Harper/Eos has 3, no, 7, chapters of Black Magic Sanction up!

If you have subscribed to Harper’s Author tracker, you already know this,but I wanted to let those of you who don’t that Harper has made available the first three chapters of Black Magic Sanction available for your pre-release perusal!  -grin-  I’m going to try to put the widget here.  Hold on . . .  Okay, that didn’t work.  Let me see if I can put it in the side bar . . .  Nope.  Didn’t work either.  You’re just going to have to go to the front page of the website and click from there.  (sigh)  I’m sure there is a way, but I’ll work on it later.  Go see! www.kimharrison.net

Also, Guy would like me to tell you that the orders for the Tour t’s are closed, and he is processing the last of the orders as we speak.  He’s trying his hardest to get these to you before I reach your city.  I’ve not seen him for days!  (Apart from watching the dog show together)

If you missed the day-long chat extravaganza, you can read it now at BBB.

Winner of the Westminster Dog show was “Sadie,” a scottish Terrier.  Here’s Aleix congratulating her on a well deserved win.  Congrats, Sadie

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have the bit I wanted to share with you about what’s going on with the e-versions of Black Magic Sanction.  (twiddling thumbs, twiddling thumbs.  -grin-)  They are having linkage issues.



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  1. I’ve read the BMS chapters and love it, love it, love it!!! I hope we do get it here in Manila on the same release date as in the US. Normally, it takes a couple of weeks later. Oh, well… it will be worth the wait! 🙂 Keep ’em coming, Kim! Really great work! 🙂

  2. Agi Hammerklau

    Hi Kim,
    I have a question totally unrelated to your new book, instead it is about your first one.
    Though I don`t know where I should ask otherwise.
    Up to now I read every book and can`t wait for the next, but it`s still a mystery to me who sabotaged Rachel`s work back in the I.S. or why Ivy had rented the church even before she was knowing that Rachel would quit but prepared everything.
    Only possibility is that Ivy sabotaged her work by order of Piscary, tough it doesn`t make really sense.
    Could you please explain who sabotaged her work and why, also why Ivy was preparing the church (for Rachel) even when Trent didn`t make an work offer to rachel (yet).
    By the way: sorry for my bad english.

    • Hi, Agi. This is the place to ask me questions.

      Denon was the one sabotaging her work, or at least he was instructing people to do it. Ivy rented the church from Piscary for a couple of reasons. The first, it was a place she could be where Piscary couldn’t, and she needed some space, and secondly, Piscary knew Rachel was going to quit eventually, and having the church there would be irresistible. He wanted to keep an eye on her because he knew Trent was.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the books! Thank you. Your English is very good. 😉

  3. Jenn

    Hi Kim,

    OK, I read the 8 chapters online of BMS & I’m sure excited! I can’t wait for the book to come out! Woot!!!
    On the other hand, I’m upset too…I was just looking up how long it would take me to come see you on tour & it’s 3hrs 30min! I can’t do that *big comic tears* Oh well, maybe I’ll have to start up a potition to get you to come to Canada! Anyone want to help me? *grin*
    Hope you all have a great day!

    • Thanks, Jenn! I’m glad you liked what you read! I’m getting excited, too.

      No worries on the long trip. I completely understand. Hang tight until June. I might have something. Might. I’ve been down this path before and nothing has happened, but maybe this time . . .

    • Jenn

      *wiggle wiggle wiggle* I’m doing a booty shaking happy dance in my seat!
      I’ll keep my eyes pealed & my fingers & toes crossed! lol

  4. SeattleRobin

    How nice of Aleix to congratulate the winner! Thanks for the link to the Q&A over at BBB since I missed it. It was great seeing another set of sketches for the GN too!

    I’ve been dealing with major plumbing problems and computer issues. Had to get a new monitor because the old CRT finally gave up the ghost and I’m hating it right now. Nothing looks right, the colors are weird, and so on. Bleh! And after all that and missing keeping caught up here, I’m gonna stay away after the BMS release. I don’t like knowing anything ahead of time. Even if comments aren’t actual spoilers they can often give away more than people realize. I get the ebook on April 6th and I’ll be back after that!

    Though I’m looking forward to seeing you in Seattle in March to tide me over. 🙂

    • Hi, Robin.

      I totally understand about not wanting any hints at all. I’m the same way. 😉

      Still recovering from my BBB day, but I’m glad you enjoyed the “transcript.”

  5. Amanda

    I ordered BMS on Amazon for my Kindle, then much to my horror, I noticed it wasn’t going to be delivered until April! Are your Kindle e-books coming out later??? Or is this maybe a misprint? Help, I need the Hollows!

    • Hi, Amanda. Check out today’s post.

      Errrrg. We are stuck with the April 6th date, but I might have something special for the Kindle and Nook readers soon. It won’t be the extended version, but something.

  6. new chapters… sensory overload… can’t speak…


  7. Lurker

    Woot. Finishing up my current Dresden Files book just in time!
    As if taunting me with your chapter wares for 6 months now hasn’t been enough to drive me crazy, now your publisher is coming after me hard!
    I have been inspired by Shawni Davis’ win and Lindsey Vonn’s downhill today. MY WILLPOWER WILL HOLD! 🙂

  8. Chris W in Tigard, OR

    Hey Kim!
    It’s getting closer! I have my book pre-ordered from Powells, still wish you were bringing the tour out this way. Have you found out anything else about the Library conference in March ? I want to plan the time off of work if you have the details that would be super!
    Say “Hey” to Guy also please.

    Chris W
    Tigard Oregon

  9. Jenny

    Kim you are just an amazing author! Love the books so much, and the 7 chapter “teaser” for BMS made my work day fly by! Now I need more! Can’t wait to see you in Dayton! I’ll be the one bouncing with glee!

    Gotta ask, as a native SouthWestern Ohioian, why did you pick Cincy? I love that you did, but of all the places…? Maybe I just don’t appriciate it the way I should. I guess it’s easy to take for granted when it’s so close. 🙂

    • Hi, Jenny. Just a few days and you’ll have the entire thing! 😉 I’m glad you liked the teaser. Thanks! I can’t believe they released so much!

      Why Cincy? Put really simply, it was location, location, location. The right size, the right place, the right contacts. Perfect! And you really have a very cool city.

  10. mudepoz

    I want to READ!
    But, since the best place for me to read lately is a very small room..

    Anyhow, just a nice little story about behind the scenes at Westminster… (Forwarded with permission, and I thought apropos considering …

    Robin and Alyson and the little Boston Terrier are safe and fine…The State
    Police found the half frozen shocky little dog under the crushed dashboard when
    they got the dead man out of the car…It was an elderly man bringing his
    grandson’s dog back to him in NYC—the grand son had come home from Active Duty
    in the service…Robin fixed his cut leg, and Alyson wrapped him up and held him
    close to her for body head to warm him…and to get him out of shock. He perked
    up the next day and through he was a Springer—used the X pen like a champ, had
    a towel on, got lots of love on the table…..The State Police said they would
    take him to the pound to hold for the family (we all know what that means)…and
    Robin said absolutely not….before she knew the dog was going home to NYC they
    all thought the dog was from Illinois, because that’s where the deceased man was
    from…and she said to tell the family not to worry—she would get home from
    the Garden, and meet them in Illinois–not far for her and glad to do it..As it
    turned out, family lived not far from the Garden Specialties and they contacted
    Robin and came and got the little dog………

  11. Sarah Joplin

    Whoa—WoMan! Your books rock and I am officially hooked on the hollows. I will say I need to go back and snag your short stories to find the bits and pieces floating out there.

    2 questions:

    1. Do you think you would/could ever compile your shorts together minus the other authors (not that they aren’t good too)?

    2. The snippet of The Bespelled in the Outlaw book… is there more? please more? I so was left hanging maybe there is more somewhere I missed? If there isn’t would you consider writing a full story on Ceri & Al?

    • Thanks, Sarah! I’m glad you are enjoying the Hollows.

      There is actually a compilation of new and old shorts in the works, but I’m doing the world book first.

      What you read in Bespelled is all there is. Sorry!

  12. *Julia*

    OMG!!!! That was amazing i couldn’t stop myself self from laughing at Jenks and Shock to what Racheal has got her self into..
    I can’t wait to see what happens next..How is Rachel going to get herself out. I hope she doesn’t not [edited for spoilers] as a way out of the problem.

    “Got to love the hollowss”

  13. Scott S, Clovis CA

    Just for fun I checked into my local library’s web site and found there were 13 copies of BMS on order and 60 online reservations for it.
    Is your work popular?
    Nah. Couldn’t be that.
    I’d love to see the number of pre-sales at AMAZON (of which I’m one)!
    Thanks to Harper for putting 3 chapters up. It’ll help with the withdrawal symptoms.

  14. Wow Kim! I will not say anything because of spoilers but wow!!! On the chapters that is 🙂 By the way, you said only 3 chapters are up? I got to the first page on chapter eight… dunno if that was supposed to happen or not? Since you said only chapter three. I must say though, you outdid yourself and i haven’t even gotten half way into the book. I gotta thank you for thinking up the hollows. I don’t know what i would do without your books to entertain me! By the way… Is their anyway i can get ahold of one of those coffee shirts i seen in the prize give away for BBB??? Just curious. Thanks again!!!

    Jen UK

    • Hi, Jennifer. I was told first three, but the first seven doesn’t surprise me. I guess they figure if you get that far, you’re going to buy the book.

      Guy has lots of coffee Ts, yes! http://www.vampcharms.com 😉 He’s coming with me, so there won’t be any outgoing shipments while I’m on tour, but when we get back . . .

  15. Doyin

    Thankyou Kim!! Really really enjoyed that preview, i’ve got a copy on preorder but as I’m in the uk and no stores here seem to plan to stock BMS until the paperback copy comes out, I might have to wait a week or so longer for my US import to arrive 😦 very unfair. I’ll be avoiding the site incase of spoilers!

    Thanks for the preview again!


    • Hi, Doyin. Yay! I’m glad you liked it! I’m sorry you’re going to have to wait. The UK has had a delayed release for a while now. Watch out for spoilers, yes!

  16. Hey Ms. Harrison,

    Read the chapters, very cool. I can’t wait for this book, lol. Even my boss told me the other night (i mentioned that I got him hooked on the hollows) that he is suffering from Rachel/Ivy withdrawal (for the rest reading this, he’s also in the R/I HEA club). I really wish sometimes that I could pick up the phone and call my favorite character, lol.
    That said, it’s time to pick myself up and go to bed. I got send home early (oozing over my customers again and had a disagreement with gravity in the kitchen) so yes, lol. That’s my queue.
    Thanks again for everything and have a super day. I hope you’re recovering form the marathon write response from BBB.


  17. marsha

    I am not going to read those chapters, I’m not! I dropped by B & N at lunch today and they were cruel enough to tell me my book was already in the store, but they will not give it to me until Tuesday! Now that is cruel…I wonder if I can break in? No, no I completely lack ninja skills.

  18. Dawn8226

    I read the chapters up on Harper’s website. So good, at a loss for words to say how much I enjoyed it . . . but also made me want to cry for Rachel, what a mess she has and I don’t know how she’ll get through it, it’s just too much, I don’t know how she’ll get out of all the trouble she has. And Nick, grrr, he needs to get what he deserves at some point, including letting Jenks get ahold of him. And I keep reading the promo for the book on your website that says “When enemies turn into allies, your friends become adversaries.” That has me worried. I’ve been trying to re-read all the prior books so I will be all ready when BMS comes out, but I don’t think I will make it at this point (enjoyed the books with Kisten in them too much so I read them too slowly) and I can’t wait to read the new book, no will power to be patient. But that is a good problem to have.

  19. Ok – I’m was happy with my little red auto-generated gravitar for a while…but it looked better on the black background… Time for a change – I’m taking the plunge! Here goes…

  20. Oh jesus. She [edited for spoilers] him. I can’t belive this.

  21. Chastity

    Okay, so I hitting that link right now…..THANKS!!! GRR…can’t wait!!!

  22. Okay…I’m not finished yet but…i need to ask you. [edited for spoilers]

  23. I’m really looking forward to reading BMS 🙂 I pre-ordered it for my Kindle2.

    • Thanks, Phyrra. Be sure to check out today’s post as to why the delayed release. And stop back in a few days to find out what I’ve got for the Kindle/Nook readers.

  24. Seven chapters and a bit…I read through it two or three times yesterday instead of doing my reading for class lol.

    SAN FRANCISCO!! I’m guessing Rachel is going to be in SF again. Who knows! Well, you do obviously lol.

    Is it release day yet?!!

    • Hi, Candace. -grin- I’m glad you enjoyed the sneak peek! Yep, San Francisco. Not a big spoiler there, since we’ve had Alcatraz on the table for weeks. 😉 Hope you enjoy!

  25. suzannelazear

    Blech. I still haven’t shaken whatever crud I’ve been sick. But I do have an interview tomorrow with the Philharmonic (as a fundrasier, not as a musician, lol). I’d love to work for the Phil even if the commute downtown would be a pain in the butt.

    I can’t wait to read the new chapters. Now that I’ve finished all those gastly re-writes I have a little time to read and work on other things, so I’m going to take advantage of it while I have the chance.

    Happy hump day,

    ~Suzi (and the tot, too)

    • Chelikins

      Sorry you are still not feeling the best. At least it seems like you are on the upswing of things. I hope you get your job at the Philharmonic. Yes you must read the chapters. They are great! Jenks is in his prime lol!

    • Hi, Suzanne. Still not over it yet? I hope you feel better soon. 😉 And good luck on the interview! Go Suzanne, go Suzanne, go Suzanne!

  26. Phil

    Okay. Here’s my attempt at the graphic dialogue (brain freeze yesterday)…
    91.1 Rachel why don’t you listen to me!?
    91.2 Bite me Ivy!
    91.3 Not you Denon! Geez. I was talking to Ivy. *Ivy raises eyebrows and grins*

  27. Chelikins

    Just a note.. Harper has up the FIRST EIGHT CHAPTERS!! woot woot! Read them all last night and can I say.. omg.. I love it! I was left hanging and cannot wait until next week. 😉 It is sooooooooo good.. so so sooooooo good! I missed JENKS SO MUCH! I was laughing.. my husband just kept looking at me. Ok.. nuff gushing about it! hehehe!

  28. Judy B


    7 plus chapters……fantastic start to the new book!

    Thanks Kim!


  29. It can cost a few hundred thousand to special a dog. Between the handler, air fare, conditioning, cost of shows, double entries so two top dogs don’t compete against each other, and the ads (up to 25K a year just for that.)

    There are people who co-own dogs just to have their names on them. They are sponsors who never actually see the dog, other than at shows. Prestige I guess.

    I don’t know. I played the specials game in Canada, but it’s too much money, and my dogs have other jobs to do. Politics are a big thing as well…
    Terriers are the number one group to win at Westminster. A golden, the number one breed generally registered, has never won.

    • Lurker

      a few hundred K? woof, that is just..ok well I won’t say dumb…but, oh wait. I just did 🙂
      I still can’t believe that scotty won all 3 of the big shows this year. I see you know that show we are goin to in san diego, see you there? :)-

    • Nope! My days of flying around the country are over:) I earned a CD on my foundation bitch, and her Ch from Sacramento CA to Cherry Hill, NJ. It was in the days of penny stocks.

      The Tall Dude is penny pinching nowadays. While Cera is out with a handler, I am sticking tight to home and hearth.

    • Hi, Mud. It something you have to love, I think.

  30. Antonio Rich

    Bummer snow alert: It’s supposed to snow next monday/tuesday in Ohio (shrug). No word yet on how much.

    I enjoyed reading your answers for the BBB question and answer. Not enough time in the day to read the questions as well. It’s great a site like BBB does these interviews/contests, but I wish there was some kind of “super-hub” of literary info where everybody would congregate to get book info. I wish, say, Amazon would advertise these things at least on your BMS page, for instance. It would be to their benefit afterall to generate sales and shepard readers to marketing events. Just an idea. Be Good.

    • Kylie Ru

      No snow for me! *laughs*

    • suzannelazear

      No snow for me either, lol

    • Chelikins

      I hear ya Antonio. I am in Indiana. Yes I will send it to you just to get it away from me! We are getting snow with system number one, Sat and Sun, and system number two, Mon and Tues. Can we just say YUCK!! As I already have 8 inches in my yard now, not counting the endless inches under it that have slowly faded away from the previous storms. Ok.. nuff complaining.. lol! 😉

    • Phil

      That snow just wants to join its friends who got here first. 😉

    • Chelikins

      LOL!! Well they need to not! I love snow.. always get excited about the first snow.. but this is just getting silly. It needs to just go..away;-)

    • marsha

      We’re going to be 58 and sunny on Friday! So eat you heart out!

    • Hi, Antonio. Snow? No thanks. Not when I’m out of my house. It can snow here, but not when I’m on tour! -grin-

  31. Kylie Ru

    I wanted to do some dialogue for yesterday, but nothin’ was coming! Oh, well. The NaSties have me crankin’ out chibis. I’ve gotta do 9! Wait, no. 10! Gotta do you, too. You are going to have a hat. *nods* I’ve got 4 penned, and I’m currently working on Phil’s (his hair is a pain). Antonio said I had to be a ninja. That was easy.

    I will not read those chapters. Why? Because I am too lazy. 😀

    • Antonio Rich

      You are decidedly NOT lazy, Kylie-chan. I’m glad your going to do a chibis drawing of Kim for the website. She is , afterall, kind of our NaSty Godmother… 😉

    • Phil

      Green hair is a pain. 😉 You can do it, Kylie-chan.

    • Kylie Ru

      It’s not the color I’m having an issue with, it’s the style. I had one that was totally amazing, but it completely covered your eyes. No good, that.

    • Phil

      Speaking of colors, how come my name’s not in blue? I have a blog. It was blue yesterday! What’s up with that???

    • I think the blog is conspiring against you Phil. You have very bad luck…

    • Yeah…that happens to me too 😉 You’ve got to type it in to the “website” field when you are commenting (or be logged in to wordpress). Usually your computer remembers it, but if, say, you posted from your cell phone, you’ve got to key it in there too. I’m too lazy to bother with it on my celly, so those posts are always w/o my link.

    • Chibis? I’m lost, Kylie-san.

  32. Jeannie

    Thanks for chatting at BBB, it was interesting. I imagine you are leaning on some kind of heat source and soaking your fingertips in a bowl of….Out of curiosity how many pages did BMS end up being? I read the first chapter, but can’t seem to bring myself to read the other two-don’t want to spoil getting the book Tues. Lol Hope to see you in Cincy next week, but honestly it is a long drive and is this snow ever going to stop. Planned to visit that newer aquarium in Kentucky-only 10 minutes from bookstore. My children went back to school today(on a 2 hour delay), they haven’t been there since last Tuesday. Out of snow days now…I hope you enjoy your day. Much appreciation!!

    • Chelikins

      I haven’t been to the aquarium either but my coworkers say it is really nice!

      I would love to go to Cincy too but all my vacation days are gone until I get new ones in April. Also the drive is a bit long, but still would be worth it I know. Now if she could just go to Louisville or Indy.. I would be in heaven! 😉 Maybe one year I will get to see her.

    • Hi, Jeannie. It was my pleasure to chat with all the people at the BBB site. It was like answering email for ten hours straight with potty breaks for the dogs, but fun!

      BMS came in around 500 manuscript pages, and they usually translate to the real book about one to one. I like using a ream of paper per book. It’s where I’m comfortable. Okay. I’ll go look.

      487 shelf-book pages from 500 manuscript pages. Not bad!

      I’ve been to the aquarium that I think you’re talking about. It was a nice one.