue to read it on my Nook as it becomes available. Good luck to you on the new release. I’m looking forward to it. Oh–and I miss Kisten. A lot. 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to blog.

    • Hi, Christy.

      I totally understand your disappointment. I truly feel like this is a temporary situation where the industry fights it out, and then everything will settle. In the meantime, everything is a mess. Thanks for hanging in there. I do appreciate it.


  51. Chris

    O-M-G…am I REALLY that old fashioned? lol I love being surrounded by books. I get to decide which stay and which go, not some electronic glitch. I see books as a treasure to be passed on to future generations like some of those 1940’s era comic books my dad gave me-long since sold to pay off a bad business venture(waaahhh). As for phones I still get the most basic I am able to find-no texting or internet(I would never get anything done). I loved the discussion at BBB! And I guess I’m ok with the Scottie winning at Westminster but I was pulling for another. lol.

    • I agree completely……old-fashioned can be wvery stylish 😉

    • Hi, Chris. I’m with you there about the pleasures of a paper book. It goes all the way back to me standing in the school library, picking out a book. But I do like being able to increase font size. I’m a real simple phone gal myself, too. 😉

      I was hoping the Whippet would win if the French Bulldog didn’t. Beautiful animals. . . .

  52. Daniel

    You’re going to lose an awful lot of first-week sales, I’m afraid. I know folks (like me) who only buy e-books aren’t the majority, but there’s no way we can buy what the publisher refuses to sell.

    I’m angry at the publishers and retailers for treating the rest of us like this, and disappointed. I’d been marking the days until Black Magic Sanction came out.

    • Daniel, you are probably right, and next year, when the industry has more data and can make more targeted decision, they are going to look back at this time period and sigh in relief that it’s over. Watch out for the spoilers, meantime. You e-bookreaders are a growing slice of demographics, so don’t sell yourself short. You are a force, or we wouldn’t be having this problem.

  53. May

    SO disappointed about the Kindle format being delayed. It truly stinks to spend so much on an e-book reader and be filled with excitement that a book you’ve been waiting for will be in your hands almost the instant it’s released only to discover you’re better off getting it from the library.

    I suppose I could get the hard cover, but after spending hundreds on a book reader to free up book shelf space, I can’t bring myself to do it. I really wish these publishers grasp the full potential of the e-book market. I know I’ve purchased 35 e-books since December that I’d have borrowed from the library if I’d read that many at all.

    I just don’t have the space to keep so many paper copies of books and I can’t stand to give them away. Regardless of my disappointment in the e-book delay, I’m still looking forward to returning to the Hollows!

  54. Linda, Ireland

    YAY!!!!!!!! So I will be able to get the ebook the same day as the US release?!?! YAY!!!!!! I will also be buying BMS once it hits the shelves in Ireland though. I like to have the hardcopy 🙂

  55. Kylie Ru

    Kim-san! My sincerest apologies for yesterday! I was not thinking, and when I realized what I did it was too late. I’m a bit of a fangirl for him as well. 😦 I feel terrible now.

    Okay, chibis. They are cutesy little versions with large eyes and heads. They tend to not be as detailed. Here’s a couple examples:
    Mud: (she wanted to be a zombie)

    I have yours penned, and now I need to color it. And there’s no hat. The hat was not cooperating.

  56. Oh CRAP! I own a MP3. I don’t want an I-Phone because in some ways, I am as much a Luddite as the Tall Dude.

    It sounds perfect though, listening to the audio like I do my Audible books in the Greenhouse, and reading. Plus the extra material.

    But, I think the I-Phone is currently out of my price range, plus if it fell in a puddle, I’d kill it.

    I have a business cell, which means if I wreck it, the University will replace it.

    But still. *budget* I-Phone, or getting together with all my e-friends from Australia, England, Canada, and the US.

    *I need to sell something*

    • Jenn

      Oh, Mud,

      You’re too funny….yes Sell Sell Sell!!!! or maybe you can get the work to get your next phone as an iPhone? My brother-in-law got one!

    • State State State! Budget Budget Budget!
      Destroy Destroy Destroy!

    • Hi, Mud.

      You’re never going to believe what hit my dining room table today, postdated in December. -grin- Your package finally got here! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. -bigger grin- I’ll try to get Faith’s over to her house before I leave for tour.

      You are so sweet! Thank you, again. 😉

    • Oh my. Well, expect another package. Sigh! I don’t believe it.
      I wonder if Ziva’s papers are going to get to her owners now.

      You are going to be enjoying a LOT of mouse pads.

  57. Jackie

    I’m really sorry about the whole e-book mess. I do all my reading on a Kindle anymore – the adjustable font is a huge help to me since I have some vision problems. I didn’t get a Kindle to get cheaper books and am perfectly willing to pay what I would pay for the hardcover book to be able to get my ebook at the same time. This whole war between the retailers and publishers has put both the consumers and the authors in a bad place. I’ll be waiting to read the book in April and trying to stay away from spoilers until then! Thanks for posting about this, Kim.

    • I agree I would totally pay the extra money to get the e-book on the day of release. I didn’t get my kindle to save money I got it to save shelf space. I hate the way it is always about money and stupid Apple is just going to make it worse now with their stupid I-Pad. Heck the thing isn’t even a e-reader it is a giant I-Pod/Netbook!

    • Margie

      Exactly! If this book were released on Tuesday at the hardcover price I would be in line at midnight downloading it. I have no problem paying for quality writing.

      Is there some reason the the publisher and E-book manufacturers can’t agree to release the E-book version on the initial release date at or near hardcover price and then drop the price later for those willing to wait?

      I only recently discovered the Rachel Morgan series and I devoured them once I did. It was great to be able to finish one book and immediately download the next. The Kindle store is open all night and there’s none of that pesky “no shoes, no shirt, no service” business.

      I’ve already pre-ordered the E-book version. Since I purchased the first seven books on Kindle, I’d hate to break up the set. I always carry my reader and it’s nice to be able to flip back through earlier books to check something or to re-read favorites. With Kindle, I can keep them all with me. Now I have to hide my wallet so I don’t also buy the hardcover.

      In any event, I hope no one holds authors responsible for this mess.

      Now, I’ve got to get back to the sneak peak. I only popped in to see if the E-book date had been moved up.

    • Hi, Jackie. Thank you for being so understanding. I really, really appreciate it. It’s the readers and authors who are hurting the most.

  58. Joe Blake

    I got my I-phone because it was time to renew and get a new phone anyway and AT&T was having a special on them with a 400 dollar discount – so mine only cost 99 bucks (yeah go figure – always with the “well it’s under a hundred bucks”)

  59. suzannelazear

    Will the hubby notice if I download it to his IPhone? LOL. I mean, the tot has her games on his phone, why not my books, lol. Any word on the Iphone price? (I’m digging the listening in the car then reading when I get home idea. I spend so much time driving and that’s without a work commute. It takes 45 min to drive the tot to school–but only 20 to get home, it’s Los Angeles, go figure).

    I’m looking forward to the interview today. Now that daily commute, that commute would be nasty, but all the more reason to listen to books, lol.

    Have a fab day,

    ~Suzi and the tot

  60. Good Morning America……

    I prefer Paperbooks….I spent a lot of time reading and my eyes don`t like monitors. And I´m absolutely keen on possessing books, to have a little bibliotheque, lots of shelves in my living room. My “paranormal” books – about 500 I guess – live in my sleeping room. Not necessary, that all my visitors get to know my preferences at first sight…
    My husband always tries to convince me to change to e-books ( would be cheaper, darling, please..) but I simply refuse that. I like the smell of books, the feeling of pages read a 100 times…and my habit, to underline important sentences or phrases I like wouldn´t be comfortable with e-books…he he…sounds really old-fashioned.
    Great News from germany: first of all we´ve got +5 Grad tomorrow, so the nasty snow will be gone in 2-3 days. We had enough of it since December 19., so spring might come. I need my snowdrops!!! Second, i got a mail from lovely amazon, my BMS will arrive on day earlier, February 23.!!!!! Only 5 days left, I love them. Quit my cinema-appointment for that day, need some Merlot, coffee and the night can come.

    • Hi, Michalaprins. 😉 I like your idea of a night in. Sounds wonderful! Enjoy!

      I’m with you on the feel of a book, and paperbacks will always be my favorites. I will say that I’ve messed a bit with the electronic books, and I like being able to shift font size.

      Hope you get your snowdrops soon. My daffs are up about two inches, stuck there until it warms up some more.

    • snow last night, i can´t believe it…..+5 during the day, in the evening first rain, later snow – absolutely dangerous for erverybody outside – now snowdrops anywhere, daffodills will take until eastern I guess.
      We had a familiy conference and decided to adopt a third dog. My son is 8 years now and during the last 12 months he showed lots of responsibilty for our two dogs. So we decided to adopt a puppie, maybe galgo espaniol or podenco – so that it fits with our other dogs. But first at all we´ll visit animal shelters, maybe there´s one for us. I planned it for October, we´ve got holiday then and 6 months to prepare. I want another female….
      So, two days and one night to survive, then BMS shows up in my mailbox. I´m so exited…
      Have a nice evening…

  61. Monika

    And so the publishers are fleeing from amazon into the arms of apple. Sigh. There’s a proverb for this. Something about a frying pan and fire, I think. We’ll see how it turns out.

    The additional material for the enhanced e-book sounds like normal promotional material to me, not something I’d spend extra money for.

    Oh well, April isn’t to long a wait.

    • Hi, Monika.

      I think it’s more about providing choice. (Amazon pulled titles from its electronic store in retaliation and has been known to yank _purchased titles_ right out from people’s kindles because of content.)

      The enhanced e-book does have the entire audio book in there, which is a real and undeniable value. But no one is every going to tell you how to spend your money. That’s what makes it work.

  62. Seven chapters! I know! I stayed up to read every bit of it! Can’t wait for the book. Looks like you’re on your job. I know I’m going to love it:)

    Thank your publisher for me. Seven chapters. Really awesome.

    Melissa C.

    P.S. Enjoyed the chat at Bitten by Books, even though I lurked mostly. Reading the other readers responses and yours of course was cool.

  63. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim!

    Wow!! The enhanced e-book sounds exciting, like “I may entertain that notion to get a iPad” again exciting. I sure as hell don’t want to be reading e-books on my iPod Touch, but having the audio version too makes the e-book all the more enticing for me when I have the option to use it on several different TYPES of devices. Looks like your publisher is pushing for the business model that the video industry incorporated with Blu-Ray versions!! We may still be under someone’s thumb though.

    • Heyde ho, Mendi!

      Actually, the print was not that hard to read on the Itouch, but it’s all a personal preference.

      Oh, I think we’re all ways under someone’s thumb. sigh Money, money, money, money. (grin)

      I hope you enjoy BMS no matter what format you read it in. 😉

  64. gothar

    Hi Kim,

    I’ll stick with my paperback version. As for the online sneak peek I held out for all of about 5 seconds – so evil.

  65. Jenn

    Woot! I’m getting an i-Phone soon (i hope) I was given some money for x-mas to go towards it….I guess I’ll have to see about getting it soone…mind you, I’ll get the hard cover as well since I tend to collect books *grin*. I’ll have to post a pic of my office/library when it’s all done…
    What I think is really bizzar is that the first release is my sister’s b-day & the second release is mine! lol
    Hope you all have a fantastic day!

  66. Bonnie Jean in MA

    Kim, I didn’t mean producer in quotes as a bad thing by the way please don’t take it that way. I just meant you come up with the product, put all the work and time into it and then you are limited by other people/companies who also have something to do with getting out your product to the masses. That wasn’t meant to be belittling or offensive.
    Bonnie Jean in MA

  67. Bonnie Jean in MA

    Good am! Sorry to hear about the e-book stuff especially if the creator/writer is left out of control. I don’t do those I only purchase hard copy books but it must be disappointing for those who do and you as a “producer” of the actual product people want to purchase. IDK I am one of those people who think sometimes technological advances limit us more than advance. Remember when your car or washing machine could be services by someone manual changing out parts? Now all computer chips and mother boards..super time and money.
    I just arrived back home from Mardis Gras celebration in New Orleans and now am looking forward to my delivery of your next gift to us.
    Bonnie Jean in MA

    • Hi, Bonnie. It’s a mess, that’s for sure, one I’m trying to ride out the best I can. The worse thing to do is nothing, so there it is.

      I hope you enjoy BMS when you get your copy. 😉

  68. marsha

    Well hell! Now I want an I-phone that I can’t really afford : ) Sounds wonderful. maybe later it will be available through some other service.